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Chasing Yesterday by The Jingo (The_King_in_White)
Rokudaime Hokage Uchiha Sasuke is a man with nothing beyond duty to the dead. Yet when a second chance comes from the lips of a demon, his battles begin anew...

Last update: 30-Mar-2018, Chapter 14.

Also located at: (Chapter 23)
LC:2018-03  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:100-200K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Het  Ch:Uchiha_Sasuke  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Naruto_cast  Ch:Uchiha_Itachi  P:Naruto/Sasuke  R:Pre_slash  AU_life:Other  CT:Genderswap  OT:Time-travel  G:Angst  L:AO3 
yesterday by caelulum
Running in the Shadows by Igornerd
In a world of science, advanced technology and cyberspace hackers, powerful corporations control the world. Deciding the fates of masses that inhabit the urban sprawls. Yet in the corners of society, the ostracized live their lives in secret, running in the shadows.

Last update: 25-Nov-2017, Chapter 6.
LC:2017-11  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Uchiha_Sasuke  Ch:Nara_Shikamaru  Ch:Tenten  Ch:Naruto_cast  AU:Not_canon  AU_time:Futuristic/space  AU_character:Police_Fire_&_Medical  L:FFN 
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Second Chance by GwendolynStacy
Shikamaru is back, war flashbacks and everything. But no matter how much foreknowledge he has, changing the future is not as easy as he thought. His Hokage being set back to a snot nosed brat that reacts bewildered to any form of affection does not help. At all.

Meanwhile, Gaara is thrown back to being avoided and feared, while being tormented by a voice urging him to kill every step that he takes. He really needs someone to fix the seal this time around...

Last update: 20-Jun-2018, Chapter 15.
LC:2018-06  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Nara_Shikamaru  Ch:Gaara  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Naruto_cast  AU_life:Other  OT:Time-travel  OT:Pre-series  OT:PTSD  OT:Team/Family  A:GwendolynStacy  L:AO3 
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Time Flows Like Ink by GwendolynStacy
After a fuinjutsu experiment gone wrong, Minato is yanked into a future where his family is dead, his team fell apart and the Uchiha were slaughtered. With the defective seal burning in his palm, Minato struggles to stay afloat in a Konoha that isn’t his.

Last update: 10-Jul-2018, Chapter 4.
LC:2018-07  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Namikaze_Minato  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Uzumaki_Kushina  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Nohara_Rin  Ch:Naruto_cast  AU_life:Other  OT:Time-travel  A:GwendolynStacy  L:AO3 
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Sasuke's No Good Very Bad Teammates by GwendolynStacy
Naruto and Sakura have gone insane.

Or: Just after becoming Team 7 Naruto and Sakura go through a massive shift in personality, leaving Sasuke out of the loop and wondering what in the name of sanity could have happened to them. His only consolation is that Kakashi is just as weirded out as he is.

Last update: 30-Jun-2018, Chapter 6.
LC:2018-06  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Uchiha_Sasuke  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Haruno_Sakura  Ch:Naruto_cast  AU_life:Other  OT:Time-travel  G:Humour  A:GwendolynStacy  L:AO3 
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from the corner of your eye by chadsuke
When a misunderstanding prompts Sasuke to take a deeper involvement in the growth of his teammates, no one is quite prepared for the way things... change. Especially Sasuke.

The question is - is it for the better?

[A slow burn SasuNaru/Team 7 fanfic.]

Last update: 9-July-2018, Chapter 24.
LC:2018-07  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Uchiha_Sasuke  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Haruno_Sakura  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Naruto_cast  P:Naruto/Sasuke  R:Pre_slash  AU_life:Other  OT:Team/Family  L:AO3 
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Lucky Sevens (Series Masterpost) by AshesFall (Cloud_Nine)
Team 7's first C-Ranked mission goes badly. They get taken, prisoner. Team 7, The Rookie Nine, and all of Konoha reacts to the changes wrought by this first mission gone wrong.

Last update: 27-Feb-2018, Chapter 1 of Part 8.
LC:2018-02  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Haruno_Sakura  Ch:Uchiha_Shisui  Ch:Yamanaka_Ino  Ch:Nara_Shikamaru  Ch:Naruto_cast  AU_life:Other  OT:Kidnapping/Missing  OT:PTSD  OT:Team/Family  G:Hurt/comfort  L:AO3 
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Slight Miscalculation by Nillegible
It was the slightest miscalculation. Fractional to an absurdly small amount. Something that wouldn't have mattered at all in any other context, even to a perfectionist like Tobirama. 

Tobirama misses his mark by one hour, four minutes, and forty-three seconds, give or take fifteen, and when you compare it to the time he's jumped back through, (twenty-two years, nearly) that seems like such an infinitesimal period of time. Surely the consequences of that mistake could not be life changing?

Yet Tobirama opens his eyes in the past, just in time to see his sword slide deep into Izuna's side. Sees the pain and hatred on the other man's face, and for the first time in nearly his whole life Tobirama panics. He triggers another seal, and vanishes with the Uchiha heir, to the horror of those around them.

Last update: 6-Jun-2018, Chapter 4.
LC:2018-06  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Senju_Tobirama  Ch:Uchiha_Madara  Ch:Senju_Hashirama  Ch:Uchiha_Izuna  Ch:Naruto_cast  P:Madara/Tokirama  AU_life:Other  CT:Ability_other  OT:Time-travel  OT:Supernatural  G:Angst  L:AO3 
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Gem of the Eddy by beetlebee
"The fall of Uzushio collapsed our economy, our protections. You might think I'm being rosy, but they really cared about us. And they knew how to party. You know they had a seal that could swap body parts? Wildest night of my life,” the boatman’s eyes go distant for a long moment, “...but you kids are too young to hear about that.

“Anyway,” he continues, “our economy’s been a shambles since; maybe gets going for a year or two before it collapses again. No security of stability, so assholes like Gato think they can waltz in here and take charge. Boy, he'd be singing a different tune if the Uzumaki were still around."

Sakura’s eyes widen a bit at that, and even Sasuke looks up. Naruto opens his mouth to say something, but Kakashi puts a firm hand on his shoulder.

“What an… illuminating piece of history,” says Kakashi, “Thank you for sharing.”


(Kiri may have won the battle, but not the war. The island of Uzushio might not be as dead as previously believed.

All Kakashi knows now is that he really should have refused that mission to Wave.

An island lives, people change, foxes laugh, and Team Seven goes on a wild journey!)

Last update: 19-May-2018, Chapter 4.
LC:2018-05  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Haruno_Sakura  Ch:Uchiha_Sasuke  Ch:Momochi_Zabuza  Ch:Haku_(Naruto)  Ch:Kurama_(Kyūbi)  Ch:Tsunade_(Naruto)  Ch:Naruto_cast  Ch:Bijū_(Naruto)  Ch:Jinchūriki_(Naruto)  AU:Canon  CT:Animal_transformation  OT:Team/Family  A:beetlebee  L:AO3 
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Swapped by writeonclara
if u wanted my number u couldve just asked

u didnt have to steal my whole phone ;)

Steve stared down at his phone, confused. He didn't recognize the number – except, oh wait, he really did. That was his number. On his phone.

He flipped the phone over, then slid one hand down his face. Not his phone.

“Fuck,” he muttered.

Last update: 6-May-2018, Chapter 4.
LC:2018-05  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Barnes_family  Ch:Avengers  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Pre_slash  AU:Not_canon  AU_character:Police_Fire_&_Medical  G:Humour  G:Romance  A:writeonclara  L:AO3 
27 days ago by caelulum
When Twitter Saved Bucky Barnes by StormySkiesAhead
"Apparently, the rights I was promised by Thomas Jefferson- the only good thing that asshole did, may I tell you- aren't valid anymore. According to you, they have never been valid. According to you, I must continue to live in fear of what you could do to me, to my children. I shouldn't have to live like that- I've dealt with it too many times before. Why do I trust you again?"

Fenrir Jacobi (Lokison, going by Asgardian rules), was done.

He'd seen plenty of "inalienable rights" being violated in his day, and this wasn't even a new low.

He wasn't ready to have to step up and defend his right to exist again.

