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Call phones from Gmail
free calls to the us and canada
google  internet  phone  voip  free 
september 2011 by bwiese
Teen calls mum as bears eat her - The West Australian
Olga's distraught mother Tatiana listened on a mobile phone as her teenage screamed: "Mum, the bear is eating me! Mum, it’s such agony. Mum, help."
"Mum, the bears are back. She came back and brought her three babies. They’re... eating me.
"Mum, it’s not hurting any more. I don’t feel the pain. Forgive me for everything, I love you so much."

Bear had already killed her husband Igor Tsyganenkov, Olga’s stepfather, breaking his neck and smashing his skull, according to the Daily Mail.

Olga, a trainee psychologist, saw the attack on her stepfather in tall grass by the river. The bears chased her for about 70 metres before they grabbed her leg.

Tatiana alerted authorities and when they arrived half an hour later, the bears were still eating the pair
bears  russia  death  phone  cellphone  sad 
august 2011 by bwiese
NerdTV Ep 9 - Anina : Robert X. Cringely : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
44 min - how mobile phones and flash will take over tv! Still waiting for flash on iphone... skype/voip via wifi even then on mobile device.

from 2005 - talking about mobile internet sites, WAP and old technology now a days, sending images via bluetooth.
digitaldivide at 46 min with illiterate woman can contact hospital, etc
model  phone  iphone  internet  digitaldivide  video  tech  history  mobile  convergence  microsoft  skype 
june 2011 by bwiese
Spokeo People Search | White Pages | Find People
a new online USA phone book w/personal information - it had two of my previous addresses with my old cell phone number! Remove yourself by searching your name, copy the link at the top and click on the Privacy button (bottom right corner) to remove yourself. nice site for stalking, gosh.
research  search  free  reference  people  privacy  phonenumber  phone  history  stalking 
may 2011 by bwiese
In Smartphone Era, Point-and-Shoots Stay Home -
breaking up with the point and shoot camera for the smart phone camera... =) sharing!!
camera  photography  phone  iphone  android  news  technology  society  dslr  video 
december 2010 by bwiese
FREE IP Calling with IPKall
free Washington State phone number for SIP/VOIP
sip  voip  free  asterisk  phone  incoming  call  washington  seattle 
july 2010 by bwiese
Schneier on Security: Eavesdropping in the Former Soviet Union
hacking the phone ringers to spy on people - old Cold War era trick - ringer used as microphone
microphone  electronics  hack  interesting  opensource  eavesdropping  speaker  spy  phone 
february 2010 by bwiese
Welcome to DialABC
check for words in your phone number, the motion on the keypad, sound, etc
math  phone  phonenumber  sound  search  reference  mobile  hacks  language  tools  numbers  dtmf 
september 2009 by bwiese
Top 10 Ways to Get More From a Cameraphone - Cameraphone - Lifehacker
take pictures of your food - download pics via bluetooth - parking lot - packed luggage, etc
camera  phone  lifehacks  software  photography 
september 2009 by bwiese
Top 10 Ways to Get More From a Cameraphone - Cameraphone - Lifehacker
take pictures of your food - download pics via bluetooth - parking lot - packed luggage, etc
camera  phone  lifehacks  software  photography 
september 2009 by bwiese
Local Number Portability
Wireless LNP allows consumers to switch from one wireless carrier to another within the same general metropolitan area. It does not allow consumers to keep the same phone number when moving to a new town or city.
cellphone  wireless  phone  fcc  law 
september 2009 by bwiese
How to Unlock any Nokia based Cell phone and get its unlock codes ...
may be old - apparently now you need hardware from the providor to unlock them -
unlock  phone  gsm  nokia 
august 2009 by bwiese
Need to Unlock Nokia 1680
only 3 chances to try and unlock, then BRICKED - not doable for free
unlock  gsm  phone  hack  nokia 
august 2009 by bwiese
RAM Mounting Systems, Inc.
the BEST mounting systems for gps, phone, ham radio, etc
ham  laptop  gps  motorcycle  hw  shopping  mobile  pda  phone  automotive  mount  ball 
october 2008 by bwiese
Jott™ - Official Site
call Jott, leave message, receive text email reminder
email  speech  phone  mobile  gtd  tools  service  message  productivity 
may 2008 by bwiese
att history
cingular, bell south and baby bells - T1000 of companies, breaks into pieces but comes back together
humor  networks  phone  video  googlevideo  youtube  tech 
december 2007 by bwiese
T9 Text Input
how to use t9 text input to phone
culture  language  phone  sms  mobile  ref  howto 
march 2007 by bwiese
International Cell Phones part 1
how to unlock your phone and get ready for Europe
international  howto  phone  travel  advice 
february 2007 by bwiese
Keeping in touch while overseas -
GSM phone, SIM cards, or calling card with message service
travel  advice  international  phone 
february 2007 by bwiese
JAJAH - web-activated telephony
places calls for you, enter the 2 numbers to call
voip  free  phone  skype  mobile  service 
february 2007 by bwiese
Alkaloid Networks :: Projects - Home
Schweet - put your voicemail into a pod cast! (as if i received that much voicemail)
asterisk  podcast  phone  software  voip  todo 
june 2006 by bwiese

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