Hello, Hello - Lightspeed Magazine
Tasha’s avatar smiled from the screen, a little too perfect to be true. That was a choice, just like everything else about it: When we’d installed my sister’s new home system, we had instructed it to generate avatars that looked like they had escaped the uncanny valley by the skins of their teeth. It was creepy, but the alternative was even creepier. Tasha didn’t talk. Her avatar did. Having them match each other perfectly would have been . . . wrong.
fic  f:OriginalFiction  f:Seanan_McGuire  gen  SF  language  short  via:esther_a  via:alegria 
november 2019
morgan stark's murder class by tempestaurora
Sam frowned. “What the hell are you teaching her, dude?”

“Life lessons,” Bucky replied simply.

“He’s teaching me how to maim people!” Morgan cried.

Sam choked. “Bucky?”

“Well, I’m not gonna teach her to kill a person, am I?”

She frowned up at him. “You promised you would.”

“Shh,” he whispered. “Not in front of the narc.”

OR Post-Snap, Morgan runs a budget fight club at school and Bucky is recruited to teach her how to defend herself. He also petitions to feature on the now-cancelled game show "Wipeout", because he has nothing else to do with his time
complete  ao3  marvel  avengers  kidfic  adorable  via:connie 
october 2019
Star Trek AOS: an upbeat kind of dirge, by screamlet

If it had been her who died in the destruction of Vulcan.
She thinks about it, sometimes, when she can't sleep at night.


AU: If Sarek had died in the destruction of Vulcan, but Amanda survived.
Reccer's Notes: screamlet takes Amanda Grayson, a women we saw all of three minutes of in the movie, and turns her into a real person, instantly recognizable from the first sentence, then adds in the rest of the crew: Spock barely holding it together, Winona flirty and unpredictable and like Jim but not, Jim in over his head but holding it together so well you can barely tell from the outside, Pike beset on all sides while learning to walk again, Uhura dignified and compassionate and star-struck, and it's just, life goes on even in the middle of your grief and your anger, and Amanda's plowing straight through it all, heart-broken and determined to get to work and live the rest of her life starting immediately.
reccer:runpunkrun  creator:screamlet  fandom:star.trek.reboot  length:10.000-20.000.words  theme:gen  theme:au  theme:au:fork.in.the.road  theme:family  pairing:james.t.kirk/spock  character:amanda.grayson  character:winona.kirk  via:fancake 
september 2019
Getting Eaten Alive Chapter 1, a Superman fanfic by Tandrelmairon
Reimagined movie-verse, mostly gen and very plot heavy. Lois and Clark ease around each other throughout hard cases, including alien confession inducing music.
[Very good story, although a little obscurely written sometimes, but overall great POV's from both Lois and Clark, and some very good action bits. A shame there isn't a second one! ]
fandom:superman  fandom:dcu  pairing:lois/clark  trope:gen  author:tandrelmairon  via:beautifulside 
september 2019
Child of the Wolf - Mhalachai - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Caught between hunters and werewolves, Stiles almost doesn’t have time to wonder much about the hot new redheaded Deputy Sheriff or the bow-wielding sarcastic gym teacher. Almost.
fic  crossover  teenwolf  avengers  gen  author:mhalachai  wordcount:75k  ao3  saved  Enjoyable  via:anascho 
august 2019
Brownsville (Alias, Syd/Sark)
Weiss shook his head. "You and Syd. That's still wild to me. And you've got a kid." Dark eyes measured Sark, then rested on Sydney's oblivious profile. "Who the hell but you two would have the gall to bring a child into this world?"
"I don't want her to ever be in this world," Sark snapped before thinking. Weiss nodded definitively. "I guessed, but I wanted to hear it." Sark narrowed his eyes. "Why?" "Because now I know I can trust you. You've got something to lose. Something to live for." Weiss hesitated. "You and Syd, you were never afraid of dying. It made you good agents—maybe the best—but it scares people like me. It gets the people around you killed, because we have doubts and fears and they slow us down." (4/4. Just when Syd and Sark think they're out, etc. One last CIA op, with a perceptive Weiss, a blast from Sark's romantic pass, and awesome granddad!Jack.)
fic  au  alias  syd/sark  sydney.bristow  julian.sark  jack.bristow  michael.vaughn  eric.weiss  via:voodoochild 
june 2019
imaginebucky: babysitting trolls
Imagine Bucky and Natasha babysitting Steve's kid.
fic  avengers  marvel  gen  humor  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-09  via:spatz 
may 2019
born in fire (again and again) by defcontwo
endgame spoilers

i liked this

"Natasha lands, in dust and sand and light, in the middle of a great landscape of nothingness. She sits up, and touches one hand to the back of her head, and it comes away wet and sticky with blood.

