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The Windows Vista Details Pane - For Dummies
when using raw files, etc - try the details pane for more info
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september 2011 by bwiese
Windows Vista OS - Audacity Wiki (windows changed the sound system)
windows sound system changed drastically in vista and win7, see here for support and obtaining updated drivers
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may 2011 by bwiese
How To: Update the HOSTS file in Windows Vista
Start | Run (type) shell:sendto (click Ok)

Next: Right-click in the right pane and select: New > shortcut [screenshot]
In the next dialog box click Browse and navigate to: Windows\System32\drivers\etc
Click Ok and in the next dialog box name the shortcut (example) Update Hosts
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october 2009 by bwiese
Run a Command as Administrator from the Windows 7 / Vista Run box :: the How-To Geek
Cannot use Win + R ... must use the "run/search box" so just [Win] key !!! --- instead of hitting the Enter key, use Ctrl+Shift + Enter. You will be prompted with the obnoxious User Account Control dialog… but it will then open up a command prompt in Administrator mode.
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september 2009 by bwiese
WINAMP.COM | Forums - Winamp 5.54 + Vista = UAC shows up at start, annoying...
disable check for updates - disable "Restore file associations at Winamp start-up" setting in "Prefs -> File Types" that's calling the UAC prompt at Winamp startup.
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august 2009 by bwiese
how do i view and remove selected cookies with Vista? : vista, cookies, how, view

You need to make sure to enable hidden files and folders. Make sure "Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)" is UNCHECKED

Firefox is C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{user profile}\cookies.txt
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may 2009 by bwiese
Support - CanoScan N1220U - Canon USA Consumer Products
Unfortunately this product is not supported with the Windows Vista Operating System
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april 2009 by bwiese
xkcd - A Webcomic - Windows 7
it's hitler... at least it's better than vista
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january 2009 by bwiese
SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC for Windows Vista SP1 - Solution and driver download
updating to codec 6.10 (for xps 1330) worked even on my xps m1210, thank you! =)
dell  laptop  techsupport  audio  windoze  vista 
august 2008 by bwiese
Delete hiberfil.sys in Vista - ABXZone Computer Forums
delete hiberfil.sys: run "cmd" as administrator, execute “powercfg -h off” and restart
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may 2008 by bwiese

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