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GitHub - tarun567/SpeakerBoxSwift: CallKit Sample project by Apple
CallKit Sample project by Apple. Contribute to tarun567/SpeakerBoxSwift development by creating an account on GitHub.
callkit  apple  samplecode  github  swift 
6 weeks ago by buk
5 reasons why Git based resume is awesome
1. Portability
2. Pull Requests
3. Easier to design
4. Less management cost
5. Stack free
{ author: }
resume  azupi  github  from twitter_favs
april 2018 by buk
Duplicating a repository - User Documentation
Back up a BARE git repository using "mirror".
github  git  clone  mirror  repository 
april 2017 by buk
jenstornell/kirby-plugins: Kirby plugins from getkirby.com. Extensions, fields and widgets
Have you seen this unofficial directory of more than 162 Kirby plugins yet? So cool!
github  kirby  plugins  list  code  cms 
march 2016 by buk
Find your github user id
Enter your github.com username and the tool will show you your github id.
github  api  userid 
november 2014 by buk
A set of vim, zsh, git, and tmux configuration files.
github  shell  git  vim  todo 
august 2014 by buk

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