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Platforms, Speech And Truth: Policy, Policing And Impossible Choices
TLDR: Internet sites have every right in the world to kick people off their platforms, and there's no legal or ethical problem with that. No one's free speech is being censored. That said, we should be at least a bit concerned about the idea that giant internet platforms get to be some sort of arbiter of what speech is okay and what speech is not, and how that can impact society more generally. But there are possible solutions to this, even if none are perfect and some may be difficult to implement, and we should explore those more thoroughly, rather than getting into screaming fights over who should or shouldn't be allowed to use various internet platforms.
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october 2018 by campylobacter
The Alt-Right is Killing People
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) counted over 100 people killed or injured by alleged perpetrators influenced by the so-called "alt-right" — a movement that continues to access the mainstream and reach young recruits.
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february 2018 by campylobacter
Want Nazis Out of Your Twitter Feed? It Helps to Be a VIP.
When Twitter users report harassment on the website, their reports land in one of two queues: one slower-moving line, and one high-priority “VIP” line for verified users and Twitter employees’ favorite accounts, former staff say. The website is currently facing demands for greater transparency in its abuse reporting process, after actress Rose McGowan’s account was temporarily suspended last week, after she posted a private phone number while tweeting about sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

Twitter’s swift response highlighted the site’s inaction against its legions of neo-Nazis, trolls, and bots who continue to tweet far worse, with little repercussion. Twitter users with friends at the company can get special treatment, one former Twitter employee told The Daily Beast.
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october 2017 by campylobacter
Here Are Twitter's Latest Rules for Fighting Hate and Abuse
Hate symbols and imagery (new)*We are still defining the exact scope of what will be covered by this policy. At a high level, hateful imagery, hate symbols, etc will now be considered sensitive media (similar to how we handle and enforce adult content and graphic violence). More details to come.

Violent groups (new)*We are still defining the exact scope of what will be covered by this policy. At a high level, we will take enforcement action against organizations that use/have historically used violence as a means to advance their cause. More details to come here as well (including insight into the factors we will consider to identify such groups).

Tweets that glorify violence (new)*We already take enforcement action against direct violent threats (“I’m going to kill you”), vague violent threats (“Someone should kill you”) and wishes/hopes of serious physical harm, death, or disease (“I hope someone kills you”). Moving forward, we will also take action against content that glorifies (“Praise be to for shooting up. He’s a hero!”) and/or condones (“Murdering makes sense. That way they won’t be a drain on social services”). More details to come.
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october 2017 by campylobacter
We Snuck into Seattle's Super Secret White Nationalist Convention - News - The Stranger
Much bleaker is Dr. Johnson’s Seattle-suitable, “secret agent” racism plan. Basically, white nationalists meet in secret at conventions like Northwest Forum while paying “lip service to diversity” at their day jobs. They move into positions of power where they can hire other racists and keep non-whites from getting into the company. Two years ago, this method would have seemed like a total joke, but these guys really do mostly work in tech, and they were doing a lot of networking. When talking about the people he has counseled on the “secret agent” method, Dr. Johnson has written that they include “college professors, writers, artists, designers, publishers, creative people working in the film industry, businessmen, and professionals, some of them quite prominent in their fields.” When I told Dr. Johnson I was reluctant to use my super film editing skills (I can’t even work iMovie) for the movement because I was afraid I would be outed in Hollywood he said, “You know, you can always be a secret agent, there's no shame in that.”
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october 2017 by campylobacter
Here's How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled White Nationalism Into The Mainstream
In an April 6 email, Allum Bokhari mentioned having had access to an account of Yiannopoulos’s with “a password that began with the word Kristall.” Kristallnacht, an infamous 1938 riot against German Jews carried out by the SA — the paramilitary organization that helped Hitler rise to power — is sometimes considered the beginning of the Holocaust. In a June 2016 email to an assistant, Yiannopoulos shared the password to his email, which began “LongKnives1290.” The Night of the Long Knives was the Nazi purge of the leadership of the SA. The purge famously included Ernst Röhm, the SA’s gay leader. 1290 is the year King Edward I expelled the Jews from England.
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october 2017 by campylobacter
Witness: Neo-Nazi Threw a Banana Before He Got Socked in the Face - Slog - The Stranger
One bystander, a white man, approached the neo-Nazi and yelled at him to "get the fuck out of our city." The neo-Nazi then called the man an "ape and threw a banana at him," Duff recalled. Within moments, another man ran from across the street and punched the neo-Nazi in the jaw, knocking him out.
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september 2017 by campylobacter
Pepe the Frog’s Creator Goes Legally Nuclear Against the Alt-Right
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP continues to represent Furie pro-bono, and recently told me that it has taken the first steps to prying Pepe loose from the hands of the alt-right.

