Monitor source code and automatically restart node
javascript  nodejs  tools  utilities  development 
9 days ago
Time-saving synchronised browser testing
development  tools  browsers  nodejs  utilities 
9 days ago
Search system for technical documentation
documentation  tools  search 
16 days ago
Collaborative database of sounds
audio  sound  stock  resources 
6 weeks ago
React Material UI
React components that implement Google's Material Design
react  design  components  javascript 
9 weeks ago
Atom file-specific icons for improved visual grepping
icons  editor  customisation  atom 
9 weeks ago
Monospaced font with programming ligatures
fonts  programming  editor 
9 weeks ago
Collaborative interface design tool
tools  design  collaboration  interface  prototype 
10 weeks ago
Create and share beautiful images of source code
tools  code  portfolio  screenshots 
11 weeks ago
Dank Mono
Dank Mono custom coding font
fonts  cli  editor  programming 
october 2018
Yoga Layout
Cross-platform layout engine
yoga-layout  react-native  flexbox  tools 
july 2018
Use CodePush to update a React Native app live
react-native  code  distribution  tools 
june 2018
Does it mutate?
Quick mutation reference for JS array and object methods
javascript  reference  mutations 
june 2018
Flat icons
Stock Flat Icons for app development
icons  design  resources  stock 
june 2018
Pretend Store
A real shop by Fuzzco
shopping  design  art 
may 2018
Match command-line arguments to their help text
tools  cli  unix  shell  learning 
may 2018
Yuki Yuki
The art of Ukiah Pearson
stickers  retro  art 
february 2018
Draggable JS
JavaScript drag and drop library
javascript  ui  libraries 
january 2018
Sketch Device Templates
Images and Sketch files of popular device
prototype  sketch  devices  stock 
november 2017
Retro hand-held gaming custom parts
gameboy  retro  pi-zero  raspberry-pi  gbz 
october 2017
GraphQL Talks
Find & Watch GraphQL Talks
graphql  javascript  api  data 
september 2017
Asynchronous programming with observable streams
react  javascript  react-native  libraries 
september 2017
Static site generator for React
blogs  react  static-site-generator 
august 2017
Type safe code leveraging JavaScript & OCaml ecosystems
javascript  reason  ocaml  languages 
august 2017
Backend for the OCaml compiler which emits JavaScript
javascript  ocaml  compiler  tools  development 
august 2017
Arcade controllers for retro gaming
mame  retropie  joystick  arcade 
august 2017
MacOS library for managing and manipulating iOS Simulators
development  ios  programming  xcode  macos  tools 
august 2017
Prettier is an opinionated JavaScript formatter
javascript  tools  productivity  formatting 
april 2017
Animation and prototyping application for Mac & iOS
animation  prototype  tools  design 
march 2017
Tools & products for GraphQL
graphql  tools  javascript  data  server 
february 2017
Dual pane file manager and file transfer client for macOS
tools  software  ftp  development  osx 
february 2017
Command line tips and tricks for macOS
osx  mac  terminal  tips  productivity  macos 
february 2017
Retro-gaming on the Raspberry Pi
arcade  diy  software  mame  raspberry-pi 
february 2017
Retro gaming supplies and hardware
gameboy  retro  mame  diy  projects  games  gbz  pi-zero  raspberry-pi 
february 2017
Reveal App
Runtime view debugging for iOS development
ios  tools  debugging  ui  react-native  development 
february 2017
Shoutem UI toolkit
Open-source UI toolkit for React Native
components  react-native  code  ui  resources 
october 2016
Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management
npm  facebook  javascript  package-manager 
october 2016
Global content delivery network for npm published packages
javascript  nodejs  npm  react-native  development 
october 2016
Stream iOS & Android Native Apps in the Browser
development  ios  testing  android  react-native 
october 2016
GraphQL Backend as a Service
graphql  services  api  data  react-native  relay  react 
october 2016
Instant GraphQL Backend for React Apps
graphql  services  api  data  react-native  relay  react 
october 2016
Blueprint for mobile development with React Native
android  framework  ios  javascript  react-native 
august 2016
Login, authentication and user management
authentication  services  identity 
august 2016
Fast And Easy Android Emulation
android  development  emulation  mobile  tools 
august 2016
React Native Playground
Share and test your React Native code in the browser
react-native  ios  android  tools  react 
august 2016
Community-curated list of flexbox issues and workarounds
flexbox  bugs  css  reference  layout 
april 2016
Overlooked bits in Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa
cocoa  code  ios  objective-c  programming 
february 2015
Sublime Linter
Plugin for Sublime Text that provides a framework for linting code
lint  sublime-text  plugins 
december 2014
Drones, apps and electronics
drones  apps  ios 
december 2014
JavaScript Regular Expression Visualizer
javascript  regular-expressions  tools  visualisation 
november 2014
Create keyboard shortcuts to dom elements
dom  tools  development  chrome  inspector 
november 2014
Blend if
Using "blend if" for advanced blending in Photoshop
photoshop  techniques  tutorials 
october 2014
Sketch Tips
Clever tips for your favourite design app
sketch  design  tutorials  tips 
october 2014
mitmproxy based devtools extension
devtools  chrome  proxy  debugging 
october 2014
Google Material Design
Visual language overview for Google material design
google  design  reference  guides 
october 2014
Material Design Icons
Glyph set from Google material design system
icons  design  resources  stock 
october 2014
Bullet Journal
An analog note-taking system for the digital age
notes  productivity  tools 
october 2014
Online PHP & HHVM shell
code  php  tools  hhvm 
october 2014
Interface design software for professionals
interface  design  prototype  tools 
october 2014
Mac Setup
Automating new Mac setup
automation  mac 
october 2014
Emoji One
Open source emoji designed for the web
emoji  icons  stock  design  chat 
september 2014
The Bunkie Co.
Functional, transformative space for cabin living
lifestyle  home  house 
july 2014
Streamlined UI for listening to podcasts simply on iOS
podcast  ios  app 
july 2014
Pinboard client for Mac
pinboard  software  mac  osx 
july 2014
Swift Resources
Resources for using Swift
ios  programming  osx  languages  apple  swift 
july 2014
The mobile shell
shell  ssh  terminal 
june 2014
Innovative Prototyping
prototype  tools  framer 
june 2014
Hyperminimal UI Theme for Sublime Text
theme  sublime-text 
june 2014
Specificity Calculator
A visual way to understand CSS specificity
css  tools  specificity 
june 2014
Perfect Internet Radio
ios  music  radio  osx 
june 2014
Yosemite UI Kit
OS X Yosemite UI Kit built for Sketch
osx  ui  resources  sketch  yosemite  design 
june 2014
Stylised credit card form
jquery  javascript  credit-cards  forms  plugins 
june 2014
Write for Mac
Beautiful Note Taking & Markdown Writing App
osx  software  writing  markdown 
june 2014
Minimal, project based writing for Mac
mac  osx  writing  tools  software 
may 2014
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