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The Making of “Memory of, memory of, memory of” on Vimeo
65 seconds in, the whistling language of Greece with only 6 speakers left
sfyria  greece  whistle  language  video  mountains 
august 2017 by bwiese
BBC - Travel - Greece’s disappearing whistled language
Hidden deep in the south-east corner of the Greek island of Evia, above a twisting maze of ravines that tumbles toward the Aegean Sea, the tiny village of Antia clings to the slopes of Mount Ochi. There are no hotels or restaurants within 40km, and the hamlet is so remote that it doesn’t exist on Google Maps.
But as you travel here along a dizzying road from Karystos, through a mythical landscape of megalithic ‘dragon house’ stone tombs and giant Cyclopic boulders, you’ll hear an ancient siren song reverberating against the mountain walls. That’s because for thousands of years, the inhabitants of Antia have used a remarkable whistled language that resembles the sounds of birds to communicate across the distant valleys.

Known as sfyria, it’s one of the rarest and most endangered languages in the world – a mysterious form of long-distance communication in which entire conversations, no matter how complex, can be whistled. For the last two millennia, the only people who have been able to sound and understand sfyria’s secret notes are the shepherds and farmers from this hillside hamlet, each of whom has proudly passed down the tightly guarded tradition to their children.
Today, there are only six people left on the planet who can still ‘speak’ this unspoken language

Remarkably, sfyria was only discovered by the outside world in 1969, when an aeroplane crashed in the mountains behind Antia. As the search crew went out to look for the missing pilot, they heard shepherds volleying a series of trilled scales back and forth across the canyons and became enchanted by their cryptic code.
According to Dimitra Hengen, a Greek linguist who accompanied me to Antia, sfyria is effectively a whistled version of spoken Greek, in which letters and syllables correspond to distinct tones and frequencies. Because whistled sound waves are different from speech, messages in sfyria can travel up to 4km across open valleys, or roughly 10 times farther than shouting.
greece  language  whistle  history  island 
august 2017 by bwiese
Aimee Mullins: The opportunity of adversity - YouTube

"Strong and powerful little girl"

The one who is the most adaptable to change is the one that survives. Adaptation - our greatest human skills.
doctors  medical  darwin  struggle  adaptation  survival  meaning  language  perception  disability  adversity  aimeemullins 
may 2015 by bwiese
Video: Full Episode | Watch Language Matters Online | PBS Video
Aired: 01/19/2015, Expires: 01/18/2019

Language Matters asks what we lose when languages die and how we can save them. It was filmed around the world: on a remote island off the coast of Australia, where 400 Aboriginal people speak 10 different languages, all at risk; in Wales, where Welsh, once in danger, is today making a comeback; and in Hawaii, where a group of Hawaiian activists is fighting to save the native tongue.
pbs  video  international  language 
january 2015 by bwiese
Which Contains More Information? - YouTube
8 bits for ASCII based on 7 bits needed for US alphabet
language  binary  brain 
july 2014 by bwiese
The 12 most embarrassing German mistakes The Local
Vorspiel (foreplay) instead of a Vorspeise (starter)
“Heute ist sehr schwul” (today is very gay) but say it correctly, “Heute ist sehr schwül,” (Today is very muggy) - ah those pesky umlauts catch us out all the time.
“Ich muss meine Nase blasen” has very sexual connotations in German. Instead of requesting a tissue you would be suggesting that you're about to perform fellatio on your nose.
“Nachttisch” (night table) and called it "nackttisch"(naked table)
“good naked” (gute nackt) when his intention was to bid them “Gute Nacht”.
Fiktionsbescheinigung (temporary resident permit) - civil servant's eyes would widen when I asked for my Fickenbescheinigung.” (F*** permit)
“Ich habe es ihr gut besorgt” (I fulfilled her sexually) when he meant to say “Ich habe sie gut versorgt.” (I looked after her).
“I once told my father-in-law that he had a heart of money (Geld) instead of gold,”
“I hear” instead I told them I was a whore, “ich Hure”
humor  language  german 
june 2014 by bwiese
12 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time — The Only Post You’ll Ever Need
This definitive guest post by Benny will teach you:

How to speak your target language today.
How to reach fluency and exceed it within a few months.
How to pass yourself off as a native speaker.
And finally, how to tackle multiple languages to become a “polyglot”—all within a few years, perhaps as little as 1-2.
howto  timferriss  foreignlanguage  learning  training  language 
march 2014 by bwiese
The first 20 hours -- how to learn anything: Josh Kaufman at TEDxCSU - YouTube
1. Deconstruct to simple concrete sub skills/tasks to master
2. Start early, Fail quick - learn to self correct
3. Remove barriers, obstacles, distractions to learning
4. Practice 20 hrs to constantly improve

