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Uploads JSON, OPML, RSS and HTML files from Scripting News to the repository on GitHub, every night at midnight.
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12 weeks ago by caochauvu
Accidental Tech Podcast: 287: Open-Faced Compliment Sandwich
Has a part about how to use automounter to back up your nas with normal backblaze plan
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august 2018 by caochauvu
- A tool that helps you to restore commits erased by a force push
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february 2017 by caochauvu
Also good for general Linux back up solutions, not just servers.
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march 2015 by caochauvu
Download AutoMySQLBackup. Automatic MySQL Backup
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february 2015 by caochauvu
Introduction zbackup is a globally-deduplicating backup tool, based on the ideas found in rsync. Feed a large .tar into it, and it will store duplicate regions of it only once, then compress and…
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january 2015 by caochauvu
Home Computer Data Backup
Today I am replacing the external drive on my main home computer. Did it break? No. Am I out of space? No. The drive is 4 years old. Most hard drives have an expected lifetime somewhere in the…
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january 2015 by caochauvu
Backup Your Contacts v2 : Yosemite’s Javascript Automation
I recently read MacStories' article and was curious how easy this was to learn. Applescript never made sense to me and I spent more time trying to piece together examples than actually writing…
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january 2015 by caochauvu
How to Automatically Back Up and Purge Your Gmail Every 30 Days
If the Sony hack has taught us anything, it's that keeping incriminating emails in your inbox is a terrible idea. Even if you aren't doing anything particularly bad, if someone gets into you email,…
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december 2014 by caochauvu
A slightly better SuperDuper! summary - All this
May 21st, 2014 at 1:36 pm by Dr. Drang Time flies. Just over seven (!) years ago, I posted a Perl script that pulls out certain information from a SuperDuper! log file and prints it to standard…
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december 2014 by caochauvu
The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die
A Plan for Saving Your Heirs From Frustration and Financial Pain
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december 2014 by caochauvu
Top 10 Backups Everyone Should Have (Not Just Computer Backups)
You've heard it a lot, but it bears repeating: you need to back up your computer, because your hard drive will fail one day. Beyond those file backups, though, are many other things we need to have a…
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december 2014 by caochauvu
Clone a Mac with SuperDuper!
The best backup is a perfect copy, even down to the operating system files. SuperDuper! lets you create a clone of your Mac so you can access your files in an emergency—and even use another Mac like it's your own. | Difficulty: Intermediate; Length: Medium; Tags: OS X, Data Backup, SuperDuper!
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august 2014 by caochauvu
- CLI for OS X that returns a base64 string of bookmark data for a file, or locates a file given a base64 string
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july 2014 by caochauvu
- Highly efficient file backup system based on the git packfile format. Capable of doing *fast* incremental backups of virtual machine images. Current release is 0.25, and the development branch is master. Please post patches to the mailing list for discussion (see below).
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february 2014 by caochauvu
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