He most certainly wasn't ready for his eldest daughter to single-handedly provide an alibi for James "Bucky" Barnes, proving that some people need to keep a better eye on their supersoldiers.

Last update: 11-Jun-2018, Chapter 3.
L:2018-06  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:OC  Ch:Avengers  AU:Canon  G:Humour  Ep:MCU_Captain_America_3  L:AO3 
5 weeks ago by caelulum
Conserve Me, Strange Waters by TheSmallPrint95
Steve finds something on board the HYDRA train in 1945, something he can't quite recall but can still feel the phantom touch of in his dreams.
Of course, this isn't really top on his list of priorities having crashed into the arctic and woken up 70 years in the future. Well, it wasn't until he sees a face he shouldn't remember in a run-down coffee shop somewhere in Budapest.
Then comes the task of hiding an Eldritch Horror from HYDRA, SHIELD and the Avengers while also trying to navigate a relationship with a potentially immortal entity of unimaginable power.

Last update: 11-June-2018, Chapter 3.
LC:2018-06  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Avengers  Ch:Howling_Commandos  P:Rogers/Barnes  AU_life:Other  Is:A_mythical_creature  Is:Not_Winter_Soldier!Bucky  L:AO3 
5 weeks ago by caelulum
i'm a trust fund baby you can trust me by victoriousscarf
Erik has a plan, a plan he's been following since he found his murdered father. Graduate school is just another step along the way. The last thing he's expecting is the exchange student lying about his name to knock him right off track.


The au where Erik and T'Challa meet when they're 20 and 19 respectively and it changes an awful lot of things.

Last update: 19-Mar-2018, Chapter 3.
LC:2018-03  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Erik_Killmonger  Ch:T'Challa  Ch:Black_Panther_cast  P:Killmonger/T'Challa  AU:Canon  AU_setting:College/Uni  OT:Pre-series  L:AO3 
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atonement by DumpsterFireChild (BreakfastLunchAndDinner)
/əˈtōnmənt/ noun
reparation for a wrong or injury

Erik and T'Challa learn how to atone.

Or: Erik wakes up after being stabbed in the chest, and learns he must face Wakanda's justice.

Meanwhile, T'Challa wrestles with his father's legacy, and faces the consequences of an isolationist Wakanda.

Last update: 7-Jun-2018, Chapter 2.
LC:2018-06  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:T'Challa  Ch:Erik_Killmonger  Ch:Shuri_(Marvel)  Ch:Black_Panther_cast  P:Killmonger/T'Challa  AU:Canon  Ep:MCU_Black_Panther  A:DumpsterFireChild  G:Angst  L:AO3 
6 weeks ago by caelulum
Anansesem by gingeringfigs
[American Gods crossover]

Erik's story takes a different turn when a dapper stranger in a fedora and dress shoes enters the apartment, introducing himself as Mr Nancy.

Last update: 29-Apr-2018, Chapter 3.
LC:2018-04  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  F:Other  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Erik_Killmonger  Ch:Mr_Nancy_(Anansi)_(American  Gods)  P:Killmonger/T'Challa  AU_life:Other  CT:Ability_magic  A:gingeringfigs  L:AO3 
6 weeks ago by caelulum
Balwo by gingeringfigs
If Erik tried to write what he holds in his heart for T'Challa, it would take him forever and countless books. He's not even a poet. Instead, he's gonna bring T'Challa home, no matter what it takes.

Last update: 5-Jun-2018, Chapter 3.
LC:2018-06  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:T'Challa  Ch:Erik_Killmonger  Ch:Black_Panther_cast  P:Killmonger/T'Challa  AU_life:Other  Is:Not_Black_Panther!T'Challa  A:gingeringfigs  L:AO3 
6 weeks ago by caelulum
Taurus by yellow_crayon
He is in the middle of a video conference with Tony Stark when Shuri bursts in through the glass doors, points an accusing finger at his face, and yells, “so you’re the sugar daddy Erik’s been talking nonstop about?”

T’Challa freezes with the coffee cup half-lifted to his mouth.

(Modern AU with reluctant sugar daddy T'Challa and thirsty af Erik)

Last update: 14-Apr-2018, Chapter 2.
LC:2018-04  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:01-5K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:T'Challa  Ch:Erik_Killmonger  Ch:Shuri_(Marvel)  Ch:Peter_Parker  Ch:Black_Panther_cast  P:Killmonger/T'Challa  AU:Not_canon  G:Humour  A:yellow_crayon  L:AO3 
6 weeks ago by caelulum
Ixesha by darasayyy
"What are you doing in my room? How did you get in here" The boy asked arm cocked, ready to throw another projectile at the intruder, who fell from the ceiling?

T'Challa bit his lip. The boy held an American accent. How do you explain something as sacred as the ixesha ceremony to an American?

A time travel a/u where T'Challa is transported to various times in Erik's life.

Last update: 16-Mar-2018, Chapter 5.
LC:2018-03  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:T'Challa  Ch:Erik_Killmonger  P:Killmonger/T'Challa  AU_life:Other  OT:Time-travel  OT:KidFic  L:AO3 
6 weeks ago by caelulum
All the Stars (Are Closer) by joidianne4eva
Despite the ache in his jaw T’Challa smiled at Erik, he was going to enjoy this.

“Hey, fiancé,” he greeted in a mockery of Erik’s accent as he pressed the button on his own cuffs and Erik slumped like his strings had been cut.

“That had better be a fucking joke,” he growled as he tried to hold himself up on shaking arms, unused muscles protesting his actions.

Last update: Chapter 14, 3-Mar-2018.
LC:2018-06  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:T'Challa  Ch:Erik_Killmonger  Ch:Shuri_(Marvel)  Ch:Black_Panther_cast  Ch:Tony_Stark  Ch:MCU_cast  P:Killmonger/T'Challa  R:Marriage  P:Loki/Stark  R:Established_relationship  AU:Canon  OT:Team/Family  Ep:MCU_Black_Panther  L:AO3 
7 weeks ago by caelulum
Constellations (Series Masterpost) by yellow_crayon
So this is the cousin his old man had gushed on and on about. Erik has to admit, T’Challa is a hell lot prettier than he’d imagined, but overall, he’s not very impressed. He doesn’t see Wakanda’s next king in T'Challa, he sees a soft, doe-eyed omega who’s grown up sheltered from the harsh realities of the world, someone Erik can easily defeat.

Last update: 22-Apr-2018, Chapter 3 of Part 3.
LC:2018-04  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Erik_Killmonger  Ch:T'Challa  Ch:Shuri_(Marvel)  Ch:OC  Ch:Black_Panther_cast  P:Killmonger/T'Challa  R:Marriage  R:Mpreg  AU:Canon  OT:A/B/O  OT:Alt_first_meeting  OT:KidFic  OT:Leaving  G:Angst  G:Fluff  G:Humour  Ep:MCU_Captain_America_3  Ep:MCU_Black_Panther  A:yellow_crayon  L:AO3 
7 weeks ago by caelulum
Scents and Sensibility: The Working Assassin's Guide to Supersoldier Seduction by galwednesday, silentwalrus, skellerbvvt
[1940s Bucky who has never met Steve]

Captain America wakes up from the ice in 2013. The Winter Soldier wakes up in 2009, or rather defects from HYDRA, for a value of defect that’s closer to decimate. He ends up working for SHIELD. In April 2014, he’s assigned to Captain America’s mission as a sniper.

Steve’s just trying to get some kind of life together. Bucky is too, or at least he was until tall, blond and Captain shows up and starts just - being there, all the time. It’s terrible. It’s the worst. He has to do something about it.

Last update: 15-Jun-2018, Chapter 2.
LC:2018-06  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Natasha_Romanov  Ch:Melinda_May  Ch:SHIELD  P:Rogers/Barnes  AU_life:Other  OT:A/B/O  OT:Bucky_left_HYDRA_early  L:AO3 
7 weeks ago by caelulum
How To Draw Fallen Angels by BetteNoire (WeAreWolves)
Steve Rogers, smol angry artist, helps out a guy having a panic attack in a museum café. No good deed, as they say, goes unpunished.

