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Dr. Seuss Never Wrote This Sh*t, by pagination
On Friday, Clint comes back to the tower from an op in Cairo.

He eats two tuna sandwiches. After that, he takes a shower.

Then, since he doesn’t have anything better to do, he finally decides to do something about the strange dick in his pants.
fic  MCU  crack 
6 days ago by brownbetty
Three Things Nate Made Parker Give Back When The Job Was Over (Because He's A Spoilsport) by Penknife
"If you stole a whole set of Iron Man armor, it would probably have an arc reactor in it, right?" Hardison puts in.
avengers  leverage  xovers  via:victoria.p  fic 
8 weeks ago by brownbetty
If You Liked The Book, You'll Hate The Movie, by paperclipbitch
Hank hands it back and Mr Lehnsherr looks thoughtfully over his responses. “Nothing we didn’t already know,” he says dismissively. “You’re a loser who can’t talk to people.”

Hank is pretty sure guidance counsellors aren’t supposed to say things like that.
x-men  fic 
july 2019 by brownbetty
Informed Consent and Other Cosmic Ironies - KiaraSayre
Under the section for study key words, you have included "assorted grotesqueries" and "fuck-off spooky shit." These are not acceptable scholarly key words.
fic  TheMagnusArchives 
may 2019 by brownbetty
I Am the Night - Chash - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Then it's settled," says Jake. "Terry will prepare a care package, which we will deliver to Batman!"
fic  DCU  b99  gen  via:victoria.p 
april 2019 by brownbetty
you're my cherry pie by novembersmith
“YOU THOUGHT I WAS INTERESTED,” Venom repeats blankly, and feels the need despite its lack of eyelids to blink rapidly. “IN SEX? WITH YOU? Eddie stares at back at it with an expression that indicates Venom is getting something crucial wrong in this conversation. "BUT YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE SPORES."
fic  venom  via:yasaman 
january 2019 by brownbetty
Covert Ops, by Lorelei - The Murderbot Diaries
The humans on the discussion boards of the fan server spent a lot of energy in pointless arguments about which characters were going to ‘hook up’ and when. Some posters favored groupings of characters with identical sets of genitalia and others preferred mixed sets. It was a stupid argument. A simple frequency analysis of the first 827 episodes of the show suggests that the writers are equally likely to include both sorts of couples and, statistically speaking, every character could be expected to ‘hook up’ with every other character within the next 2326 episodes. Except the bots, of course. Characters who lack genitalia are, so far, mercifully exempt from ‘hooking up’.
fic  lit-fic 
november 2018 by brownbetty
Love is All You Need to Destroy Your Enemies, by shadydave
Things settle down into a nice rhythm – well, not a rhythm, because Carlos makes sure to vary his schedule and never follow any kind of noticeable pattern. But in between coordinating with the other regional commanders and the Wardens under his watch, Night Vale’s master wards get renewed and repaired at least once every three weeks, the approaches through the Nevernever checked once every few months (not that there’s any way to tell how much time actually passes there), and the town itself visited on an as-needed basis, i.e. when Carlos hears about the latest disaster over the radio.
fic  Nightvale  epic 
july 2018 by brownbetty
He Says He Is An Experimental Theologian, by ErinPtah
It looks like a lay audience for the most part, including a couple of kids whose daemons are already shapeshifting restlessly, so he skips to the slides with pictures and tries to keep it simple. Also, to focus on how fascinating and exciting Night Vale is. Overbearing local laws notwithstanding, this is a great research opportunity, and he's genuinely thrilled to finally have the funding.
epic  fic  gen/bob  Nightvale  DaemonAU 
july 2018 by brownbetty
The Dawn Will Break Before You, by thepartyresponsible
Jason rolls his eyes again and gestures at him with the lug wrench. “Why don’t I just beat you up and steal your money? Is this the first time you’ve been to a bad part of town? Don’t show me your wallet, asshole. Come on.”
DCU  fic  x-over  MCU  via:theodosia21 
june 2018 by brownbetty
Wayne Manner, by Unpretty
"A woman's intuition is her subconscious mind's way of telling her when a man wants to murder her," she said matter-of-factly, and though she had finished with her knot she was still holding his tie, like a leash. "That's why men pretend it's silly, you see."
DCU  fic  via:theosoia21 
june 2018 by brownbetty
Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer, by melannen
“You know what’s wrong with me? Is it lupus? Am I going to start vomiting mucous and build a cocoon? ‘Cause that’s, like, the absolutely coolest way to get a secondary mutation.”
deadpool  fic 
june 2018 by brownbetty
If They Haven't Learned Your Name, by silentwalrus
Thing one: he is, for better or worse, the thing that was once James Barnes.

Thing two: HYDRA fucked his memories.

