Did Alabama Just Violate Federal Voting Law?
Assessing the state’s “inactive” voter scheme.
By Mark Joseph Stern

Voters who cast ballots in every election should not be told that they have abruptly become inactive; the right to vote should not depend upon one’s ability to recall her county of birth; citizens should not fear arrest on their way to cast lawful ballots. But Alabama’s muddled, mystifying system seems designed to trip up voters at every possible turn; it is a testament to the tenacity of Jones’ supporters that they were able to elect him in spite of state-sanctioned chicanery. Alabama’s electorate already has plenty of initiative. What it needs now is a secretary of state who conducts truly free and fair elections.
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2 days ago
Black Women Kept Roy Moore Out of Office. Here’s How to Actually Thank Them.
Donate to CollectivePAC
Support Higher Heights
Support Black Women Candidates
Give to Woke Vote
Donate Petitions to Restore Florida Voting Rights
Color of Change PAC
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If yesterday's election in Alabama had been for members of Congress
If yesterday's election in Alabama had been for members of Congress, Democrats would have won only 1 seat, and Republicans 6. How is that possible? Watch: http://on.msnbc.com/2C3RyqW
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4 days ago
Hydropower is NOT Clean Energy: Dams and Reservoirs are Major Drivers of Climate Change
First, the building of massive dams and reservoirs results in flooding vast areas of land all at once that contain large amounts of organic life. In the oxygen-poor environment that results, methane-generating microbes feed on decaying algae. Second, rivers continue to flow into reservoirs delivering not only significant amounts of organic matter and sediment from upstream, but also nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus from agricultural activities, fertilizers, and human waste, driving algae growth and providing even more material for microbes to break down and convert to methane. And third, reservoirs experience greater fluctuation in water levels than natural lakes. Drops in water levels increase the amount of methane bubbling released into the atmosphere. The result? As described by publication Science Alert: “…if we’ve deliberately flooded areas of land to generate energy, irrigate our crops, or perform flood control, we’re contributing to the accelerated warming of the planet.”
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4 days ago
So @bgonemydear just told me a black pastor in AL was helping voters w/o IDs
So @bgonemydear just told me a black pastor in AL was helping voters w/o IDs print out their mug shots as ID verification THAT IS SO FUCKING SMART USE THE PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX AGAINST THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS
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5 days ago
What did Alabama’s top election official learn from monitoring Russian election?
by David Kumbroch, Updated at 10:20AM, September 30, 2016

"They gave us these sheets," he says, holding up pieces of paper with a small red box at the bottom, "But we didn't have to fax them in. What we did, we had a pen. An electronic pen. We were able to touch this box . . . it would automatically send the information that was recorded to the central reporting location and they could document it live throughout the day."

He says Alabama doesn't have any structure for the way election monitors submit notes, "What you have now, when you have people that go and observe elections, they might write a note on a sticky note or they might write a note in a notebook, but they're not doing anything that would be systematic or in sequential order about what they observed."

Merrill is back home now, preparing for the general election. He doesn't expect to get changes in place that quick, but he says he does eventually hope to implement lessons learned from his trip to Russia.
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5 days ago
Is Bitcoin Destroying Tibet’s Rivers?
Mining Bitcoin needs vast amounts of electricity to run millions of computers which solve complex mathematical problems to create new Bitcoin. Those computer banks use vast amounts of electricity, and the cheaper the electricity, the greater the profit margin for the miner-hackers. What turns out to be the cheapest electricity on the planet right now?

Tibet’s hydropower.

Like hard-rock mining in the past, the environmental impacts of Bitcoin mining are being completely disregarded and externalized. Rivers are being drained and destroyed for hydropower and the greenhouse gas emissions of producing the electricity — by hydropower and fossil fuels all over the planet — are being completely ignored. A Nov. 1, 2017, article posted on the website, “Motherboard,” estimated that Bitcoin mining around the world now consumes as much electricity as the country of Nigeria in one year.
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5 days ago
Exclusive: Roy Moore's campaign accidentally emailed us their talking points attacking his accusers
he document (posted below) was sent out by Moore’s deputy campaign manager Hannah Ford. It contains talking points on how to debunk four women’s allegations against him, as well as allegations that he was once banned from a local Alabama mall for his interactions with teenage girls.

The campaign has been working for weeks to discredit or diminish the allegations brought forth from reporting by the Washington Post, AL.com, and other national news outlets. Speaking to CNN, Janet Porter, a Moore spokesperson, said Thursday that the media has been acting as a “lynch mob” to discredit Moore.
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6 days ago
How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You've Ever Met
Behind the Facebook profile you’ve built for yourself is another one, a shadow profile, built from the inboxes and smartphones of other Facebook users. Contact information you’ve never given the network gets associated with your account, making it easier for Facebook to more completely map your social connections.
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6 days ago
Alien Probe or Galactic Driftwood? SETI Tunes In to 'Oumuamua
Ever since its discovery in mid-October as it passed by Earth already outbound from our solar system, the mysterious object dubbed ‘Oumuamua (Hawaiian for “first messenger”) has left scientists utterly perplexed. Zooming down almost perpendicularly inside Mercury’s orbit at tens of thousands of kilometers per hour—too fast for our star’s gravity to catch—‘Oumuamua appeared to have been dropped in on our solar system from some great interstellar height, picking up even more speed on a slingshot-like loop around the sun before soaring away for parts unknown. It is now already halfway to Jupiter, too far for a rendezvous mission and rapidly fading from the view of Earth’s most powerful telescopes.