There’s copper in the back of her mouth, and she spits it out into the sand, watching with satisfaction as the blood splatters into the otherwise pristine surface.

“Huh,” Natasha says. “So this is death.”"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  author:latenightcuppa  genfic  via:Laria_Gwyn 
may 2019
on some days, in some ways - batgurl88, pprfaith - The Umbrella Academy (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"At thirteen, a drunk Klaus goes wandering the mansion instead of locking himself into his room. Seventeen years down the line, he saves the world.
In between, they're all just trying not to drown. (Klaus and Vanya against the world.)" Outstanding Umbrella Academy AU.
umbrellaacademy  fic  recme  au  family  fixit  via:neonhummingbird 
may 2019
Natasha and the concept of Super Heroes
And it is Natasha who stands, who sets the endgame in motion.  Frail, human, faillable, bloodstained Natasha.  Redeemed because she was given a chance, redeemed because she chose redemption, the quintisential liar and killer, in the service of liars and killers. 

Everyone else comes for the tesseract.  Everyone else comes for the war.  Steve holding the file folder with the cube front and center, Tony pulling it from the holographic interface, Bruce picking up the phone with the image of it, Thor coming after Loki for it, Clint guarding it.  Every one of them, a slave of a sort, to the huge, world changing power of that object.

And Natasha comes because Coulson says, “Barton’s been compromised.”

Natasha goes to war, risks her life, risks everything, for the sake of a partner, a friend, a collegue, a former lover.  For a debt.

Because Natasha IS the human heart of that movie.  And that is what makes her a hero.
natasharomanoff  natasharomanov  meta  character-study  avengers  via:turnonmyheels 
april 2019
Supernatural fic: Sneeze Three Times (Gen, PG) - sometimes you need a story
A winter scene, a series of tracks, and is there such a thing as a heffalump? ("As his father turns away, Dean wants to grab his wrist and ask him how anyone can know which monsters really are made up and which could be real.")
Weechesters  pre-series  SPN  Dean  Sam  gen 
april 2019
Ladylade - The Names We Gain and the Anger We Share
By the time Allison’s twenty-four, the other hunters call her The Cleanser. She hunts down a rogue, they say, and it’s like the thing never existed. But there is one thing the hunters don’t know, and that thing is bundled up on the back seat of her car on the long drive home from South Dakota, finally sleeping.
teenwolf  ladylade  gen  het  scott/allison  au:canon  futurefic  kidfic  packdynamics  family  wc:<5k  fluff  via:goodgriefcharlie 
april 2019
Way More Than Five Times Claudia Was A Real Person (Not Just An Excuse For Tears) - alexscat - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]


Claudia is many things: former vegetarian, college graduate, gardener, small business owner, competent home cook, Polish speaker (kind of), potty mouth (definitely), girl geek, wife of a hot deputy, and mother of a ridiculous(ly adorable) son.

Oh, and not dead.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:claudiastilinski/sherriffstilinski  cliche:kidfic  cliche:sick/hurt  featuring:insecurity  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:fluff  genre:fanfiction  genre:gen  genre:het  pairing:stiles/derek  rec:fave  rating:pg13  wordcount:1.000-10.000  cliche:notdead  via:savageneon 
april 2019
Homing - spuffyduds - Slings & Arrows [Archive of Our Own]
After Lear, Anna starts building a new life--but it turns out to be not all that new.
Slings&Arrows  favorite  Anna  genmostly  happyendings 
march 2019
the identity crisis of one nicholas j. fury by <user name="sevenfoxes" site="AO3">
"All the things Goose has eaten and the all the things people have called Nicholas J. Fury, with or without his consent." This is SO GREAT.

