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radicalism and "miniaturized music" / ablerism
Rey Chow quote on walkman: “We do not return to individualized or privatized emotions when we use the Walkman: rather the Walkman’s artificiality makes us aware of the impending presence of the collective, which summons us with the infallibility of the sleepwalker. What the Walkman provides is the possibility of a barrier, a blockage between ‘me’ and the world, so that, as in moments of undisturbed sleep, I can disappear as a listener playing music. The Walkman allows me, in other words, to be missing—to be a missing part of history, to which I say: ‘I am not there, not where you collect me.’”
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october 2011
Parangolés & Penetráveis / deconcrete
Parangolés & Penetráveis. The former consist of a series of complicate capes that only reveal their intricate nature to the viewer when the person who wears one moves and dances. The latter are labyrinth-like constructions waiting for the viewer to penetrate their boundaries and get lost in a series of tropical colourful panels.
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july 2011
Critter News Network / pruned
(A nomadic silk factory, from Liam Young's Specimens of Unnatural History] ** There is a rhinoceros foraging on the banks of the Jones Falls River in Baltimore, Maryland. ** Is China becoming the global fashion capital of apian couture? ** Kitteh urbanism ** "underwater tower designed to perform multiple functions that assist challenged fish migration within a dammed river system." ** Goats on Belmont ... urban ecology experimentation with land management strategy and urban event ** On animal webcams ** Coyote at the Kitchen Door ** CSI: Wildlife ** Fashioning Feathers ** Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness
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july 2011
What cannot be, was all along / but does it float
Victorian Infographics and Comparative Perspectives on BibliOdyssey
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july 2011
Ways for women to be immodest / feminist philosophers
according to some Christian dudes who were surveyed: Stretch, etc.
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july 2010
A Study for Turner's Fish / Graphic Arts
Monster fishes in Turner's slave ship painting
race  fish  19c  ocean  from google
may 2010
Stolen Moment / archives of american art
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in the interior court of the Detroit Institute of Arts, 1932.
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december 2009
Real fake / Language Log
"Not even Obama can sell us on BlockBerry" - chinese knock-off ad
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june 2009
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