How Many Kinks? D/M
I'm in one of those porn loving moods. So let's see how many of these kinks you can get into one Douglas/Martin fic! GO!
Here's the list:

D/s (I don't mind an AU but it's more interesting to me when it's not?)
public or semi-public
cross dressing (high heels and lingerie in specific)
Dark! Douglas
breath play
orgasm denial
object insertion
light blood play
bladder control
dirty talk

Anything else you can think of is great to! Just get as many of those into the fic as possible.
Prompt.Post:07  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Warnings:Dubious.Consent  Category:Slash  Subject:Kinks  Subject:Breathplay  Subject:BDSM  Subject:Dark!Douglas  Subject:Public.Sex  Subject:Humiliation  Subject:Crossdressing  Subject:Orgasm.Denial  Subject:Spanking  Subject:Size.Kink  Subject:Voyeur  Subject:Object.Insertion  Subject:Watersports  Subject:Dirty.Talk  Subject:Vibrators.and.Dildos  Subject:Chocolate 
january 2013
Omegaverse w/ Tentacles
Omegaverse... with tentacles. Alpha has tentacles genitalia. Each tentacle has a knot. More tentacle you get in your omega the more likely your omega will get pregnant. And imagine if all the tentacles are inside.

Prefer either Martin(omega)/Douglas(alpha) or Martin/Arthur(choice of who is omega and alpha up to the filler)
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Category:Slash  Subject:Porn  Subject:Tentacles  Subject:Omegaverse 
january 2013
Men with glasses
I has a thing for them, so basically I want Douglas + reading-glasses. Either as art-fil or a ficlet where Martin finds out that Douglas needs them and gleefully discovers that Douglas isn't happy about that at all and would have liked to keep it to himself.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Angst  Category:Humour  Subject:Teasing  Subject:Glasses 
january 2013
M/D Martin is a Saint... Except When He's Not.
Martin's love is pure, and gentle, and tender almost to the point of being angelic. So Douglas is caught of guard when, when Martin finally offers himself to him, he's rough, carnal, animalistic in nature, and quite possibly the sexiest thing Douglas has ever seen. Make it as obscene as possible, and then soften the blow with fluffy cuddles?
Bonus points for every filthy kink you can think of to add! (Shameless PWP)
Prompt.Post:07  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Category:Slash  Subject:Porn  Subject:Relationships  Subject:Surprises  Subject:Kinks  Subject:Fluff  Subject:Aftermath  Subject:Comforting  Subject:Hugs.and.Cuddles 
january 2013
A natural bottom, D/M or D/M/H
Now I know for sure I'm watching too much gay porn. In some of the vids a guy was several times refered to as natural bottom and I can't get it out of my mind.

And now I'd love to read about Martin as a natural bottom please, being praised as a natural bottom and either just realising himself he is a natural bottom or having been craving it for a long time.

D/M or D/M/H, but please all consensual.
Prompt.Post:07  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Hercules.Shipwright  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Category:Slash  Subject:Porn  Subject:Bottom!Martin  Subject:Realisations  Subject:Emotions 
january 2013
misunderstandings about death
Due to a typical comedy misunderstanding, everyone is convinced that Douglas is dying slowly of a condition or ailment. No one wants to mention that they know, but everyone is determined that they will tell or do for Douglas that one thing they've always been meaning to.

Douglas is fine, but is convinced over the following week that they've all gone mental.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Unspecified  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Angst  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Subject:Misunderstandings  Subject:MJN.Crew  Subject:Confessions  Subject:Douglas!Whump  WIP 
january 2013
So, there is an artprompt post of mine on page 44, and there was a wonderful prompt I decided to do both as an artfill and a regular fill. The artfill may be found in the original thread of the prompt (, and I will post the fill as a reply to this comment in a minute :)

Prompt: Martin after being rescued from a hostage/kidnapping situation, covered in a blanket *shock or otherwise* and being led to an ambulance by Douglas.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Category:Angst  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Category:Slash  Warnings:None  Subject:Martin!Whump  Subject:Kidnapping  Subject:Comforting  Subject:Concern  Subject:Emotions  Subject:Standing.up.for.Someone  Subject:Violence  Subject:Art.Prompt/Fill  ARTFILLED  FILLED 
january 2013
Orchids and a Proposal
Inspired by "Helsinki"...
MARTIN: Douglas I cannot help but notice, you’ve filled the flight deck with orchids.
DOUGLAS: Yes. Yes, I have done that. Yes.
MARTIN: Are you about to propose to me?
DOUGLAS: It pains me to break your heart Martin, but no. These are for another man, a Finnish customs officer named Milo, to be exact.

There are orchids on the flight deck again... and Martin is like: "Milo, again?" But Douglas says: "No, this time, I'm about to propose to you."

Prompt 1:
Douglas is sincere. He loved Martin for a very long time and tries to win his captain over with this romantic gesture (because everything else failed, because Martin is... just Martin).