Thing three: HYDRA worked real hard to keep him from getting them back, because it turns out the thing that was once James Barnes reverts to its original programming at the drop of a hat and its original programming is all about killing Nazis.

Thing four: HYDRA wanted him to kill Captain America.

Thing five: no matter what kind of soup-state his brain might be in, he is not fucking here to give any fucking Nazis any fucking thing they fucking want.
avengers  fic 
april 2018 by brownbetty
a television version of a person with a broken heart, by lanyon
Anyway, Eleanor is definitely in the Good Place and she honestly doesn’t care if her soulmate is a golden retriever because Bruce is a good boy and no one is going to leave him in the backseat of her mom’s car.
april 2018 by brownbetty
you know I'd quench that thirst, by napricot
Eventually, Steve gets used to his new body. The good health that first felt so astonishing begins to feel normal, and it’s not as if he’s pushing this new body’s limits doing a USO show. At least, he’s not pushing his body’s strength. Spending time around so many scantily clad, beautiful showgirls is pushing his limits in other ways.
Avengers  fic 
march 2018 by brownbetty
The Radio, by lazy_neutrino
That young girl downstairs – Dora – is a real treasure. I think she must be a student or something, with that blue hair. We didn’t have blue hair in my day, but it looks very fetching on her, I must say
fic  harrypotter 
february 2018 by brownbetty
If This Kra-van's A-Rockin' - Unpretty - The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
"Miss Squirrel," he admonished gently, clearly insulted as he pressed a hand over his sternum. His damp, hairy sternum. "I am a hunter. Not an animal."
february 2018 by brownbetty
Closed Book, by AggressiveWhenStartled
“I didn’t keep it from anyone,” Steve snapped, losing his temper. “Did you not notice Bucky and I sleep in the same bed? I know you snoop, and all our clothes are in the same room.”

“I thought that was a 1940s thing!” Tony shouted, taking on a hysterical note.

“You thought sodomy was a 1940s thing,” Steve said flatly.
fic  CaptainAmerica 
january 2018 by brownbetty
a root, a branch, a new-grown leaf - Anonymous - Sunshine
I tried to superimpose my daytime hikes with Mel over my nighttime rambles with Con--to imagine what it would be like to venture outdoors with both of them, together--and failed.
fic  Yuletide 
december 2017 by brownbetty
the ship at the end of the universe, by Lise
It was amazing the things you found when you were trying to stay away from...everything. In this case, the Valkyrie, pouring herself a drink behind what was unmistakably a bar.
thor  fic 
december 2017 by brownbetty
Witness Him, by Barkour
To Loki’s horror, his horror having somehow not yet topped out, Thor beamed enormously, so enormously his remaining eye creased into a dark crescent. Loki experienced a long delayed and profound emotional reaction to the madness of the last few years.
thor  fic 
december 2017 by brownbetty
I'm a Perfect Piece of Ass, by napricot
Mark took the opportunity to text the crew. I’m about to bang Bruce Wayne, I’m pretty sure he won’t murder me. He added some eggplant emojis in case that wasn’t clear enough.
the.martian  DCU  fic 
august 2017 by brownbetty
Lacuna, by morpholomeg
“Sure, but second, what Red Room operative has a butterfly dæmon? You guys thought twice about hiring me, and Thea's way less vulnerable than a goddamn butterfly.”
Budapest  fic  daemonAU 
may 2017 by brownbetty
The Moon Represents My Heart, by afrai
Chirrut had always been a little mad, but this time he infected everyone with his particular brand of lunacy. Baze seemed to run into a whispered counselling session around every corner. Every other night someone sprang to their feet in the canteen, shouting something dramatic like, "How could you?" or "I can never trust you again!" before they rushed out, weeping.
starwars  fic 
april 2017 by brownbetty
Always Near, by afrai
"I wasn't lying," said Qi defensively. "It's set to the tune of The Man From Tatooine. Do you know the song? 'There once was a man from Tatooine, who was cursed with an enormous pe–'"
fic  RogueOne 
march 2017 by brownbetty
If They Haven't Learned Your Name by silentwalrus
“Honestly.” Clint shakes his head. “You have the best sniper in the world at your disposal and you send him to do backflips on a freeway? They could’ve had Rogers’ brains shot out across some DC sidewalk any time they wanted and they chose this instead?”
fic  Captain.America 
february 2017 by brownbetty
185/120, by RC_McLachlan
When Yakov was a child, he had a toy that taught animal sounds. If you pulled the cord in the back, the arrow in the center would spin, land on a horse or cow or chicken, and play a recording of their call. Yuri is much like that toy, except whenever his string is pulled, the arrow lands on an outlandishly expressive emotion. Yakov could spend his entire life trying to condense whatever it is twisting Yuri’s too-fine features into an ugly Vrubel painting, because ‘Looks like he swallowed a bucket of centipedes’ is too much of a mouthful.
you  fic  gen 
february 2017 by brownbetty
OMO Wooster and the Standing Stones at Midnight - Anonymous - Jeeves & Wooster [Archive of Our Own]
Once my wounds were dressed and stitched and my leg splinted to keep the muscle properly aligned for the healing process, I needed little active care from the doctors. It was merely a matter of changing dressings, keeping them clean, providing me with analgesics, and so on, tasks taken care of by orderlies. Which is how I came into the acquaintance of OMO Bertram Wooster.
fic  yuletide  rarelit 
december 2016 by brownbetty
On This 'Ane Night, by Fabrisse
“No,” Granny Aching said, “Scumble lies to you that it’s mostly apples when the next morning you know it’s mostly hammers. This don’t pretend to be nothin’ but what it is: strong drink.”
discworld  yuletide  fic 
december 2016 by brownbetty
Every Single Holiday, by rsadelle
Susan puts the lid back on the box. "That's not a present! That's your dick!"
fic  spy  yuletide 
december 2016 by brownbetty
Revisions To A 'Dear Writer' Letter, Yuletide 2035. - Anonymous - The Martian - Andy Weir [Archive of Our Own]
If you don't want to include Mark in your fic, well, the pinch hits list is full of people who, like me, are probably crying a lot right now. I respect them and I respect their decisions. But I haven't gone to pinch hits yet, so if you matched me on NASA RPF, that means you're still here. So I'm still here, too.
fic  meta  The  Martian  yuletide 
december 2016 by brownbetty
Things To Do In Denver When You're Deadpool - Anonymous - Deadpool (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
I love Vanessa very much. She is my heart, my life, my candle on the water.