Astronomers scrambling to glimpse the fading object have revealed additional oddities. ‘Oumuamua was never seen to sprout a comet-like tail after getting close to the sun, hinting it is not a relatively fresh bit of icy flotsam from the outskirts of a nearby star system. This plus its deep red coloration—which mirrors that of some cosmic-ray-bombarded objects in our solar system—suggested that ‘Oumuamua could be an asteroid from another star. Yet those same observations also indicate ‘Oumuamua might be shaped rather like a needle, up to 800 meters long and only 80 wide, spinning every seven hours and 20 minutes. That would mean it is like no asteroid ever seen before, instead resembling the collision-minimizing form favored in many designs for notional interstellar probes. What’s more, it is twirling at a rate that could tear a loosely-bound rubble pile apart. Whatever ‘Oumuamua is, it appears to be quite solid—likely composed of rock, or even metal—seemingly tailor-made to weather long journeys between stars. So far there are few if any wholly satisfactory explanations as to how such an extremely elongated solid object could naturally form, let alone endure the forces of a natural high-speed ejection from a star system—a process thought to involve a wrenching encounter with a giant planet.
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The complicated, inadequate language of sexual violence
It’s not that we don’t have a vocabulary for talking about sexual violence, because we do. But that vocabulary is inadequate. It is confusing and flattening in ways that make it hard to talk about sexual violence without either trivializing it, obfuscating the systems that enable it, or getting so specific as to become salacious or triggering. So whenever I talk about sexual violence, I feel like I’m translating: taking the acts that actually happened and trying to cram them into the language that I have available to describe them.

That inadequacy is not a harmless coincidence. Language reflects culture, and our language reflects a culture that does not want to make it easy to talk about sexual violence — that wants to make it difficult, uncomfortable, and confusing.

The vocabulary we have for sexual assault tends to be either clinical but vague or graphic but specific
linguistics  violence  violenceagainstwomen  rape  rapeCulture 
6 days ago
Deep beneath the Earth’s surface life is weird and wonderful
Gaetan Borgonie & Maggie Lau
19-24 minutes

The amount of water in the subsurface is considerable. Globally, the freshwater reservoir in the subsurface is estimated to be up to 100 times as great as all the available fresh water in the rivers, lakes and swamps combined. This water, ranging in ages from seven years to 2 billion years, is being intensely studied by researchers because it defines the location and scope of deep life. We know now that the deep terrestrial subsurface is home to one quintillion simple (prokaryotic) cells. That is two to 20 times as many cells as live in all the open ocean. By some estimates, the deep biosphere could contain up to one third of Earth’s entire biomass.
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6 days ago
Alabama Demands Voter ID–Then Closes Driver’s License Offices In Black Counties
By Tierney Sneed Published October 1, 2015 12:15 pm

“Every single county in which blacks make up more than 75 percent of registered voters will see their driver license office closed. Every one,” Archibald wrote.

Archibald also noted that many of the counties where offices were closed also leaned Democrat.
racism  voterSuppression  voterID  votingRights  alabama 
7 days ago
“Cat Person” | The New Yorker
By Kristen Roupenian

Margot met Robert on a Wednesday night toward the end of her fall semester. She was working behind the concession stand at the artsy movie theatre downtown when he came in and bought a large popcorn and a box of Red Vines.

“That’s an . . . unusual choice,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve ever actually sold a box of Red Vines before.”
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7 days ago
Space Could Leave You Blind, And Scientists Say They've Finally Figured Out Why
20/20 to 20/100 in 6 months.

The one big difference between the two was that the long-duration astronauts had significantly more cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in their brains than the short-trip astronauts, and the researchers say this - not vascular fluid - is the cause of the vision loss.

Under normal circumstances, CSF is important for cushioning the brain and spinal cord, while also distributing nutrients around the body and helping to remove waste.

It can easily adjust to changes in pressure that our bodies experience when transitioning from lying down to sitting or standing, but in the constant microgravity of space, it starts to falter.

"On earth, the CSF system is built to accommodate these pressure changes, but in space the system is confused by the lack of the posture-related pressure changes," says one of the team, Noam Alperin.

Based on the high-resolution orbit and brain MRI scans taken of their 16 astronauts, the team found that the long-duration astronauts had far higher orbital CSF volume - CSF pooling around the optic nerves in the part of the skull that holds the eye.

They also had significantly higher ventricular CSF volume, which means they had more CSF accumulating in the cavities of the brain where the fluid is produced.
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11 days ago
Anyone got a minute to talk about gerrymandering?
1. Anyone got a minute to talk about gerrymandering? It may not sound exciting, but it's a big reason why Texas is a "red" state. This, for example, is the 7th Congressional District, where I'm running.

THREAD with map screencaps & article links
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13 days ago
How to Make Natural Deodorant
3 T Coconut Oil
3 T Baking Soda
2 T Shea Butter
2 T Arrowroot (optional) or organic cornstarch
Essential Oils (optional)


6 T coconut oil
1/4 cup (4 T) baking soda
1/4 cup (4 T) arrowroot or organic cornstarch
essential oils (optional)
13 days ago
I’m a Depression historian. The GOP tax bill is straight out of 1929.
In 1926, Calvin Coolidge’s treasury secretary, Andrew Mellon, one of the world’s richest men, pushed through a massive tax cut that would substantially contribute to the causes of the Great Depression. Republican Sen. George Norris of Nebraska said that Mellon himself would reap from the tax bill “a larger personal reduction [in taxes] than the aggregate of practically all the taxpayers in the state of Nebraska.” The same is true now of Donald Trump, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and other fabulously rich people.

During the 1920s, Republicans almost literally worshiped business. “The business of America,” Coolidge proclaimed, “is business.” Coolidge also remarked that, “The man who builds a factory builds a temple,” and “the man who works there worships there.” That faith in the Market as God has been the Republican religion ever since. A few months after he became president in 1981, Ronald Reagan praised Coolidge for cutting “taxes four times” and said “we had probably the greatest growth in prosperity that we’ve ever known.” Reagan said nothing about what happened to “Coolidge Prosperity” a few months after he left office.
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14 days ago
Between the (Gender) Lines: the Science of Transgender Identity
Transgender women tend to have brain structures that resemble cisgender women, rather than cisgender men. Two sexually dimorphic (differing between men and women) areas of the brain are often compared between men and women. The bed nucleus of the stria terminalus (BSTc) and sexually dimorphic nucleus of transgender women are more similar to those of cisgender woman than to those of cisgender men, suggesting that the general brain structure of these women is in keeping with their gender identity.

In 1995 and 2000, two independent teams of researchers decided to examine a region of the brain called the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTc) in trans- and cisgender men and women (Figure 2). The BSTc functions in anxiety, but is, on average, twice as large and twice as densely populated with cells in men compared to women. This sexual dimorphism is pretty robust, and though scientists don’t know why it exists, it appears to be a good marker of a “male” vs. “female” brain. Thus, these two studies sought to examine the brains of transgender individuals to figure out if their brains better resembled their assigned or chosen sex.