Prompt 2:
It's all a scheme. Douglas needs Martin so they can pretend they're a couple (may have to do with his divorce or money... I don't care).
Martin agrees... so they're living togehter in Douglas' house and it's awkward at first, but then the sparks start flying. Unresolved sexual tension, please! Perhaps Douglas overhears Martin masturbating or something like this. Perhaps Martin is dating another man and Douglas becomes jealous... And Martin get's to know Douglas' daughter and they get along really well although Martin is nervous as hell.

Slow romantic build prefered but with lots of humour and heartbreak. Happy ending please and give me sexy times in the e
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Warnings:None  Category:Slash  Category:Angst  Subject:Marriage.and.Weddings  Subject:Romance  Subject:Awkward.Relationships  Subject:Awkward.Situations  Subject:Lies.and.Schemes  Subject:Courting  Subject:Hurt  Subject:Happy.Ending  Subject:Porn  Episode:Helsinki 
january 2013
"It's him! And some friends! Get him!"
When particularly depressed and in his cups in the heydays of Douglas drinking, he used to start bar brawls just to pound on strangers and get beaten up. He doesn't always remember which bars he did this in, because at the time he was blind drunk and not caring what damage resulted.

Sometimes, though, the bars remember him.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Unspecified  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Warnings:None  Subject:Pre-canon  Subject:Alcohol  Subject:Fighting  Subject:Douglas!Whump  Subject:Bad.Luck  Subject:Danger  Subject:Team.Work 
january 2013
awkward grooming
Five times the MJN crew performed awkward minor grooming* on each other and one time it wasn't awkward at all.

*-Tie straightening, lint removal, hairstyle revisions, "there's something on your face let me get that" etc.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Unspecified  Pairing:Unspecified  Warnings:None  Category:Unspecified/Het  Category:Unspecified/Slash  Subject:Awkward.Situations  Subject:Clothing  Subject:Flirting  Subject:MJN.Crew  Subject:Team.Work  Subject:Five.Times 
january 2013
"The museum of what?"
While in one of the several locations worldwide that has one, the entire MJN crew manages to blunder into a Sex Museum.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Unspecified  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Warnings:None  Subject:MJN.Crew  Subject:Flight.Destinations  Subject:Porn 
january 2013
Newcastle-inspired prompt
Martin really has written a slim volume of verse, under a pseudonym, and it's becoming a bit of a sensation.

You see, it's erotic verse and no one knows it's Martin who wrote it.

Everyone has their own opinion about whom the author is so passionate about.

bonus points if the object of Martin's affections is Gerti or a fictional character or some idealized lover.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Martin.Crieff/Anyone  Warnings:None  Category:Unspecified  Subject:Writing  Subject:Poetry  Subject:Pining  Subject:Uncovered.Information  Subject:Emotions  Subject:Gerti  Subject:Fantasies 
january 2013
After a flight, Martin and Douglas share a communal shower at a hostel. They're slippery and a bit flirty, when one of them literally falls and lands on the other's penis.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Category:Slash/Pre-Slash  Category:Unspecified/Slash  Warnings:None  Subject:Lay-over  Subject:Hotel.Rooms  Subject:Awkward.Situations  Subject:Embarrassment 
january 2013
On-line Ad
The van business is getting pretty slow, so Martin goes on Craigslist to find some jobs he and his van can handle.

Could be crack--Martin ends up hauling a van full of squirrels or something.

Or...horror. Martin is the victim of a craigslist would-be murderer. Would prefer no actual death of Martin. Anything up to that is okay.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Unspecified  Subject:Man.with.Van  Subject:Martin!Whump  Subject:Other.Jobs  Subject:Internet  Subject:Danger  Subject:Crime 
january 2013
Mental!Whump Martin
The rest of the crew know something's very wrong when a stranger refers to Martin as the First Officer and Martin, sighing, doesn't bother to correct them.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Unspecified  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Category:Angst  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Warnings:None  Subject:Martin!Whump  Subject:Feeling.Down  Subject:Depression  Subject:Psychological.Conditions 
january 2013
TW: dub/non-con: Douglas wakes Martin up with a blowjob without discussing it with him first
What I want is a Douglas and Martin in a new relationship, and Duglas trying very hard to show off. At one point, maybe during their first night sleeping together in the same bed, Douglas decides to be sexy and wake Martin up with a blowjob.

However, instead of being pleased, Martin flips his shit out. Why? Well, because they had never discussed that beforehand, so Martin had never consented to it, and waking up with Douglas's mouth on his penis made him feel raped, not aroused.

