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Wordpress Flickr Manager |
looks good on the side bar - great for recent photos
wordpress  photos  flickr  plugin  lightbox 
august 2011 by bwiese » Lightbox-2 plugin for Wordpress
still a great way to display photos... can use the arrow keys =) no flash!
wordpress  lightbox  plugin  gallery  photos  slideshow  filmstrip 
march 2011 by bwiese
20 WordPress Plugin Solutions for Image Handling
jquery lazy loader, frontpage-slideshow to articles, nextgen gallery (everyone using it?), flickr photo album! (not so good), lightbox2, featured content gallery, freebie images
wordpress  blog  gallery  photos  images  lightbox  plugin  performance  photography  flickr 
november 2010 by bwiese
WordPress › Lightbox 2 « WordPress Plugins
looks like the latest - greatest way to use lightbox
lightbox  wordpress  gallery  photos  plugin 
october 2008 by bwiese
Sam Burdge » scripts
tips for website - mouse-overs wth javasacript/ etc
lightbox  scripts  javascript  gallery  plugin 
august 2008 by bwiese

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