TEIMA | Quarto Azul
A TEIMA encontra-se às portas de uma das internacionalmente conhecidas Rotas Vicentinas e a minutos de praias deslumbrantes – Carvalhal, Alteirinhos, Zambujeira do Mar, Amália, Odeceixe, Amoreira, Arrifana e mais aquelas que ninguém conhece por serem tão especiais e secretas.
turismo  portugal 
7 days ago
Work | Upstatement
Upstatement is a digital studio that imagines and builds exceptional digital experiences.
agency  science 
7 days ago
godaddy-wordpress/go: The most flexible Gutenberg-first WordPress theme built for go-getters everywhere.
The most flexible Gutenberg-first WordPress theme built for go-getters everywhere. - godaddy-wordpress/go
wordpress  theme  themes  godaddy  gutenberg 
9 days ago
bringhome - npm
Download a web page to a local directory
npm  bringhome  webpage 
9 days ago
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One of the most intriguing things about the ancient world is just how much range people had. Aristotle was more than a professional philosopher. He was politically active (traveling and advising Alexander the Great).
4 weeks ago
36 CSS Link Style & Hover Effect Examples – Bashooka
So here are 36 CSS Link Styles & Hover Effects that you can use for inspiration to enhance the user experience of navigating your website or app.
text-decoration  links 
5 weeks ago
Print To CSS | Website and blog of Front-end developer and web designer, Dan Davies
My name is Dan Davies, an experienced and highly skilled web designer and front-end developer from Flintshire, North Wales and currently working in Cheshire. Specialising in Web Design, WordPress, HTML, CSS3 and Sass, I build responsive websites that incorporate modern, clean code and am a big advocate of the content first approach. I have worked for some large digital agencies and with some very well known brands.
css  grid  grids  layout  cssgrid 
5 weeks ago
Your body's hidden language: How smell reveals more than you ever knew | New Scientist
We can sniff out fear, find solace in the smell of a loved one, breathe in the scent of happiness. How we're deciphering the subliminal signals of human scent I AM standing in a bright and airy converted barn in the English countryside sniffing vials of pure armpit odour.
6 weeks ago
One-bedroom Cottage in Alentejo - São Lourenço do Barrocal
Esta casa (175 m2) dá acesso a um terraço exterior (60 m2), oferecendo vistas para a paisagem rural, o antigo ovil e a vida no monte. O seu quarto espaçoso possui uma casa de banho com cabine de duche e banheira de imersão autónoma, dois lavatórios e aquecimento por pavimento radiante.
7 weeks ago
Create a Full Spectrum Spirograph in Adobe… | Veerle's Blog 4.0
There is a lot of beauty we can achieve in design using a bit of math and geometry. Think about the creation of spirographs. They look complex and…
illustrator  pieters  tutorials  vector 
8 weeks ago
Carlo Rovelli, o físico que pode vir a provar que o Big Bang não foi o princípio de tudo: “O LSD abriu a minha mente” – Observador...
Há um problema no mundo que ainda ninguém conseguiu resolver. Stephen Hawking tentou, mas em vão. É que há duas formas de explicar como é que o Universo funciona.
Archive  carlo  rovelli 
8 weeks ago
Lorenzo de’ Medici, um dos últimos descendentes dos poderosos nobres italianos, vive em Portugal: “Foi terrível crescer nesta família” – O...
Os Médicis sempre viveram rodeados de mistérios e intrigas, ao que dizem os livros. E eram conhecidos como envenenadores, o que constitui uma lenda negra que os inimigos dos Médicis criaram. Ficámos no poder durante 300 anos e viemos não de uma classe nobre, de aristocratas, mas do povo.
Archive  medici 
8 weeks ago
Marcus Aurelius on Embracing Mortality and the Key to Living with Presence – Brain Pickings
“When you realize you are mortal you also realize the tremendousness of the future. You fall in love with a Time you will never perceive,” the great Lebanese poet, painter, and philosopher Etel Adnan wrote in her beautiful meditation on time, self, impermanence, and transcendence.
9 weeks ago
Is there too much to know to be an effective designer? • Modernist Studio
Design is a full-bodied discipline. We’re letting new entrants to the profession just scratch the surface. When I was an undergrad, I took a class with Randy Pausch called Programming Usable Interfaces. One of the first things he did was give us all a free book called Usability Engineering.
Archive  design  designer  learning 
9 weeks ago
“Quando a Penumbra Vem” | Jaume Cabré | deusmelivro
Nascido em Barcelona no ano de 1947, Jaume Caubré levou já para casa diversos prémios literários da crítica espanhola e internacional.