Give me the aftermath, Martin losing whatever trust he had in Douglas and taking a long time to forgive him and allow him that close again. Lots of h/c and Douglas grovelling (in his own Douglas way), please!

tl;dr: Douglas decides to wake Martin up with a blowjob, thinking it sexy... Martin flips his shit out, considering it sexual assault.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Warnings:Dubious.Consent  Warnings:Non-Consent  Category:Slash  Category:Angst  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Subject:Oral.Sex  Subject:Betrayal.of.Trust  Subject:Trust  Subject:Morning.Sex  Subject:Unwanted.Advances  Subject:Relationships  Subject:Hurt  Subject:Arguments.and.Disagreements  FILLED 
january 2013
Douglas the MJN chaperone.
MJN lands in some country in the middle of an enormous drinking festival and has two full days before they'll need to leave since their client is staying the whole time.

Freed of responsibilities, Martin, Carolyn and even Arthur partake in the festivities, leaving Douglas as the sober responsible one, getting them out of scrapes, pulling them down from public edifices, driving them around in a cheap rental car while they hang out the windows whooping and carrying on.

Douglas has honestly never had more fun in his life.
Prompt.Post:05  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Arthur.Shappey  Character:Carolyn.Knapp-Shappey  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Subject:Alcohol  Subject:Protective!Douglas  Subject:Drunk!Martin  Subject:Drunk!Arthur  Subject:Drunk!Carolyn 
january 2013
The Crieffs have a dark secret
In every generation there is a child born to take on all the bad luck of the family. It allowed the family to thrive, if not exactly prosper.

In earlier times the child would simply have been shut up in a room and all but forgotten by the rest of the family, aside from making sure the child survived until the next generation's bad luck child was born. in these modern times, however, there are people who keep track of children born and the child couldn't just be swept under the rug. He had to be allowed to attend school at least.

Martin's parents tried to discourage his dreams, not because he was stupid or any of that, but because he is the latest bad luck child. His brother and sister never knew, though they had often commented on how everything that would go wrong would happen to Martin.

It's how he ended up at MJN, with a van that barely runs, a roof over his head that only keeps out the wind and rain on alternate 31st of the month and always on the edge of starvation, despite his man with a van buisiness.
Prompt.Post:05  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Angst  Subject:Martin!Whump  Subject:Fantasy.Elements 
january 2013
(X-over) Two for the price of one...Unfortunately.
o Douglas and Martin have heard all about Arthur's "brilliant!" cousin who is a priest.

One day they walk into the portacabin to find a priest sitting there happily chatting away with Arthur, who introduces the man as his cousin: Father Dougal MacGuire. Even worse, it turns out they've been chartered to take him and his housemates back to Craggy Island.

How will Douglas and Martin survive a flight with TWO Arthur's, a rather feral old priest, a somewhat insistant housekeeper and a priest who seems normal enough until he starts kissing up to Carolyn.
Prompt.Post:05  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Arthur.Shappey  Character:Carolyn.Knapp-Shappey  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Crossover  Category:Crack  subject:Family  Subject:Awkward.Situations  Subject:MJN's.Clients  xFather.Ted 
january 2013
Living with Martin (at least you can say It'd be fun)
You are one of the student's living with Martin in the shared house
how do you get on with Marin? (or any of the MJN crew if they happen to stop by)
Do you help him in any way?
Do you flirt with him?
(because to be honest even though he'd make a fool of himself -and knock over a pan or two off a shelf for good measure- he's pretty damn cute amirite?! ^-^)
Prompt.Post:05  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Students  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Pairing:Unspecified  Subject:Martin's.Attic  Subject:Matchmaking  Subject:Domesticity  FILLED 
january 2013
Have you seen Arthur?
In a foreign city where none of them, not even Douglas, knows the language, Arthur gets upset by a hard day, a big mistake, and Douglas and Martin sniping at him and each other in the tiny hotel room.

Distressed, Arthur leaves, slipping out while Douglas and Martin are arguing. After a while, They stop arguing and notice he's gone, but figure he's not gone far and will be back. After a few hours, they search the hotel. After midnight, they start searching the streets and consider calling the police or hospitals, imagining all the horrific things that could've happened to Arthur, alone and upset in a foreign city.

Up to the filler if any of those horrific things have actually happened, or if Arthur's been safe the whole time.

When they find him, however they find him Douglas and Martin apologize.

TLDR: Arthur goes missing in a foreign city when Douglas and Martin are frustrated with him.
Prompt.Post:05  Character:Arthur.Shappey  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Subject:Arthur!Whump  Subject:Arguments.and.Disagreements  Subject:Worrying 
january 2013
arch_calzen: (pull a wing) (art prompts)
(no idea if this one will receive much feedback, but is worth a try, anyway :))

Now I have several days home alone all to myself, and I think I'd celebrate the occasion by drawing like mad. Soo!

The point is that I invite you to prompt anything you'd like to see drawn. RTYIs are welcome, too.