If she doesn’t stop tasing me in the middle of the night, we are going to have words.

“I’m sorry, babe.” She’s sitting cross-legged on the bed, looking at me with her big, beautiful, sincere eyes. She still has the taser in her hand, though, so I’m not falling for it. “It’s just that when I wake up suddenly like that, I have a self-defense reflex. It’s a good thing, really.”
fic  yuletide 
december 2016 by brownbetty
First Choices - Anonymous - Chalion Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]
When Emily Allen was seven years old, she looked at the divines, acolytes, and other celebrants dressed in the Daughter's blue and white on the Daughter's Day and knew that she was to be one of them.
yuletide  fic 
december 2016 by brownbetty
Never Getting Back Together (Like, Ever). - Anonymous - Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]
My Dear Captain, do you have any scripts I can use for dealing honorably with Darth Vader? I will be home for several months and won't be able to avoid him, so I would like to be able to make it clear that I truly, deeply regret the relationship and the harm we caused, and that I will not be indulging in it again, without me being overly tempted to fall back in bed with him. My honor demands it.

Bi on Barrayar
Yuletide  fic  vorkosigan 
december 2016 by brownbetty
As Blood Knows Blood, by sunspeared
"Are you going to talk all night, or are you going to buy me a drink?" Iron Bull said.

"I don't see why I can't do both," the 'Vint said, looking up from the scrap of paper on which he was doodling the mystery sigils to show Bull. "I mean to seal our deal with a nice Fereldan whiskey. Or at least the nicest The Hanged Man has to offer."
fic  dragonage 
december 2016 by brownbetty
you let yourself believe (there is nothing to lose), by tofsla
It was a Qunari man, grey skin painted in elaborate patterns with the shifting greens of the jungle so that he seemed in places to melt completely into it. His horns were widely angled, more outwards from his head than backward, and the surface seemed as uneven and twisting as branches. His eyes were dark gleaming things in the dim light.
fic  dragonage 
december 2016 by brownbetty
It's a Moon Thing, by hermionesmydawg
Seriously though, where did Steve and Bucky learn how to fuck? Did Peggy Carter have a finishing school for pretty soldiers where they mastered the fine art of sucking cock?
fic  mcu 
october 2016 by brownbetty
Sing Me the Alphabet, by thesardine
Anyway, then he has time to throw on some Centipede fatigues and grab a pair for Nat by the time she comes racing back, still strung out and wild from the epi like a border collie that’s been herding bottle rockets for an hour, which, Clint does happen to know what that looks like.
avengers  fic 
august 2016 by brownbetty
Rocks Fall; Everyone Dies, by paperclipbitch
“Please don’t leave,” he said to her, amongst other things, “I can’t do this without you.”

