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Cyberthieves Train Their Sights on US Mobile Phone Customers | Cybercrime | TechNewsWorld
It's a lot easier to have a legit number ported than it is to hack an entire phone network, he noted.

However, hacking numbers has been a feature of SS7 attacks in the past, Nunnikhoven recalled. The System Signaling 7 system, which is used by mobile phone networks to communicate with each other, is vulnerable to a type of hack that transfers phone and text messages to another device. An SS7 attack was demonstrated in the U.S. most famously in a 2016 60 Minutes segment.

"I have email addresses for Google / Windows / Apple accounts that are used only for administrating my accounts. The associated email addresses are not used in connection with my online services.
"I try to avoid providing my phone number to my online services. I use an authenticator app for MFA/2FA . Hijacking my phone number will not provide access to my authenticator app."
hack  mobile  security  cybersecurity  ss7 
august 2017 by bwiese
Is Evernote Premium's new price worth it? - CNET
One thing is clear about the recent changes: no one is happy, since Evernote wants you to start paying for features that were once free. For some, paying for the new plans is a no-brainer, as the chat and sharing features built into Evernote make it a powerful collaboration tool, as do its helpful integrations with IFTTT and Zapier.

But if your needs exceed what Evernote Basic has to offer and you just want to take notes, services like Google Keep or Simplenote provide everything you need for free. And if you're within Apple's ecosystem, the inbuilt Notes app uses iCloud to sync your notes between your Apple devices. While iCloud may not be free for you, the note taking will likely have very little impact on your total iCloud storage.

My personal solution for syncing notes between all my devices is using a cloud storage service I already pay for -- Dropbox -- and finding individual applications on different platforms for taking notes. Currently, I use iA Writer on Android, iOS and Mac, which together cost less than a year of Evernote Plus.
evernote  service  notes  dropbox  sync  app  mobile 
september 2016 by bwiese
The Best Way to Share Photos to Instagram from Your Computer | Fstoppers
The key to all of this is Google's recently released ARC Welder tool. Google released ARC to the public last April, and in a nutshell it allows you to run Android apps natively using Google Chrome. Your first step will be to go and download ARC from the Chrome App Store. Simply follow the link and click the "Add to Chrome" button.
android  instagram  fstoppers  howto  mobile 
july 2015 by bwiese
This Will Make You Long For Your 1990s Cell Phone
Battery life: 3-4 days vs 3-4 hours
Impact: 3rd floor vs 2 feet
Impact protection: included vs needs add on
Software updates: none vs once a week
Life span: still going vs 1-2 years (battery / os)
typing speed: slow vs. damn autocorrect
battery  apps  history  meme  progress  technology  mobilephone  mobile  cellphone 
july 2014 by bwiese
Square – Accept credit card payments with your mobile phone
2.75% - Per swipe, sale with Online Store, or paid Square Invoice 3.5% + 15¢ - Per manually entered transaction
business  app  ipad  ipodtouch  money  creditcards  ecommerce  mobile  iphone  payment  mobilepayments  webpayments 
february 2012 by bwiese
NerdTV Ep 9 - Anina : Robert X. Cringely : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
44 min - how mobile phones and flash will take over tv! Still waiting for flash on iphone... skype/voip via wifi even then on mobile device.

from 2005 - talking about mobile internet sites, WAP and old technology now a days, sending images via bluetooth.
digitaldivide at 46 min with illiterate woman can contact hospital, etc
model  phone  iphone  internet  digitaldivide  video  tech  history  mobile  convergence  microsoft  skype 
june 2011 by bwiese
Tutorial: How to Tether on an iPhone 3G or 3GS running OS 3.1.2
3g/3gs jailbreak with blackra1n, run sn0w to unlock and re-enable tethering
iphone  hack  apple  att  networking  geek  howto  unlock  jailbreak  3gs  internet  mobile 
november 2009 by bwiese
Welcome to DialABC
check for words in your phone number, the motion on the keypad, sound, etc
math  phone  phonenumber  sound  search  reference  mobile  hacks  language  tools  numbers  dtmf 
september 2009 by bwiese
RAM Mounting Systems, Inc.
the BEST mounting systems for gps, phone, ham radio, etc
ham  laptop  gps  motorcycle  hw  shopping  mobile  pda  phone  automotive  mount  ball 
october 2008 by bwiese
HP 2133 Mini-Note Review
not a tablet, no webcam?, no DVD?
laptop  shopping  mobile  review 
july 2008 by bwiese
Jott™ - Official Site
call Jott, leave message, receive text email reminder
email  speech  phone  mobile  gtd  tools  service  message  productivity 
may 2008 by bwiese
T9 Text Input
how to use t9 text input to phone
culture  language  phone  sms  mobile  ref  howto 
march 2007 by bwiese
SMS 411: SMS searching, the Windows way.
Windows Live service, now search via sms just like with google, etc
sms  mobile  search 
march 2007 by bwiese
SMS 411
lots of good notes and news in the world of SMS
sms  mobile  howto  blog  articles  advice  free  news 
march 2007 by bwiese
JAJAH - web-activated telephony
places calls for you, enter the 2 numbers to call
voip  free  phone  skype  mobile  service 
february 2007 by bwiese
NIST - Mobile Ad Hoc Network Security
lots of publications to read, electronic signatures too!
mobile  wireless  security  research  manet  forensics  networking 
june 2006 by bwiese
Financial Cryptography: Threatwatch - Voice Threat Models are Snafu - Situation Normal All F***ed Up
crypto is NOT the answer, need p2p and anonymizing networks to fuz the header/traffic analysis information in calls... recorded at tower handoffs
voip  blog  security  anon  crypto  mobile  research 
april 2006 by bwiese
SMS 007 Special
aes encryption for you SMS messages
mobile  security 
april 2006 by bwiese
GSM Spy Socket turns power strip into surveillance tool - Engadget Mobile
just turn anything into a cellphone... put a chip in anywhere and try to block the signal!
mobile  security 
april 2006 by bwiese
FlexiSPY busted! Now classified as a trojan - Engadget Mobile
app installs itself? and reports usage of phone/sms/etc to central servers for someone else to monitor
mobile  security 
april 2006 by bwiese
Cellphones on Airplanes - Topic Powered by Groupee Community
mythbusters talk on FAA/FCC reasons to block cell phones and other theories
articles  science  radio  mobile 
march 2006 by bwiese
Wireless Developer Network - WML Tutorial
sample writing wml for wap enabled phones
mobile  xml  tutorial 
february 2006 by bwiese
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