Interestingly, both teams discovered that male-to-female transgender women had a BSTc more closely resembling that of cisgender women than men in both size and cell density, and that female-to-male transgender men had BSTcs resembling cisgender men. These differences remained even after the scientists took into account the fact that many transgender men and women in their study were taking estrogen and testosterone during their transition by including cisgender men and women who were also on hormones not corresponding to their assigned biological sex (for a variety of medical reasons). These findings have since been confirmed and corroborated in other studies and other regions of the brain, including a region of the brain called the sexually dimorphic nucleus (Figure 2) that is believed to affect sexual behavior in animals.
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14 days ago
Does the Bible Really Call Homosexuality an “Abomination”?
The word “abomination” is found, of course, in the King James translation of Leviticus 18:22, a translation which reads, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.” Yet this is a thoroughly misleading rendition of the word toevah, which, while we may not know exactly what it means, definitely does not mean “abomination.” An “abomination” conjures up images of things which should not exist on the face of the earth: three-legged babies, oceans choked with oil, or Cheez-Whiz. And indeed, this is how many religious people regard gays and lesbians. It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Homosexuality is unnatural, a perversion, a disease, an abomination.

Yet a close reading of the term toevah suggests an entirely different meaning: something permitted to one group, and forbidden to another. Though there is (probably) no etymological relationship, toevah means taboo.

The term toevah (and its plural, toevot) occurs 103 times in the Hebrew Bible, and almost always has the connotation of a non-Israelite cultic practice. In the Torah, the primary toevah is avodah zara, foreign forms of worship, and most other toevot flow from it. The Israelites are instructed not to commit toevah because other nations do so. Deuteronomy 18:9-12 makes this quite clear:
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16 days ago
BGN Film Review: ‘Strange Frame’
Again, though, it’s all about the devil in Strange Frame’s details. The way talented singers are handled by Mig’s corporation is a kind of mass personality thievery, with robot bodies implanted with a given artist’s entire stolen memory and “soul,” effecting a kind of body snatch; eventually, this synthetic copy will be the more easily controllable puppet-star. In the far future, corporations have so effectively dehumanized creativity that it can be purely commodified, eradicating the unpredictable original human article.
film  animation  media 
16 days ago
Report of Fertility in a Woman with a Predominantly 46,XY Karyotype in a Family with Multiple Disorders of Sexual Development
This 52-yr-old phenotypically normal woman underwent normal pubertal development and reached spontaneous menarche at age 11 yr. She had a history of two pregnancies, the first of which resulted in a spontaneous miscarriage. Her second pregnancy was uneventful, except that her daughter was delivered by cesarean section due to a recent hip fracture in the mother from a motor vehicle accident. She breastfed the daughter for 1 yr. She continued to have regular menses until menopause at age 49, after which time she received hormone replacement therapy for 2 yr.

Physical examination revealed a feminine-appearing woman with a normal body habitus (Fig. 1​1).). The height was 177 cm. There was no receding hairline or balding of the scalp and no acne or facial hair. Breasts and pubic hair were Tanner stage V, although pubic hair was sparse. The external genitalia were normal with no clitoromegaly or labial fusion. The vaginal introitus was normal. Pelvic examination revealed a uterus in retroverted position with no adnexal masses. The karyotype in peripheral blood was 46,XY (20 cells).
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19 days ago
#unhackthevote Pennsylvania. How The Hell Did Trump Win?
Our Most Important Thread Yet. This is the first in a long series of Threads. We are going deeper than we have ever gone before. Thread
elections  fraud  usa 
19 days ago
Historically, men translated the Odyssey. Here’s what happened when a woman took the job.
Part of the way Wilson challenges previous readings of the Odyssey is with style. Her translation made a splash months before it was published, when an excerpt ran in the summer 2017 issue of the Paris Review. I and other Odyssey fans were excited by Wilson’s opening line: “Tell me about a complicated man.” In its matter-of-fact language, it’s worlds different from Fagles’s “Sing to me of the man, Muse,” or Robert Fitzgerald’s 1961 version, “Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story / of that man skilled in all ways of contending.” Wilson chose to use plain, relatively contemporary language in part to “invite readers to respond more actively with the text,” she writes in a translator’s note. “Impressive displays of rhetoric and linguistic force are a good way to seem important and invite a particular kind of admiration, but they tend to silence dissent and discourage deeper modes of engagement.”

“There’s an idea that Homer has to sound heroic and ancient,” Wilson told me, but that idea comes with a value system attached, one that includes “endorsing this very hierarchical kind of society as if that’s what heroism is.” Telling the story in plainer language allows readers to see Odysseus and his society in another light.

There are flashes of beauty in Wilson’s Odyssey. “The early Dawn was born,” she writes in Book 2; “her fingers bloomed.” Of the forest on Calypso’s island, where many birds nest, she writes, “It was full of wings.” But throughout the book, there’s a frankness to Wilson’s language around work and the people who do it. Of Eurymedusa, a slave in the house of princess Nausicaa, she writes, “She used to babysit young Nausicaa / and now she lit her fire and cooked her meal.”

The slaves in older translations of the Odyssey do not “babysit” — often, they’re not identified as slaves at all. Fagles, for instance, calls Eurymedusa a “chambermaid.” Fitzgerald calls her a “nurse.” “It sort of stuns me when I look at other translations,” Wilson said, “how much work seems to go into making slavery invisible.”
literature  patriarchy  sexism  slavery 
20 days ago
When Unpaid Student Loan Bills Mean You Can No Longer Work
Fall behind on your student loan payments, lose your job.

Few people realize that the loans they take out to pay for their education could eventually derail their careers. But in 19 states, government agencies can seize state-issued professional licenses from residents who default on their educational debts. Another state, South Dakota, suspends driver’s licenses, making it nearly impossible for people to get to work.
studentDebt  studentLoans  wealthinequality  workersrights  judicialSystem 
21 days ago
The Birth of a National Disgrace: Medievalism and the KKK
Medieval historians are deeply frustrated by white supremacist appropriation of the Middle Ages. In the face of an alarming rise in hate speech and violent acts that rely on medieval memes, medievalists have risen up to reclaim the past from racists in popular media, in their classrooms, and even in the academy.