As for the conditions, I most likely will not draw NSFW. I'm cool with any characters and gen. As for the pairings, I'm cool with any that don't disrupt my favourite D/M :D :3

Come on, guys, keep me busy while I think over my WIPs xD
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Unspecified  Pairing:Unspecified  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Unspecified/Het  Category:Unspecified/Slash  Subject:Art.Prompt  ARTFILLED  FILLED 
january 2013
Martin is Merlin
Martin is the reincarnation (or the original but hit with a youth and amnesia spell ) of Merlin the most powerful wizard ever.

+5 If dark AU than Arthur had him killed (I'm thinking bbc Merlin plot for this btw) and thats why there is no more magic in the world.

+10 Merlin is still waiting for his Arthur (who didn't have him killed).
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Crossover  Category:AU  Warnings:None  Subject:Magic  Subject:Fantasy.Elements  Subject:Danger  Subject:Murder/Manslaughter  xMerlin 
january 2013
Uniform clothing kink
Have we've done this before? Someone thinks Martin looks very good in his captain's uniform (even with his silly hat). Martin is caught off guard at first since no one has ever wanted to have sex with him because of the uniform.

In other words, someone has a very good time removing Martin's uniform off. Hot porn ensues. I'm open to any pairings.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Martin.Crieff/Anyone  Category:Unspecified/Het  Category:Unspecified/Slash  Warnings:None  Subject:Porn  Subject:Martin's.Hat  Subject:Clothing 
january 2013
Here's a screwy prompt for you
Multiple Personality Disorder. The first personality is Martin Crieff. The second personality is Sherlock Holmes. The two are very aware of each other and get along quite well (Sherlock's genius and Martin's determination resulted in a way for them to communicate), but they'd really rather not like their secret to get out to their respective lives.

Except now they're going to have to tell someone, because they're both getting blackouts, and Sherlock fears a third personality is settling in...

Bonus points in Jim Moriarty or Mycroft Holmes is involved.

Double bonus points if someone from Cabin Pressure run into Sherlock and John (or vice versa) and their cover isn't blown (I read somewhere that altering personalities sometimes go so far as to change eye color when personalities switch, and posture/personal taste in grooming really makes a difference in the way someone can look).

Triple bonus points if Sherlock and Douglas get into an argument.

Quadruple bonus points if someone starts snooping into which personality came first and what traumatic event caused the split.

Cookies and eternal gratitude if you keep it completely gen.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Pairing:None  Category:Crossover  Category:Gen  Subject:Psychological.Conditions  Subject:Danger  Subject:Team.Work  Subject:Martin!Whump  Subject:Crime  Subject:Emotion  Subject:Confusion  xSherlock.(BBC) 
january 2013
Happy New Year
I can't remember there being a new years fic (apologies if this has been prompted/filled before.)
I'd love to see the countdown for New Year and person A being rather tipsy and kissing person B (as is tradition). D/M prefered, but entirely up to you.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Unspecified  Pairing:Unspecified  Category:Unspecified/Slash  Category:Unspecified/Het  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Subject:Kissing  Subject:New.Year  Subject:Romance 
january 2013
Nativity! Crossover
Meant to post this a while ago but never mind:

MJN have to fly Paul Maddens and his class, along with Mr Poppy, somewhere.
Of course Mr Poppy and Arthur would get on like a house on fire.
Hijinks ensue.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Unspecified  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Crossover  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Subject:MJN.Crew  Subject:MJN's.Clients  Subject:Fun  xNativity! 
december 2012
Fourtysomething inspired prompt: Martin, sex dolls, and Mrs. Weasley
In episode two Edwin ordered a huge crate of sex toys (dildos, penis enlargement cream, etc.) from India and towards the end of the episode the kids decided to inflate about twenty sex dolls and they place them in compromising positions and have a pillow fight with them.


One day MJN has a last minute booking and Carolyn tells Douglas to pick up Martin on his way because the captain hasn’t been answering her calls. Douglas agrees, but when he pulls up to Martin’s building he sees the scene described above- inflated sex dolls in compromising positions and sexy college chicks fighting with them. Martin has confiscated two of the dolls and tucked them under his arms but has forgotten and/or accepted the ridiculousness of the situation and doesn’t seem to realize he’s still carrying them. As Douglas gets out of the car he hears Martin trying to get the students to stop, “Oh, come on. We have neighbors! There’s a neighborhood watch! They watch things!” Douglas thinks the whole thing is hysterical and continues to take the piss out of Martin while he gets ready. “Naughty, naughty Captain Chief.”

Bonus points if on their way back to Douglas’s car, Martin gets fed up and has a “Molly Weasley moment” with one of the students. For instance, one of the male students is harassing another student with a dildo and Martin yells “Davies! Put that damned thing away before I stick it somewhere you REALLY won’t enjoy it!” And the students all look properly cowed. Douglas is suitably impressed.

Cheers, love.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified  Character:Students  Category:Humour  Category:Crossover  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Subject:Fun  Subject:Vibrators.and.Dildos  Subject:Innuendo  Subject:Capable!Martin  Subject:Surprises  xFortysomething 
december 2012
Martin/Douglas please. No established relationship. sexual tension.

