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Trespass charges dropped against Atlantic Sunrise pipeline protesters | StateImpact Pennsylvania
A Lancaster County judge on Monday dismissed trespassing charges against seven protesters who blocked construction of the Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline almost two years ago.
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A Fracking-Driven Industrial Boom Renews Pollution Concerns in Pittsburgh - Yale E360
Once known as the Steel City, Pittsburgh is shedding its polluted past and embracing a rebirth built on health care, education, and technology. But the region’s surging fracking industry is attracting a $6 billion ethane plant and other petrochemical facilities, raising new pollution fears.
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march 2019 by bullfrogfilms
Big Oil must choose: bad guys or good guys on climate change [Editorial] - HoustonChronicle.com
The White House has withdrawn from the Paris Accord, rolled back the Clean Power Plan and appointed bad-faith climate change deniers to a federal climate panel. The United States needs to claim this leadership mantle, not only for the sake of saving the planet, but also to ensure that we remain the best place in the world for the energy industry.
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march 2019 by bullfrogfilms
Revealed: FBI kept files on peaceful climate change protesters | US news | The Guardian
A protest at a BP plant in Indiana landed three sixtysomething campaigners in a federal surveillance report, documents released to the Guardian under the Freedom on Information Act show
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december 2018 by bullfrogfilms
Fracking policies are wildly inconsistent across Australia, from gung-ho development to total bans
Fracking policies vary widely across Australia’s states and territories, and so do community attitudes. Our review of the literature on unconventional gas development in Australia reveals an inconsistent approach in how governments have responded to the industry. While coal seam gas extraction has proceeded almost unimpeded in Queensland, the industry was halted in its tracks in Victoria, with a permanent ban on fracking legislated in March this year.
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december 2018 by bullfrogfilms
'Keep it in the ground': what we can learn from anti-fossil fuel campaigns
From the fossil fuel divestment movement to the Stop Adani campaign, in recent years we’ve seen a wave of climate activism that directly targets fossil fuels — both the infrastructure used to produce, transport and consume them, and the corporations that finance, own and operate that infrastructure. What makes targeting fossil fuels so attractive for activists, and can we learn anything from them?
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november 2018 by bullfrogfilms
Plans to Turn America’s Rust Belt Into a New Plastics Belt Are Bad News for the Climate • The Revelator
An expanding petrochemical industry, thanks to fracked shale gas, could have big consequences for a warming planet.
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november 2018 by bullfrogfilms
An Environmental 9/11: the EPA’s Gutting of Methane Regulations
September 11 is already an annual day of mourning. But while the nation grieved over victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency announced a plan future generations may well grieve as a tragedy in its own right.
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september 2018 by bullfrogfilms
AMA Passes Resolution on Divesting from Fossil Fuels - Physicians for Social Responsibility
Good news: The American Medical Association has passed a resolution calling on itself to divest from companies that get the majority of their income from fossil fuels. The resolution was written by PSR’s own Todd Sack (PSR National board member and PSR/Florida), and was passed with the help and support of others including Peter Orris (PSR/Chicago).
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june 2018 by bullfrogfilms
Public Comments on Pipeline Plans May Be Slipping Through Cracks at FERC, Audit Says | InsideClimate News
An inspector general's report also raises concerns about transparency and public access to information at FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
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june 2018 by bullfrogfilms
David vs. Goliath: Church wins vote to force Range Resources to produce report | PennLive.com
A church with a minuscule stake in Range Resources has won shareholder approval of a resolution to force Pennsylvania's largest natural gas driller to produce a report on its effort to scale back methane emissions.
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may 2018 by bullfrogfilms
The Coal Industry Extracted a Steep Price From West… — ProPublica
“It’s déjà vu for the people who sat here 130 years ago and gave away our coal wealth to big out-of-state companies,” one state senator said. “That’s what we’re about to do again.”
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may 2018 by bullfrogfilms
Fracking Increases Risk of Asthma, Birth Defects and Cancer - Rolling Stone
"Our examination…uncovered no evidence that fracking can be practiced in a manner that does not threaten human health," states a blistering 266-page report released today by Concerned Health Professionals of New York and the Nobel Peace Prize-winning group, Physicians for Social Responsibility.
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march 2018 by bullfrogfilms
Landowners brace for eminent domain loss in PennEast pipeline cases | StateImpact Pennsylvania
Albertine Anthony has been living in the same picturesque Carbon County farmhouse since she was born 93 years ago, and she’s not going anywhere even if PennEast builds a natural gas pipeline across her land.
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march 2018 by bullfrogfilms
The village that took on the frackers | Environment | The Guardian
Documenting fracking protests in Kirby Misperton, photographer Gary Calton found a surprising mix of people uniting to protect Britain’s countryside
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february 2018 by bullfrogfilms
Radium again found in Allegheny River and tributaries | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Sediment from the Allegheny River and two Indiana County creeks contain high levels of radioactivity downstream from where treated wastewater from conventional gas well drilling operations is discharged, according to a new study.
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january 2018 by bullfrogfilms
To round out a year of rollbacks, the Trump administration just repealed key regulations on fracking - The Washington Post
The regulation from the Bureau of Land Management, which had been opposed by the oil and gas industry and tied up in court, would have tightened standards for well construction and wastewater management, required the disclosure of the chemicals contained in fracking fluids, and probably driven up the cost for many fracking activities.
