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The Oblique Strategies Web Site
By Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, since 1975. Challenging constraints intended to help artists (particularly musicians) break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking.
8 days ago by carlesbellver
Radiohead’s lawsuit against Lana Del Rey shows how all music is stolen
Hip-hop and rap are eternally riddled with claims of creative theft. The entire genre of jazz is essentially a study in plagiarism […] That pop music tends to overuse the same infamous four-chord progression doesn’t help things, either. To assert that any song is entirely original would be to say it stands apart from thousands of years of musical history […]
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8 days ago by carlesbellver
Why "Psychological Androgyny" Is Essential for Creativity
Creative individuals to a certain extent escape rigid gender role stereotyping.
creativity  gender 
november 2014 by carlesbellver

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