Last update: 10-Jun-2018, Chapter 6.
LC:2018-05  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Sam_Wilson_(Marvel)  Ch:Natasha_Romanov  Ch:MCU_cast  P:Rogers/Barnes  AU:Not_canon  Is:Skinny!Steve  Is:An_angel/demon  A:BetteNoire_(WeAreWolves)  L:AO3 
7 weeks ago by caelulum
Drive It Like You Stole It by AggressiveWhenStartled
Steve had gone fully red-faced with pedantic altar-boy fury. “Did your computer forget how to Google translate?” he bellowed, sticking his head up and over. Bucky yanked him down again. “What are you even trying to say?”

Bucky tried to shake the sparkles off the grenade he had been planning on lobbing over the divider. “It sounded like Latin to me,” he said reasonably, pursing his lips and frowning at the explosive. It dripped a sparkle, and a puff of purple smoke curled up where it hit the concrete.

“That’s because you spent Sunday school flirting with Sarah Cunningham,” Steve accused, bobbing back up to throw his shield and ducking back down to dodge a shining ball of blue light. “You wouldn’t know Latin if it came up and kissed you on your ugly mug.”

“I’d sure know it if Sarah Cunningham did, though.” Bucky grinned, struck by the memory. “That gal really knew what she was doing.”

Last update: 28-May-2018, Chapter 4.
LC:2018-05  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:Peter_Parker  Ch:Tony_Stark  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Established_relationship  AU:Canon  CT:Bodyswap  G:Humour  A:AggressiveWhenStartled  L:AO3 
7 weeks ago by caelulum
Out of darkness (Series Masterpost) by StarryKnight09
“Is this Peter Parker?”


“This is Dr. Nguyen. I’m sorry but your aunt’s been in an accident and we’re going to need you to come to Queens Memorial as soon as you can.”

Peter's life shatters with a phone call. The last person he expects helps him pick up the pieces.

Last update: 17-May-2018, Chapter 6 of Part 2.
LC:2018-05  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:100-200K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Peter_Parker  Ch:Tony_Stark  Ch:Avengers  Ch:Ned_Leeds  Ch:MCU_cast  AU:Canon  OT:Team/Family  OT:KidFic  OT:Injury/illness  Ep:MCU_Spider-Man  L:AO3 
7 weeks ago by caelulum
Peter & Bucky Are Pals (Series Masterpost) by DJ_unicornsrgr8
This series is set in the verse of Owlet's Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail, which is absolutely wonderful.

If you like friendship and lots of fluff with some angst and hurt/comfort on the side, this series is for you! It's centered around Peter and Bucky's friendship, but has a lot of Superfamily content, too. I hope you enjoy; I've had a lot of fun writing this!

Last update: 24-May-2018, Chapter 15 of Part 9.
F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:60-100K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Peter_Parker  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Avengers  Ch:Pepper_Potts  Ch:Maria_Hill  Ch:JARVIS  Ch:Ned_Leeds  Ch:Michelle_Jones_(Marvel)  Ch:OC  P:Rogers/Barnes  P:Barnes_&_Peter  AU:Canon  OT:KidFic  OT:Team/Family  OT:Injury/disability  G:Fluff  G:Hurt/comfort  G:Angst  L:AO3  St:New_chapters_to_read 
8 weeks ago by caelulum
So Sweet, with a Mean Streak by Thatbookishgirl
When the Avengers finally capture the Winter Soldier, everyone, Steve most of all, is surprised to see that his best friend never died. She was alive, beautiful, and deadly. Now he just had to figure out how help her catch her barrings and topple HYDRA for all it has done.

Last update: 5-May-2018, Chapter 4.
LC:2018-05  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Het  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Avengers  Ch:MCU_cast  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  CT:Genderswap  Ep:MCU_Captain_America_2  L:AO3 
9 weeks ago by caelulum
The Normal Level Of Demon-Possession Is None Demons by razboinicul_iernii
Bucky takes a lot of the hardships in his life in stride. Unfortunately for Sam and everyone else, his demonic possession while under HYDRA's control is one of those things he's been rather flippant about.

Last update: 5-May-2018, Chapter 13.
LC:2018-05  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:Sam_Wilson_(Marvel)  Ch:Stephen_Strange  Ch:Avengers_cast  P:Rogers/Stark  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  OT:Supernatural  G:Humour  A:razboinicul_iernii  L:AO3 
10 weeks ago by caelulum
That Time I Bought A Soviet Killbot by razboinicul_iernii
"It was a person. Which was weird and scary but also intriguing and asked him why why why like a three year old who'd just learned the word. The fog cleared a little more and made the mystery even more intriguing because, hi, yes, glacier man had a metal arm. "Well," he muttered at that because it wasn't just some vague approximation of a human limb like most prosthetics. He hardly believed it was real metal at first, maybe some kind of weird paint job, but no. The symmetry with the right arm was exact, and a thousand more questions popped into his head-

"Well what?" Pepper asked a few steps back and Tony froze. Well, 'froze' seemed like such a strong word as he leaned over a man literally encased in ice but language was a funny thing."

Or: Due to the most bizarre clerical error ever, Tony Stark ends up buying the Winter Soldier. Of course he doesn't ask for a refund on something so interesting as a metal-armed cyborg, especially not when it starts spouting off about enforcing the will of the supposedly long-dead supernazis his dad helped defeat in WWII. Things only get more complicated when Captain America is thawed out but Tony's always been good with complicated.

Last update: 1-May-2018, Chapter 7.
LC:2018-05  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Tony_Stark  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Pepper_Potts  Ch:Natasha_Romanov  Ch:Avengers  Ch:SHIELD  AU:Canon  OT:Bucky_left_HYDRA_early  Ep:MCU_Iron_Man_2  A:razboinicul_iernii  L:AO3 
10 weeks ago by caelulum
Hurt 'Em Back by razboinicul_iernii
"Brock didn't really know what he'd been expecting. Probably someone like a lone action hero, ready with a smarmy quip and dripping with charisma. Instead, he got a soft-spoken idiot who licked the air freshener dangling from the rearview mirror because it smelled like cotton candy. The immediate wrinkling of his nose made it very plain that it didn't taste anything like it smelled. Not that Brock needed to be informed of that because he wasn't a complete and utter moron. No, reality hadn't just clashed with Brock's expectations. It'd murdered them violently."

(AU where Brock Rumlow snags Hydra's secret weapon he's heard so much about and makes a break for it. But no one told him just how much work was involved in handling the Winter Soldier.)

Last update: 8-Feb-2018, Chapter 5.
LC:2018-02  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Brock_Rumlow  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  AU:Canon  OT:Road_trip  Ep:MCU_Captain_America_2  A:razboinicul_iernii  L:AO3 
10 weeks ago by caelulum
Astronomy In Reverse by pansley
A year after the Winter Soldier failed his mission in DC, Bucky Barnes is doing his best to stay under the radar from both Hydra and Steve Rogers. His hope for a peaceful day-to-day life in limbo goes awry, however, when he meets Queens’ newest hero; a pure-hearted kid with a death wish and a ridiculous pair of red and blue pajamas.

The last thing Steve expects when he finally tracks Bucky down is that, not only has the man been living in Queens all this time, right under his nose, but also that, in the two years since they last saw each other, Bucky somehow acquired a kid.

Alternatively: How Peter Parker effectively fucks over Bucky Barnes, and also totally saves him.

Last update: 1-May-2018, Chapter 5.
LC:2018-05  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Peter_Parker  Ch:Steve_Rogers  P:Rogers/Barnes  P:Barnes_&_Peter  OT:KidFic  OT:Team/Family  G:FriendshipFic  Ep:MCU_Captain_America_2  L:AO3 
10 weeks ago by caelulum
Land of the Free by BeanieBaby
Something smacked into the windshield of the new Milano with a resounding thunk. Peter squinted, and for a moment, he could not believe his eyes.

It was an unconscious…man, blue-skinned with shoulder-length black hair.

Another thud, followed by a second figure joining the first against their windshield.

Fair skin, short hair, and eyepatch this time.

“What the hell…” Peter muttered. Beside him, Drax let out a booming laugh and slapped a meaty palm into Peter’s back.

“It’s raining men, Quill,” He bellowed, delighted, “just like your song said!”

(Canon-divergence where Loki uses the Tesseract to send the Asgardian people to Wakanda before crash-landing on the Guardians' ship alongside Thor after Thanos' attack.)