But although the symbols embraced by the far right may seem medieval—from Ku Klux Klan titles like “Grand Dragon” to the pseudo-medieval shields carried by “alt-righters”—their version of the Middle Ages is often filtered through contemporary medievalism in film, television, fantasy fiction, and video games. Medievalism is different from an interest in medieval history: it’s the appropriation, and often revision, of the medieval past. Thus, scholars may be pushing back with facts, but medievalism’s practitioners are more likely to get their “history” from Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.
KKK  history  art  culturalAppropriation  racism 
21 days ago
Google collects Android users' locations even when location services are disabled — Quartz
Many people realize that smartphones track their locations. But what if you actively turn off location services, haven’t used any apps, and haven’t even inserted a carrier SIM card?

Even if you take all of those precautions, phones running Android software gather data about your location and send it back to Google when they’re connected to the internet, a Quartz investigation has revealed.
privacy  gps  surveillance  infosec  telecommunications  google 
21 days ago
(Re)Building Technology Build-it-ourselves Community Networks
A collective resource for digital stewardship, digital justice and community infrastructure.

These resources emphasize self-governance, participatory learning, collaborative design and sustainability. As we learn and new people contribute, these resources will grow and change over time and we welcome contributions.
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21 days ago
and on the list of complete bullshit by some shippers…
Sam/Jack fans react to anti-S/J troll on AO3

"The Disaster That Is Jack/Sam" an Episode Guide by Mitch
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21 days ago
Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media | Technology
The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.

A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an "online persona management service" that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world.

The project has been likened by web experts to China's attempts to control and restrict free speech on the internet. Critics are likely to complain that it will allow the US military to create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives.

He said none of the interventions would be in English, as it would be unlawful to "address US audiences" with such technology, and any English-language use of social media by Centcom was always clearly attributed. The languages in which the interventions are conducted include Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Pashto.

The multiple persona contract is thought to have been awarded as part of a programme called Operation Earnest Voice (OEV), which was first developed in Iraq as a psychological warfare weapon against the online presence of al-Qaida supporters and others ranged against coalition forces. Since then, OEV is reported to have expanded into a $200m programme and is thought to have been used against jihadists across Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East.
war  MilitaryIndustrialComplex  socialmedia  propaganda  espionage 
21 days ago
Don’t eat food if a fly lands on it, as they carry more dangerous bacteria than previously thought, warn scientists
But a new study suggests the insects carry far more dangerous bacteria than previously thought, meaning sandwiches are best avoided if they have been contaminated by flies.

Researchers at Penn State Eberly College of Science in the United States found that common houseflies carry salmonella, e-coli and even bacteria which lead to stomach ulcers and deadly sepsis.

The researchers say flies may have been overlooked by public health officials as a source of disease outbreaks.
22 days ago
And from there, it got pushed into the mainstream media conversation by the fine folks at Fox News.
mid-thread about propagation of right-wing rumors from social media through network media
propaganda  troll  satire  journalism 
22 days ago
Russian TV Editor Says His Network Got Calls from The Kremlin To Attack Clinton
A former television news editor for Russian state media outlet Rossiya says that the Kremlin used to call and give instructions about how to cover Hillary Clinton during the 2016 U.S. election.

“Sometimes it was a phone call. Sometimes it was a conversation,” Dimitri Skorobutov told The New Yorker Thursday. “If Donald Trump has a successful press conference, we broadcast it for sure. And if something goes wrong with Clinton, we underline it.”

“Me and my colleagues, we were given a clear instruction: to show Donald Trump in a positive way, and his opponent, Hillary Clinton, in a negative way,” Skorobutov said at a recent speech at a journalism conference in Maastricht in the Netherlands.
propaganda  elections  Russia  journalism 
23 days ago
A GoFundMe Campaign Is Not Health Insurance
My friend died $50 short. It doesn’t have to be that way.
by Ted Closson

Posted May 25th, 2017

[the very preventable death of Shane Patrick Boyle]
comic  fandom  healthcare  capitalism  usa  pharmaceuticals  poverty  wealthinequality  diabetes 
23 days ago
I'm raising money for Insulin for Next Month. Click to Donate: https://gofund.me/insulinforshane
Shane Patrick Boyle
posted 3:36 PM - 23 Feb 2017

fundraiser $50 short
died 18 March 2017 from diabetic ketoacidosis
healthcare  poverty  wealthinequality  usa  capitalism  pharmaceuticals  diabetes 
23 days ago
Lilly insulin prices under microscope
Over the past 20 years, while the price of a gallon of milk climbed 23 percent and the sticker on a Dodge Caravan minivan rose 21 percent, the list price of the insulin Humalog, made by Eli Lilly and Co., shot up 1,157 percent.

Other Lilly insulins saw hefty price increases, too, including Humulin, on the market since 1982. It has seen price increases totaling nearly 800 percent over the last two decades.

The soaring prices at Indianapolis-based Lilly — and two other insulin makers, whose prices are climbing at similar rates — are sending sticker shock through the diabetes community. In recent months, patients have filed lawsuits and called for congressional investigations, and now they’re planning a demonstration next month in front of Lilly’s headquarters on South Delaware Street.
capitalism  medicine  wealthinequality  poverty  healthcare  usa  pharmaceuticals  diabetes 
23 days ago
THREAD X37 Thanksgiving
In 1637 near present day Groton, Connecticut, over 700 men, women and children of the Pequot Tribe had gathered.
nativeamericans  history  massacre  colonialism  usa 
24 days ago
Do Women Talk Too Much? (Hint: Science says no)
You wanna talk proven facts? This shit’s been done, son: researcher Dale Spencer in Australia used audio and video tape to independently evaluate who talked the most in mixed-gender university classroom discussions. Regardless of the gender ratio of the students, whether the instructor was deliberately trying to encourage female participation or not, men always talked more—whether the metric was minutes of talking or number of words spoken.