Need to pass the frustration / incompetence phase to new skills
This is an emotional challenge, not intellectual

10,000 hr to become expert. 20 hr to learn something new.
music  guitar  language  ukalele  timferriss  joshkaufman  lifehack  advice  hack  howto  learning  mba  video  ted 
march 2014 by bwiese
Volkshochschule Stuttgart - Stadt Stuttgart
Deutschkolleg.. Allmandring 1
Anglo-German institute
DAA Stuttgart
IFA Stuttgart
VHS Stuttgart
If you've come here and German would help you with work, then the courses will probably be cost free to the individual (paid from the European Social Fund)
education  classes  language  stuttgart  german 
december 2013 by bwiese
Easy German Episode 26 - Was machst du heute? - YouTube
Published on Oct 23, 2012

Episode 26:
Manuel talks with people in Münster about their plans for the day.
todo  inspiration  video  youtube  language  learning  germany 
april 2013 by bwiese
The Linguist on Language - How to learn languages online
1) Don't speak English.

"By far, the most important advice I have given this summer (and the “secret” of how I can actually learn languages) is to not speak English."

2) Mix English with the target language

By gradually changing your English into the other language rather than starting off in the deep end. I suppose the word for what I’m trying to do with Czech is Englisky, or maybe Czechish?
learning  education  fluency  language 
april 2013 by bwiese
Polyglot project, how to learn languages: Free book! | Fluent in 3 months - Language Hacking and Travel Tips
This project was headed by Claude Cartaginese, who gathered the advice from dozens of “youtube polyglots, hyper-polyglots, linguists, language learners and language lovers” and put them all in this one book, which is free to everyone.
howto  free  edu  ebooks  ployglot  learning  language 
july 2012 by bwiese
Society: The only way is Finland - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
Finland only after Denmark for most happiest, very low corruption, high upward mobility, strong social network
"Decades ago, when the Finnish school system was badly in need of reform, the goal of the programme that Finland instituted, resulting in so much success today, was never excellence. It was equity."

Finland rivals East Asian educational hothouses such as Singapore and South Korea, but without those countries' high-pressure homework expectations. There are no nationally standardised tests, inspections or league tables, no private schools or private universities, and no fees. Competition is frowned upon; co-operation is king.

A century later, in 2009, the nation that gave us Nokia was the first to to enshrine broadband as a fundamental human right, when the government promised every Finnish citizen access to a 100mbps connection by 2015.

On the downside, the Finnish language is near-impossible to learn, and almost entirely unrelated to any other besides Estonian and Hungarian
language  inspiration  education  equality  society  finland 
may 2012 by bwiese
TEDxSanAntonio - Benny Lewis - Fluent in Three Months - Rapid Language Hacking - YouTube
Start speaking now - forget grammar! (pick it up later)
Tell everyone you are learning German now!
Do it all the time... for free! facebook, posts, talking, thinking
free  lifehack  learning  education  talking  inspiration  spanish  german  language  video  ted 
february 2012 by bwiese
German Daily Practice - German Daily Practice on the Go
* Count always in German.
* Change all your settings on your smartphone to German.
* Get a translating app on your smartphone for instant translations wherever you go.
* Listen to German on your smartphone wherever you go.
* Watch short You Tube videos in German.
* While waiting in line or on a bus, practice by describing in your mind your surroundings. Describe what people are wearing, what they're sitting on etc.
* Write your to-do lists in German.
* Challenge yourself to a "Think in German only" hour or whatever you can manage.
language  advice  german 
february 2012 by bwiese
Top Must See German Movies, Best German Films
The Lives of Others
The White Room
Nowhere in Africa
Der Schuh des Manitu - western parody
Der Untergang
Grill Point
Good bye, Lenin
The Experiment
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
The Edge of Heaven/Auf der Anderen Seite
Four Minutes
The Counterfeiters / Forfalskerne
Sophie Scholl - The Final Days
Herr Lehman
The Baader Meinhof Complex
best  film  movies  language  german 
february 2012 by bwiese
How Actively Watching Movies Helped Me Learn Spanish
Benny Lewis' Language Hacking Guide on his site Speak from Day One. Not to oversimplify his approach but basically, he says to just talk. Just use the language, even if you only know a couple words and use it every chance you get.

Spend a lot of time watching this movie with the subtitles in your target language. Watch it a billion times... Watch it until you can pretty much say the lines along with the actors, even if you have to read along with the subtitles.

