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Why is Not Another
It is not an alternative silo: instead, it’s what you build when you believe that the web itself is the great social network.
web  blogging  microblogging 
april 2018 by carlesbellver
From Ghost to WordPress
Complaints about WordPress and reasons to go back from Ghost: no extensibility, no 3rd party apps, no IndieWeb.
wordpress  blogging  software 
january 2018 by carlesbellver
Is Blogging Dead?
I would hate the concept to be gone or even in decline. I’d prefer to think it was an essential stepping stone—that we’re still just blogging, in ways big and small, without actually using that term to describe our actions.
january 2018 by carlesbellver
Friction and silo dead-ends
Make it easier to post to your blog… But don’t make thoughtless re-sharing completely frictionless. That’s what leads to fake news spreading, why hateful tweets are exposed in algorithmic trends, and why safe communities must have some amount of curation.
blogging  socialnetworks 
december 2017 by carlesbellver
Short-form Blogging
Gina Trapani. Tweets are too reductionist, but don't go long. Simplify.
november 2014 by carlesbellver
A hosted platform that turns Markdown documents in a Dropbox directory into a weblog.
Dropbox  markdown  blogging 
november 2011 by carlesbellver
A number of converters to and from different Blog services: Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Movable Type, etc. Python code, with scripts to execute the conversions either on the command-line, through a Windows batch script, or hosted on Google App Engine.
blogging  wordpress  blogger 
june 2011 by carlesbellver
Open source micro-blogging platform.
software  blogging  opensource 
november 2008 by carlesbellver
Open source tumblr clone. PHP & MySQL.
software  blogging  tumblelog  opensource 
november 2008 by carlesbellver
A minimal, feature-free blogging script (python). No database: all posts in a single YAML data file. Very inspirational.
blogging  software  python 
october 2008 by carlesbellver

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