"[Furie] was very serious when he said that we wanted to make clear that Pepe was not the property of the alt-right and couldn't be used by the alt-right," Louis Tompros, one of Furie's intellectual property lawyers, told me. "But actions speak louder than words and we wanted to make sure we were backing up that statement against entities that were misappropriating the Pepe character and image. That's what we've been doing over the past few weeks."

Tompros told me that large entities such as Amazon and Google have been the most compliant so far. Stamping out the multiple vendors peddling Pepe mech on Amazon will be difficult, but the team has already succeeded in removing several shirts from the market, including the one worn by Morris May when he pepper sprayed a transgender activist in early September.

Amazon, Reddit, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Mike Cernovich, Baked Alaska, and Richard Spencer did not immediately respond to request for comment.
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september 2017 by campylobacter
Mike Stuchbery 💀🍷 on Twitter: "Paul. Orwell volunteered to fight fascists in Spain. Essentially, Orwell is as 'Antifa' as it gets. You dumb motherfucker."

You know this guy? General Francisco Franco? Led a military coup in 1936. Allied with Hitler, took Nazi support.
So you had these guys, @PrisonPlanet, the Nationalists, straight up fascists fighting...
...these guys, the Republicans, outgunned and outmanned.
Between 1936 & 1939, the nationalists rolled across Spain besieging Republican strongholds such as Barcelona.
Pretty damn important to Nationalist success was Nazi support, particularly from bombers in the Condor Legion.
Maybe you know this picture, @PrisonPlanet. It shows the aftermath of a bombing raid on the town of Guernica on the 26th of April, 1937.
It's a painting by Pablo Picasso, obviously, and it is one of the most powerful anti-war statements ever made.
In an attempt to support the Republicans, communist organizations from all over the world formed 'international brigades' to fight.
There was a British Battalion in the Spanish Civil War comprising volunteers who wanted to support the fight against fascism.
One of those volunteers was Eric Arthur Blair, aka George Orwell.
Orwell fought fascists on the frontline until he was shot through the throat. He then returned to England.
Orwell's time fighting fascists in Spain had such an impact on him, he wrote one of the defining books on it.
So, if Orwell was here, @Prisonplanet, he'd be looking at these Nazi fuckers on parade and reaching for his rifle.
Stalinism terrified Orwell, this is true, but what enraged him was fascism, @PrisonPlanet. He was ready to die to oppose it.
So, you can take you bullshit Antifa ravings and shove them. You have no knowledge, no credibility, selling hate to the pig-ignorant.
Well guess what, you hateful turd...
!no passaran!
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august 2017 by campylobacter
Zoé on Twitter: "Stronger rule of law within a white supremacist statist framework necessarily means and becomes fascism, the very thing we're fighting."

