Fiasco Playsets: The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG
Fiasco Playsets, The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG
fiasco  games  rpg 
8 hours ago
Simple Collaborative Mind Maps & Flow Charts - Coggle
The clear way to share complex information. Coggle is a collaborative mind-mapping tool that helps you make sense of complex things. Create unlimited mind maps and easily share them with friends and colleagues.
10 hours ago
Front-end Developer Handbook 2019 - Learn the entire JavaScript, CSS and HTML development practice!
This is a guide that everyone can use to learn about the practice of front-end development.
javascript  front-end 
5 days ago
Python Objects
The classic from the effbot.
5 days ago
Goodbye Virtual Environments? – Chad Smith – Medium
If you’re a Python developer you’ve likely heard of Virtual Environments. A Virtual Environment is “a self-contained directory tree that contains a Python installation for a particular version of…
python  virtualenv 
11 days ago
Python Development in Visual Studio Code (Setup Guide) – Real Python
Learn how to set up Visual Studio Code for Python development. By following examples, you'll cover everything from installing and configuring VSCode, to running tests and debugging Python apps.
visual-studio  python 
13 days ago
SharePoint development overview | Microsoft Docs
What kinds of development can you do with SharePoint?
microsoft  sharepoint 
14 days ago
jamiehannaford/what-happens-when-k8s: 🤔 What happens when I type kubectl run?
🤔 What happens when I type kubectl run? Contribute to jamiehannaford/what-happens-when-k8s development by creating an account on GitHub.
kubernetes  docker  architecture 
15 days ago
postgrespro/zson: ZSON is a PostgreSQL extension for transparent JSONB compression
ZSON is a PostgreSQL extension for transparent JSONB compression. Compression is based on a shared dictionary of strings most frequently used in specific JSONB documents [...] In some cases ZSON can save half of your disk space and give you about 10% more TPS.
json  postgresql  database 
20 days ago
Dramatiq: simple task processing — Dramatiq 1.5.0 documentation
Dramatiq is a distributed task processing library for Python with a focus on simplicity, reliability and performance.
python  distributed  queue  rabbitmq  redis 
20 days ago
Scalability Solutions: Managing a System’s Growth Spurts
Almost all systems will undergo some kind of growth spurt during the course of their lives, and every successful system will likely have multiple period of intense — and sometimes unexpected —…
scalability  architecture  operability 
22 days ago
Ramblings from Jessie: Defining a Distinguished Engineer
A summary of how I would define a distinguished engineer or technical fellow.
leadership  engineering  tech-leadership 
22 days ago
andrewharmellaw/wardley-maps-book: You know Simon Wardley's medium posts on his Wardley Mapping technique? This is an AsciiDoc of them.
You know Simon Wardley's medium posts on his Wardley Mapping technique? This is an AsciiDoc of them. - andrewharmellaw/wardley-maps-book
wardley-maps  pdf  mobi  ebook  strategy 
25 days ago
Statistics at DWP - Department for Work and Pensions - GOV.UK
We publish statistics on benefits, pensions, employment programmes, income distribution and other subjects we are responsible for.
dwp  statistics 
25 days ago
Stevey's Google Platforms Rant
Stevey's Google Platforms Rant. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
engineering-principals  platform-thinking 
26 days ago
18F/development-guide: A set of guidelines and best practices for an awesome engineering team
A set of guidelines and best practices for an awesome engineering team - 18F/development-guide
28 days ago
tup | Home
Tup is a file-based build system for Linux, OSX, and Windows. It inputs a list of file changes and a directed acyclic graph (DAG), then processes the DAG to execute the appropriate commands required to update dependent files. Updates are performed with very little overhead since tup implements powerful build algorithms to avoid doing unnecessary work.
build  make  tools  buildsystem 
4 weeks ago
Pyspread - Pyspread
Pyspread is a non-traditional spreadsheet application.
python  spreadsheet 
5 weeks ago
Learn X in Y Minutes: Scenic Programming Language Tours
Lots and lots of quick-starts come cheatsheets, for many many languages and tools.
tutorial  cheatsheet 
5 weeks ago
Map § key to escape with Karabiner
Hey, I find myself lacking physical escape button on new MacBook Pro. It's confusing to use escape button on touch bar, but right below that there is a button I don't use at all: § (and +/- sign). Is there a way to map that key to escape?
mac  keyboard  karabiner 
5 weeks ago
No frills data warehousing with dbt
pre code, pre, code { white-space: pre !important; overflow-x: scroll !important; word-break: keep-all !important; word-wrap: initial !important; } ETL with ease Analytics databases more often than not contain a multitude of tables and views, depicting facts, dimensions or aggregate statistics. Responsibility for the underlying data pipelines traditionally belonged to Data Architects or Data Engineers. However modern tools like dbt are lowering the barrier to doing ETL.
To use dbt, ...
elt  python  data  data-warehouse 
5 weeks ago
VisiData is an open source powertool for exploring and manipulating data. It combines the clarity of a spreadsheet, the efficiency of the terminal, and the power of Python, into a lightweight utility which can handle millions of rows with ease.
cli  data  terminal  python  csv  xls  sqlite  tool  utility 
5 weeks ago
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