Cheap pattern printing in the UK
sewing  patterns  printing  pdf 
april 2018
Small b blogging
A great call to arms by Tom to write (and read) small, personal blog posts. As a 'small b' blogger myself, it can be disheartening to hear people talking about the death of blogging, but Tom reminds us that there is tremendous value, both for the reader and writer, in writing about things that genuinely interest you. I rarely look at my stats these days, but I often get emails from people who have found one of my posts useful or interesting, often a long time after I originally published it.
blogging  writing 
march 2018
Netlify: All-in-one-platform for automating modern web projects
I've noticed a few people mentioning Netlify now. I haven't tried it, but it looks like a great solution for hosting static web sites for those who don't want the bother of running a server. I run my sites from Linode, but I'm tempted to try this out anyway because it seems so convenient.
webhosting  static 
august 2017
Two Scoops of Django 1.11
Seems to be a comprehensive and accessible book on best practices with Django.
python  django  reading 
july 2017
How to make a Flask blog in one hour or less
There are a lot of tutorials for Flask (a Python web framework), but this is simple enough to follow along with, but introduces enough concepts to help you get to the next stage.
webdev  python  coding  flask 
july 2017
This looks like an interesting service for running Docker images. I'm just starting to look at Docker, so I'll keep this in mind for future reference.
docker  webdev 
july 2017
These are really nice looking keyboard kits, with lots of options for layout. I like the fact that they are small, but have dedicated arrow and page up/down buttons.
hardware  keyboards 
may 2017
RANDOM.ORG - True Random Number Service
RANDOM.ORG offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.
work  experiments  services  statistics 
january 2017
I wore men’s clothes for a month – and it changed my life - The F-Word
This is a really interesting perspective about the impact that your clothes have on others' attitude to you, and your own confidence. I feel the same way in many respects, only I get that kind of confidence wearing clothes that fit me properly, have ample pockets, and are my favourite colour and style, because I made them myself. I can completely see the appeal of adopting menswear for work though.
style  feminism  from instapaper
january 2017
The Eve of St Agnes by Harry Cory Wright
We saw this gorgeous, serene photograph as an installation while on holiday in Norfolk. It was displayed as a huge print, alone in a garden shed. There was a wooden bench in front of the photograph, and you were invited to really look at this one photograph. It was glorious. It looks good here, but in the flesh, it's something else. I also love his coastal photographs here, which also seem to me to capture that feeling of just sitting in one location and focussing on what it feels like to be there.
art  photography 
september 2015
Numi ‒ Beautiful calculator app for Mac
If you need a scratchpad for doing quick calculations or convertions, Numi is brilliant. It has some really useful features, and is very intuitive to use. I use it all the time.
apps  macosx 
august 2015
Social Issues: A Woman in Uniform
A thoughtful, thought-provoking glimpse into what it feels like to be a female police officer today in the US.
july 2015
Field Cycles
My goodness. These chaps in Sheffield make the most gorgeous custom bikes I've seen. I have a feeling I couldn't afford one, but they are delightful, particularly the single speeds. Such great attention to detail.
july 2015
An introduction to Magit, an Emacs mode for Git
This is a useful and clear guide to using Magit mode in Emacs to interface with git. I have found Magit rather opaque to use, so this is helpful in getting the most out of it.
june 2015
VanDragt.com - Microblogging with WordPress and Twitter
A useful tutorial giving detail of how to use WordPress with IFTTT to automate microblog style posting.
howto  blogging 
june 2015
I need to try this out. It seems like a good way to get apps that don't have built-in notifications to do what you want, and it integrates with IFTTT.
ios  notifications 
june 2015
This note-taking application looks like a nice, clean way to produce notes and syncs with Evernote.
software  macosx 
february 2015
Using one text editor for everything
Jeff Hunsberger picks Sublime Text 3 for his one true text editor
gtd  macosx  editors 
december 2014
Control Rdio from Vim
Vim plugin to control Rdio
cli  vim  editors 
december 2014
On Logbooks
Some interesting thoughts on keeping a logbook of work done.
productivity  gtd 
november 2014
Vintage Pilot MYU Fountain Pen - 1976 - F Nib — The Clicky Post
This looks like a lovely pen. I like the smaller size when capped, and I think it would suit me well.
october 2014
A utility somewhat like GeekTool for displaying information on your desktop. Allows greater visual customisation than GeekTool, through Javascript, HTML and CSS.
desktop  macox  geek 
august 2014
Creating Distraction-Free Reading Experiences
Some sensible recommendations here on designing to help people focus on reading.
july 2014
Spillo | Bananafish Software
This is a very nice OS X client for the Pinboard bookmarking service. The AppleScript interface is particularly welcome for rapid saving of bookmarks.
macox  software  pinboard 
july 2014
Mary Beard · The Public Voice of Women
Fascinating article about the historical origins of public speaking, and how it is seen as an exclusively male domain.
