Woman who said California deputy raped her awarded $2M - SFGate.com
Paid by taxpayers and the piece of shit will never see a day of jail.
12 days ago
The Men Who Never Have to Grow Up - The New York Times
Fuck these men. They're just scum.

Possible some finally outgrow, like Teddy. Barely.
misogyny  privilege  yesallwomen 
26 days ago
DOJ Refuses to Explain Why Jeff Sessions Is Speaking to an Anti-Gay Hate Group Tonight Behind Closed Doors - The New Civil Rights Movement
if people of faith can use their religion as a license to discriminate against gay people and same-sex couples.
lgbt  politics 
5 weeks ago
Police Officer Shoots Two Family Dogs In Disturbing Facebook Video
I want to point out, again, animal abuse is generally associated with serial killers.
5 weeks ago
Why Are Detroit Cops Killing So Many Dogs? - Reason.com
You know, serial killers often started with animals first.
7 weeks ago
I Don’t Accommodate Uncontrolled Men – ezer
So I’m going to be that woman. I’m going to stand up and look that man in the eye and tell him that his inability to control himself is not normal, healthy, or God-given, and I have no sympathy for his struggles.

Because I don’t. I think more highly of men than that.
feminism  misogyny  yesallwomen 
7 weeks ago
Presidential Commission Demands Massive Amounts of State Voter Data - ProPublica
The letter asked state officials to deliver the data within two weeks, and says that all information turned over to the commission will be made public. The letter does not explain what the commission plans to do with voter roll data, which often includes the names, ages and addresses of registered voters. The commission also asked for information beyond what is typically contained in voter registration records, including Social Security numbers and military status, if the state election databases contain it.
voterfraud  votersuppression  security  privacy 
7 weeks ago
New Jersey Bill Requires K-12 Classes Teaching Kids How to Interact with Police
7 weeks ago
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