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Google Purchased Bulk Transaction Data from Mastercard to Link Online Ads and Offline Purchases
Through this test program, Google can anonymously match these existing user profiles to purchases made in physical stores. The result is powerful: Google knows that people clicked on ads and can now tell advertisers that this activity led to actual store sales.
Google  privacy 
september 2018 by carlesbellver
Google’s Selfish Ledger is an unsettling vision of Silicon Valley social engineering
This internal video from 2016 shows a Google concept for how total data collection could reshape society.
data  privacy  Google  blockchain 
may 2018 by carlesbellver
De-Googling my phone
LineageOS, alternative app stores, free apps, file syncing, etc.
Google  phones 
may 2018 by carlesbellver
Chrome is turning into the new Internet Explorer 6
Google is starting to ignore a principle it championed by making its own services Chrome-only.
Google  browser 
january 2018 by carlesbellver
André Staltz: The Web began dying in 2014, here's how
In the Trinet [GOOG+FB+AMZN], we will have even more vivid exchange of information between people, but we will sacrifice freedom. Many of us will wake up to the tragedy of this tradeoff only once it is reality.
internet  web  facebook  amazon  google 
november 2017 by carlesbellver
We didn't lose control – it was stolen
Google, Facebook: surveillance capitalists as people farmers.
facebook  google  internet  socialnetworks  fb 
march 2017 by carlesbellver
The problem for people isn't advertising. It's tracking.
No less an invasion of privacy than it is in homes, cars, purses, pants and wallets.
google  privacy  surveillance 
october 2016 by carlesbellver
Turn Google Spreadsheet into API. Use spreadsheet as your database and POST and GET your data to it.
API  Google  databases 
october 2015 by carlesbellver
Play Back Google Docs
"It’s like going back in time to look over your own shoulder as you write."
writing  word-processing  google  chrome 
june 2015 by carlesbellver
Google searches for a way to avoid Microsoft’s fate
Google’s US web-search market share down to 75.2%.
january 2015 by carlesbellver
Facebook is the new AOL
The revenge of '90s. Google is the new Microsoft. Etc.
facebook  Google  internet 
january 2015 by carlesbellver
Google asks a philosopher about who owns data
Luciano Floridi: We are information. “I can sell my hair, but I can’t sell my liver.”
Google  data  rights 
january 2015 by carlesbellver
Why Google wants to replace Gmail
Gmail represents a dying class of products that, like Google Reader, puts control in the hands of users, not signal-harvesting algorithms.
google  gmail 
october 2014 by carlesbellver
Anonymous Gods
Google Maps face blurring algorithms also blur the faces of statues.
october 2014 by carlesbellver
A Google Apps script that converts a properly formatted Google Drive Document to markdown and emails it to you.
Google  markdown 
july 2013 by carlesbellver
Command line tools for the Google Data APIs. It currently supports Blogger, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Picasa and Youtube.
google  opensource  software 
december 2010 by carlesbellver
Google Buzz API
Syndicate Buzz updates, connect sites to Buzz and more.
Google  API 
february 2010 by carlesbellver
The Data Liberation Front
"The Data Liberation Front is an engineering team at Google whose singular goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products. We do this because we believe that you should be able to export any data that you create in (or import into) a product."
january 2010 by carlesbellver
Free Web Site Hosting Using Google App Engine
DIY Web Guide: "An easy way to create a simple static web site that you can easily get published using Google App Engine".
google  programming  google-app-engine 
december 2009 by carlesbellver
Google Translator Toolkit
Google service that lets you translate documents by editing the translations automatically generated by Google. Includes collaborative features and a "translation memory": a database of already-existing translations by you and all other users.
google  translation 
june 2009 by carlesbellver
Google AppEngine for web hosting
A blog post by Charles Engelke about using the Google App Engine for web hosting. Continued.
google  programming  google-app-engine 
february 2009 by carlesbellver
App Engine Fan
A blog dedicated to the Google App Engine and ways of putting it to use.
google  programming 
february 2009 by carlesbellver

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