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Translating 3.3 V to 5 V - (MrCircuitMatt) YouTube
push-pull vs open drain, buffer IC, input voltage threshold high/low, level shifter
buffer  electronics 
march 2019 by cameronl
DIY Arduino based RC Transmitter - (How To Mechatronics) YouTube
NRF24L01, 700 meter max range, arduino pro mini,, custom rf protocol
design  acrylic  remote  control  wireless  rf  arduino  joystick  pcb  electronics 
january 2019 by cameronl
Low Cost Reverse Polarity and Over Current Protection (Corrected) - (Jeri Ellsworth) YouTube
Reverse polarity: backwards PMOS FET on input.
This circuit also has current limiting. Discrete components.
reverse  polarity  circuit  protection  electronics  design 
december 2018 by cameronl
Automagic Tool makes KiCAD Schematic Symbols from PDFs | Hackaday
"read the darn PDF by itself and make a part? It turns out [Sébastien] made that tool and it’s called uConfig."
kicad  pcb  electronics  design 
september 2018 by cameronl
pcb - Bottomless SIP Socket/Machine Pin Header? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange
"pin receptacles pcb (or mill-max pin receptacles) -- these are just the metal parts of a machined pin socket, without the plastic frame. So they can be mounted very low-profile. Downside is most of them require slightly larger pcb holes"
pcb  header  electronics 
july 2018 by cameronl
SSR Design Considerations [pdf] - Omron -
Phototriac coupler
Zero cross circuit
Trigger circuit
Snubber circuit
ssr  solid-state  relay  electronics  design 
may 2018 by cameronl
Waterproof DC Power Cable Set - 5.5/2.1mm ID: 743 - $2.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
"The o-ring is what makes the waterproof seal, and the over-screw keeps the two halves connected solidly"
waterproof  electronics  enclosure  cable  connector  jack 
january 2018 by cameronl
Shielding and Guarding | Analog Devices (1983)
"How to Exclude Interference-Type Noise; What to Do and Why to Do It—A Rational Approach"
emi  rf  noise  filter  shield  guard  electronics  design 
december 2017 by cameronl
Julian upgrades: ST uC Firmware for YZXstudio USB Monitors - (Julian Ilett) YouTube
ST STM32 MCU programming pogo pins SBW (serial-by-wire)
High resolution USB voltage/current/power monitor
electronics  mcu  programming  usb  voltage  current  power  meter  monitor  oled  display 
december 2017 by cameronl
The Smallest WiFi Button in the World (ESP8266, MQTT, IFTTT) - (bitluni's lab) YouTube
"This tutorial is showing how to built a small WiFi/Dash button for an ESP-01 module. A button and a LiPo Battery is added. The case is 3D printed. The software is based on Mongoose OS and sends notifications to an MQTT server and IFTTT over a direct web link."
electronics  project  enclosure  3d 
december 2017 by cameronl
1BitSquared - Picoblade Wire Kit
"break out all of the picoblade input and output connections on the Lisa/M and Lisa/MX autopilots."
connector  wiring  electronics 
december 2017 by cameronl
RF Connectors | Newark element14
u.FL (Micro coax, Amphenol, Molex), SMA straight, SMA edge, surface mount, thru-hole, right-angle..
Looks good.
rf  connector  electronics  pcb 
november 2017 by cameronl
Adafruit INA219 Current Sensor Breakout | Adafruit
"solve all your power-monitoring problems. Instead of struggling with two multimeters, you can use this breakout to measure both the high side voltage and DC current draw over I2C with 1% precision."
current  sensor  electronics 
october 2017 by cameronl
AN098 - Layout Review Techniques for Low Power RF Designs - swra367a.pdf |
- CC1101, CC430, etc. SmartRF
- "TI LPRF reference designs are...recommended to be copied exactly"
- "Impedance matching is critical"
- "how to include a test/debug port in the prototype design for easy and quick radio performance testing."
radio  rf  design  pcb  layout  electronics 
october 2017 by cameronl
#84: Basics of Ferrite Beads: Filters, EMI Suppression, Parasitic oscillation suppression - YouTube (w2aew)
Ferrite beads, inductors, filters, EMI, noise, RF, power supply, coupling/decoupling
Oscilloscope bandwidth, frequency content of square wave
Signal/function generator, sweep of frequencies
electronics  noise  filter  bandwidth  inductor  rf 
july 2017 by cameronl
Pololu - Understanding Destructive LC Voltage Spikes
"There are several ways to limit the magnitude of the initial LC transients:
- Limit lead inductance
- Add resistance to the LC circuit
- Add a large, high-ESR capacitor across (in parallel with) the low ESR capacitor"
electronics  noise  filter  protection  tutorial 
july 2017 by cameronl
SMPS noise reduction -
"The frequency at which the noise repeats is not what you have the problem with: look at the noise waveform. The sharply rising edges have components that go into the hundreds of Mega Hertz. That's whay they are so hard to kill"

"Use a low pass filter. As stated, you must use caps that are good at mega hertz ranges like ceramic caps and possibly polyester film caps. Aluminum electrolytics and tantalums will have very little effect since the noise frequencies are above their resonant frequency."

More good stuff in this thread...
electronics  noise  filter  emi  rf  audio  essential 
july 2017 by cameronl
How and why to replace discrete MOSFETs with load switches - YouTube
Common MOSFET switching application circuits.
Also ad for load switch IC
mosfet  pcb  circuit  electronics 
march 2017 by cameronl
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