Some points here are solid, but the conclusion - Nazis are best fought with a stronger rule of law - is very bad.
QT "Should we be punching Nazis?"
I'm sure he's intimating a notion of better legislated justice & equity: this is never how law functions & is applied within white supremacy
What, for example, would a stronger rule of law mean within a Jeff Sessions-run Department of Justice? Within a Trump administration?
It means martial law, crackdowns on rights and liberties, increased militarization & state capacity to enforce said laws.
Stronger rule of law within a white supremacist statist framework necessarily means and becomes fascism, the very thing we're fighting.
"Rule of law" only becomes this in the destruction and reconfiguration of a state without racial capitalism & whiteness in its foundation...
...which means, like, allowing and facilitating whatever kind of cataclysmic structural change necessary to totally transform the system.
As a black person, "rule of law" has never meant anything other than advocating for the structural mechanisms already killing my community.
"Rule of law" means white supremacist necropolitics, the very thing that strengthens & enables the statist right.
TL;DR - Rule of law = foundational to white supremacist state-making, not a sustained solution to neo-Nazis.
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august 2017 by campylobacter
Debunking: “Communism killed more people than naziism!”
Some of the major criticisms against the Black Book of Communism includes the fact that it counts the following as “victims of communism”: nazi soliders who were executed by the Red Army during World War II, the 1921 Russian famine (which was caused by drought, whites stealing food, etc), other hunger-related deaths caused by the nazi war against the Soviet Union, and many other incidents that were dishonestly attributed to the “communist death toll” in order for the writers to try and reach 100 million, which they admitted they were “obsessed” with reaching.
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august 2017 by campylobacter
Twitter lost 2 million users in the U.S. last quarter
Twitter executives, including chief executive Jack Dorsey and chief financial officer Anthony Noto, brushed off concern about user growth during an earnings call. The two executives said that the firm is most interested in its number of daily active users, an emphasis the company has made in its past couple of earnings reports, but which deviates from the monthly tallies it and most other social networks have traditionally used to look at users. Twitter said that daily active users offer a more detailed picture of how people use its site. Looking at that metric, Twitter grew 9% in the United States, Noto said, adding that the company continues to see “stable growth rates.”

Although the company didn't offer hard numbers, Twitter reported that its daily active user growth overall was up 12% over the same period last year, but down 14% from the previous quarter. The company suggested that the flat growth was due to “seasonal” effects, but it didn't elaborate on what that meant.
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july 2017 by campylobacter
10 States With the Most Hate Groups - 24/7 Wall St.
7. Alabama
> Hate groups per 1 million: 3.7
> Number of hate groups: 18 (17th most)
> Adults with at least bachelor’s degree: 23.5% (7th smallest)
> Pct. pop. identifying as white: 68.9% (13th lowest)

Historically, Alabama has been a hotbed for racial tension and hate crimes, and bigotry lingers in the state. Alabama has one of the highest concentrations of hate groups in the country. Like many of the states on this list, Alabama has a high rate of poverty and very low rates of educational attainment. An estimated 18.7% of the state’s population lives below the poverty line, and 23.5% of adults have a bachelor’s degree or higher, each seventh-worst in the country. Like many of the states with a high concentration of hate groups, a relatively large proportion of the state’s population are black. Most of the hate groups in the state are also known to specifically target black people. The state has multiple chapters of white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, skinheads, and neo-Nazis. The one exception is the single chapter of the Nation of Islam based in Birmingham.
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march 2017 by campylobacter
Corey Pein on Twitter: "1/ So here’s a Twitterized version of part of this story for those who can’t be bothered to read."
2/ Some self-described “national socialists" with links to Daily Stormer and 4chan have been holding a local meetup in Portland.
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march 2017 by campylobacter
PewDiePie versus the media: Why he’s so mad to be losing the fight - Polygon
Kjellberg is not being treated unfairly by the media, and in fact his popularity has likely shielded him from these consequences far longer than anyone would have expected. He’s not being targeted by the press; he’s finally being held to the same standards as other entertainers. These aren’t lapses that happen during live tapings, these are edited videos. You see is what he intends you to see. When these images and jokes fail, or simply rely on cheap shock for effect, his reaction is to make another video blaming the press for his mistakes. The idea he might be held responsible for his own actions seems very unfair to him.

[....] White supremacists don’t see it that way, and neo-Nazi and white supremacist site The Daily Stormer has been gleefully supporting PewDiePie’s ongoing habit of exposing his audience to anti-Semitic images and jokes, seeing Kjellberg’s videos as a path to their beliefs gaining legitimacy and a wider audience of young people.

“The guy has 52 million subscribers, compared to the number two YouTuber that has 30 million. He is arguably the most watched person on the planet,” the site reported this January. “...In this video, he calls out the Jews for killing Jesus, and points out several times that Hitler did nothing wrong. At the very least, he is making the masses comfortable with our ideas. ... I hope he keeps doing this — staying chill, I mean. Not going too far. I think he’s aware that he’s eventually going to get banned — if he wasn’t ready for that, he wouldn’t be calling out the Jews head-on like this.”
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february 2017 by campylobacter
When the Government Really Did Fear a Bowling Green Massacre — From a White Supremacist
The year was 2012. The place was Bowling Green, Ohio. A federal raid had uncovered what the authorities feared were the makings of a massacre. There were 18 firearms, among them two AR–15 assault rifles, an AR–10 assault rifle and a Remington Model 700 sniper rifle. There was body armor, too, and the authorities counted some 40,000 rounds of ammunition. An extremist had been arrested, and prosecutors suspected that he had been aiming to carry out a wide assortment of killings.