history  feminist 
february 2014
Acme Plumbing - Packages - Package Control
Make text clickable (actionable) in Sublime Text.
app  coding  editor  sublimetext 
february 2014
Plain Text, Papers, Pandoc - Kieran Healy
A great introduction to building academic papers from plain text. There are some great tips here , even if you already have a similar workflow.
markdown  academic  writing  tips  from instapaper
january 2014
Patrick Stadler : Homebrew's new feature: Brewfiles
Brewfiles are a kind of Makefile for Homebrew, useful for setting up a new machine with a common set of command line tools.
coding  command-line  mac 
december 2013
Vim-style cursor navigation in any program using KeyRemap4MacBook
This is absolutely brilliant if you like to use Vi-style navigation in everything. Hat-tip to @vowels.
mac  hack  keyboard  vim 
october 2013
Koken - Creative website publishing
A really nice looking framework for running a photoblog or portfolio. Can be self-hosted.
photography  webdesign  application  blog 
september 2013
Quickly navigate your filesystem from the command-line
I currently use Autojump, but this seems pretty nifty and would work well once you got it set up.
commandline  shell  terminal  tips 
august 2013
Converting from Aperture 3 to Lightroom 3 – Importing your Aperture Files into Lightroom
This was extremely useful in step 1 of my migration from Aperture to Lightroom. I ended up saving my JPG files as they were, rather than converting to TIFF though, which saved a lot of space.
photography  tips  software 
august 2013
Shiori - Pinboard and Delicious OS X client
A really nice OS X client for Pinboard or Delicious. Very fast with a minimal interface, but allows easy searching and adding of bookmarks.
software  macosx  bookmarking 
august 2013
Sublime Packages
A nicely searchable list of packages for the Sublime Text editor.
macosx  sublime_text  editor  text  development  software 
august 2013
Responsive Design Testing
Useful tool that allows you to load a URL and view the results at viewport sizes corresponding to that used by iPads, iPhones and other smaller phone screens. Very handy when testing responsive designs.
design  mobile  html  web-design 
june 2013
beets: the music geek’s media organizer
An interesting Python-based multi-function utility to organise, clean up and play your music files.
python  music  mp3  command-line 
may 2013
When and why I automate
Great article from Dr. Drang on the reasons for automating repetitive tasks.
geek  automation  coding 
may 2013
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python
A useful guide to developing in Python, from setting up your environment to coding style.
python  coding  development  programming 
april 2013
Code Style — The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python
A good summary of coding style and idioms in Python
python  coding 
march 2013
A window arrangement utility a bit like Moom with a lot more power and configurability. As a result, it has a bit of a steep learning curve, but it's worth putting the effort in.
mac  osx  tools  utility  windowmanager 
february 2013
The Quiet Ones - NYTimes.com
The protocol of the Quiet Car on Amtrak. If only things were so civilised on the Quiet Carriages on UK trains.
essay  noise 
january 2013
Hacking a Raspberry Pi into a wireless airplay speaker - Jordan Burgess
This looks like a fun and relatively easy hack. Might give it a try!
audio  raspberrypi  music  geek  hack 
january 2013
An open version of photo hosting sites like Flickr that allows you to host your photos anywhere you like. Also seems to have a good API. Worth investigating.
photography  web-app 
november 2012
Learnable Programming
This is a really perceptive and intelligent essay. There are some wonderful ideas and insights here. Plus, there's an old video about Seymour Papert's Logo Turtle which will bring a lump to your throat: young kids getting genuinely excited about teaching themselves to draw dodecahedra with a robot turtle. It's a thing of beauty. As someone who has tried (with varying degrees of success) to teach herself a variety of programming languages without formal training, I can only nod my head enthusiastically at everything he said.
learning  programming  science  teaching 
november 2012
Capture Camera Clip System | Peak Design
Clever clip-in quick-release system to attach cameras to belts or rucksack straps.
camera  photography 
october 2012
Get Mountain Lion and Homebrew to Be Happy — Gist
Instructions for fixing homebrew on Mountain Lion. I found these steps worked fine for me, and I didn't have to reinstall any of my brews.
macosx  cli 
july 2012
numbers.vim -- better line numbers for vim
A small but nifty plugin that switches from relative to absolute line numbering when you go from normal mode to insert mode. This makes relative numbering really useful for me.
plugin  vim  command-line 
july 2012
A Clean Slate
A collection of settings for setting up a new Mac. Seems like a useful resource for all those little things you tend to forget.
mac  workflow  install 
june 2012
Series: Unix as IDE « Arabesque
A very informative series of posts, with lots of good tips on using Unix tools together.
cli  programming  unix  vim 
june 2012
✚ Review: Reeder 3 for iPhone
Very thorough review of the excellent new version of Reeder. Fever integration is great!
