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James Rhodes and the Hyde Park Knitting Circle
When a client turns up with her brother abducted by a shady British corporation, Hardison and his crew team up with his Nana and two cops he's pretty sure are Aurors to rescue an innocent young man from a real live evil witch.

Or: a case that makes for a deeply frustrating file in Peter's records, and a story that Hardison is never going to tell Nate and Sophie.

[Such a fun story! Well-written enough that you don't need to know both fandoms, funny and scary by turns, and both Hardison's and Peter's POV's are incredibly clear and in-character.]
Leverage  RiversofLondon  PeterGrant  Hardison  crossover  Eliot  Parker  Thomas 
november 2016 by butterflykiki
Tik Tok - Chapter 1 - binz, shiplizard - Forever (TV), Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
Well, tonight he either saved Henry from being spied on by UNIT or he got a British visitor drunk and gave him a really fun club crawl to cheer him up. Either way, victory. Good job, team. [Adorable bromance for Peter Grant and Lucas Wahl, and the conversation about Code Falcon made me snort out loud.]
RiversofLondon  Forever  crossover  humor  gen  Lucas  PeterGrant 
april 2015 by butterflykiki

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