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Distributed Systems and the End of the API | The Quilt Project
“The API” as the fundamental point of integration between parts of a distributed system is an anachronism, a hold-over from other, simpler programming contexts that predate “distributed systems” as a discrete concept
distributed-systems  design  api 
july 2016 by campbellr
Distributed Erlang
The implementation of distributed erlang
erlang  architecture  design  programming 
april 2016 by campbellr
For Better or For Worse
If Go is bad, why is it so popular?
golang  design  via:torbiak 
november 2015 by campbellr
connascence is that it gives developers a vocabulary to talk about different types of coupling.
programming  coupling  design  taxonomy 
september 2015 by campbellr
Readability, hackability, and abstraction |
I struggle with this a lot. Unfortunately, no silver bullet is provided
programming  design  readability 
april 2015 by campbellr
Simple Made Easy (transcript)
The transcribed version for people who hate videos (me)
clojure  design  talk  transcript  richhickey 
april 2015 by campbellr
A Generation Lost in the Bazaar - ACM Queue
'One of Brooks's many excellent points is that quality happens only if somebody has the responsibility for it, and that "somebody" can be no more than one single person'
unix  programming  design  history 
december 2014 by campbellr
An Introduction To Domain-Driven Design
An excellent introduction to DDD by the author of "Domain Driven Design using Naked Objects", with clear examples, historical context, and discussion of common problems for beginners.
architecture  design  patterns  domain-driven-design  via:torbiak 
december 2014 by campbellr
The Case for Slow Programming | JJ Ventrella Thing
"[...] we were encouraged to work in the same codebase, as if it were a big cauldron of soup, and if we all just kept stirring it continuously and vigorously, a fully-formed thing of wonder would emerge.

It didn’t."
programming  software  design 
december 2014 by campbellr
Untangling the God Object.
"I’ve led my share of rewrites, and experience tells me that even if you rebuild everything, if you don’t change how you code, then the end result will probably be a worse mess than what you started with."
oop  programming  design 
september 2014 by campbellr

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