Moreover, men literally have no clue how much they talk. When Spencer asked students to evaluate their perception of who talked more in a given discussion, women were pretty accurate; but men perceived the discussion as being “equal” when women talked only 15% of the time, and the discussion as being dominated by women if they talked only 30% of the time.
maleprivilege  sexism  sociology 
25 days ago
The Civil Rights Movement Is Going in Reverse in Alabama
Because of increasingly racially polarized voting patterns in the South, party has become a stand-in for race. As University of California at Irvine law professor Rick Hasen recently wrote in the Harvard Law Review, “The realignment of the parties in the South following the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s has created a reality in which today most African American voters are Democrats and most white conservative voters are Republicans.” That means that, as Democrats have lost ground in statehouses in Alabama and elsewhere across the South, so have African Americans. According to research by David Bositis, in 1994, 99.5% of black state legislators in the South served in the majority. By 2010, the percentage had fallen to 50.5. Today, it’s a mere 4.8%.
civilrights  votingRights  voterSuppression  racism  alabama 
25 days ago
Guest Post: How Film Schools Lead to Pipelines Full of Weinsteins
Other gender discriminatory behaviors commonly mentioned by students in my study and on the Shit People Say to Women Directors (SPSWD) Tumblr include male peers not taking female classmates’ knowledge, skills, or ideas seriously; male students dominating technology, story ideas, and coveted production roles (especially director and cinematographer); and male students engaging in a type of male heterosexual camaraderie that excludes or sexually objectifies female students. For example, one SPSWD writer recalled that when she was directing a film, the male students assigned to work with her “were dismissive of my decisions. They would often go straight to the talent, to tell them what to do, and often referred to me as ‘Just the Fluffer.’”

Examples of sexism on the part of male instructors include not believing women are knowledgeable or strong enough to use filmmaking equipment; dismissing female-authored or female-centered stories; and engaging in harassing comments or behavior. For instance, a student in my study reported: “One friend told me she and her female partner had trouble convincing a professor to support the script they were writing. He kept telling them that he wasn’t interested in their story and didn’t think anyone else would want to see their film.”

An SPSWD writer shared that her instructor told his students to twist a tripod’s locks “like it was the nipple of a seven-year-old girl.” Female students have also commonly reported that male instructors rarely use women-made films as examples in their production classes and avoid conversations about gender and filmmaking.
workersrights  maleprivilege  hollywood  sexism  film  education  harassment 
27 days ago
Too poor to vote: How Alabama's 'new poll tax' bars thousands of people from voting
But in Alabama and eight other states from Nevada to Tennessee, anyone who has lost the franchise cannot regain it until they pay off any outstanding court fines, legal fees and victim restitution.

In Alabama, that requirement has fostered an underclass of thousands of people who are unable to vote because they do not have enough money.

Alabama's felon disenfranchisement policies are likely unconstitutional, and they have disparate impacts on felons who are poor, black, or both, according to experts.

According to The Sentencing Project, a Washington, D.C.-based criminal justice reform non-profit, there are 286,266 disenfranchised felons in Alabama, or 7.62% of the state's voting-age population.

More than half of those disenfranchised felons are black, despite the fact that African-Americans made up only 26.8% of the state's population as of July 2016, according to a U.S. Census estimate.

A new state law has cleared the way for people convicted of certain felonies to eventually regain the right to vote. But before that can happen, anyone who has lost the franchise in Alabama for any reason must first fulfill any financial obligations to the state and to their victims, according to Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill.
alabama  voterSuppression  votingRights  wealthinequality  poverty 
27 days ago
The stampede of Puerto Ricans to Florida is bad news for Trump
Maybe Puerto Ricans will have the last laugh after President Donald Trump’s disastrous response to Hurricane Maria: More than 156,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to Florida — a key swing state in U.S. elections — since the storm hit the island in September.

That little-known figure should make Republicans nervous. If Puerto Rican voters’ past behavior is any indication, most of the new arrivals will vote Democratic.

The number of Puerto Ricans who have moved to Florida was disclosed in a tweet from the state’s Division of Emergency Management on Nov. 14. It said the figure includes all Puerto Ricans who have moved to Florida since Oct. 3, when regular flights started to leave from the island after the storm.

It’s a much bigger exodus than had been expected, and thousands of Puerto Ricans are still moving off the island every day, most of them going to Florida, the New York area, and Pennsylvania.

Many have little choice but to leave: Almost two months after the hurricane, more than 50 percent of Puerto Rico’s homes and businesses still are without power, and 20 percent lack water. The island’s economy is virtually paralyzed, and it will take many months, perhaps years, to bring it back to a semblance of normalcy.
GOP  florida  PuertoRico  elections 
27 days ago
Uranium One story is so asinine it can be disproven in a tweet
Uranium One story is so asinine it can be disproven in a tweet:

-10 other gov agencies that had no connection to Clinton's State Dept also had to approve Uranium One deal

-Clinton Foundation donor supposedly involved actually sold stake in company 3 years before deal took place
28 days ago
89-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Discovers Photography, Can’t Stop Taking Hilarious Self-Portraits Now
Most people think that technology is for young people, but nobody told Kimiko Nishimoto that. She’s an 89-year-old Japanese grandma who’s been snapping and editing her own pictures for the last 17 years, and as you can see below, her style is certainly unique!

She didn’t get into photography until she was 72 years old. Her son was teaching a beginner’s course and so she decided to enroll, unaware that she was about to awake a passion and a talent she never even knew she had. She instantly fell in love with photography and set about snapping various quirky and comical self-portraits. She had her first solo exhibition ten years later, at a local museum in her home town of Kumamoto, and now she’s about to have her work exhibited at Tokyo’s Epson epsite imaging gallery. Titled “Asobokane” – meaning “let’s play” – the exhibition will feature previously unseen work from the octogenarian artist, so if you happen to be in Tokyo between December 15, 2017 and January 18, 2018 then be sure to check it out. Think you’re too old to try something new? Think again.
photography  japan  lol 
29 days ago
Weeds thriving in some cotton fields
Smith said most farmers are in one of two situations. Either their fields are too wet and they can't get in to apply a post-direct herbicide, or cotton has already reached four-leaf stage and farmers can't get their second over-the-top application on. In either case, weeds have grown large and difficult to control.

“We're going to be in a salvage situation before long,” Smith said.

