If Liberals Hate Him, Then Trump Must Be Doing Something Right
But perhaps most important, we saw once again how conservatism, with its belief in ordered liberty, is being eclipsed by something different: Loathing those who loath the president. Rabid anti-anti-Trumpism.
11 days ago
Sally Yates' Testimony and the Legal Fight Over the Travel Ban - The Atlantic
At issue in the two proceedings—on the one hand, Trump’s first “travel ban” order on January 27 and, after emergency litigation stopped it, a second, sanitized order on March 6, also blocked by two different federal judges; on the other, the fall of Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump confidant and national security adviser disgraced for lying about his contacts with Russia —is the very idea of government as process rather than princely will.  Both stories dramatize the casual contempt of Trump and those around him for the Constitution, the law, and the procedures that guard both.
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17 days ago
Precompiled Utilities  |  WebP  |  Google Developers
install, run nightly cron job to find & destroy webp images
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18 days ago
Did Macron Outsmart Campaign Hackers?
Literally at the 11th hour, before the blackout would silence it, the Macron campaign issued a statement saying it had been hacked and many of the documents that were dumped on the American 4Chan site and re-posted by Wikileaks were fakes.
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19 days ago
LobbyPhone -- Social Design Notes
Provenance of that 520 200 2223 number which gives you your reps etc.
february 2017
Trump can be held accountable for violating the Constitution, even if Congress doesn’t care
State attorneys general have the power to bring actions against corporations, something known as a “Quo Warranto” proceeding, to determine whether the corporations are a conduit for illegal activity. This is known as a corporation acting “ultra vires” or beyond its legal authority. In this case, the proceeding would determine whether Trump’s corporate entities are being used as a conduit for illegal emoluments to Trump.
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february 2017
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