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january 2018 by bullfrogfilms
New Methane Rules Called Just a Start - bctv.org - Community Media for Berks County and Reading, Pa.: Environment
HARRISBURG, Pa. - Clean air advocates want the Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection to strengthen rules for methane leaks from existing sources.

Environmental groups say last week's release of the final draft of permits to control emissions from new oil and gas wells, pipelines and compressor stations was an important step in the right direction.
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december 2017 by bullfrogfilms
Industrial Strength: How the U.S. Government Hid Fracking's Risks to Drinking Water | InsideClimate News
Winning these exemptions is at the heart of a successful strategy by the fossil fuel industry and its allies in Washington to limit environmental oversight of companies' operations. As a result, oil and gas drilling and production are exempt from laws regulating hazardous waste, chemical-laced runoff from well sites and toxic air pollution from well equipment.
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december 2017 by bullfrogfilms
After recent Mariner East 2 spills, DEP mulls ‘additional enforcement’ | StateImpact Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania’s environmental regulators are considering tougher restrictions on Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 pipeline project after a continuing series of drilling fluid spills and violations of environmental laws.
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november 2017 by bullfrogfilms
Map Reveals Pollution Dangers to PA Kids - bctv.org - Community Media for Berks County and Reading, Pa.: Environment
PITTSBURGH - Does your child go to school or daycare near an active oil or gas well? A new interactive map can help you find out.
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november 2017 by bullfrogfilms
Delaware River Basin Commission undecided on fracking policy - WFMZ
The Delaware River Basin Commission approved a resolution Wednesday giving its executive director the go-ahead to come up with revised drilling regulation. It could ban fracking completely. It could also include provisions allowing storage, treatment, and discharge of wastewater associated with fracking elsewhere.
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september 2017 by bullfrogfilms
Homeowners say Sunoco breached protective order during pipeline construction | StateImpact Pennsylvania
A group of Delaware County homeowners ramped up a war of words with Sunoco Pipeline on Thursday, accusing it of violating a court order that forbids company representatives from contacting residents during construction work for the Mariner East 2 pipeline.
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september 2017 by bullfrogfilms
DEP says Sunoco violated agreement on Mariner East 2 drilling | StateImpact Pennsylvania
Sunoco Pipeline violated a court-brokered agreement imposing new restrictions on drilling for its Mariner East 2 pipeline when it spilled drilling mud into at least three waterways, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection said on Tuesday.
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september 2017 by bullfrogfilms
Shell and Exxon face censure over claim gas was 'cleanest fossil fuel' | Environment | The Guardian
Dutch advertising watchdog’s ruling prompts company to change line to ‘least polluting fossil fuel’ as campaigners welcome action over ‘misleading’ ad
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august 2017 by bullfrogfilms
This Is What The End Of Shale Will Look Like
The Shale Revolution has a big problem. It is heavily dependent on institutional investors and lenders, and they are starting to lose interest in the business. Investment in shale has benefited from a Silicon Valley-like syndrome of focusing more on growth than profitability. But in the past similar strategies of growth-at-all-costs have led to busts. In a boom/bust industry like oil, businesses fall hard. When investors give up waiting for profits, they flee in unison, and when that happens, the Shale Revolution will end.
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august 2017 by bullfrogfilms
Oscar-Nominated Actor James Cromwell Speaks Out Before Jail Time for Peaceful Anti-Fracking Protest | Democracy Now!
Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell is reporting to jail at 4 p.m. today in upstate New York after he was sentenced to a week behind bars for taking part in a nonviolent protest against a natural gas-fired power plant. Cromwell says he’ll also launch a hunger strike. He was one of six activists arrested for blocking traffic at the sit-in outside the construction site of the 650-megawatt plant in Wawayanda, New York, in December of 2015. The activists say the plant would promote natural gas fracking in neighboring states and contribute to climate change.
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august 2017 by bullfrogfilms
Pipeline Payday: How Builders Win Big, Whether More Gas Is Needed or Not | InsideClimate News
Close corporate relationships between pipeline builders and gas buyers are allowing companies to reap higher profits while locking in emissions for years to come.
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august 2017 by bullfrogfilms
DEP issues few violations, one fine for Sunoco’s pipeline construction spills | StateImpact Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection has issued four Notices of Violation, one consent order and one fine to Sunoco Pipeline for dozens of drilling mud spills that occurred along the length of the Mariner East 2 pipeline construction project. The DEP released a statement on Friday describing its efforts to manage Sunoco’s construction of the 350-mile long pipeline where drilling has caused water-contamination incidents in recent weeks.
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july 2017 by bullfrogfilms
How a Small Town Is Standing Up to Fracking - Rolling Stone
Grant Township, Pennsylvania, population 741, has became the front line of a radical new environmental movement – and they're not backing down
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may 2017 by bullfrogfilms
Middletown residents sue Sunoco to stop pipeline, alleging violation of township ordinance | StateImpact Pennsylvania
Six residents of Middletown Township, Delaware County, are suing Sunoco Logistics, saying that its planned Mariner East 2 pipelines would violate a township ordinance that requires a pipeline to be at least 75 feet from occupied structures.
may 2017 by bullfrogfilms

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