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The best radar app for iPhone and iPad
The best radar app you can get for your iPhone is Dark Sky. Dark Sky’s radar animations are smooth, fluid, and unlike any other radar app’s animations. Moreover, Dark Sky has something no other weather app has: the ability to tell the future via its highly-accurate short-term localized precipitation predictions. When it comes to radar …
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january 2017 by caochauvu
The best general-purpose weather app
Choosing the best general-purpose weather app is no small task, especially when you consider the thousands of weather apps in the App Store. So, naturally, we disregarded the sheer size of the task and put only the best weather apps to the test. We put 20 popular, general-purpose weather apps through their paces in order …
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january 2017 by caochauvu
Copied: A Full-Featured Clipboard Manager for iOS 9
I first came across Copied a few days after its release in late October. Developed by Kevin Chang, Copied is a clipboard manager for iOS and OS X with iCloud sync and a polished interface – a…
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february 2016 by caochauvu
Achieving Personal Goals with Streaks
Good habits are hard to form. Before something becomes a habit that you don't have to think about, it's just a task that must be repeated over and over. The trouble is, good intentions only get you
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january 2016 by caochauvu
Interact: A Powerful Contact Group Manager
With the rise of iOS devices, there's been an increase of on-the-go collaboration and the need for tools that can manage teams and contact information. iPhones and iPads can hold thousands of
@ios  @tools  @contacts  @tool_review  @automation 
january 2016 by caochauvu
Interact: Better iOS Contact Management
The native Contacts app on the iPhone and iPad has always left me a little bit wanting. I use and create contact groups all the time. For instance, if I go to a conference for a week, I will set up a
@tool_review  @ios  @contacts  @tools  @automation 
january 2016 by caochauvu
The best remote access solution for Mac and iOS - The Sweet Setup
Screens for Mac and iOS is the best remote access solution for accessing our Macs when away from home. It uses industry-standard technology for remote access (VNC), but the free Screens Connect
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june 2015 by caochauvu
The Basis Peak In-Depth Review
When the Basis Peak was announced earlier this fall it was designed to fill in the gaps as well as build upon their previous product, the Basis B1, that was released about 2 years ago.  The…
@basis  @tool_review 
february 2015 by caochauvu
App Review: Reflect
Interesting idea, need to integrate this into my own note taking system somehow
@tips  @commonplace_book  @tool_review 
january 2015 by caochauvu
Our favorite Markdown writing app for the Mac - The Sweet Setup
There’s no shortage of Markdown editors to choose from, and many of them are fantastic. We think Byword is the best of the bunch because it hits the sweet spot between simplicity and…
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january 2015 by caochauvu
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