Martin has a piercing. Perhaps through his tongue? To cure his lisp? Or through his nipples? Or he has a penis piercing? For his wanking pleasure. (I prefer this one)... Somehow Douglas finds out and now he is very, very interested in his naughty Captain Crieff.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Category:Slash  Category:UST  Subject:Fluff  Subject:Fun  Subject:Douglas'.Plans  Subject:Porn  Subject:Tattoos.and.Piercings  Subject:Kissing  Subject:Romance  Subject:Capable!Martin  Subject:Courting  FILLED 
december 2012
Dialogue prompt
"Look, I may not be smart. Or rich. Or handsome.... I forgot what my point was..."
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Unspecified  Category:Unspecified  Type:Dialogue.Prompt 
december 2012
TW drug use/violence: Martin is hooked on drugs
An old trope, that I've seen a lot more in other fandoms, but I don't think I've seen here. If it exists, please link. :)

Martin is kidnapped, for reasons of revenge (against Douglas?) or for extracting information (a misunderstanding in which someone thinks he has important information), or you could even go Cabinlock and he's mistaken for Sherlock.

The evil baddies inject him with drugs and get him addicted to them. When he's rescued, he has to go through the withdrawal. Can he stick it? Is it too much for him? Who's going to be there by his side, helping him?

Tl;dr: Martin is kidnapped by baddies who force him to take drugs and get him hooked on them.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Warnings:Abuse  Category:Angst  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Subject:Kidnapping  Subject:Violence  Subject:Drugs  Subject:Martin!Whump  Subject:Comforting  Subject:Addictions 
december 2012
Douglas is too late to meet Thorin and crew at the Shire
Douglas is too late to meet Thorin and crew at the Shire, so he recruits Carolyn's pony herder Martin and/or her son Arthur to help him catch up.

I'm fine with any pairing or no pairings. Totally flexible with any way you want to do it.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Arthur.Shappey  Pairing:Unspecified  Category:Unspecified  Category:AU  Category:Crossover  Subject:Other.Jobs  Subject:Other.Modes.of.Travel  xThe.Hobbit 
december 2012
based on Fitton quote
A: Bye, Skipper! I loved being you!
M: Oh. Well. Glad somebody does.

Arthur sets out to prove to Martin that being Martin is a brilliant thing to be. Gen or slash okay.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Arthur.Shappey  Pairing:Martin.Crieff/Arthur.Shappey  Category:Slash/Pre-Slash  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Warnings:None  Subject:Comforting  Subject:Feeling.Down  Subject:Worrying  Episode:Fitton 
december 2012
Because Martin cannot afford to indulge in certain luxuries, he has denied himself little things he loves. Ex: certain brand of ice cream, expensive coffee, ect.

Comes along the MJN crew who unintentionally buy him the things he loves. Let him indulge in yummy goodness.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Warnings:None  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Subject:Food  Subject:Martin!Whump  Subject:Comforting  Subject:Team.Work  Subject:Fluff 
december 2012
Dialogue Prompt
These lines have been running around my head....

"Well, Martin. I really had no idea you were capable of that."

"Yes, well.....when you're short, scrawny and ginger, you learn to be resourceful."

Obviously the second line is Martin, but the circumstances and characters are totally up to the filler.

Pairings/Gen, mini-fills, dialogue only, anything welcome! Go wild.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Pairing:Martin.Crieff/Anyone  Category:Unspecified  Warnings:None  Subject:Capable!Martin  Subject:Surprises  Subject:Realisations  Type:Dialogue.Prompt 
december 2012
Carolyn hugs
Something happens that makes Carolyn worried enough about Martin and Douglas that when she sees them again alive and well she hugs them both.
Carolyn rarle hugs other people but when she does they are long and slightly suffocating.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Carolyn.Knapp-Shappey  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Warnings:None  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Subject:Hugs.and.Cuddles  Subject:Concern  Subject:Worrying  Subject:Comforting  Subject:Surprises 
december 2012
Post-Johannesburg Douglas Angst
In Limerick, Douglas tells Martin that Helena confessed her affair "not long" after Martin visited (Fitton). Thus, when Douglas says in Johannesburg that he's "a happily married man," he's lying. To sum up that episode, Douglas misses his daughter's birthday, kills his ex-wife's carp to the cost of about 1,000 pounds, has recently learned his favorite wife's been cheating on him, has to wash someone's car, and loses a bet to Carolyn.

I would like to see some gen Douglas h/c, maybe losing his cool after he pays up to Carolyn? Bonus points if the comfort comes from Carolyn.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Carolyn.Knapp-Shappey  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Warnings:None  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Category:Angst  Category:Gen  Subject:Breakups  Subject:Douglas!Whump  Subject:Comforting  Subject:Feeling.Down  Subject:Emotions  Subject:Breakdowns.and.Crashes 
december 2012
MBN - My Bakery Now
Carolyn owns a bakery, once highly though of, now fallen on hard times.