[AGREED! Also, love the switching back and forth across the timeline.]
avengers  captainmarvel  march-19  NickFury  MariaRambeau  ensemble  via:victoria.p 
march 2019
'Captain Marvel' and the Power of Women's Emotions
Spoilery but great article that expresses what I liked best about the movie, and what some critics are missing. (Which is okay! But it's why I like this one best.)
CaptainMarvel  movie  criticism  feminism 
march 2019
MCU - (Clint gen) -- Next New Message {by fabrega}
"YOU HAVE THIRTY. SEVEN. NEW MESSAGES," Clint Barton's phone announces. That can't be good.

Spoilers for The Winter Soldier.
avengers  fic  clint  gen  via:daisydiversions 
march 2019
Radio Nowhere
Dean finds an old radio and someone to connect to on the other end. Funnily enough, so does Sam.
spn  au  pairing:none  character:Sam  character:Dean  character:Bobby  genre:gen  genre:angst  hurt!Dean  season_2  apocalypse  5.000-10.000  via:somersault1509 
february 2019
The Flexible Concept of Tomorrow - finisterre - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
Five Times Donna Noble Remembers Meeting That Bloke With The Stupid Name (And One Time She Doesn't)
Five Times Fox Mulder Remembers Meeting That Other Redhead (And One Time He Doesn't)
gen  crossover  X-Files  DoctorWho  DonnaNoble  great!  re-found 
january 2019
Magic Blankets - Lady_Lombax - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
C-3PO accidentally saves the galaxy by teaching a young Ani Skywalker how to crochet.

Or in which the power of love and crafts solve a lot of problems and the Jedi Creche is about two inches away from kidnapping Anakin at any given moment.
fanfic  fandom:starwars  theme:au  theme:fluff  words:2k-5k  Awwwwww  via:alegria 
january 2019
They Do That Sometimes by nagi_schwarz
Written for the 2016 SGA Secret Santa. Dave Sheppard's girls are kidnapped. John Sheppard and his team - and the dubiously-humored Dr. Daniel Jackson - show up to help. Gun fights and car chases ensue.
F:SGA  F:SG1  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Dave_Sheppard  Ch:John_Sheppard  Ch:Rodney_McKay  Ch:Daniel_Jackson  Ch:SGA_cast  P:McKay/Sheppard  R:Established_relationship  AU:Canon  AU_setting:Earthside  OT:Kidnapping/Missing  OT:KidFic  OT:Outsider_pov  A:nagi_schwarz  L:AO3  via:caelulum 
january 2019
إن سرقت، اسرق جمل، وإن عشقت، اعشق قمر by Lexie
This story has the same giddy sense of swooning adventure and romance that the Mummy and Mummy II -- which are the only Mummy movies -- made me feel. This is Rick and Evie through the years, raising their son, chasing after new discoveries, and being fools in love every step of the way.
mummy  rick/evie  via:pru  het  HEEE  via:alegria 
january 2019
Good Morning, Ruby Crowns - Anonymous - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
...because the Doorway might be just for them, a window into their heart, their very soul. But that wasn’t always a good thing. Children grew up surrounded by darkness, anxiety, hurt; could internalize it all - and then unintentionally tear a window in a space and time that lined up with that. After all it wasn’t only kids who wanted to explore who found Doorways, often it was ones who needed to escape.
fanfic  fandom:wayward.children  crossover  fandom:narnia  fandom:aliceinwonderland  fandom:wizardofoz  yuletide  words:2k-5k  via:alegria 
december 2018
Shelter and Solace / Dira Sudis
"We will go to Beta Colony. I have some family there, I think, and--a friend."
fandom:vorkosigan.saga  pairing:aral/cordelia  theme:canon.au  via:thursdayschild 
november 2018
Ernesto de la Cruz vs. The Court of Public Opinion by skater_of_the_surface
How the the Ernesto de la Cruz fanbase reacted to the news of Ernesto stealing music from and murdering his bandmate Hector Rivera.

