Backblaze Blog » Farming hard drives: 2 years and $1M later
RT : It is fascinating to see just how predictable the cost/GB for spinning hard drives has been over time.
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november 2013
Researchers May Have Discovered SuperStaph's Origins
I knew it! MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) most likely came to be through pigs.
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february 2012
Shady for Mac
GREAT UTILITY for decreasing the brightness on all of your displays
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january 2012
Warco: an FPS where you hold a camera instead of a gun
Warco: an FPS where you hold a camera instead of a gun That's a great idea!
january 2012
China Says Western Digital Buying Hitachi Unit Hurts Competition - Businessweek
China Says Western Digital Buying Hitachi Unit Hurts Competition Glad to hear it! I like Hitachi just the way it is.
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december 2011
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