Smith said some farmers have applied expensive grass herbicides over the top of Roundup Ready cotton varieties to control out-of-control barnyardgrass, signalgrass and johnsongrass.
agribusiness  botany 
4 weeks ago
Sally Fox and the World of Naturally Colored Fiber - Etsy Journal
At one point, Sally ran a $10 million dollar business in naturally colored organic cotton, all grown, spun, and woven in the US. Then mill closures, outsourcing of the textile industry, and resistance from growers who worried that her pollen might drift into their white cotton fields challenged the structure of her business.

It took a while, but she is emerging from what she calls “hibernation.” “Now, I work with one mill in Japan and I have a US spinner for my cotton again,” she said from her biodynamic ranch in California’s Capay Valley, where she talked to me while bottle-feeding lambs from her multi-colored merino sheep. “What I am best at is R and D. I really know how to grow, and I really know how to design yarn and fabric. I am very excited about working with communities both inside and outside our local fibershed.”
textiles  sustainability  agribusiness  environment 
4 weeks ago
Help me grow my cotton again | Indiegogo
By 1990 I had developed dependable varieties of naturally colored cottons that could be machine spun and organically grown. My first mill customer was a fine spinning mill in Japan, I then began working with designers in the US and Europe and soon began selling to mills all over the world. The market grew too quickly and within five years it peaked and then painfully collapsed. This coincided with the decline of the US textile industry. The textile industries in the countries that had environmental regulations were decimated by products that came from countries were regulations on textile waste were either nonexistent or not enforced. The mills that I was selling to could not compete and closed.
environment  sustainability  agribusiness  capitalism  texiles 
4 weeks ago
Trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe were banned in the U.S. Trump just reversed that.
The Trump administration announced Wednesday that the remains of elephants legally hunted in Zimbabwe and Zambia can now be imported to the United States as trophies, reversing a ban under President Barack Obama.

African elephants are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has determined that large sums paid for permits to hunt the animals could actually help them “by putting much-needed revenue back into conservation,” according to an agency statement.
capitalism  animalcruelty  politics 
4 weeks ago
Clinton’s little-known crusade to save Africa’s elephants | Environment | The Guardian
“International criminal syndicates are orchestrating the slaughter of many of the world’s iconic wildlife species and profiteering by marketing ivory, rhinoceros horn, and other wildlife parts in the U.S., Asia, and Europe,” said Jorge Silva, a spokesperson for the Clinton Campaign. “Many of the criminal syndicates have ties with, and are helping to fund, terrorist groups around the world, and also are engaged in human, drug, and arms trafficking.”

Experts believe that groups like the Lord’s Resistance Army, Al-Shabaab and even ISIS may be in part funded by the illicit sale of ivory and other wildlife parts.

Clinton’s personal love for elephants springs out of a trip to Tanzania in 1997 as first lady. Her daughter, Chelsea, accompanied her, and since then mother and daughter have shared a passion for pachyderms. During the period, Bill Clinton’s administration opposed any opening of the ivory trade. Despite this, Cites began approving one-off trades in elephant ivory in 1999, 2002 and 2008. Experts have linked the current poaching crisis to the approval of these trades, especially the last one.
animalcruelty  capitalism  sustainability  environment  legislation 
4 weeks ago
Locals Were Troubled by Roy Moore’s Interactions with Teen Girls at the Gadsden Mall
This past weekend, I spoke or messaged with more than a dozen people—including a major political figure in the state—who told me that they had heard, over the years, that Moore had been banned from the mall because he repeatedly badgered teen-age girls. Some say that they heard this at the time, others in the years since. These people include five members of the local legal community, two cops who worked in the town, several people who hung out at the mall in the early eighties, and a number of former mall employees. (A request for comment from the Moore campaign was not answered.) Several of them asked that I leave their names out of this piece. The stories that they say they’ve heard for years have been swirling online in the days since the Post published its report. “Sources tell me Moore was actually banned from the Gadsden Mall and the YMCA for his inappropriate behavior of soliciting sex from young girls,” the independent Alabama journalist Glynn Wilson wrote on his Web site on Sunday. (Wilson declined to divulge his sources.) Teresa Jones, a deputy district attorney for Etowah County in the early eighties, told CNN last week that “it was common knowledge that Roy dated high-school girls.” Jones told me that she couldn’t confirm the alleged mall banning, but said, “It’s a rumor I’ve heard for years.”
alabama  childsafety  childmolestation  politics 
4 weeks ago
A Tax on the Gig Economy
The Independent Drivers’ Guild is in talks with elected officials in New York City to introduce a bill that would levy a transaction fee on rides in order to provide benefits, Greenblatt said. Similar legislation is being discussed around the country. Earlier this year, legislators in Washington introduced a bill that would require businesses that hire independent contractors to contribute funds to benefit providers to be used for worker benefits. A similar bill could be voted on this fall in New Jersey. A bill backed by the home cleaning and repair start-up Handy in New York state would have levied similar fees on services, in exchange for keeping workers classified as independent contractors. In May, Senator Mark Warner of Virginia and Washington Representative Suzan DelBene introduced a bill in Congress that would issue grants for pilot programs to experiment with creating new types of portable benefits.

“An economy based on micro-employment requires the accrual of micro-benefits,” wrote Nick Hanauer, a Seattle venture capitalist, and David Rolf, the president of SEIU 775, which represents home-care workers, in a 2015 issue of Democracy Journal. They proposed what they called a Shared Security System, which is essentially a set of mandatory universal benefits that employees accrue via automatic payroll deductions regardless of their employment relationship. Rolf helped craft the bill introduced in Washington State.
taxLaw  workersrights  capitalism  healthcare 
4 weeks ago
Avengers in Wrath: Moral Agency and Trauma Prevention for Remote Warriors

Air crews observe as the target moves through daily life with his wife and children: visiting the market, relieving himself, running errands, attending religious services. These quotidian activities are particularly difficult on Airmen with families, whose parental empathies are triggered. In one case, described by Air Force officer and Oxford doctoral candidate Joe Chapa, a pilot who was a parent waited for hours until his target, a notorious terrorist facilitator, walked far enough away from his child to allow a clean shot. While he and his sensor perfectly executed the shot while sparing the child’s life, the child walked back to the pieces of his father and began to place the pieces back into human shape. Once the strike and its immediate aftermath were complete, the scene affected the pilot to such a degree that he requested a break crew to swap him out. While this is an extreme case, the same sort of experiences are shared far and wide across our community.
psychology  war  ptsd  MilitaryIndustrialComplex 
4 weeks ago
Why conservatives are more susceptible to believing lies
Psychologists have repeatedly reported that self-described conservatives tend to place a higher value than those to their left on deference to tradition and authority. They are more likely to value stability, conformity, and order, and have more difficulty tolerating novelty and ambiguity and uncertainty.
Part of the problem is widespread suspicion of facts - any facts. Both mistrust of scientists and other "experts" and mistrust of the mass media that reports what scientists and experts believe have increased among conservatives (but not among liberals) since the early '80s.