[I haven't even seen the movie, and in my opinion this is *gold*. Also now I have to find that movie!]
fanfic  fandom:coco  pov:outside  theme:epistolary/document  gen  words:15k-30k  via:hatinjacket  via:alegria 
november 2018
By Any Other Name
“You’re not exactly unknown, with or without that giant S on your chest,” she said. She pulled up a picture on her phone, one of the ones from the highway incident, and held it out to him. “It’s a disguise.”

“Like Robin’s sunglasses,” Superboy said, frowning. “Except these are clear. So how do they disguise me?”

The glasses were thin rimmed affairs, nothing at all like Clark’s bulky black frames, but the resemblance was striking all the same. Nothing she could do about that, she supposed. She could’ve put him in a tailored tux and he still would have looked like Clark. At least now he didn’t look quite so much like strong, tall Superboy.

“Hell if I know,” Lois admitted, propping her chin up on her palm. “But for what it’s worth, it works.” S
clark/lois  gen  1k-10k  f:batman  f:dcu  trope:kidfic  ~funny  via:nowfailingoutofschool 
october 2018
Starting from Scratch, an Angel + Firefly Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Illyria opens a portal; there's a future on the other side... (Alternating Illyria and River POV, post-series for Angel, mid-series for Firefly.)
crossover  Firefly  Angel  Illyria  River  Spike 
october 2018
A Hit, A Very Palpable Hit by Shemmelle
What if... partway through P&P, Kitty went to stay with another aunt in London, and had a season there, changing the plot around for everyone? Flirtations, character growth, period details, and maybe some people being better off. Kitty's voice is a good one, and the letter excerpts are extremely amusing.
fanfic  AU  Pride&Prejudice  het  epistolary 
october 2018
Field Biology of the Wee Fairies | Apex Magazine
When Amelia turned fourteen, everyone assured her that she’d find her fairy soon. Almost all girls did. You’d find a fairy, a beautiful little fairy, and catch her. And she’d give you a gift to let her go, and that gift was always beauty or charm or perfect hair or something else that made boys notice you. The neighbor girl, Betty, had caught her fairy when she was just nine, and so she’d never even had to go through an awkward adolescent stage; she’d been perfect and beautiful all along.

Not all fairies were equal, of course. Some of them would do a much better job for you. The First Lady Jackie Kennedy, for example, had caught the fairy queen. Or so almost everyone said. “So keep your eyes open,” Amelia’s mother told her.

“I don’t want to catch a fairy,” Amelia said. “If I did catch a fairy, I’d keep her in a jar like my mice and study her.”
via:esther_a  original  theme:fantasy  pov:female  via:alegria 
october 2018
Odd Couple Series, by bysine
Stories set in the MCU/comic-verse, with different friendships and randomness for each. (Bucky and Peter Parker at NYU; Sam and Thor on a road trip; Steve trying to retire and adapt).
Avengers  fanfic  ensemble  gen  fun  friendship  humor  angst 
september 2018
White Collar: Jeffrey Nullier's "Man With Fedora" by copperbadge
Summary: A routine investigation into an art theft turns up Neal's fingerprints on a stolen painting. Neal swears he's never stolen a Nullier painting, but that's only half the truth...
Reccer's Notes: I love this fic so much, how art centric it is, Neal and Peter banter, Neal's poor life choices but excellent artistic streak!
It's just perfect and it makes me want to go to the museum to see the paintings.
fandom:white.collar  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:neal.caffrey  character:peter.burke  character:elizabeth.burke  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:sam_storyteller.(copperbadge)  theme:secret.identities  theme:secret.identity.reveal  theme:casefic  theme:cops&crime  reccer:jainas  via:fancake 
september 2018
Stars - tarysande - Lucifer (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“In my old house, I used to have glow-in-the-dark stars all over the walls. Mommy and Daddy made them into real constellations like the ones we saw when we were camping.” Trixie shrugged because sometimes thinking about her old house and her old room and her Mommy and Daddy together made her sad, and she didn’t want to be sad. “It was pretty cool.”
Adorable and unexpectedly deep Trixie POV.
lucifer  fic  gen  trixie  via:neonhummingbird 
august 2018
Endless War by Nonymos
DC/Marvel, BlackPanther/Avengers/Deadpool/Sandman, gen(ish). "There is always something more to lose. (Which means all is not lost.)" After Shuri declares an endless war on death, the Endless answer comes in the form of Death -- who's hitched a ride with Deadpool, who can't stay dead. Result: a new stone chase, each manifested through her siblings. // ~27K. Largely (but not entirely) Okoye, Steve, Wade POVs. Seems like a cleverish crossover with a fantasy group-quest setup, with a lot of characterization stuff. Pretty readable. Technically it's a Steve/Bucky, if only for providing the primary impetus.
fanfic  BlackPanther  Avengers  Cable-and-Deadpool  Sandman  gen  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:xover  ref:fixit  ref:angst  ref:plot  au:nonymos  fandom:Avengers  fandom:MiscDC  fandom:Cable&Deadpool  via:zhena 
august 2018
Diversity Index - Semianonymity - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Averages for the diversity of species on Earth range five million (a conservative estimate) to twenty-five million (generous) to one trillion (unlikely, but provides a degree of scale.)

