Adding Playgrounds to your Xcode Project
Since the addition of Swift, one of my favorite new features has been the Playground. These are great for rapid iteration on an idea until we get it just right. Unfortunately, sometimes we want to…
16 days ago
Swift Generics Tutorial: Getting Started
Learn to write functions and data types whilst making minimal assumptions. Swift generics allow for cleaner code with fewer bugs.
18 days ago
Introducing 1Password 6.6 for Mac
I’ve been a license holder since the beginning. In fact, I’m pretty sure I got the first license we ever made!

If you’re a longtime license holder of 1Password like I was, I’m sure you’re wondering what all the hullabaloo is over our new service. I’m glad you asked and I’m happy to unlock that mystery for you!
27 days ago
Building an Universal Framework
Mobile developer, kart aficionado, cinephile and musician in spare times. Not necessarily in that order.
5 weeks ago
iOS App Review Sites – 170+ Sites That Review iPhone And Apps
A traffic ranked listing of iPhone and iPad app review sites with contact links to help developers promote their iOS apps. Last Updated (1/26/2017)
6 weeks ago
How do I make UILabel display outlined text?
All I want is a one pixel black border around my white UILabel text. I got as far as subclassing UILabel with the code below, which I clumsily cobbled together from a few tangentially related onl...
6 weeks ago
iOS Font List
Discover every installed and downloadable iOS font on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
6 weeks ago
Easily access your latest run apps on iOS Simulators. Explore folders, edit Core Data content, and much more!
10 weeks ago
Best local multiplayer games of 2016
Because Mario Party isn’t enough to ruin your friendships
10 weeks ago
Calendar 366 for Mac
r only $10 it was a small investment with a big payoff. The CPU and memory footprint are small and it does exactly what I need it to.
11 weeks ago
Mini metro maps
tures small and simplified maps of over 200 metro and light rail
11 weeks ago
How Apple Alienated Mac Loyalists
Inside the company, the once iconic computer is getting far less attention than it once did.
december 2016
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