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Motion Parallax - Laughsalot3412 - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
So, apparently Amy’s boss was part of a criminal gang. [post season-5, Amy gets to spend more time with her boss, his girlfriend and their (boyfriend) chef.]
fandom:leverage  Leverage  OutsidePOV  Eliot  Parker  Hardison 
february 2017 by butterflykiki
James Rhodes and the Hyde Park Knitting Circle
When a client turns up with her brother abducted by a shady British corporation, Hardison and his crew team up with his Nana and two cops he's pretty sure are Aurors to rescue an innocent young man from a real live evil witch.

Or: a case that makes for a deeply frustrating file in Peter's records, and a story that Hardison is never going to tell Nate and Sophie.

[Such a fun story! Well-written enough that you don't need to know both fandoms, funny and scary by turns, and both Hardison's and Peter's POV's are incredibly clear and in-character.]
Leverage  RiversofLondon  PeterGrant  Hardison  crossover  Eliot  Parker  Thomas 
november 2016 by butterflykiki
Afterwards - BlackEyedGirl - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Nate is a horror writer, Eliot is the ghost who haunts his house. [A slice of a ghost story; not about death, but about what happens after.]
AU  NateFord  Eliot  leverage  fic 
february 2012 by butterflykiki
If It's Worth Saving Me Chapter 1: The beginning: Jo, a Leverage fanfic - FanFiction.Net
A homeless woman saves Eliot's life--and asks him to teach her to fight. Why? [Long, plotty team-fic, great stuff with 1/2 Eliot POV, and one 1/2 good new OC POV. Excellent points about fighting back, and fighting for what's important to you. ]
oc  leverage  fic  eliot  genmostly 
january 2011 by butterflykiki
liviapenn: Fic: The You And Whose Army Job (Leverage/Stargate Atlantis)
"This is how you talk to women?" says Hardison from the peanut gallery. "Really?"
leverage  sga  crossover  gen  fic  teyla  earthside  fanfic  eliot  heeeeee 
november 2009 by butterflykiki

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