Last update: 21-Jun-2018, Chapter 9.
LC:2018-06  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Loki  Ch:Thor  Ch:MCU_cast  Ch:GotG_cast  P:Rogers/Barnes  AU:Canon  Ep:MCU_The_Avengers_3  L:AO3 
10 weeks ago by caelulum
Dig No Graves by miss_aphelion
"I'm here to kill you, Terminator," Tony said slowly, "does that compute?"

The soldier looked up at him with wide blue eyes and no expression. "Okay."

Tony froze. "Okay," he echoed. "I tell you I came here to kill you and your response is 'okay'?"

"I am being decommissioned," the soldier said, and for one horrible moment Tony thought he actually seemed relieved. "I understand. I will comply."

(Or; Tony learns the Winter Soldier killed his parents and goes on a search for revenge, but ends up learning how to heal instead)

Last update: 28-Apr-2018, Chapter 25.
LC:2018-04  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:100-200K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Tony_Stark  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Natasha_Romanov  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:Avengers  Ch:Pepper_Potts  Ch:James_(Rhodey)_Rhodes  P:Stark/Barnes  AU:Canon  OT:Bucky_left_HYDRA_early  G:Hurt/comfort  A:miss_aphelion  L:AO3 
12 weeks ago by caelulum
The Moon Lives (In The Lining of Your Skin) by Quixoticity
Stiles is doing fine. Okay, so he didn't expect to be a single father to an infant daughter at the tender age of twenty-three, but it's working out great. And no, he didn't expect to be a curator in Beacon Hills Museum, where weird things happen with no explanation, but he's rolling with it. And he seems to have acquired a new brother now that his dad's gotten engaged, which, odd, but hey, Stiles is flexible, and there's no such thing as too much love, right?

But then the next twist comes in the form of mysterious new neighbour Derek Hale, who is both insanely angry at the world (it's possible he's murdered people with his eyebrows alone), and adorably good with children. He's also in possession of a truly excellent butt.

Stiles is doomed.

Last update: 4-Jan-2018, Chapter 26.
LC:2018-01  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:100-200K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Erica_Reyes  Ch:Scott_McCall  Ch:Lydia_Martin  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  Ch:OC  P:Derek/Stiles  AU_life:Other  Is:Wolf!Derek  Is:A_parent  OT:KidFic  OT:Team/Family  A:Quixoticity  L:AO3 
april 2018 by caelulum
Keeping Your Guard Up by Quixoticity
Derek is head of a security company.

Stiles is his newest recruit.

It's pretty clear that Stiles is the worst security guard in the history of ever - but not everything is as it seems.

Last update: 25-Mar-2018, Chapter 9.
LC:2018-04  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Erica_Reyes  Ch:Scott_McCall  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  Ch:Laura_Hale  P:Derek/Stiles  AU:Not_canon  G:Humour  A:Quixoticity  L:AO3 
april 2018 by caelulum
Redamancy by opalescentgold
If you write something on your skin, it will show up on your soulmate's skin as well.

James doesn't quite fall in love over physics discussions and cheeky book quotes and coding and riddles inked onto his skin but he comes close.

And then he actually meets Q.
F:Skyfall  F:Sherlock_BBC  T:Fic  W:100-200K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:James_Bond  Ch:Q_(James_Bond)  Ch:James_Bond_cast  Ch:Sherlock_cast  P:Bond/Q  R:Bonding  AU:Canon  OT:Backstory  Ep:JB_SPECTRE  L:AO3 
april 2018 by caelulum
Companionship by exclamation
Companions are elite pleasure slaves, trained in music, dance, poetry, and, especially, sex. Stiles is the worst student in the history of the companion school, so his teachers decide to get rid of him by claiming he is interested in bondage and selling him to someone who'll keep him restrained and gagged.

Derek Hale is lonely and interested in BDSM. Buying a companion with an interest in submission seemed like a good idea at the time, but it turns out Stiles is not what was advertised. Not only does Stiles hate the thought of BDSM, he also has very strong opinions on what constitutes consent, or lack thereof. But keeping Stiles seems a better option than sending him back to the school, so somehow they will have to work this out between them.

Last update: 21-Mar-2018, Chapter 36.
LC:2018-03  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:60-100K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Sheriff_Stilinski  Ch:Braeden_(Teen_Wolf)  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Derek/Stiles  AU_life:Other  OT:SlaveFic  OT:D/s  A:exclamation  L:AO3 
april 2018 by caelulum
A Better Place Since We Came Along (Series Masterpost) by jacyevans
When Derek arrives upstairs, Erica takes one look at him, rolls her eyes, and takes the bags of groceries from his hands.

“So I see Mr. 5B has arrived,” she says, leaning against the counter, shoulders shaking with laughter.

Derek hates his pack.


Stiles and Scott are the new tenants in Derek's apartment building. While Derek and Stiles attempt to ignore their burgeoning interest in each other, their respective packs make sure nothing will keep the two idiots from falling in love. Except maybe the faulty elevator.

Last update: 7-Feb-2018, Chapter 2 of Part 2.
LC:2018-02  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Scott_McCall  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  Ch:Cora_Hale  P:Derek/Stiles  R:Pre_slash  AU_life:Other  Is:Wolf!Derek  CT:Ability_magic  OT:Werewolves_are_known  OT:Team/Family  A:jacyevans  L:AO3 
march 2018 by caelulum
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by vidurvasaris (darkness_prince_dan)
Stiles does not want to get involved in supernatural business, and he's been keeping a low profile for months. Enter the Hale pack who ruin Stiles' immaculate plan of playing human.


"Derek growls in Stiles’ face, his muscular arm against Stiles’ chest, pushing him into the nearest tree. Stiles would be lying if he said that this didn’t do anything for him. But the moment is ruined by the pain radiating from Stiles’ left shoulder that Derek is pressing on quite heavily.

“What the fuck are you?” Derek snarls out, in full beta shift now.

“I’m rare,” Stiles answers with a smirk on his face."

Last update: 3-Mar-2018, Chapter 8.
LC:2018-03  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Laura_Hale  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Derek/Stiles  R:Pre_slash  AU_life:Other  CT:Ability_other  CT:WingFic  L:AO3 
march 2018 by caelulum
Prince of the House of the Havenots by Only_1_Truth
When MI6 is hacked, they manage to track down the source of the attack - and send their nearest agent to either contain or eliminate the threat.

James Bond often gets told that he was made 007 far too early, and has a habit of being generally hard to handle. That being said, he's perfectly capable of assassinating threats to Queen and Country - that is, until he starts getting a bit curious about this threat...

The House of the Havenots is an organization that specializes in training killers-for-hire that no one would expect: children. They'd got one specimen, however, who is more than just a kid assassin. And his attack on MI6 might just be the start of things...

Last update: 21-Feb-2018, Chapter 5.
LC:2018-02  F:Skyfall  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:James_Bond  Ch:Q_(James_Bond)  Ch:James_Bond_cast  P:Bond/Q  AU_life:Other  OT:SlaveFic  A:Only_1_Truth  L:AO3 
february 2018 by caelulum
Where You Still Remember Dreaming by yodasyoyo
“What’s your name? I can’t keep calling you Balto.”

“What’s yours?”


Derek raises an eyebrow. That isn’t his real name. There’s no way. But now he thinks about it, he has a vague memory of someone, probably Uncle Peter, telling him that with the fae, names have power. “I’m Miguel,” he says.


“Are you trying to tell me your real name is Stiles?”

Stiles runs his tongue across his teeth and considers Derek carefully. “Fair enough,” he says, “Miguel it is.”

Grabbing his groceries and pocketing the change, Derek turns to leave; he’s nearly at the door when Stiles calls out, “By the way, Miguel, if you’re interested, it’s two for one on bags of kibble at the pet store down the street.”

Derek doesn’t look back, doesn’t hesitate, just raises a hand and flips him off on the way out.

Last update: 5-Feb-2018, Chapter 9.
LC:2018-02  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Erica_Reyes  Ch:Vernon_Boyd  Ch:Isaac_Lahey  Ch:Sheriff_Stilinski  AU_life:Other  Is:A_mythical_creature  OT:Fae  A:yodasyoyo  L:AO3 
february 2018 by caelulum
Where the Real Beasts Are by kaistrex (weishen)
Crown Prince Stiles is gifted a direwolf on his eighteenth birthday by King Gerard I of Venatia. The only instruction? Never remove the collar.