“This defendant, quite simply, was a well-funded, well-armed and focused one-man army of racial and religious hate,” prosecutors said in a court filing.

The man arrested and charged was Richard Schmidt, a middle-aged owner of a sports-memorabilia business at a mall in town. Prosecutors would later call him a white supremacist. His planned targets, federal authorities said, had been African-Americans and Jews. They’d found a list with the names and addresses of those to be assassinated, including the leaders of NAACP chapters in Michigan and Ohio.
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february 2017 by campylobacter
Donald Trump and Steve Bannon need angry young men. They’re using Gamergate culture to get them
Gamergate is a loose collection of disaffected (mostly) men who have used the issue of ethics in gaming journalism as a pretext to harass and attack women and many minority groups. The movement got its start in 2014 when a young man wanted to exact revenge on his ex-girlfriend. What started as a simple blog post became a campaign of harassment spearheaded by anonymous users on platforms like Reddit and 4chan. Gamergate has since used Twitter and other social-media platforms to lob misogynistic, homophobic, and anti-Semitic attacks on its critics.

Gamergate and Trump both succeeded by playing to insecurities and anxieties while simultaneously offering up soft targets onto whom they could vent their frustrations. Once drawn in, alt-right internet echo chambers and hyper-partisan news outlets like Breitbart exposed these men to consistent diets of fake or sensationalized news and conspiracies. The fact that Steve Bannon, the white nationalist and Breitbart founder, is now Trump’s chief adviser means this pattern will almost certainly continue.
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february 2017 by campylobacter
Richard Spencer Getting Punched
archive of videos of punching a Nazi in the face, set to different music clips
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january 2017 by campylobacter
The Mighty Atom | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist
The Mighty Atom takes on the Nazis:

Shortly after a huge Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden in February, 1939, the Mighty Atom found himself walking through Manhattan’s Yorkville German section on a business matter. He stopped in his tracks at a sign in bold letters posted on a building’s second floor: “NO DOGS OR JEWS ALLOWED!”

He stared at it for a while before inquiring of a passerby, “What the hell is that?” He was informed that a Nazi Bund meeting was being conducted upstairs. He went across the street to a paint store, where with a three-dollar deposit, he rented an 18-foot ladder. Back he came and opened it beneath the sign. Returning across the street, this time to a sporting-goods store, he purchased a Louisville slugger baseball bat—a “Hank Greenberg Model.” He parked it in the doorway beneath the sign.
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january 2017 by campylobacter
On The Propriety Of Punching Nazis, An FAQ – Thoughts On The Dead
What about dialogue?

Dialogue is for reasonable people acting in good faith. Dialogue is between two acceptable positions. “Taxes need to be raised” vs. “taxes need to be lowered” is grounds for dialogue. “Taxes need to be raised” vs. “Jews should be thrown in ovens” is grounds for a beating.

But isn’t this sinking to their level?

That depends. After you punch the Nazi, do you espouse the tenets of National Socialism?


Then you’re better than a Nazi.
january 2017 by campylobacter
How the town of Whitefish defeated its neo-Nazi trolls — and became a national model of resistance
“What this has shown me is that if we want to make a change as a community, our best way to do that is at the grassroots, local level,” Randall told me. “That’s where can confront these issues of racism and anti-Semitism and bigotry first. It’s not just someone on social media making a comment — thumbs up, thumbs down. It’s neighbors meeting face-to-face and coordinating plans to put their values out there. It’s pretty powerful stuff. Here in Montana, we might not have much say nationally. But we can make Whitefish a better town. And if we do that all around the country, I think the national narrative can change.”
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january 2017 by campylobacter
This Man Helped Build The Trump Meme Army — Now He Wants To Reform It - BuzzFeed News
a bunch of fuckshit drama among toxic racist manbabies throwing a party for themselves: DeploraBall
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january 2017 by campylobacter

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