app  iphone  rss 
june 2012
Les Très Riches Heures de Mrs Mole: A Real-Life Ronald Searle Love Story | Brain Pickings
This is just lovely: a book containing little paintings Ronald Searle made every day for his wife who was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, back in 1969.
april 2012
Top Tube Map of Traffic-Free Cycle Routes in Birmingham
Useful for working out how the routes intersect, though you probably need a standard map to work out how to actually navigate them.
april 2012
Wytze van Mansum - Industrial Design Engineering
The Cannondale Dutchess: a concept bike based on an updating of the classic Omafiets Dutch bicycle. I hope this goes into production as it looks as if it would be a terrific commuting bike.
bike  cycling  design 
january 2012
Plot.io - Data Visualization made Fast, Fun and Easy
This looks potentially interesting. I use R for analysis and plotting graphs as a rule but this might be handy for quick plots.
statistics  data  web-app 
december 2011
Brew Methods — Home
An enormous collection of methods of making coffee in different styles and with different apparatus (Aeropress, Chemex, Turkish etc.)
coffee  howto 
november 2011
Screenfly by QuirkTools — Test Your Website at Different Screen Resolutions
Useful webapp for testing website layouts at different screen sizes.
web-design  web-app  html  html5 
october 2011
A Low Impact Woodland Home
Oh my. A Hobbit house which is also eco-friendly and low impact. I would love this. Then I could live like a Hobbit as well as looking like one!
architecture  green  eco 
october 2011
Quick Tip: This command line trick is tops - Brett Terpstra
I had no idea about the command 'tops', which performs batch search and replace operations on text files. It seems much more accessible to me than other similar tools.
commandline  apple  text 
september 2011
org-mode In Your Pocket Is a GNU-Shaped Devil :: dot unplanned
I have dabbled with org-mode, so this sad story is familiar, but you could substitute just about any other tweaky, option-laden system and it would be equally apt. These are all rabbit holes I have fallen down.
emacs  geek  org-mode 
august 2011
My Name Is Me | Supporting your freedom to choose the name you use on social networks and other online services.
Interesting commentaries on the value of pseudonymous or other chosen names online, and on online identities generally. This is interesting to me for obvious reasons!
identity  social-network 
august 2011
Red Sweater Blog – Restore Safari’s Downloads Keyboard Shortcut
Restore the ability to toggle the Safari downloads popover window using a keystroke in Lion. Also works very nicely in a Keyboard Maestro macro.
applescript  lion  osx  tips  safari 
july 2011
Tips and Tricks for Keyboard Maestro
Some useful tips, updated for Keyboard Maestro 5. I particularly like the 'Roll a Hyperdice' macro.
mac  utilities  automation  scripting 
july 2011
Marked: MultiMarkdown preview, everywhere
This is a great new application which does one thing very beautifully: it previews a dropped markdown file, and updates when the file is saved. You can have the window open next to your editor window, and get a Markdown preview plus word/character/line count for free, with any editor.
macosx  markdown  editors  apps 
july 2011
Edward Tuftes Slopegraphs
Very interesting discussion of Edward Tufte's rarely-used 'slopegraphs'.
statistics  visualization  data 
july 2011
eBook self-publishing made easy, by the look of it.
book  kindle  pdf  publishing 
june 2011
Egg Freckles | Burning A Lion Boot Disc
One to squirrel away for July: how to burn a Lion boot disc using the App Store download. There are times when I'm travelling and don't have internet access that being able to reinstall from a DVD or USB stick would be vital.
macosx  lion  howto 
june 2011
extradite.vim: a git commit browser
Browse commit log for current file within git (works with fugitive)
git  vim 
june 2011
A Web-to-Evernote Workflow that Works Everywhere
I had no idea that you could share to other services in Instapaper when you 'like' an article. This is really handy. The only drawback is that it doesn't seem to preserve the original link of the article in the way that clipping from a webpage directly does.
notes  evernote  mac  instapaper  bookmarking 
may 2011
Forkbombr Guest Post: Markdown is the new Word 5.1
I agree with this wholeheartedly, except that I use pandoc to convert my Markdown - it's more flexible and can do sophisticated things like citations and tables effortlessly. The only sticking point is having to convert it to Word to share it with colleagues.
markdown  writing 
may 2011
Laptop size, weight, and power
Good summary of the strengths of the MacBook Air, and getting a computer that does what you actually need it to do.
apple  laptop  macintosh  from instapaper
may 2011
Fracture | Glass Photos
These look like an interesting and sleek way to display photographs.
photographs  products  art 
may 2011
Safari Pinboard Extension // chipwreck
I've tried a few Safari extensions for adding pinboard.in bookmarks, but this is the best (apart from the dedicated Delibar extension).
pinboard  safari  extension 
may 2011
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