[....]the gullibility of many on the right seems to have deeper roots even than this. That may be because at the most basic level, conservatives and liberals seem to hold different beliefs about what constitutes "truth." Finding facts and pursuing evidence and trusting science is part of liberal ideology itself. For many conservatives, faith and intuition and trust in revealed truth appear as equally valid sources of truth.

To understand how these differences manifest and what we might do about them, it helps to understand how all humans reason and rationalize: In other words, let's take a detour into psychology. Freud distinguished between"errors" on the one hand, "illusions" and "delusions" on the other.

Errors, he argued, simply reflect lack of knowledge or poor logic; Aristotle's belief that vermin form out of dung was an error. But illusions and delusions are based on conscious or unconscious wishes; Columbus's belief that he had found a new route to the Indies was a delusion based on his wish that he had done so.

[...] Psychologists have repeatedly reported that self-described conservatives tend to place a higher value than those to their left on deference to tradition and authority. They are more likely to value stability, conformity, and order, and have more difficulty tolerating novelty and ambiguity and uncertainty.

They are more sensitive than liberals to information suggesting the possibility of danger than to information suggesting benefits. And they are more moralistic and more likely to repress unconscious drives towards unconventional sexuality.

Fairness and kindness place lower on the list of moral priorities for conservatives than for liberals. Conservatives show a stronger preference for higher status groups, are more accepting of inequality and injustice, and are less empathic (at least towards those outside their immediate family). As one Tea Party member told University of California sociologist Arlie Hochschild, "People think we are not good people if we don't feel sorry for blacks and immigrants and Syrian refugees. But I am a good person and I don't feel sorry for them."
5 weeks ago
Roy Moore's former colleague says it was "common knowledge" he dated teens - CBS News
"It was common knowledge that Roy dated high school girls, everyone we knew thought it was weird," former deputy district attorney Teresa Jones told CNN in comments aired Saturday. "We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall ... but you really wouldn't say anything to someone like that."

CBS News has reached out to Jones for comment.

Jones, now a partner at the Syprett, Meshad, Resnick, Lieb, Dumbaugh, Jones, Krotec & Westheimer, P.A. law firm based in Sarasota, Florida, served as deputy district attorney for Etowah County, Alabama from 1982 to 1985, according to her firm's website. Moore worked as a deputy district attorney in that office from 1977 to 1982. Before joining the DA's office, Jones was the assistant city attorney for the city of Gadsden, Alabama, the county seat of Etowah County.
childmolestation  alabama  politics 
5 weeks ago
Ala. governor's infidelity led to failed voter suppression effort
After Alabama passed a law requiring voters to have a photo ID to cast a ballot, a nefarious plan to close driver's licenses offices in many majority black counties in the state was announced. According to an impeachment investigation into Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, that scheme was hatched by the governor's mistress, Rebekah Mason, who wanted to roll out the plan in a way that wouldn't unduly harm her lover's political allies.
alabama  politics  votingRights  voterSuppression  voterID 
5 weeks ago
John Merrill's office not ready to release names of crossover voters | AL.com
The Legislature passed the crossover voting ban this year and it was in effect for the first time during the Sept. 26 Republican runoff between Roy Moore and Sen. Luther Strange in the special election for the U.S. Senate.

The law says that voters who vote in a party primary cannot cross over and vote in an ensuing runoff of the other party. So those who voted in the Aug. 15 Democratic primary were not eligible to vote in the GOP runoff.
voterSuppression  alabama  legislation 
5 weeks ago
Alabama Secretary of State Promotes Voter Suppression on Selma Anniversary
In Selma this past weekend, they held a church service to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the Bloody Sunday march for voting rights. One of the attendees was John Merrill, the Alabama Secretary of State. Another one of the attendees was the Reverend William Barber, the official preacher of this here shebeen. According to a video posted to Barber's Facebook page, as related over at Josh's joint, Merrill decided to enliven the event by touting Alabama's voter-ID law as a landmark advance in the protection of civil rights.
voterID  voterRegistration  voterSuppression  alabama  GOP 
5 weeks ago
Ala.’s Black Belt Hit Hard by Voter-Suppression Measures
In fact, Alabama.com reports that of the 10 counties with the highest proportion of black folk, the state closed driver's license offices in eight. Journalist Kyle Whitmire reports that the closures came on the heels of Alabama’s requiring photo IDs at the polls, a change the state enacted immediately after the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in June 2013.

This is significant because DMV offices are where most folks can get the most common form of photo ID.

Alabama.com reports that the closures saved the state very little in revenue, reportedly between $200,000 and $300,000, but the “routine shortfalls in the General Fund budget typically range from $100 million to $200 million,” giving new meaning to a drop in the bucket.

After being sued by the NAACP last month, the U.S. Department of Transportation investigated and found “that African Americans residing in the Black Belt region of Alabama disproportionately underserved by ALEA’s driver licensing services, causing a disparate and adverse impact on the basis of race.”