Stiles never has been one to do as he’s told.

Last update: 10-Feb-2018, Chapter 2.
LC:2018-02  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Derek/Stiles  R:Pre_slash  AU_life:Royalty  AU_time:Historical  Is:Wolf!Derek  OT:SlaveFic  A:kaistrex  L:AO3 
february 2018 by caelulum
The Hood by FeatherLight
Canon Divergence from S2 onward: At the end of one summer, Stiles returns to Beacon Hills after a sudden trip to summer camp, bearing the weight of secrets that cannot be explained so simply. As Stiles tries to regain footing at home again, his two worlds start to blur, complicating his attempt to find his place in Beacon Hills and in the pack. And no one can sense this change in Stiles more acutely than Derek whose path, as Stiles knows very well, would be so deeply entwined with his own.

Last update: 28-Oct-2017, Chapter 7.
LC:2017-10  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Derek/Stiles  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  CT:Ability_magic  L:AO3 
january 2018 by caelulum
Blood and Fire by G8rguy
After surviving Gerard Argent and freeing Jackson from being the Kanima, a reunited Hale Pack manages to keep the supernatural monsters at bay in Beacon Hills as they adjust to new relationships and issues. A sudden rise in monsters has stressed out the pack and when they find them chasing after the most recent monster they encounter something they weren't prepared for and in the confusion Stiles vanishes. Where has their pack mate gone and how can they get him back?

Last update: 10-Jan-2018, Chapter 4.
LC:2018-01  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:OC  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Derek/Stiles  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  CT:Ability_magic  Is:Not_evil!Peter  OT:Sheriff_finds_out  A:G8rguy  L:AO3 
january 2018 by caelulum
The Thrill of the Hunt by Aleandri
Stiles is convinced Derek hates him, right up until he is taken from Beacon Hills and finds himself knee-deep in werewolves at the Werewolf Capitol. Surprisingly, a furious Derek drops everything to rescue him. The BH pack is going on a field trip! But can they rescue spastic!Stiles before he is claimed as a mate during The Hunt?

Last update: 6-Nov-2017, Chapter 12.
LC:2017-11  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:60-100K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Kira_Yukimura  Ch:Allison_Argent  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Derek/Stiles  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  Is:Not_evil!Peter  Is:Wolf!Derek  OT:Kidnapping/Missing  G:Humour  L:AO3 
january 2018 by caelulum
The Unkindness of Valravn by TaliskerMortem
They are rare, almost unheard of. Only Lydia seems to recognise the word. Valravn. The Raven People. They descend on Beacon Hills in their hour of need. Obliterating the enemy. At their head? A man dress in black. A man covered in tattoos. A man they all knew.

OR: The one in which Stiles hasn't been back to Beacon Hills in seven years, during which he visited Europe, was attacked by a raven and turned into a shifter, has lots of tattoos and is now the Alpha of his little ragtag group of Valravne.

Last update: 14-Nov-2017, Chapter 19.
LC:2017-11  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:OC  Ch:Allison_Argent  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Cora_Hale  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Derek/Stiles  R:Former_relationship  AU:Canon  CT:Ability_shifter  CT:Ability_magic  Is:BAMF!Stiles  OT:FutureFic  OT:KidFic  OT:Team/Family  L:AO3 
january 2018 by caelulum
Welcome to Supes! by maybaby34
“That’s the bouncer?” Derek asked, incredulously.

Laura laughed at his expression. “Hey, looks can be deceiving. All the time I’ve been coming here, it’s always been pretty peaceful. I also have a suspicion that everybody keeps the peace because they’re afraid that Stiles will talk them to death if they step out of line.”

Derek shrugged. Who was he to judge? He could scent Stiles from where he was and he smelled human.

“Just think about it though, a human bouncer in a supernatural bar?”

Laura smirked. Derek had the distinct feeling she knew something that he didn’t know. “I’m just sayin’, don’t underestimate him.” she said, cryptically.

Last update: 30-Mar-2018, Chapter 9.
LC:2018-03  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Laura_Hale  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Derek/Stiles  R:Pre_slash  R:Bonding  AU:Canon  AU:life:Other  CT:Ability_magic  OT:A/B/O  OT:Kidnapping/Missing  L:AO3 
january 2018 by caelulum
REM-DAC by clotpolesonly
Derek had a lot of questions, but the most concerning by far was: “What the hell is a rem-dac?”

Kira and Lydia exchanged a loaded look that did absolutely nothing to reassure him. Lydia flipped her hair over her shoulder, settled that unsettling white gaze on him, and said, “It’s a colloquial abbreviation of ‘remote deactivation device’. Which is a polite euphemism for a device that a secondary party can use to terminate you at will and from any distance.”

"In trying to remove the activated device,” Kira went on, “there’s every chance that it would release the rest of the poison into your system.”

“And kill you,” Lydia finished for her. “But there’s another way.”

“Not if we don’t have a ‘path,” Kira said, voice suddenly low like she thought that would keep Derek from hearing. “Which we don’t.”

Lydia hummed thoughtfully. The white rings of her memory mods glowed brighter, nearly eclipsing the rest of her eyes entirely as she reviewed whatever footage or data she had stored there. “We might,” she said.

“What?” Kira asked. “Who?”


Last update: 28-Dec-2017, Chapter 3.
LC:2018-01  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Lydia_Martin  Ch:Braeden_(Teen_Wolf)  Ch:Kira_Yukimura  P:Derek/Stiles  AU:Canon  AU_time:Futuristic/space  CT:Ability_mental  OT:Prisoner  A:clotpolesonly  L:AO3 
january 2018 by caelulum
The Strong Do Not Always End Up On Top by GodsFool
Having passed as a Beta all her life, Felicity Smoak had desired normalcy with a little taste of thrill every once in a while. IT girl by day, hacker by night. Or maybe weekends. Was that too much to ask?

Turns out the Bratva Captain, overbearing CEO of Queen Consolidated Oliver Queen, is her Alpha Matched Mate! If that wasn't bad enough, Felicity's revenge against the Triad left a power vacuum in the criminal underworld of Starling City. When the turf war ends, the dust settles, and the new mob takes control, sick and bizarre events and even more disturbing and crazy crimes escalate in Starling City. Can the Bratva and remaining criminal organizations get a handle on the newcomers who are spreading chaos in the streets? Underneath it all, while dodging the Triad, Stalkers, Jealousy, the new Mob, Possessiveness, and Outside Forces, can Reluctant Omega Felicity Smoak and Territorial Alpha Oliver Queen get over their issues and stubborn pride and finally accept their soul deep connection?

Last update: 2-Oct-2017, Chapter 16.
LC:2017-12  F:Arrow  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Het  Ch:Felicity_Smoak  Ch:Oliver_Queen  Ch:Nyssa_al_Ghul  Ch:Thea_Queen  Ch:Arrow_cast  P:Oliver/Felicity  R:Bonding  AU:Canon  AU_character:Mafia/crime  Is:Bratva!Oliver  Is:Not_Arrow!Oliver  OT:Kidnapping/Missing  OT:Injury/illness  OT:PTSD  OT:A/B/O  L:AO3 
december 2017 by caelulum
The Wrong Girl by QueenKLee
Crowded out of Arrow headquarters by Oliver's personal drama, Felicity resolves to prevent the plundering of the Queen family fortune. No longer protected by The Arrow, her investigation attracts danger, putting her in the merciless hands of Isabel Rochev and Slade Wilson. When Felicity disappears from her bloody apartment, Oliver must face the reality that his decision to deny his true feelings for her may cost her life.

Last update: 15-Dec-2017, Chapter 24.
LC:2017-12  F:Arrow  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Het  Ch:Felicity_Smoak  Ch:Oliver_Queen  Ch:John_Reese  Ch:Sara_Lance  Ch:Roy_Harper  Ch:Arrow_cast  P:Oliver/Felicity  AU:Canon  OT:KidFic  OT:Injury/illness  G:Hurt/comfort  G:Angst  Ep:Arrow_Time_of_Death  L:AO3 
december 2017 by caelulum
Vagary by LovelyLittleGrim
Liam is worried everything will go to shit once the elder pack members leave Beacon Hills.
It does, of course, but he has Mason and Corey there to help him out.
He also, surprisingly, has Theo Raeken.