10 weeks ago
Designing accessible color systems
How we designed a color system with hand-picked, vibrant colors that also met standards for accessibility and contrast.
color  contrast-ratio  hue 
11 weeks ago
JAMstack Tools and The Spectrum of Classification | CSS-Tricks
With the wonderful world of JAMstack getting big, all the categories of services and tools that help it along are as important as ever. There are static
frontend  jamstack  static-site-generator  webdev 
11 weeks ago
Alberto Manguel: “A diferença entre catecismo e literatura é que o catecismo dá-nos respostas e a literatura dá-nos perguntas” – Obs...
— Sabes, eu também pensava que os Unicórnios eram monstros fabulosos! Nunca tinha visto um vivo! — Bem, agora já nos vimos um ao outro — constatou o Unicórnio. Se acreditares em mim, eu acredito em ti. De acordo?”
Archive  alberto  manguel 
11 weeks ago
Adaptive Photo Layout with Flexbox | CSS-Tricks
Let’s take a look at a super lightweight way to create a horizontal masonry effect for a set of arbitrarily-sized photos. Throw any set of photos at it,
photo  flexbox  masonry  gallery  layout  css-tricks 
11 weeks ago
Which country has the most highly skilled workers in the world? | World Economic Forum
For a country that fits into the state of California 10 times, Switzerland punches above its weight when it comes to global competitiveness. In the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Competitiveness Report, it comes in fifth overall - but tops the ranking for skills.
Archive  education  learning 
12 weeks ago
Git-backed CMS for Gatsby, Gridsome, Eleventy, Hugo, VuePress, Jekyll, etc. | Forestry.io
Content management system for sites built with static site generators. Get the speed, security, and reliability of static and the power of a Headless CMS. /
cms  static  hugo  webdev  jekyll 
12 weeks ago
Best Practices in Designing University Websites - Clique Studios - Web Design & Development in Chicago and Denver
University sites are some of the most subtly complex around: hundreds of pages, dozens of departments, different audiences (prospective students, current students, staff, faculty, parents), all with competing priorities. It’s a recipe for a confusing site and a frustrated user.
Archive  redesign 
12 weeks ago
Books are good for your brain. These techniques will help you read more.
Turn yourself into a bookworm. Reading books can exercise your brain and even boost your emotional intelligence. Despite this, about a quarter of all Americans haven’t read a book in the last year and our overall book-reading time is on the decline. In the new year, it’s time to buck this trend.
12 weeks ago
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you told someone you had discovered an operating system for being a good human being — how to solve the problems of life, how to manage our tempers, where to find meaning, and how to think about death — most people would perk up and lean in. Of course they would.
Archive  philosophy  ryan  holliday 
12 weeks ago
Living on the blockchain is a game changer for Estonian citizens — Quartz
Estonia is often described as a genuinely digital society. Today a majority of government services are offered 24/7 online, and data integrity is ensured by blockchain technology.
Archive  digital  estonia  governance 
12 weeks ago
Your brain does not process information and it is not a computer | Aeon Essays
No matter how hard they try, brain scientists and cognitive psychologists will never find a copy of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the brain – or copies of words, pictures, grammatical rules or any other kinds of environmental stimuli. The human brain isn’t really empty, of course.
Archive  brain  computation 
october 2019
Why Don’t Rich People Just Stop Working? - The New York Times
Are the wealthy addicted to money, competition, or just feeling important? Yes. It’s an idea that’s going around. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder who is worth close to $70 billion, is apparently open to it.
october 2019
Buy new storage furniture legs for IKEA - Prettypegs
Upgrade your storage furniture with new legs. Our replacement legs fits perfect for various brands - such as IKEA.
ikea  hacks  dyi 
october 2019
Heuristics for Living - Christina Wodtke - Medium
If you don’t know what a heuristic is, it’s a short phrase that reminds you of a body of experience. It’s a rule of thumb that lets you make better decisions. Here is a list of some that I run my life by. I figured each one out the hard way.
october 2019
Writing is Thinking: Learning to Write with Confidence
If you told me 5 years ago that I would one day lead a 20-person Publications team or have a personal blog that’s read by hundreds of thousands, I would’ve laughed in surprise. Yet somehow, I’ve found myself in that reality. Here we are.
Archive  tips  writing 
october 2019
Malcolm Gladwell's 'Talking to Strangers' Doesn't Say Much - The Atlantic
It’s a bit embarrassing to finish a book by Malcolm Gladwell—master of the let me take you by the hand prose style, dealer in the simple and unmistakable thesis—and realize you don’t quite know what he’s driving at. Gladwell’s method is well established and, you would think, fail-safe.