Under an agreement struck between the state and federal agencies, ALEA agreed to reopen and add more hours of service to the Black Belt offices.
alabama  voterID  voterSuppression  votingRights 
5 weeks ago
New Map Reveals Who's Actually Taking Charge of the Paris Agreement
A coalition of more than 2,200 states, cities, counties, businesses, universities, civil society organizations and investors has declared “We Are Still In” the Paris agreement since the coalition’s launch on June 5. California Governor Jerry Brown, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Washington Governor Jay Inslee launched after Trump’s announcement the United States Climate Alliance, a group of 14 states and Puerto Rico committed to reducing their emissions to levels consistent with the goals of the Paris agreement. Meanwhile a coalition of more than 380 Climate Mayors, led by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Houston’s Sylvester Turner, Knoxville’s Madeline Rogero, and Boston’s Marty Walsh, signed a letter pledging to leverage their coordinated efforts to deliver on the U.S.’s Paris commitment. At the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in June, more than 1,400 mayors urged continued federal participation in the Paris agreement and committed to achieving 100 percent renewable energy by 2035.
map  environment  climatechange  globalwarming 
5 weeks ago
District 9 Representative Ed Henry Will Not Seek 2018 Re-Election
Henry has been considering a job in Washington, D.C. and applied for a job in the Trump Administration. Henry was a highly active, intensely motivated supporter of Trump as the co-chair of Trump’s Alabama campaign.
politics  alabama 
5 weeks ago
Laser Microscope Reveals Stunning 3D Images Of The Brain In Unprecedented Detail
A revolutionary new laser-enabled microscope has been able to capture the stunning intricacies of the brain in unprecedented detail.

These incredibly detailed images are helping us better understand the brain on a cellular level and in turn how it can go wrong in the form of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Developed by Scottish technology firm M Squared, the Aurora light-sheet microscope is able to produce 3D images accurate enough to capture the neural connections themselves.
5 weeks ago
Claudia Black: Mr C.K.
My mantra this year has been
Wake up
Clean up
Grow Up
Show up.
abuse  harassment  sexism  misogyny 
5 weeks ago
Ellen Page - “You should fuck her to make her realize... | Facebook
When I was sixteen a director took me to dinner (a professional obligation and a very common one). He fondled my leg under the table and said, “You have to make the move, I can’t.” I did not make the move and I was fortunate to get away from that situation. It was a painful realization: my safety was not guaranteed at work. An adult authority figure for whom I worked intended to exploit me, physically. I was sexually assaulted by a grip months later. I was asked by a director to sleep with a man in his late twenties and to tell them about it. I did not. This is just what happened during my sixteenth year, a teenager in the entertainment industry.
lgbtqia  abuse  childmolestation  hollywood  harassment  workersrights  misogyny  sexism 
5 weeks ago
Ravelry: TORV pattern by Antonia Shankland
Shawl is worked short end to short end with gradually lengthening blocks of seed stitch framed by stockinette stitch columns and purled divider rows. At the beginning of the shawl, each block of seed stitch is four rows tall. Two rows are added each time through the chart, so that by the end of the shawl each block of seed stitch is thirty-four rows tall.

A circular needle is used to more easily accommodate the width of the shawl.
5 weeks ago
Three Ghost Stories by Charles Dickens - Free Ebook
The haunted house
The trial for murder
The signal-man
spooky  fiction  literature 
5 weeks ago
Are you registered to vote, Alabama? Are you sure? You'd better check | AL.com
This year, county registrars and the Alabama Secretary of State's office are in the process of updating the state's voter rolls. However, that process has left some voters listed as inactive, including some who say they have voted in recent elections.

Already, some voters who have tried to vote by absentee ballot have discovered their registrations had been changed by mistake. In a callout on Reckon by AL.com, we asked readers to check their registrations through the Secretary of State's website. Several people reported they, too, had been moved to "inactive" status mistakenly or they could not find any records of their registration at all, no matter if they had voted recently.
voterRegistration  voterSuppression  alabama 
5 weeks ago
A Clash of Cultures « bunnie's blog
Prototype Bias – how assumptions based on stereotypes influence the way we think and feel
Idol Effect – the tendency to assign exaggerated capabilities and inflated expectations upon celebrities
Power Asymmetry – those with more power have more influence, and should be held to a higher standard of accountability
Guanxi Bias – the tendency to give foreign faces more credibility than local faces in China
misogyny  abuse  harassment  maleprivilege 
5 weeks ago
These Three Lawyers Are Quietly Purging Voter Rolls Across the Country – Mother Jones
The letter they had received was one of many that the ACRU had started sending to small, rural counties across Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, Alabama, and Arizona the year before. These letters were part of a legal campaign spearheaded by three former Justice Department officials from the George W. Bush administration to purge voter rolls across the country. The effort began in remote areas with few resources for legal defense, but recently it’s expanded to include population centers in key swing states. Voting rights advocates worry that the campaign is targeting minorities and likely Democratic voters.

The commissioners refused to sign the decree. From her years in office, Miller knew that mailings are often returned as undeliverable. A third of the county’s residents live in mobile homes, and their address are not, as she puts it, “what they should be.” Some people use PO boxes but fail to pay to keep them active. So she was adamant that she would not agree to the mailing, and negotiations broke down.
alabama  voterSuppression  voterRegistration  votingRights 
5 weeks ago
Mitch McConnell Says Roy Moore Should Exit Senate Race ‘if These Allegations Are True’
Republican leaders appeared to be in a politically untenable situation, saddled with an embattled nominee unwilling to step aside in one of the country’s most conservative states. The charges immediately reignited hostilities between Mr. McConnell’s political allies, who poured millions into the campaign to stop Mr. Moore, and President Trump’s former chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, who rallied support for the former justice.

“This is what happens when you let reckless, incompetent idiots like Steve Bannon go out and recruit candidates who have absolutely no business running for the U.S. Senate,” said Josh Holmes, a former McConnell aide.
alabama  politics  childmolestation  rapeCulture 
5 weeks ago
Alabama state auditor defends Roy Moore against sexual allegations, invokes Mary and Joseph
Ziegler seemed unconcerned about that allegation and told the Washington Examiner that any political concern would be mitigated by three things. Moore never had “sexual intercourse” with the girl. Their relationship “happened almost 40 years ago.” And finally, “Roy Moore fell in love with one of the younger women.”

Moore began dating his wife Kayla around this time, according to Ziegler. “He dated her. He married her, and they’ve been married about 35 years. They’re blessed with a wonderful marriage and his wife Kayla is 14 years younger than Moore.”
alabama  childmolestation  politics  rapeCulture 
5 weeks ago
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