This story revolves mostly around and about Theo and his character growth.

Last update: 30-Dec-2017, Chapter 10.
LC:2018-01  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Theo_Raeken  Ch:Liam_Dunbar  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Theo/Liam  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  OT:Post-series  A:LovelyLittleGrim  L:AO3 
december 2017 by caelulum
It Doesn't Matter Where We Are (As Long As I'm With You) by ArchWriter
Liam and Theo go out in the woods to look for fae causing trouble, and they find themselves in a whole new world of trouble. Literally.


The alternate universe fic nobody asked for, but here it is anyway. It mirrors similar, but not exactly the same, events in canon, and it's a slow burn to reach the end.

Last update: 17-Dec-2017, Chapter 9.
LC:2017-12  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:60-100K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Theo_Raeken  Ch:Liam_Dunbar  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Scott_McCall  Ch:Lydia_Martin  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  Ch:Hale_family  P:Theo/Liam  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  OT:Multiple_realities  L:AO3 
december 2017 by caelulum
Vacancy Signs by LovelyLittleGrim
Theo and Liam are on the opposite side of the United States when the apocalypse breaks out. Now, they have to find their way back to Beacon Hills without getting eaten by zombies or killing one another.

It’s hard.

Last update: 14-Dec-2017, Chapter 7.
LC:2017-12  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Liam_Dunbar  Ch:Theo_Raeken  P:Theo/Liam  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  OT:Apocalypse  OT:Road_trip  A:LovelyLittleGrim  L:AO3 
december 2017 by caelulum
Married to Darkness by Endraking
Post series- What happens to the members of the pack that remained in Beacon Hills. While some problems remain, new ones creep up that require the pack to act. Mainly told from Theo's point of view. Without the remainder of the pack, the young members must deal with the morally grey world of conflict within Beacon Hills.

Last update: 29-Dec-2017, Chapter 20.
LC:2017-12  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:60-100K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Theo_Raeken  Ch:Liam_Dunbar  Ch:Corey_Bryant  Ch:Mason_Hewitt  Ch:Nolan_(Teen_Wolf)  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Theo/Liam  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  OT:Team/Family  OT:Injury/illness  OT:Post-series  Ep:TW_The_Wolves_of_War  L:AO3 
december 2017 by caelulum
Shadows of War by wolfboybernie
Fifteen years after the end of the story events of the final season things had taken a dire turn with a mysterious army of hunters wages war--slowly and methodically exterminating all supernatural creatures in the world. Theo is returning to Beacon Hills after searching for a way to save everyone after ten years. The old pack is in tatters, and Liam has become a true alpha, leading some old and new pack members in the town as the new threat looms on the horizon.

Last update: 2-Dec-2017, Chapter 7.
LC:2017-12  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Theo_Raeken  Ch:Liam_Dunbar  Ch:OC  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Theo/Liam  R:Former_relationship  AU:Canon  OT:FutureFic  OT:KidFic  CT:Ability_other  A:wolfboybernie  L:AO3 
december 2017 by caelulum
Heart of the Heartless by Reiven
With Theo finally healing and finding his place in the pack and in Liam’s life, things finally seem to be looking up. But with an evil stirring in the horizon and the reemergence of an old enemy brings along chaos that threatens the lives of all the supernatural beings in Beacon Hills, it’s up to Scott, Theo and the pack, along with a couple of new and unexpected faces, and a few older, familiar faces, to put a stop to it.

The threat becomes personal to them when Liam is taken; then it becomes a race against time to save his life, and Theo can only hope that it’s not too late.

Last update: 15-Dec-2017, Chapter 19.
LC:2017-12  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:60-100K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Liam_Dunbar  Ch:Theo_Raeken  Ch:Melissa_McCall  Ch:Scott_McCall  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  Ch:Isaac_Lahey  Ch:Derek_Hale  P:Theo/Liam  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  OT:Injury/illness  OT:Kidnapping/Missing  OT:Post-series  G:Character_study  G:Hurt/comfort  Ep:TW_The_Wolves_of_War  L:AO3 
december 2017 by caelulum
Where There's Smoke (Series Masterpost) by darkmagess
Starting at the end of ep 6x19, these stories trace a timeline of the developing relationship between Liam and Theo. Safe House takes place in the future in which Scott and his pack are in LA helping other supernaturals escape Monroe's hunters.

Last update: 23-Oct-2017, Chapter 2 of Part 2 (of 3).
LC:2017-12  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Theo_Raeken  Ch:Liam_Dunbar  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  Ch:Peter_Hale  Ch:Derek_Hale  P:Theo/Liam  AU:Canon  OT:Injury/illness  G:Hurt/comfort  Ep:TW_Triggers  A:darkmagess  L:AO3 
december 2017 by caelulum
Windows to the Soul by bettername2come
Oliver Queen has never met Felicity Smoak, but she's always been there. A feeling, a sense pulling at the back of his mind even in the darkest of times. Especially at the darkest of times.

Felicity Smoak is shocked to learn that the nightmares and visions she experienced for years are real. They just aren't hers.

AKA the In Your Eyes AU that nobody asked for.

Last update: 26-Nov-2017, Chapter 10.
LC:2017-11  F:Arrow  F:Other  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Het  Ch:Oliver_Queen  Ch:Felicity_Smoak  Ch:Arrow_cast  P:Oliver/Felicity  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  Is:Not_Arrow!Oliver  CT:Ability_mental  L:AO3 
november 2017 by caelulum
Wardrobe Changes by layalee
The five times Felicity wore other men's clothes (and the one time she wore Oliver's).

Last update: 2017-Apr-4, Chapter 4.
LC:2017-04  F:Arrow  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Het  Ch:Felicity_Smoak  Ch:Oliver_Queen  Ch:Roy_Harper  Ch:Barry_Allen  Ch:John_Diggle  Ch:Tommy_Merlyn  P:Oliver/Felicity  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  OT:Team/Family  G:Humour  G:Romance  L:AO3 
november 2017 by caelulum
Here or There (Series Masterpost) by Hellbrat (Ringred19)
When life gets hard, sometimes it's easier to close your eyes and make it all go away. For Felicity sleep has become a thing of the past. When she closes her eyes these days something else happens...somewhere else happens...and it will be up to her team to figure out what's going on and pull her back from the edge.

Last update: Part 6.
LC:2017-11  F:Arrow  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Het  Ch:Felicity_Smoak  Ch:Oliver_Queen  Ch:John_Diggle  Ch:Thea_Queen  Ch:Arrow_cast  P:Oliver/Felicity  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  OT:Multiple_realities  G:Angst  A:Hellbrat_(Ringred19)  L:AO3 
november 2017 by caelulum
Anything But Ordinary (Series Masterpost) by Hellbrat (Ringred19)
It started with a busted alarm clock and escalated quickly from there. Felicity Smoak had no intention of letting her stupid deficient gene derail her life. She would handle this situation somehow. Sure, she now had a day job, a night job, and after hours training sessions with mysterious strangers, but she could handle it...really. She was good at keeping secrets.

Last update: 11-Oct-2017, Chapter 2 of Part 2.
LC:2017-11  F:Arrow  F:Buffy_/_Angel  T:Fic  W:60-100K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Het  Ch:Felicity_Smoak  Ch:Oliver_Queen  Ch:OC  Ch:Laurel_Lance  Ch:Roy_Harper  Ch:John_Diggle  Ch:Arrow_cast  Ch:Buffy_cast  P:Oliver/Felicity  AU:Canon  CT:Ability_other  OT:Crossover  G:Humour  A:Hellbrat_(Ringred19)  L:AO3 
november 2017 by caelulum
Whip Crack by Quarra
Tentacle Monster Steve is captured by Hydra. They send in the Winter Soldier with a bull whip to break him, but as far as Steve's concerned the most beautiful creature he's ever seen walked in to his cell and started waving a sexy black tentacle at him. It's love at first sight.