Ecosystems as they are presented in Star Wars tend to have exceptionally limited flora and fauna. A planet can have under 50 species, or under ten species, with half of those species found on other planets as well. Compared to Earth, the trend is a fraction of the genetic diversity, and a flexible attitude towards introducing exotic species.

Some scientists of varying species and disciplines end up talking about that, at length.
fanfic  fandom:starwars  theme:worldbuilding  theme:plants  theme:scientists  pov:female  gen  fic-of-fic  words:2k-5k  theme:highlights.issues.with.source  via:alegria 
july 2018
Complicating the Narratives – The Whole Story
Really interesting article that I wish everyone on both sides of politics would read.
essay/article  via:alegria 
july 2018
A Witch’s Guide to Escape: A Practical Compendium of Portal Fantasies | Apex Magazine
"Every librarian has Books she never lends to anyone.

I’m not talking about first editions of Alice in Wonderland or Dutch translations of Winnie-the-Pooh; I’m talking about Books so powerful and potent, so full of susurrating seduction, that only librarians of the second sort even know they exist."

[Lovely original-fic, about the magic of books.]
needs.bettertags  theme:books/libraries  theme:magic  via:alegria 
june 2018
A Hashtag is Born by <user name="Siria" site="AO3">
"The future's fixed a lot of things," Steve agreed. "But not my dancing."

"How bad could you be, captain?" Shuri had come up behind them without Steve noticing, arm in arm with her mother.

Steve and Bucky both winced.

"He can move his feet," Bucky said carefully. "And I suppose you could say that if that's happening at the same time as the music, then technically it's dancing."

"But that's getting pretty technical, ma'am," Steve said. "Buck was always the dancer of the two of us."

"Yes, he is quite accomplished," Shuri said, producing a phone from the pocket of her sleek white gown. She makes a show out of inspecting its screen. "I found it very enjoyable to watch. Judging by the number of retweets, so did Twitter. Mother, you two already have your own hashtag. How sweet."

[Bucky starts keeping company with Ramonda, Queen Mother of Wakanda. Steve just wants to avoid an international incident. This is so good.]
mcu  avengers  fic  recme  via:victoria.p  via:neonhummingbird 
june 2018
thuri: A Good Face
The same eye flick, but no change in expression. If Phil didn’t know any better, he’d say the kid hadn’t heard him at all.

Hadn’t heard...shit. Did he know any better?

