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Inverter choice for Van Conversions | FreedomVans
inverter: 2000 watts is as high as you want to go on a 12V battery bank, 1200 watt inverter uses 1.2 amps/ hour, while the same company’s 2000 watt inverter uses 1.7 amps/hour. 1.2ah x 24h = 29 amps/ day. 1.7ah x 24h = 40.8 amps/ day. As you can see, a larger inverter will use a bit more power each day.

We like to use the 2000watt pure sine Renogy inverter in our builds
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7 days ago by bwiese
Smartphones on planes: Pilots say it is critical to turn off devices | FP Tech Desk | Financial Post
Public figures from U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill to actor Alec Baldwin have bristled at what they say are excessive rules restricting use of tablets, smartphones, laptops and other devices during flights.

More than a decade of pilot reports and scientific studies tell a different story. Government and airline reporting systems have logged dozens of cases in which passenger electronics were suspected of interfering with navigation, radios and other aviation equipment.

The FAA in January appointed an advisory committee from the airline and technology industries to recommend whether or how to broaden electronics use in planes. The agency will consider the committee’s recommendations, which are expected in July, it said in a statement.
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june 2013 by bwiese
Portable Solar Reviews - OutdoorGearLab
update May 2013
#1 SolarMonkey Adventurer- $120, 1 device, 3W, 0.7A, 0.6lb
#2 Goal Zero Nomad 13 - $130, 1 device, 13W, 1A, 2lb
#3 Instapark Mercury 10 - $67, 2 usb, 10W, 0.57A, 1.2lb

goal 7 - best portable deal, picky with iphone 4 - any blockage of the panel and it stops charging, so use the battery charger inline
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october 2012 by bwiese
Grow Lights, How Tesla's EFDL Works! - YouTube
VISIT Grow light, the EFDL is a form of Efficient Grow Lighting based on a Patent by Nikola Tesla. Best viewed in the full screen mode! This slide show explains the function and benefits in great detail. Descriptions of various technical considerations of these electrode-less electromagnetic induction lights abound. These clean and green grow lights are much better for the environment.
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may 2012 by bwiese
Where your "recycled" e-waste really goes - 60 Minutes Overtime - CBS News
"newer is better" - law of the digital age
ewaste = obsolete technology. lead, cadmium, etc
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july 2011 by bwiese - 2011 GTI Changes, Official
- GTI w/ Sunroof and Navigation and Autobahn Packages: New RNS315 navigation replaces RNS510 navigation
NO - sunroof package has RCD-510
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may 2011 by bwiese
Citizen - News | Turn these devices off
Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA).

BNetzA is responsible for assigning frequencies to companies or organizations with a wireless requirement, including cell phone providers.

BNetzA also publishes the German Telecommunications Act (TKG). According to the TKG, those caught using a frequency not assigned to them fall subject to fines, which will increase the more they commit the offense.

The TKG defines an illegal operator as anyone who “… intentionally or negligently, uses frequencies without an assignment. In such cases the offense may be punishable by a fine.
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march 2011 by bwiese
The Genocide Behind Your Smart Phone - Newsweek
raw minerals used in electronics and cell phones power corrupt cartels in Africa, etc
africa  genocide  cellphone  technology  environment  capitalism  electronics 
july 2010 by bwiese
Hewlett-Packard Unveils Real-World Memristor, Chip of the Future
In fact, the 3-D network capability of memristors is so profound that Leon Chua, the man who first theorized the existence of memristors in the 1971, believes that this technology could enable the creation of electronic brains.
computer  tech  science  future  brain  electronics 
april 2010 by bwiese
Schneier on Security: Eavesdropping in the Former Soviet Union
hacking the phone ringers to spy on people - old Cold War era trick - ringer used as microphone
microphone  electronics  hack  interesting  opensource  eavesdropping  speaker  spy  phone 
february 2010 by bwiese
Increase effective distance on 'ebay' flash remote trigger transmitter with antenna
however - he advertises attaching the antenna to the 616 mark - perhaps not the best - diffs on cable length too. other guy said 19.5cm
photography  diy  howto  flash  strobist  electronics  hack  wireless 
april 2009 by bwiese
Simple elixir called a 'miracle liquid' - Los Angeles Times
a simple mixture of table salt and tap water whose ions have been scrambled with an electric current. Researchers have dubbed it electrolyzed water -- the miracle liquid -- That's as good a name as any for a substance that scientists say is powerful enough to kill anthrax spores without harming people or the environment. Drawbacks: doesn't last long, machines expensive, not a "cure all"
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february 2009 by bwiese
Best Buy To Launch E-cycling at All Locations -
pay $10 for Best Buy to recycle monitors, get $10 gift certificate. other electronics recycle for free
recycle  electronics  shopping 
february 2009 by bwiese
Attenuation & Power Handling Calculator
The calculator above can be used to estimate the attenuation (dB loss), power handling capability, and transmission efficiency for some of the more popular Wireless Communications and MIL Spec cables at the frequency of interest (below Cutoff Frequency). Actual measured values may vary somewhat from the calculated numbers based on manufacturing tolerances, cable length, connectors, operating frequency, and measurement accuracy. The attenuation of cables with Bare Copper and Tinned Copper outer conductors can vary substantially from the theoretical value due to oxidation and therefore we recommend they not be used above 1 GHz. Note: the outer conductor of LMR cables is the aluminum tape."
calculator  wireless  electronics  tool  networking  radio  ham  rf 
february 2009 by bwiese
eBay Store - 121World: Hot Shoe Adapters: Hot Shoe Adapter AND Miniphone 3.5mm or 1 8 Plug Set
Hot Shoe Adapter w/ 3.5mm 1/8" miniphone Port Strobist
Perfect for Elinchrom Skyport CyberSync Flash Hotshoe -US $16.95, free s/h
canon  flash  strobe  shopping  howto  photography  electronics  hotshoe  cable 
november 2008 by bwiese
Strobist: Hook a Pocket Wizard to Any Hot-shoe Flash
PW-MHSF1 is the cable needed, of PW 301 adapter, $75 for 2 on ebay... found $17 hotshoe with 1/8" minijack!
canon  flash  strobe  shopping  howto  photography  electronics  hotshoe  cable  todo 
november 2008 by bwiese Philips SCS3012 300mAH Universal AC Adapter: Electronics
Finally, although you might have trouble figuring out which polarity to use, it would be unusual for the ring to be (+) positive and the inner conductor (tip) to be negative. That is, the polarity switch would normally want to be in the UP position ( (+) on the tip not the ring of the connectors). Any equipment that had so-called positive-ground (unusual) design would probably also have reverse-current protection.
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october 2008 by bwiese
Yet Another ATX Lab Bench Power Supply Conversion
created a box - that you can plug any ATX PS into!!! nice - need to desolder base connector
howto  hack  diy  electronics  pc 
september 2008 by bwiese
Hedy Lamarr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lamarr's and Antheil's frequency-hopping idea serves as a basis for modern spread-spectrum communication technology, e.g. CDMA used in devices ranging from cordless telephones to WiFi network connections. -- vector illustration of Lamarr's face was used by Corel Corporation on the packaging and in the publicity for its CorelDRAW 8
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august 2008 by bwiese
Trailer Hitch, class I or class II? - Automotive Forums .com Car Chat
Are you planning to rent a trailer from U-Haul? In the past, they have done trailer wiring for me for free when I rented a trailer for the first time. I just had to buy the trailer wiring kit from them which was about $10 or so.
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august 2008 by bwiese

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