Douglas is a former baker from one of the most prestigious bakeries in London, disgraced and now rebuilding his life in Fitton. His work is impeccable, when he bothers to do any.

Martin is fussy, old-fashioned, capable of turning out classics but not much of an innovator.

Arthur is the server. He's very Arthur and is kinda famous/infamous in town.

Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Arthur.Shappey  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Warnings:Non-Consent  Category:AU  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Subject:Team.Work  Subject:Food  Subject:Other.Jobs 
december 2012
REPROMPT: Airspace violation
Reprompt form Prompt Post 3 -

Due to a non-pilot-error glitch on a freight run, GERTI is flown into some very WRONG airspace. She's forced to land by the local military dictatorship and the crew is all interrogated as spies from a country they've never heard of, since it didn't exist a month ago.

The interrogators, completely baffled in their attempts to interrogate Arthur, decide he is the master spy trying to fool them all and order him executed in two days time in a massive public display of "this is what we do to the enemies of the glorious regime" sort of thing.

Martin and Douglas (Carolyn is back at the airfield, frantic) have to find a way to keep Arthur from being executed, get them all away from their captors, get Gerti out of lockdown and get home.

(OP is okay with a bit of crossover and Mycroft Ex Machina if required, but the heavy lifting of the escape plot and action should ideally be accomplished by the MJN crew. For tone of fill, anything from ridiculous and silly to dark, pain and blood filled dramatic angst would be lovely. Also RTYIs more than welcome, I'm new here.)

TL:DR - MJN crew captured and interrogated by military dictatorship.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Arthur.Shappey  Character:Carolyn.Knapp-Shappey  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:None  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Subject:Breakdowns.and.Crashes  Subject:Diversions  Subject:Military  Subject:Interrogations  Subject:Rescue.Attempts  Subject:Misunderstandings  Subject:Bad.Luck  Subject:Worrying  Subject:Emotions  Warnings:None  Subject:Flight.Complications  Subject:Complications  Subject:Escapes.and.Chases  Subject:Other.Cultures  REPROMPT 
december 2012
Swear box
Carolyn makes more money by ... A swear box
So every time someone on the grounds or one of the pilots swear the gotta pay. Needless to say Martin and Douglas are quite outraged by this. How do they rebel against this injustice
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Warnings:None  Category:Gen  Subject:Swearing  Subject:Revenge  Subject:Money 
december 2012
Getting a bit older
Douglas/Martin, established

Martin and Douglas have been together for a few years. Martin moved in, and Douglas is happy to find himself in a relationship that works.
But Douglas is slowly getting older, and he can feel the age difference. Martin is over 20 years younger than him, and in the prime of his life. It's definitely not the lack of wanting that is Douglas' problem, and he still gets aroused, but well. You know where I'm going. Sometimes the sex is just fine, but other times Douglas has to fake it/comes up with an excuse. He buys Viagra and hides the little blue pills, secretly hoping that Martin will never find out.
Porn is fine, but I'd like it even more if we'd also get to see how it affects their relationship, whether Douglas faces this with dignity or shame, does Martin suspect?...
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Category:Angst  Category:Fluff  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Category:Slash  Subject:Relationships  Subject:Concern  Subject:Emotions  Subject:Awkward.Situations  Subject:Awkward.Sex  Subject:Age.Difference 
december 2012
Carolyn, crying as stress release
Once in a while when Arthur's out of the house for the night, Carolyn has a glass or two of wine, puts on a shameless tearjerker of a movie and just lets herself cry herself to sleep. Not because she's depressed or sad or anything, just as a stress release and a way of clearing her mind.

Option 1) One such night Carolyn watches Third Star and finds herself wanting to mother Martin the next several days. Martin is disturbed.

Option 2) One such night, Arthur comes home unexpectedly and is really upset to find his mum crying alone and tries extra hard over the next several days to cheer her up. Everyone is disturbed.

Option 3) Both.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Carolyn.Knapp-Shappey  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Arthur.Shappey  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Gen  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Subject:Crying  Subject:Carolyn!Whump  Subject:Feeling.Down  Subject:Comforting  Subject:TV  Subject:Parenthood  Subject:Stress 
december 2012
Martin- kidnapping, dangerous situations
Martin and someone else gets kidnapped or are in a dangerous situation and because he is the captain he tells the person it is his job to make sure they get home safely. So he basically tries to be brave and keep the attention on him.

+5 If he acts really nervous and scared in the beginning and get brave (not that he still isn't freaking out)/starts thinking how to escape once he firmly decides to 'take control.'
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Angst  Subject:Kidnapping  Subject:Danger  Subject:Capable!Martin  Subject:Escapes.and.Chases  Subject:Standing.up.for.Someone  Subject:BAMF!Martin 
december 2012
Martin was actually the favorite but it worked against him
Could I have a fill where Martin was actually the favored child/most well cared for child out of his siblings?