* Conversational language! idioms, speak like they do
* Grammar - get familiar with usage
* Vocabulary - repetition of the words helps
* Image association - helps you understand the words
movies  edu  learning  education  foreign  language  howto  advice  film  language  lifehacker 
february 2012 by bwiese
Fine Art Photography – PictureCorrect / Composition Elements
Elements: The graphic components, basic visual things, that make up a picture. Keep in mind that each of these elements not only contributes to the ‘impression’ of a picture but also to the ‘expression’ and ‘meaning’ as well. The components are: Lines, Shapes, Tones, Colors, Mass, Space, Texture, Perspective

Order | Dynamics | Dominance | Balance | Proportion
Pattern/Rhythm | Deformation
advice  critique  language  art  composition  photography 
january 2012 by bwiese
What is the Italian word for, thank you? - Yahoo! Answers
Grazie! = Thank you!
Grazie tanto! = Thank you very much!
Grazie mille! = Thank you very much!
Ti ringrazio! = I thank you!

Prego! = the reply to "grazie", I don't know what they have to reply in English, probably "you're welcome"
Di niente! = For nothing! maybe in English they say "It's nothing!"
Figurati! = an informal reply
italian  words  language  thankyou 
december 2011 by bwiese
What is visual literacy ? « Medium Format
abstract, content, direct, documentary, expressive, geometric, intention, landscape, objective, organic, representational, subject, theme

focus, light, line, repetition, shape, space, texture, value/tonal range

angle, bg, balance/weight, central focus, composition, contour, contrast, framing, setting, vantage point,
photography  language  art  design  critique  visual 
november 2011 by bwiese
Tim Ferriss: Smash fear, learn anything | Video on
* don't kick in swimming, need hydro dynamics, 95% of body underwater. flick legs to rotate hips. streamline motion
* breath look at recovery arm as enters water
* language: learn subject/object/verb/cases/gender and then vocabulary
* It's what you do, not how you do it
* effective (working on the right stuff that's important) vs. efficient (doing lots in your amount of time)
* dancing: learned how to be a follower first
inspiration  productivity  video  ted  timferriss  learning  language  howto  swimming  tango  dancing 
august 2011 by bwiese
Translate and Speak - TTS Translator
this is a great website tool that speaks text in a foreign language!
text-to-speech  translation  language  audio  internet  speech  education  awesome  flash  tool  german  russian  spanish  italian  french 
may 2011 by bwiese
Shapir-Worf Hypothesis - Log management - Windows vs. Linux - O'Reilly ONLamp Blog
This reminds me of the Shapir-Worf Hypothesis, which I learned in an anthropology class at LSU a long, long time ago. Essentially, Shapir-Worf says that the language you think in has a very big impact on how you think. A tad simplistic, but it makes sense to some extent.
anthropology  language  linux  logs  process  culture 
february 2011 by bwiese
The 5 Love Languages | Five Love Languages
words of affirmation - quality time - receiving gifts - acts of service - physical touch
love  relationships  language  marriage 
january 2011 by bwiese
Esperanto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Esperanto (help·info) is the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language. Its name derives from Doktoro Esperanto (Dr. Hopeful), the pseudonym under which L. L. Zamenhof published the first book detailing Esperanto, the Unua Libro, in 1887. Zamenhof's goal was to create an easy-to-learn and politically neutral language that would serve as a universal second language to foster peace and international understanding.
international  language  universal  peace  un 
january 2011 by bwiese
Bilingualism Good for the Brain : Discovery News
* Speaking two or more languages appears to enhance executive function -- the ability to focus on the information needed to complete a task.
* Bilinguals with Alzheimer's disease retained brain function longer than those who spoke only one language.
* The "cost" of bilingualism is that bilinguals may have smaller vocabularies in each language.
language  brain  intelligence 
october 2010 by bwiese
Exactly What To Say In A First Message " OkTrends
compliments - but not looks - mention specifics - be self effacing (sorry but never say please)
"you mentioned", good taste, noticed that, curious about...
engage their own interests... band, food, music/movies
unusual greeting: how's it going, howdy, what's up (no hello,hi,holla,hey)
pretty much, pretty sure/good... but not you're pretty/very pretty
awesome, fascinating, cool... but not cutie, beautiful, sexy, hot
language  okcupid  dating  advice  statistics  email  communication  psychology 
september 2010 by bwiese
YouTube - MeinJadore's Channel
cute German girl talking about beauty, hopefully can understand?
youtube  german  beauty  language 
july 2010 by bwiese
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