“So I collect Captain America trading cards,” Phil went on, careful to keep his tone and manner exactly the same, going with his gut. At worst, the kid would think he was a dork and let his guard down. “Action figures, too. I’ve got the whole ’88 reproduction line and a lead on some of the original comics.”
fic  avengers  marvel  gen  precanon  <5K  via:spatz 
may 2018
Battlestar Galactica: 100001, by grey_sw
Summary: Makes you wonder how the other half die...
Reccer's Notes: Short, chilling, interesting look at the Cylon Raiders from BSG and what the world looks like from their point of view.
fandom:battlestar.galactica.(2003)  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:scar.(battlestar.galactica)  length:0-1.000.words  creator:grey_sw  theme:robots.androids&ai  theme:minor.characters  reccer:beatrice_otter  via:fancake 
march 2018
firefly - peradi - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Humanity is infectious, Finn makes friends with droids, and K2 cannot get any rest: the story of how Rogue One flies again. [Made me wibble. But in a good way.]
crossover  starwars  RogueOne  Finn  Poe  Rey  BB-8  R2-D2  K2SO 
march 2018
Shell and Sarcophagus by deird1
A really great examination of the metaphor of Fred & Illyria as a repaired vase.
ats  c:Fred_Burkle  META  c:Illyria  a:deird1  @LJ/DW/IJ  via:endeniem 
march 2018
By Paths Coincident - Chapter 1 - honorat - The Librarians (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
The Librarians discover Leverage International. Jacob Stone and Eliot Spencer have a family past, but they aren’t the only members of the two teams who’ve met before. Expect whiplash between light and dark. Set around the middle of the first season of The Librarians and after the fifth Season of Leverage.
fic  fandom:Leverage  fandom:The_Librarians  author:honorat  character:ensemble:The_Librarians  character:ensemble:leverage  character:Eve_Baird  character:Ezekiel_Jones  character:Cassandra_Cillian  character:Jake_Stone  character:Eliot_Spencer  character:Parker  character:Alec_Hardison  trope:found_family  genre:crossover  trope:guilt  trope:friendship  status:wip  genre:case_fic  trope:backstory  trope:hurt/comfort  via:jeb124 
february 2018
Babylon 5: The Blue-Collar Scholar of Minbar by keerawa
Summary: The blog post by our first Earth-Minbar cultural exchange participant, Ms. Baker, is as chatty, iconoclastic, and controversial as its author.
Reccer's Notes: A fantastic story about cultural differences, linguistics and anthropology.
fandom:babylon.5  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:original.character(s)  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:keerawa  theme:interspecies.stories  theme:languages&linguistics  theme:science.fiction  theme:worldbuilding  reccer:jainas  via:fancake 
february 2018
bigsunglasses: Dawn
One could only live the future one was given.

Five times Vedero Drazhin danced, before and after her world changed forever.
fic  goblinemperor  gen  friendship  fivethings  precanon  <10K  +2015-10  via:spatz 
february 2018
bonesbuckleup: Mark Watney & Starfleet headcanons
Let’s talk about the older Mark Watney being one of the founding members of Starfleet.
fic  crossover  startrek  themartian  gen  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-11  via:spatz 
february 2018
stardreamer: The Emperor's Birthday
In which Maia finds out that his birthday can be fun.
fic  goblinemperor  gen  holiday  postcanon  <5K  +2015-10  via:spatz 
february 2018
thrace: Five Things Rey Tried for the First Time
Rey missed a lot, growing up on Jakku.

I’ve read a lot of stories having feels about Rey and her harsh life on Jakku, but this one is particularly well-observed in its details.
fic  starwars  gen  fivethings  tagscene  <5K  +2016-01  via:spatz 
february 2018
kodiakkemax: In the Company of Ghosts
A mere moment, passing unnoticed. A choice, unremarkable in a daily web of choices. And thus two Prowlers, two pilots... and two very different destinations.

AU where the Farscape module hit Aeryn's Prowler instead, and things played out very differently.
Pt 2: http://www.shriftweb.org/leviathan/archive/2/inthe2.html
Pt 3: http://www.shriftweb.org/leviathan/archive/2/inthe3.html
fic  farscape  het  john/aeryn  au  epic  +2005  >100K  _reread  favorite  via:spatz 
february 2018
love for one so small
How I Met Your Mother ; Barney/Robin ; 620 words ; spoilers through "Symphony of Illumination." Barney and Robin babysit Marshall and Lily's kid for the first time.
fic  to-read  short  howimetyourmother  dollsome  via:scarybrilliant 
january 2018
Don't Encourage Him by gammadolphin
[*cackling* I've seen the movie this is based from, but it's still damn funny.]

No one had quite expected this when the Winter Soldier, recently de-programmed and returned to his pre-factory setting as Bucky Barnes, aka Steve Rogers oldest and closest friend, joined the Avengers to fight along Captain America's side once more.


