Sunkist Wings
You'll love these bold Sunkist Wings from Delish.com.
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december 2017
Chili Cheese Dog Bread
This recipe from Delish.com will make you forget everything you thought you knew about chili cheese dogs.
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december 2017
Mango Lassi
Get Mango Lassi Recipe from Food Network
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september 2017
Easy Beef Carpaccio with Arugula Recipe
Beef carpaccio is a fabulous appetizer to serve when entertaining guests—it looks and tastes great and it's easy to prepare.
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september 2017
Smoked Salmon Carpaccio With Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon
Carpaccio refers to a dish that has been very thinly sliced for presentation. This could we served as an entree for a elegant dinner. This comes from a book called ‘The Australian Heritage Cookbook’ by R And R Publications Marketing Pty Ltd
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september 2017
Natto Pasta
This Japanese recipe for natto pasta uses natto beans, spaghetti, tsuyu soup stock, and nori seaweed, for a light dish that is easy to prepare.
@food  @recipes  @example 
september 2017
Olive and Chicken Crêpes
This is in my top five favorite meals of all time. This is the meal I would serve if a French chef was coming to dinner. A very flavorful main dish that your taste buds will be amazed at!
@food  @recipes  @example 
september 2017
DIY Root Beer
Homemade root beer is earthy, bold, and sweet all at the same time.
@food  @recipes  @example 
september 2017
Extensions Manager (aka Switcher)
Handy extensions, applications & themes manager.
@chrome  @extensions  @tools  @utilities 
july 2017
HTML5 Video Keyboard Shortcuts
Add keyboard support to Chrome's native HTML5 video player.
@chrome  @extensions  @tools  @html5  @videos  @keyboard_shorcuts 
july 2017
is a OCR program for identifying Japanese text from images. It is optimized for accurate kanji recognition.
@japanese  @learning  @tools  @ocr 
july 2017
How I Took an API Side Project to over 250 Million Daily Requests With a $0 Marketing Budget
Finding someone to market an API is like finding a unicorn. They need the technical knowledge to understand the API in detail, the communication skills to explain it, and the salesmanship to say why…
@advertising  @tips 
july 2017
A couple weeks with the iOS 11 beta
Six Colors by Jason Snell and Dan Moren
@ios  @tips 
july 2017
Wikipedia: The Text Adventure
A playable text adventure version of Wikipedia.
@wiki  @plain_text  @games  @example  @tools 
july 2017
How to build a simple neural network in 9 lines of Python code
As part of my quest to learn about AI, I set myself the goal of building a simple neural network in Python. To ensure I truly understand it, I had to build it from scratch without using a neural…
@python  @neural_networks  @tips  @example 
july 2017
Taking screenshots in iOS 11: hands-on with 10+ handy tips [Video]
It’s no secret that taking screenshots in iOS 11 is now a lot more robust than it’s been in previous versions of iOS. No longer is it just about pressing Home + Sleep; in iOS 11, taking…
@ios  @screen_capture  @tips 
june 2017
SecureLogin — Forget About Passwords
Today I’m proud to announce the release of something I’ve been working on for past 3 years: SecureLogin Authentication Protocol 1.0. No, it is not a password manager. Yes, it is yet another password…
@passwords  @alternatives  @methods  @tips 
june 2017
How to Raise a Feminist Son
We raise our girls to fight stereotypes and pursue their dreams, but we don’t do the same for our boys.
@kids  @parenting  @tips  @culture 
june 2017
Dear Lazyweb, tell me about colo
Or, "Old Man Yells at Cloud Hosting". Currently I host all of my various web sites and services (business and personal) on a single physical Linux box leased from a small ISP. That's been working out fine for me for many years. However, of late my ISP has become so non-responsive to support requests that I can't interpret that any way other than, "We are no longer interested in being an ISP".
@hosting  @tips  @issues 
june 2017
How to install Linux on a Chromebook (and why you should)
Crouton and Gallium OS turn Chromebooks into Linux laptops.
@chrome  @hardware  @linux  @tips  @installation 
june 2017
The Emergency Black-Box Checklist
When is it okay to execute a mathematical technique without understanding it?
@math  @teaching  @tips 
june 2017
Hackintosh: Build a DIY Mac for gaming
How to build your own Macintosh for gaming out of PC parts. Our guide shows how to pick and buy parts, assemble the computer, and install macOS.
@diy  @mac  @hardware  @setup  @example 
june 2017
Writing Advice to My Students That Would Also Have Been Good Sex Advice for My High School Boyfriends
Assume your audience is skeptical and easily bored. Avoid making bold assertions you’re unprepared to back up. It’s generally better to delve deepl...
@writing  @funny  @tips 
june 2017
How to reset your Mac's NVRAM, PRAM, and SMC
If you're experiencing weird glitches with your Mac, this troubleshooting step may help.
@mac  @cleaning  @tips  @debugging 
june 2017
Get Solarized - Awesome command prompt colors for VS, VS Code, cmd, PowerShell, and more
Scott Hanselman on Programming, The Web, Open Source, .NET, The Cloud and More
@color  @theme  @tips  @windows  @programming 
june 2017
A Hyper Key with Karabiner Elements, full instructions
Yesterday I posted excitedly about full Hyper key functionality being available in macOS 10.12+. I included a snippet of a config file that has apparently led to some confusion, so I’m elaborating
@keyremap4macbook  @tips  @mac  @keyboard_shorcuts 
june 2017
Partial restoration of lost Apple iCloud photo stream shared albums
Technical fixes, tips and findings -- all based on my personal experience. Mostly OS X and iOS.
@ios  @images  @cloud  @issues  @tips 
june 2017
- Stephanie is an open-source platform built specifically for voice-controlled applications as well as to automate daily tasks imitating much of an virtual assistant's work.
@automation  @tools  @dictation  @foss  @personal_assistant 
june 2017
Just Keep Scrolling! How To Design Lengthy, Lengthy Pages
Websites with long or infinite scrolling are becoming more and more common lately, and it’s no mere trend or coincidence. The technique of long scrolling allows users to traverse chunks of content without any interruption or additional interaction — information simply appear as the user scrolls down the page. Infinite scrolling is a variety of long scrolling that allows users to scroll through a massive chunk of content with no finish line in sight (it’s the endless scrolling you see on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr feeds).
@design  @tips  @presenting_information  @navigation 
june 2017
20 Best Fixed Width Fonts You Can Download For Free
This article gathers 20 best fixed width fonts you can download for free. Their regularity and proportions make them very practical for online projects.
@free  @typography  @tools  @resources 
june 2017
is the task manager for everything, bringing all of your data into one consistent interface to manage everything in your life. Moo.do is a full email client built into an organization system so that you can manage your emails with the full power of an advanced task manager.
@collaboration  @productivity  @gtd  @tools 
june 2017
Should logos be SVG or PNG? A screenshot, JPEG or PNG? Understanding how each format works and what are the trade-offs can help answering these questions.
@images  @file_sharing  @standards  @comparison  @tips 
june 2017
39 must-have tools and apps for freelance designers
From time management to billing to collaboration, these are the tools you need to succeed as a freelancer designer.
@freelancing  @tools  @list_of  @design 
june 2017
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