Possible Swatting Victim Killed in Raid in WIchita, Kansas
Police need to 1) more thoroughly vett swat call ins
2) revamp them to BE FUCKING LESS LETHAL
7 weeks ago
Cops tried to intimidate rape accuser out of pressing charges: lawyer | New York Post
fucking FUCKERS we need to tear down police in this country and rebuild from SCRATCH. 50% women, match local demographics and NOT ONE FORMER POLICE OFFICER ALLOWED BACK.
12 weeks ago
White Lives Matter, Blue Lives Don't: Right-Wingers Kill More Cops Than Any Other Group :: Politics :: Features :: Right-Wing Extremism :: Paste
White supremacists (also referred to as “domestic terrorists” and “right-wing extremists”) have been responsible for more than 73 percent of deadly terrorist attacks in the U.S. since 2001. In that same 15-year span they’ve also killed 34 police officers, compared to 10 from left-wing extremists (including the five officers killed within minutes of each other in Dallas), and one from a domestic jihadist terrorist.
policestate  nazis  whitesupremacists 
september 2017
St. Louis officers chant ‘whose streets, our streets’ while arresting protesters - The Washington Post
This is insane. Police are public employees, not our "overlords". They have no rights to the streets.
september 2017
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