With the sniper, obviously, being Bucky. Which is totally in character and canon (though admittedly with a little more panache):
F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:01-5K  St:Complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Tony_Stark  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Clint_Barton  AU:Canon  G:Humour  L:LJ  via:caelulum 
october 2017
Thassalia, feldman - Hulkasaurus
Bruce is not great at relationships, both too focused and too inconsistent, but he’s been pretty honest about that, and it’s not like Nat’s really in this town to stay. He gives her until winter, when the nor’easters out of Canada dump a whole lake’s worth of snow right at your front door. It's for the best; he has a tendency to lean on people until he crushes them. But in the end, she's always been a bruiser; everyone she's ever loved has the scars to prove it.
bruce/natasha  avengers  explicit  favorite  via:misbegotten 
september 2017
The Get-Along Game by Beguile
“What Trustfund McPrettyboy is trying to say is-“ Jessica ignores the pointed glare in her direction from Danny, “-Matt needs a doctor and turned down the offer for Danny to fist him back to health.”

“Would you please,” Danny mentally counts to ten, “stop calling it that?”
f.marvel  f.defenders  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  a.beguile  read  r.gen  c.daredevil  c.lukecage  c.jessicajones  c.ironfist  w.whump  g.humor  w.concussion  via:splitbeak 
august 2017
The Devil's Advocate by Beguile
The envelope is delivered straight to Matt’s old apartment. Left on the floor outside the door. “TO THE 3 STOOGES,” it says in an angry scrawl across the front.

“Does it say who it’s from?” Luke asks, immediately worried about a threat.

Danny shrugs. “F.C.?”

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august 2017
A Big Problem (Here’s a story about changelings:  Mary was a...)
Here’s a story about changelings:

Mary was a beautiful baby, sweet and affectionate, but by the time she’s three she’s turned difficult and strange, with fey moods and a stubborn mouth that screams and bites but never says mama. But her mother’s well-used to hard work with little thanks, and when the village gossips wag their tongues she just shrugs, and pulls her difficult child away from their precious, perfect blossoms, before the bites draw blood. Mary’s mother doesn’t drown her in a bucket of saltwater, and she doesn’t take up the silver knife the wife of the village priest leaves out for her one Sunday brunch.
original  tumblr  via:alegria 
june 2017
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"I wish we had more time."

be careful what you wish for.

(TWS AU, Steve Trevor as the Winter Soldier, Diana Prince as <s>Captain America</s> Wonder Woman. post-Justice League speculation.)
WW  Diana/Steve  AU  het  genmostly  Yay! 
june 2017
Hope is a Feathered Thing - Sholio - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Lonely children want pets. And Yondu has a certain amount of experience with small, cute things following him home. Not that he'd admit it.

ao3  GotG2  Yondu  PeterQuill  kidfic  pre-movies 
june 2017
Elf in Dol Guldur by esama
After Battle of Erebor, Tauriel sets out for Dol Guldur.

[After the loss of Kili Tauriel wanders and eventually joins Bilbo and the "potato orcs," er, Hobgoblins.]
(Absolutely sweet, funny, and of course, full of food references, because, Hobbits. And Hobgoblins.)
f:lotr  f:crossover  f:hobbit  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  gen  king!bilbo  redeemed!orcs  plot:magical!mishap  plot:roadtrip  plot:angst  plot:family!of!choice  plot:non-human!politics  plot:mourning!grief  plot:domestic  -rating:4/5  saved  via:dievillain 
june 2017
Coffee Grounds - Chapter 1 - kingaofthewoods - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Barnes may grumble about Starbucks and remember the good old days of rationed brew in WWII bunkers, but he will never recall the taste of the ground bean coffee he shared with her in the Ukrainian safe house. In fact, Bucky Barnes will never remember anything to do with his missions for the Red Room, or Hydra.

The Winter Soldier has been permanently wiped from his mind.

[A sweet but sane what-if? that makes me happy.]
NatashaRomanov  Bucky/Natasha  het  AU  pining  post-CACW  awww 
may 2017
not the most honest means of travel - irnan - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Natasha tracks down Bucky in Wakanda to go after a former Red Room operative with her; in the process, they find out a lot about the mystery of her past, and also do a lot of emotional processing of Civil War events.