Archive  malcom  gladwell 
october 2019
10 best Chrome extensions for designers - UX Collective
As designers, we’re almost always searching for new tips, tricks, and tools to help speed-up and improve our workflow. After a few months of testing out Chrome extensions, I’ve compiled a list of…
chrome  extensions 
october 2019
Essentials for your daily round - Mukama
Personal accessories that will quickly become an important part of your daily life.
accessories  wallets  edc  keys  stores  slings  waistbags 
october 2019
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Almost a century ago, a book was published that everyone should have read — but unfortunately most people, especially Americans, haven’t. The Great Transformation by Karl Polanyi. Now, this essay isn’t really about that book — but it’s opposite. So let me crudely summarize it.
october 2019
Inside Co-Star: the app that’s feeding millennials’ fascination with astrology - The Verge
In a white-walled, cement-floored room on the sixth floor of an office building in Chinatown, a handful of young content creators and engineers gather each day to put thousands of years of astrological knowledge into an algorithm.
october 2019
The Surprising and Sobering Science of How We Gain and Lose Influence
“We rise in power and make a difference in the world due to what is best about human nature, but we fall from power due to what is worst.” Art by Shaun Tan for a special edition of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Thoreau wrote as he contemplated how silence ennobles speech.
october 2019
BBC - Travel - A 60,000-year-old cure for depression
There I was, on a cold but bright day in late autumn, wearing nothing but my bathing suit, lying on a pile of kangaroo skins and engulfed in plumes of smouldering leaves from a peppermint tree by the banks of a sacred river. Kwoorabup has been a place of ceremony for thousands of years.
october 2019
Pack Hacker | The Best Gear for Travel
We believe the best trips start with quality gear. We find & test products with the best form, function, and aesthetic for leisure and business travel.
package  waistbags  slings  travel  minimalism 
october 2019
GRID: A simple visual cheatsheet for CSS Grid Layout
Learn all about the properties available in CSS Grid Layout through simple visual examples.
grid  layout  cssgrid  css  cheatsheet  reference  css-grid 
september 2019
21wallpaper - Download curated wallpapers for you screen
Download illustrated background wallpapers for your phone and desktop
Wallpaper  iphone  macbook  desktop 
september 2019
Grid Experiment No. 2
Recreation of a print layout from The Intelligent Lifestyle Magazine book using CSS Grid....
grid  grids  css  layout 
september 2019
Home · We Learn Code
Ali Spittel's friendly guides to your biggest coding questions.
learning  code  programmer  programming 
september 2019
Art on Words - Art Prints on Vintage Book Pages
We create unique art pieces on vintage book pages. Art on Words - The Second Life of Forgotten Books! Authentic Home Design with Free Worldwide Shipping!
poster  posters  illustration  collage  illustrator  gallery  shopping 
september 2019
Home | Ellie F-P
Original limited edition prints from Ellie Foreman-Peck. Free Shipping/P&P worldwide All prints sent out within a week.
illustrator  illustrations  art  poster  gallery  shopping 
september 2019
“Trabalhar até às 18h ou 19h todos os dias? ‘Sorry’, isso simplesmente não é natural” – Observador
Em entrevista, Nadim Habib diz que as empresas têm de ser geridas com mais "ciência" e "menos heroísmo". Esta é uma das (muitas) coisas em Portugal que "irritam profundamente" o professor da Nova SBE.
september 2019
Semplice | How to hire a UX designer or get a UX design job
Learn what UX designers do, how to know if you need one and what to look for in a UX designer's portfolio.
ux  designer  portfolio  profiles 
september 2019
Shop | Limited Edition Screenprints | Print Club London
Shop the entire Print Club London print collection. Limited Edition Screenprints. Buy affordable prints online.
print  gallery  illustrator  illustrations  fine-art  art  artwork  prints 
september 2019
Andrea Kollar
Andrea Kollar is an Austrian born artist, illustrator and art director.
artwork  gallery  illustration  illustrator  posters  art 
september 2019
Form design: from zero to hero all in one blog post by Adam Silver, designer based in London, UK.
90 percent of the problems found in forms solved in a few hundred precious words.
form  forms  ui  ux  accessibility  design 
september 2019
SHOP — L O U ®
Official shop for Hola Lou® prints, paintings and original artworks.
painting  artist  minimalist  gallery  shopping  prints  art  artwork 
september 2019
Tolentino Mendonça: “Achava que tinha sonhado que o Papa me tinha convidado para orientar o retiro” – Observador
Tolentino Mendonça, que orientou o retiro anual do Papa Francisco, lembra a infância e juventude entre Angola e Madeira e conta como preparou em segredo, durante três meses, as meditações para o Papa. O pedido, inédito e singular, era irrecusável.
Archive  entrevista  observador  tolentino  mendonça 
september 2019
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