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The Oblique Strategies Web Site
By Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, since 1975. Challenging constraints intended to help artists (particularly musicians) break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking.
january 2018 by carlesbellver
Radiohead’s lawsuit against Lana Del Rey shows how all music is stolen
Hip-hop and rap are eternally riddled with claims of creative theft. The entire genre of jazz is essentially a study in plagiarism […] That pop music tends to overuse the same infamous four-chord progression doesn’t help things, either. To assert that any song is entirely original would be to say it stands apart from thousands of years of musical history […]
music  art  creativity  copyright 
january 2018 by carlesbellver
Why "Psychological Androgyny" Is Essential for Creativity
Creative individuals to a certain extent escape rigid gender role stereotyping.
creativity  gender 
november 2014 by carlesbellver

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