Like for instance he was the most responsible, polite, and seemed to be the one who stayed the closest to home (because of how socially awkward he could be). His parents dotted on him the most...but that also meant they nitpicked everything he did, scared him into not trying potentially "dangerous" things, and coddled him to the point of hindering him. If anything was hard or rough they would hide it from him and he grew up feeling pretty useless but not knowing what to do about it when he was younger. Of course, he learned some skills such as his dad's profession, how to save money, and such but at the same time his parents had a pretty tight control of him and he was expected to provide for them and live up to impossible expectations of being the perfect child which kind of broke him. He isn't very close to his siblings they always resented him ...or they babied him just as much as his parents .

Basically, Martin tried throughout his younger years to be the "perfect child" his parents wanted regardless of who he really was and learn about the career his father wanted him to be in despite it not being what he wanted and it ended up messing him up and hindering him.

The reason he has few friends is because they were the type of people his parents wanted him to meet and be friends with but he never really liked them.

The Crieff's were wealthy until his father's company went bust.

Martin never went to flight school and had to take his flight test so many times because he was too busy working at his dad's electric company and attending college for a completely different major. I image his father trying to distract him and keep him busy from such a 'silly day dream'.

Story set during Christmas when the MJN Air crew find out?
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Category:Gen  Subject:Pre-canon  Subject:Family  Subject:Martin!Whump  Subject:Children  Subject:Inheritance  Subject:Christmas  Subject:MJN.Crew  Subject:Fitting.In  Subject:Life.Choices 
december 2012
I'll have what he's having.
Douglas discovers that between the noises and facial expressions and that damned tongue, watching Martin eat tiramisu is practically pornographic.

No relationship at start. Gen or slash ending okay.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Unspecified/Slash  Subject:Food  Subject:Realisations  Subject:Porn 
december 2012
Fantasy AU
I was bored and curious one night and wrote a fic that will never see the light of day, because it was basically a campy "what-if" crossover between CP and an original story of mine. But I wrote this one paragraph half-asleep and I'm in love with it, so your prompt is to take it and run. Gen, please!

“I could tell you stories, Douglas,” Martin said suddenly, not looking away from the window. “I could spin tales of earth and air and sea, of what actually lies beyond the horizon, of ancient powers and even older languages, skysong and the music of the spheres and the depths. I could tell you of wars and the birth of stars, of broken souls that age without aging, of lightning strikes and hearts that are not your own, and people with waterfalls in their eyes.” He took a deep breath. “But you’d never believe me, no matter what I said or did. So I won’t, at least not now. I won't say another word.”

And that was the first moment that Douglas realized there may be more to Martin than there seemed.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:AU  Category:Gen  Subject:Fantasy.Elements  Subject:Supernatural.Elements  Subject:Alternate.Reality  Subject:Capable!Martin  Subject:Realisations  Subject:Loneliness  Subject:Friendship  FILLED 
december 2012
one line prompt
He doesn't want anyone to know what he's going through, but he doesn't want to have to deal with this alone
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Unspecified  Category:Unspecified  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Subject:Hurt  Subject:Comforting  Type:Challenge.Prompt 
december 2012
Kid fic Reprompt by request of MOD
Kid Douglas has everything he could want. His parents are rich, he has a huge room filled with toys and books. He gets to eat anything he wants. But he is lonely. One day he finds a smaller kid hiding in his back yard. He finds out that Martin is a government experiment and hasn't been treat well by them and has never seen outside until he escaped. So Douglas hides Martin in his house. What happens when the government find him
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Kid.Fic  Category:AU  Subject:Helping.Out  Subject:Pre-canon  Subject:Danger  Subject:Capable!Douglas  Subject:Loneliness  Subject:Friendship  Subject:Secrets  Subject:Kidnapping 
december 2012
Martin/Douglas; slight h/c; pre or early relationship; feeding
So Martin and Douglas are out having dinner, or maybe Douglas cooks dinner, which he would of course do as wonderfully as he does anything else, and Martin winds up overdoing it a bit. He's embarrassed, and wants to avoid patented Douglas snark, so he tries not to let on to Douglas, who suggests/brings out dessert, that he's just about to pop. Martin winds up eating almost the whole thing, whether it's a Douglas suggestion or creation, at which point he can't quite disguise the discomfort or the rather distended nature of his midsection and can't quite finish.

Cue not derision, or perhaps merely gentle teasing, and solicitous tummy rubs from Douglas.

