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Angular File Uploads with an Express Backend
In this tutorial, I will be teaching on how to upload files in Angular 2+.Throughout this tutorial, Angular means Angular version greater than...
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march 2017 by caochauvu
Vue.js’s Single File Components: Keeping It All In One Place
<h1>Vue.js's Single File Components: Keeping It All In One Place</h1> Vue.js has grown a lot in popularity in the past year or so, but I personally ign ...
@vuejs  @tips  @file_system 
february 2017 by caochauvu
- Python file operations made easy
@python  @file_system  @tools  @servers 
february 2017 by caochauvu
- Build better AWS infrastructure
@python  @aws  @tools  @file_system 
february 2017 by caochauvu
Tightening Alfred file filters even more
Alfred makes it very easy to create a file filter that looks at one or more folders (not necessarily near each other) with specific extensions (e.g. PDF) and other attributes. I have several of these…
@filtering  @alfred  @tips  @searching  @file_system 
march 2016 by caochauvu
Shell Tricks: convert file urls to UNIX paths -
Web Excursions for December 19, 2013 watch.rb modified for Jekyll Ian Gable made a quick mod to my watch.rb script to make it work better with static site generators that are modifying multiple files
@file_system  @unix  @shell_scripting  @command_line  @tips 
november 2015 by caochauvu
- Free Open Source DMS (document management system).
@tools  @python  @self_hosted  @foss  @file_system  @organizing_information 
may 2015 by caochauvu
Easily automate your next web project with Gulp.
@gulpjs  @file_system  @tools  @automation 
may 2015 by caochauvu
The Command Line for Web Design: Scaffolding New Projects - Tuts+ Web Design Tutorial
So far you’ve learned how to use command line for third party package management, powering up your front end code, automation with task runners, live reloading and browser…
@template  @file_system  @command_line  @tips  @design 
april 2015 by caochauvu
- Powerful Python library for atomic file writes.
@python  @file_system  @tools 
february 2015 by caochauvu
- Hierarchical select plugin for jQuery
@file_system  @jquery  @extensions 
february 2015 by caochauvu
A standard for neuroscience data
But in many science fields -- like neuroscience -- sharing data isn't that simple because no standard data format exists. So in November 2014, the Neurodata without Borders initiative -- which is…
@tools  @neuroscience  @file_system 
february 2015 by caochauvu
- Cross-platform library to poll directories for changes (added/removed)
@file_system  @python  @tools 
february 2015 by caochauvu
Switching Folders In OS X Open/Save Dialogs
Ever found yourself in an Open/Save dialog on OS X and annoyed at having to navigate to the folder you wanted? If you laboriously clicked your way through your file system, wondering if there's a…
@tips  @mac  @navigation  @file_system  @saving 
february 2015 by caochauvu
GeoJSON is now at version 1.0! See the finalized specification. Thanks to everyone who helped build GeoJSON. About GeoJSON GeoJSON is a format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures. A…
@tools  @file_system  @json  @geolocation 
january 2015 by caochauvu
MacRanger is a fork of ranger that adds in OSX and iTerm2 specific features like inline image display and quicklook previews. For an optimal experience it should be used with the MacRanger-App…
@terminal  @file_system  @utilities  @tools  @mac 
january 2015 by caochauvu
ZSTD, short for Z-Standard, is a new lossless compression algorithm, which provides both good compression ratio and speed for your standard compression needs. "Standard" translates into everyday…
@file_system  @tools  @compression 
january 2015 by caochauvu
GlusterFS is a cluster file-system capable of scaling to several peta-bytes.
Welcome to the Gluster community, the source for all resources about downloading, installing, and running Gluster Storage. GlusterFS is an open source scale-out NAS solution. The software is a…
@tools  @distributed  @big_data  @file_system 
january 2015 by caochauvu
- A git-like distributed file system for a Dockerized world.
@docker  @git  @file_system  @tools 
january 2015 by caochauvu
lzham - Lossless data compression library with a compression ratio similar to LZMA but with much faster decompression. - Google Project Hosting
LZHAM (LZ, Huffman, Arithmetic, Markov) Alpha8 is a general purpose lossless data compression library that borrows several ideas from LZMA but purposely makes several key tradeoffs that favor…
@compression  @tools  @file_system 
january 2015 by caochauvu
The 20 Second Modification That I Do With Every New Mac
Over the years, I’ve purchased something around fifteen Macs for myself, my family, and my previous and current startup …
@mac  @screen_capture  @file_system  @tips 
january 2015 by caochauvu
Every Mac owners should know this trick: how to show hidden files in Mac OS X
How to reveal secret hidden files on the Mac OS X desktop: this Mac Finder trick displays hidden files and folders.
@mac  @finder  @tips  @utilities  @file_system 
january 2015 by caochauvu
A Secure Distributed File System Ori is a distributed file system built for offline operation and empowers the user with control over synchronization operations and conflict resolution. We provide…
@distributed  @file_system  @tools 
january 2015 by caochauvu
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