[Interesting, interesting take on Natasha's past; it took a bit to untangle, but that just makes it better.]
captamerica  avengers  au  natasha_romanoff  Bucky/Natasha  via:norwich36 
may 2017
Hope for Something More [by sahiya], PG-13
Iselle and Bergon's first meeting. [short but oh so sweet. ]
chalion  Iselle  Bergon  °sahiya  *tag  via:mayachain 
may 2017
guess who just got back today - irnan - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Since we're here anyway," said Peter, looking like he was sucking on a lemon, "I think I'd better make a side-trip."
author:irnan  fandom:marvelmovieverse  genfic  Post-Movie-II  humor  family  heeee 
may 2017
Lacuna, by morpholomeg
“Sure, but second, what Red Room operative has a butterfly dæmon? You guys thought twice about hiring me, and Thea's way less vulnerable than a goddamn butterfly.”

[First part of a series (only 2 parts for now), which has great characterization and world-building in an HDM world.]
Budapest  fic  daemonAU  gen  NatashaRomanov  ClintBarton  His_Dark_Materials  via:brownbetty 
may 2017
Night Life on Nob Hill - jedi_penguin - Thin Man (1934) [Archive of Our Own]
"Nick’s first (and perhaps last) dinner with Nora’s family." Delightful, down to the 1920's slang and Nick's view on alcohol and family.
thinman  fic  recme  via:neonhummingbird 
march 2017
and if they don't dance (well they're no friends of mine) - KiaraSayre - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"I'm here to ask for help - not in any official capacity, just from one person who's a shitty dancer to someone who's actually kind of terrific at it."
fic  gen  Uhura  JamesTKirk  friendship  dance  heeeeee 
february 2017
No Fare - PrettyArbitrary - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
John doesn't stop for Stamford. Instead, he takes Jefferson Hope's cab home.
fic  gen  Sherlock  AU  short  awesome! 
february 2017
Transferrable Skills - El Staplador (elstaplador) - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
Temping: an underrated profession. Five things that Donna has learned in her time as an agency worker.
doctorwho  DonnaNoble  gen  fivethings 
february 2017
Motion Parallax - Laughsalot3412 - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
So, apparently Amy’s boss was part of a criminal gang. [post season-5, Amy gets to spend more time with her boss, his girlfriend and their (boyfriend) chef.]
fandom:leverage  Leverage  OutsidePOV  Eliot  Parker  Hardison 
february 2017
Seventh Crow - Chapter 1 - AlphaFlyer - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
A long life in intelligence has taught M one thing above all: Criminal organizations are like a tick embedded in the skin of humanity; you can never be sure you have pulled out the entire thing. What remains causes disease to take hold and fester. [4th in the "Second Mouse" series, and quite good: spies kicking ass in various parts of Europe]
avengers  crossover  JamesBond  series  Clint  Natasha  Natasha/Clint  genmostly  hetmaybe 
february 2017
Pretentiously Kawaii • unpretty: unpretty: tim drake’s snapchat is...
tim drake’s snapchat is 90% him making bruce wayne do normal middle-class american things and filming the results. popular youtube compilations include the one where they’re at denny’s at two in the morning and tim keeps trying to get bruce to order a moon over my hammy just so he’ll have to say it, the one where they’re at disneyworld and bruce gets increasingly frazzled culminating in him actually physically picking up gaston for reasons no one can entirely recall, and everyone’s favorite series “bruce wayne doesn’t understand walmart”
dcu  via:theautomaticlady  fic  f:DCU  f:Batman  gen  humor  'tumblr  epistolary/document-fic  via:esther_a 
january 2017
A Revolution's Revelation - Chapter 1 - sheafrotherdon - Ghostbusters (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
"They've learned over the last year and some to give Patty the lead when there's some sort of historical grudge at play. Your everyday jealousies, revenge killings, souls with unfinished business, and random demons they're all good at dealing with, but there's something about the long-gone that only Patty can handle." Or, Patty gives two ghosts a talking to we'd all like to have seen. With popcorn.
ghostbusters  fic  recme  via:neonhummingbird 
january 2017
Stories Told at Night - Tassos - Angel: the Series [Archive of Our Own]
Like the descriptions of the creatures, the customs vary, but they all share a core similarity centered on a series of gifts and the appearance of a person called a Night Man.
Spike  genmostly  crossover  UrsulaKLeGuin  lovely 
january 2017
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