Bonus if the two of them find they rather quite enjoy the situation, and Martin manages to finish the dessert after all, with a little assistance.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Category:Slash/Pre-Slash  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Category:Fluff  Subject:Comforting  Subject:Food  Subject:Embarrassment  Subject:Dates  Subject:Discomfort  Subject:Helping.Out  Subject:Martin!Whump  Subject:Friendship 
december 2012
fem!Douglas and Martin
Martin finally bites the bullet and acts on his attraction to fem!Douglas, not knowing that she's not interested in him because his rule-bound nature extends to having very firm, old-fashioned opinions on gender roles.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Category:Angst  Category:Het  Subject:Fem!Douglas  Subject:Relationships  Subject:Complications  Subject:Life.Choices  Subject:Flirting 
december 2012
REPROMPT: misunderstanding, car-jacking, whump, angst tw suicide mentions
REPROMPT from Prompt Post 3 -

A misunderstanding, plus a partially overheard conversation, and Martin is convinced he's being fired. He decides to beat them to it and leaves a resignation letter in the portacabin, then heads home, telling himself he'll get his CV in order and start really going after other flying jobs.

En route, his van is car-jacked. He is beaten unconscious and shoved out and down an embankment along an unpopulated stretch of the M5.

In the meantime, Carolyn and crew are baffled by Martin's sudden resignation, and some combination of what they think he overheard and what he's said the past few flights make them concerned he could be suicidal. Someone goes to his place to find him, he's not there. Panic mayhem and self-recriminations ensue.

Meanwhile on the M5, Martin is broken, bleeding and dying slowly at the bottom of an embankment and wondering if he should even bother trying to survive since his whole life is so cocked up and he's such a failure; in essence, retroactively becoming suicidal as he reviews his life, while struggling to stay conscious.

Happy comforty "of course you aren't being fired you daft sod" ending with group hugs preferred, but only after a great deal of work and pain on all sides to get to it.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Arthur.Shappey  Character:Carolyn.Knapp-Shappey  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:None  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Subject:Misunderstandings  Subject:Martin!Whump  Subject:Resigning.from.MJN  Subject:Kidnapping  Subject:Crime  Subject:Injured!Martin  Subject:Suicide/Suicidal.Thoughts  Subject:Concern  Subject:Emotions  Subject:Violence  REPROMPT 
december 2012
object insertion mishap
Martin sometimes gets mindlessly desperate to be filled and at one hotel while everyone's out, takes a bottle of liqueur from the mini-bar and uses it to try and sate the urge. It doesn't go well, and either Douglas or Arthur or both has to help him with getting the tiny bottle back out.

No established relationships at the start, A/M or D/M or A/D/M by end is fine, or if you can keep it gen, I'll be astounded but not disappointed.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Arthur.Shappey  Pairing:Martin.Crieff/Anyone  Category:Slash  Subject:Porn  Subject:Masturbation  Subject:Helping.Out  Subject:Object.Insertion  Subject:Bad.Luck 
december 2012
burnt toast, bus stations, unrequited love, tyranny and cruelty
Carolyn and Douglas had a fling when they were both very young. Douglas has loved her ever since. Now that Douglas' wife left and Herc is starting to weasel his way into Carolyn's life, Douglas decides to see if he and Carolyn can pick up where they left off.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Character:Carolyn.Knapp-Shappey  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Carolyn.Knapp-Shappey  Category:Het  Subject:Pre-canon  Subject:Romance  Subject:Courting 
december 2012
Hypocritical Heartwarming :)
Some outsider insults one of the crew. (S)He says something the other members have already said to that person several times, perhaps even just shortly before that person insulted them.
Of course that's something you simply don't do. MJN has a very strict 'only we are allowed to insult each other'-policy.

(Can be done with the whole crew or just part of them...or you can even include Herc)
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Unspecified  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Category:Hurt/Comfort  Subject:MJN.Crew  Subject:MJN's.Clients  Subject:Standing.up.for.Someone  Subject:Comforting 
december 2012
bottom Douglas
Douglas doesn't have a lot of experience with gay sex, so when he finally agrees to let Martin top, he's very pleasantly surprised with how much he enjoys it.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Character:Douglas.Richardson  Pairing:Douglas.Richardson/Martin.Crieff  Category:Slash  Subject:Virginity  Subject:First.Time  Subject:Top!Martin  Subject:Bottom!Douglas  Subject:Capable!Martin  Subject:Porn 
december 2012
Someone on chatter post told me to prompt this...

Little!Martin, wanting to fly, kept throwing himself off things hoping he'll catch air. His antics made his mother prematurely grey.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Subject:Flying  Subject:Family  Subject:Life.Choices 
december 2012
As you know, Doctor Who is very serious business
As you know, Doctor Who is very serious business. Martin may not be the strongest vault of general pop culture knowledge, but he knows everything Whovian from Captain Jack to Captain Wrack. So when Martin gets stuck watching Doctor Who with squee-fueled Whovian Arthur, secret Whovian Douglas, and/or witty outsider Carolyn, things get very juvenile serious indeed.
Prompt.Post:06  Character:Martin.Crieff  Pairing:Unspecified/None  Category:Unspecified/Gen  Subject:Fan/Fandom  Subject:Media  Subject:TV  Subject:MJN.Crew 
december 2012
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