Last update: 27-Sep-2017, Chapter 9.
LC:2017-09  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:60-100K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Clint_Barton  Ch:Sam_Wilson_(Marvel)  Ch:Avengers  P:Rogers/Barnes  AU:Canon  Is:A_mythical_creature  OT:Bucky_left_HYDRA_early  OT:Multiple_realities  G:Humour  A:Quarra  L:AO3  St:New_chapters_to_read 
november 2017 by caelulum
Ripples and Consequences (Series Masterpost) by RueLukas, Salachan9
It's all Obito's fault. Everyone agrees, even Obito. Though he would like it on record that the snakes share equal blame for the chaos that is their lives.

Or The one where Obito likes snakes, and that changes things.

Last update: 12-Jun-2017, Chapter 3 of Part 6.
LC:2017-06  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Uchiha_Obito  Ch:Orochimaru  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Nohara_Rin  Ch:Naruto_cast  AU:Canon  OT:Pre-series  OT:Team/Family  OT:Pet/companion  G:Fluff  G:Humour  L:AO3 
november 2017 by caelulum
Defense Against The Dark Arts With Professor Umino by AvocadoLove
Book 5 AU: With no witch or wizard willing to take the Defense Against The Dark Arts job except Umbridge, Dumbledore is forced to look elsewhere.

He hires a shinobi.

Also located at:

Last update: 31-Jul-2017, Chapter 5.
LC:2017-08  F:Naruto  F:Harry_Potter  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Umino_Iruka  Ch:Harry_Potter  Ch:Naruto_cast  Ch:Harry_Potter_cast  P:Kakashi/Iruka  R:Established_relationship  AU:Canon  OT:Crossover  G:Angst  A:AvocadoLove  L:AO3  L:FFN 
october 2017 by caelulum
Stained Glass Windows by KouriArashi
Peter survives the fire and suddenly finds himself trying to raise children with only a vague notion of what he's doing, while trying to cope with his own grief and find his family's murderer. He ends up turning to Chris Argent for help, and nothing goes as expected.

Last update: 18-Oct-2017, Chapter 11.
LC:2017-10  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Peter_Hale  Ch:Chris_Argent  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:OC  Ch:Cora_Hale  Ch:Allison_Argent  Ch:Sheriff_Stilinski  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Chris/Peter  AU:Canon  AU:Alt_lives  Is:Not_evil!Peter  OT:KidFic  OT:Laura_lives  OT:Team/Family  OT:Sheriff_finds_out  OT:Pre-series  G:Angst  G:Hurt/comfort  A:KouriArashi  L:AO3  St:New_chapters_to_read  Is:Good_alpha!Peter 
october 2017 by caelulum
Switched Lives by AvocadoLove
When elite jounin Iruka is ordered to take on a genin team, he fears he'll do a terrible job. What does he know about children? But there's something about the brat's chuunin-sensei, Kakashi Hatake, that even Iruka's Byakugan eye can't pin down.

If Iruka's not careful, his new team 7 comprising of Naruto, Hinata and Shikamaru might just take the village by storm.

(Based off the kinkmeme prompt: What if Kakashi led Iruka's life and vice-versa?)

Also located at:

Last update: 27-May-2017, Chapter 3.
LC:2017-05  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Umino_Iruka  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Nara_Shikamaru  Ch:Hyūga_Hinata  Ch:Naruto_cast  P:Kakashi/Iruka  AU:Canon  OT:Role_reversal  OT:KidFic  A:AvocadoLove  L:AO3  L:FFN 
october 2017 by caelulum
Reflection by flyingcrane
His nose itches with the long dead scents of incense, saltwater, and spice but he doesn’t look back until -

A choked, “Kakashi?”

He closes his uncovered eye, takes a deep breath, and turns.

Three ghosts stare back.


In this world, Team Minato returns as heroes.

(This time, there was no disgraced Hatake runt carrying the most prized doujutsu of the famed Uchiha clan, no questions of theft or accusations of treason, no doubts of Minato’s abilities as a teacher let alone Hokage, no back-stabbing comrade killers-

-no Kakashi.)

Last read: 28-Jan-2017, Chapter 11.
LC:2018-03  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Namikaze_Minato  Ch:Uchiha_Obito  Ch:Nohara_Rin  Ch:Uzumaki_Kushina  Ch:Uchiha_Itachi  Ch:Naruto_cast  AU:Canon  OT:Multiple_realities  OT:Team/Family  L:AO3  St:New_chapters_to_read 
october 2017 by caelulum
Why we build the wall by Dissenter
A Kiri nin gets trapped in a cave with a Konoha nin near Kannabi bridge. Some things are inevitable.
Or the AU where Kakashi is born in Kiri but still somehow ends up as team seven's teacher.

Last update: 3-Sep-2017, Chapter 11.
LC:2017-09  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Uchiha_Obito  Ch:Nohara_Rin  Ch:Namikaze_Minato  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Uchiha_Sasuke  Ch:Haruno_Sakura  Ch:Nara_Shikamaru  Ch:Naruto_cast  AU:Canon  AU:Alt_lives  Is:Non-Konaha!Kakashi  OT:Leaving  OT:Team/Family  G:Angst  A:Dissenter  L:AO3  St:New_chapters_to_read 
october 2017 by caelulum
Wolf and cub (Or how small children became the new must have missing nin accessory) by Dissenter
A slightly unhinged Kakashi finds two year old Naruto being beaten up, and decides the best course of action is to kidnap him and go on the run. Hilarity ensues. Other ninjas follow Kakashi's example. Zabuza has no idea how he ended up giving all these Konoha ninja parenting classes.

Last update: 5-Oct-2017, Chapter 20.
LC:2017-10  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Momochi_Zabuza  Ch:Haku_(Naruto)  Ch:Uchiha_Itachi  Ch:Uchiha_Sasuke  Ch:Tsunade_(Naruto)  Ch:Shizune_(Naruto)  Ch:Naruto_cast  AU:Canon  AU:Alt_lives  OT:Kidnapping/Missing  OT:Leaving  G:CrackFic  A:Dissenter  L:AO3 
october 2017 by caelulum
Trust Your Nose (Series Masterpost) by BC_Brynn
A bit of fix-it, a little cuteness and some puppy-piles. A four-year-old Naruto makes canine friends and grows up with them.

Last update: 19-Jan-2018, Part 7.
LC:2018-01  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:60-100K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:OC  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Umino_Iruka  Ch:Ninken  Ch:Naruto_cast  P:Kakashi/Iruka  R:Established_relationship  AU:Canon  AU_life:Other  OT:KidFic  OT:Pet/companion  OT:Team/Family  OT:Backstory  G:Hurt/comfort  G:Humour  A:BC_Brynn  L:AO3 
october 2017 by caelulum
Of Harrowed Hearts by Sable_Scribe
Sometimes the hardest battle isn’t enough to change a heart, sometimes all the war and blood in the world isn’t enough to shift a single destiny.
Sometimes a simple touch is enough to break down the strongest of barriers, sometimes a single word is enough to make the world quake.
Sometimes the most reaching of changes comes in the form of a little boy sad enough, strong enough, and kind enough to make friends with a monster.
Sometimes one change makes waves.


Naruto has been hearing the rumbling growl in the back of his head for as long as he can remember. He’s seven when he tries to talk to it for the first time. He’s the dead last, the failure at everything, so he doesn’t actually expect to succeed.
And when he’s suddenly standing, knee deep in murky water and face to face with a demon, he has no idea what to expect.
As it turns out, the world could use something unexpected. 

In which Naruto discovers the real meaning of the word monster, Sasuke discovers power and strength and learns the difference between them, and Sakura discovers that being herself is not as selfish as she thought.
Where Kakashi learns to fight again for what he loves, and Obito never stopped.

Last update: 24-Aug-2017, Chapter 32.
LC:2017-08  F:Naruto  T:Fic  W:100-200K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Uzumaki_Naruto  Ch:Kurama_(Kyūbi)  Ch:Uchiha_Sasuke  Ch:Haruno_Sakura  Ch:Hatake_Kakashi  Ch:Umino_Iruka  Ch:Naruto_cast  P:Naruto/Sasuke  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  Is:Powerful!Naruto  OT:Team/Family  L:AO3  St:New_chapters_to_read 
october 2017 by caelulum
To Catch a Q by SvengoolieCat
When Bond came back from retirement he had a lot of amends to make. It will help if you’ve read "Of Cats and Mortgages" and "Pray You Now, Forget and Forgive." Consider this something of a continuance of that?

