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The do’s and don’ts in using Node.js to build APIs
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august 2018 by buk
Detecting Avengers superheroes in your iOS app with IBM Watson and CoreML
A handy list on Machine Learning for iOS:

📚 IBM Watson + Core ML guide👉🏼

📚 Intro to Core…
lp  chatbots  ibm  watson  azupi  mobilecheck 
may 2018 by buk
iOS: How to build a Table View with multiple cell types
🤔 How to build a Table View by @stan_ostrovskiy:

Part 1: with Multiple cell types👉
Part 2…
ios  tableview  azupi  mobilecheck  toread 
may 2018 by buk
Build it, Test it, Deliver it! Complete iOS Guide on Continuous Delivery with fastlane and Jenkins
🔎 Learn more about iOS Continuous Delivery:

> With fastlane and Jenkins by @KoromikoNeo: …
fastlane  azupi  mobilecheck  lp  development 
april 2018 by buk

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