Last update: 7-Aug-2017, Chapter 2.
LC:2017-08  F:Skyfall  T:Fic  W:01-5K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:James_Bond  Ch:Q_(James_Bond)  Ch:James_Bond_cast  P:Bond/Q  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  Ep:JB_SPECTRE  S:Of_Cats_and_Mortgages  A:SvengoolieCat  L:AO3 
september 2017 by caelulum
When It Comes To Being Lucky by sterekcrush
Derek Hale doesn't do love. He's tried twice; the first time it made him a killer, and the second time cost him his whole world.

So he doesn't do love, and he definitely doesn't love Stiles. He doesn't care about Stiles' new powers or the fact that Stiles has been talking to Derek's dead mother, or even the fact that for some reason supernatural creatures from all over the country are sending Stiles offers of courtship.

But when Stiles claims he's not part of Derek's pack and takes off for parts unknown...well, maybe Derek cares a little after all.

Last update: 19-Nov-2017, Chapter 29.
LC:2017-11  F:Teen_Wolf  T:Fic  W:100-200K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Stiles_Stilinski  Ch:Derek_Hale  Ch:Peter_Hale  Ch:Sheriff_Stilinski  Ch:Cora_Hale  Ch:Erica_Reyes  Ch:Teen_Wolf_cast  P:Derek/Stiles  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  CT:Ability_magic  Is:BAMF!Stiles  Is:Not_evil!Peter  OT:Fae  OT:Sheriff_finds_out  OT:Supernatural  OT:Leaving  G:Angst  Ep:TW_Master_Plan  L:AO3 
september 2017 by caelulum
Soldiers of Fire and Shadows (Series Masterpost) by Shazrolane, Taste_is_Sweet
How many times has Illya wished he was someone else's son? That he'd lived some other life? "That makes no sense." But his hands are shaking, rage lashing his spine.

"I know. But…they did something. To our heads. I'm not…" Vanya swallows. "We're not who we are, but we don't remember. They made us not remember."

Last update: 7-Jul-2017, Part 13.
LC:2017-07  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  F:The_Man_from_U.N.C.L.E._(2015)  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Illya_Kuryakin  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Claire_Temple  Ch:Matt_Murdock  Ch:OC  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:Agents_of_SHIELD_cast  Ch:Daredevil_cast  AU:Canon  CT:Ability_other  OT:Crossover  OT:KidFic  Ep:MCU_Captain_America_2  A:Leah_(Taste_is_Sweet)  L:AO3 
september 2017 by caelulum
The Demon Bond by ValentineDevil
Steve hadn't known what to expect. Even with all his training he feels unprepared.

Any presumptions and expectations he did have went down the drain at the sight of him... of the demon with those ice-cold eyes that watch him. One blink and then the demon is upon him, metal arm wrapped around his throat, like a lion pawing a mouse.

The cold fingers against his pulse don't hurt.

The demon portrays no evil intent, choosing to wrap its shadows around Steve's limbs as he leans his human form closer to the cadet, pink lips ghosting over the shell of Steve's ear as he breathes the human in.

Steve's heart is racing so fast, so quick, it would have been hard for the demon not to have heard it, to have seen his weakness. But by then it's too late: the demon lets out a deafening scream, hair shadowing his eyes as he crumples to the floor.

This is his chance.

Steve's only chance.

It's now or never.

No regrets.

Even if it is the most foolish decision Steve will ever make.

Last update: 11-Sep-2017, Chapter 24.
LC:2017-09  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:100-200K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Trevor  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Avengers  Ch:SHIELD  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Bonding  AU:Not_canon  AU_time:Futuristic/space  AU_character:Military  Is:An_angel/demon  Is:Skinny!Steve  L:AO3 
september 2017 by caelulum
Cap Should Have Just Gone With A Golden Retriever by Luckybuckyboy (Whowantstoknow259)
Steve had always seemed like the type of person who would want an easy going affectionate breed, like a lab or a friendly mutt.

It just seemed out of character for him to have a giant black wolf-dog. Maybe full wolf, no dog, which, were those even allowed in the city? Then again who was gonna be the jackass who kicked out Captain America’s dog, full wolf or no.

Last update: 4-Aug-2019, Chapter 9.
LC:2017-08  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Avengers  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Former_relationship  AU:Canon  CT:Ability_shifter  Ep:MCU_Captain_America_2  L:AO3 
september 2017 by caelulum
Ground Zero Community Allotments by Kateyfish (014469)
After the Battle of New York, Captain America becomes a world-wide celebrity. Steve Rogers, on the other hand, would much rather be left alone. He's fine, but... the constant PR obligations and life in Avengers Tower are getting him down. When Pepper Potts hounds him into attending the official opening ceremony of a new community garden and allotments built among the ruins of the Chitauri attack, Steve is expecting just one more round of hand-shaking and baby-kissing. What he is not expecting is for the community gardens to be run by a beautiful ex-soldier with a busted-up arm and a strange ability to see past all the Captain America bullshit.

Bucky Barnes, the proud creator of the Ground Zero Community Gardens, is not expecting his allotments to become over-run by Avengers needing some time out from the responsibilities of everyday life, nor is he expecting for Captain America to have a green thumb. But behind the bland, all-American facade of Cap, Bucky manages to catch a few glimpses of the man who used to be Steve Rogers.

A story about identity, recovery and vegetables.

Last update: 22-May-2017, Chapter 7.
LC:2017-05  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:Avengers  Ch:Wanda_Maximoff  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  Is:Modern!Bucky  G:Fluff  G:Angst  Ep:MCU_The_Avengers  L:AO3 
september 2017 by caelulum
The Sky Will Fall Down by cloud_wolfbane
Charles and Erik have been lab rats at the Institute for years when a bit of luck allows them to escape. On the way to freedom, Charles insists they save a tormented soldier with memory problems. Together the trio forms a family built on ties much stronger than blood.

Last update: 7-Aug-2017, Chapter 13.
LC:2017-08  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  F:X-Men_First_Class  T:Fic  W:30-60K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Erik_Lehnsherr  Ch:Charles_Xavier  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:Avengers  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  OT:Bucky_left_HYDRA_early  OT:KidFic  OT:Team/Family  L:AO3  St:New_chapters_to_read 
september 2017 by caelulum
In The Next Life We'll Be Good (Series Masterpost) by Nori
[Destiny (game) fusion]

Steve is resurrected 500 years into the future. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, hostile aliens are clawing at the door, and the only thing standing in the way are Guardians. Figuring out how, exactly, to be a Guardian doesn't come easily for Steve, no matter how much he wants to protect the innocent. Luckily for him, he has friends who're more than willing to show him the way.


Breaking your hand doesn’t actually help in any way,” a voice says from behind him. Steve twists at the waist, less surprised than he probably ought to be.

“Hey,” Steve says, feeling a smile breaking over his face. “You’re all about clandestine meetings, huh?”

“Maybe I wanted to be a spy in my last life,” the scout replies breezily, drifting like a shadow to stand adjacent to Steve.

Last update: 21-Aug-2017, Part 3.
LC:2017-08  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:60-100K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:OC  Ch:Howling_Commandos  Ch:Peggy_Carter  P:Rogers/Barnes  AU:Fusion  AU_time:Futuristic/space  OT:Team/Family  A:Nori  L:AO3 
september 2017 by caelulum
Satellites and Space Ships by Twenty1Problems
[MiB crossover]

Sam hummed thoughtfully, already sounding more awake, "I can send some clean up guys but you do realize I'll have to drive down and question the abductee, right?"

"Sam..," he whined, letting his forehead fall onto the cool table top in defeat.

"You can't keep him, Steve. He's a person."

Last update: 5-Sep-2017, Chapter 4.
LC:2017-09  F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  F:Other  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Not_complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Sam_Wilson_(Marvel)  Ch:Avengers  Ch:Pepper_Potts  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Pre_slash  AU:Canon  AU:Alt_lives  Is:An_Alien  L:AO3 
september 2017 by caelulum
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