“So far, everything that you’ve done has been without me,” she replied, the words stinging her mouth as she said them, but they weren’t lies.
gen  fic  civil-war 
may 2016 by brownbetty
“Further Arguments in Support of Yudah Cohen’s Proposal to Bluma Zilberman” by Rebecca Fraimow | Diabolical Plots
I heard that Hershel Schmulewitz, that blockhead, has also presumed to ask for your hand in marriage, which gives you two proposals to consider.
may 2016 by brownbetty
Coherence, by linman
Despite putting her surviving instances on shifts, to think and plan and work, Anaander Mianaai wasn’t getting much sleep. She was several days into this crisis and she still hadn’t made it out to the wider valences of strategy. Today her five-year-old instance was frustrated and fretful, so she cut her shift short and carried herself to her bedroom to get some sleep. She acquiesced without argument, but asserted, as her thirteen-year-old self tucked her in: “I’m the best planner of all of me. I’m not skipping any more shifts.”
ImperialRadch  fic  via:theodosia21 
april 2016 by brownbetty
world looking in, by irnan
Natasha shook her head. “I – we’ll just get the subway.” Yes. Good plan. Totally normal-looking. Totally not something that ordinary people needed a plan for.
Avengers  fic  Natasha 
april 2016 by brownbetty
Empty Graves, by Unpretty
“She ain’t kidding,” Jonathan said. “You wouldn’t believe how many nights she had me go over the 'our son is a crab’ action plan.”
DCU  fic 
april 2016 by brownbetty
the hungry heart, the roving eye, by Wildehack (Tyleet)
Miguel sulked for forty-eight hours and spent the following three and a half weeks planning grand gestures of friendship meant to soften Tulio up without actually admitting any fault. He purchased a bag of fancy gummy bears from Whole Foods—the ones Tulio had too much dignity to buy himself, but secretly craved—and picked through it to isolate the grapefruit and lemon flavors, which he not-so-secretly abhorred. He wrote a tongue-in-cheek apology song for the ukulele. As a final measure, he bought Altivo a sweater with the phrase DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY embroidered on the back.
fic  yuletide 
march 2016 by brownbetty
Reports May Have Been Exaggerated, by Fahye
"Yeah? That's nothing. Cooper's Kegel muscles are like a fucking vise. I came so hard I literally regressed to a previous life, and the next morning my dick had a fucking U-bend in it. Like a fucking kitchen drain."
Spy  fic  via:zhenya 
february 2016 by brownbetty
Didn't Know How Lost I Was, by Annakovsky
"I mean," Finn says. "You know how girl stuff works too, right? S-so maybe you could show Rey like you showed me."
fic  theforceawakens 
january 2016 by brownbetty
Ain't No Grave (Can Keep My Body Down) by spitandvinegar
“Not all of us get our fabulous bodies from weird German scientists electrocuting our nipples, Steve,” Sam says. “It takes work for me to look this good.”

“Technically it was Howard Stark who electrocuted my nipples,” Steve says. “Honestly, sometimes I think that he got some kinda thrill out of it. And I give the diet two weeks.”

“Oh, ok, I see how it's going to be,” Sam says. “They warned me about people like you on the internet forums.”
fic  CaptainAmerica  via:tenillypo 
january 2016 by brownbetty
Wonderterror Weekend, by nimmieamee
Adam wondered what it was like to be Ronan Lynch and have only two settings: angry, and before-angry.
fic  theravencycle 
january 2016 by brownbetty
The Case for Human Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, by Slant
Despite our discoveries, and continued good health, morale is flagging as the members of the expedition spend extended periods in the man-made awkwardness of the Site. I have increased hunting detail and given the surveyors the task of creating accurate maps of the surrounding land to give them all a chance to get out from under the Site. The persistent engraving of anguished faces on virtually every surface got to young Peasforth last night and he attacked the wall nearest to the camp with a pry-bar. I can't say as I blame him - I should perhaps have left the cubes closest to the camp covered with green things. Anyhow, having wrenched one carving down, he exposed another, in better repair, as it had been shielded from the elements. I cannot imagine but that the Architects chose this scheme solely to crush the lad's spirit.
yuletide  gen  documentation  fic  via:yasaman 
january 2016 by brownbetty
To Be Sure of You, by splash_the_cat
Fifteen minutes later, Vladie said into the awkward silence that had fallen, "So, Jupe knows about the..." and he tugged the upper curve of his own ear, and then sort of vaguely flapped his arms, and oh god, what was wrong with him? Caine stared at him, blank and still, and Vladie suddenly felt a deep kinship with the small woodland animals on the nature documentaries Moltka was obsessed with when his heart started to thunder in his chest under the weight of those deep, terrifying, incredibly gorgeous and mezmerizing eyes.
fic  jupiterascending 
november 2015 by brownbetty
Love is All You Need to Destroy Your Enemies, by shadydave
Carlos tries to think of a plausible explanation, but his head is spinning and he kind of wants to puke. “I think I was violently ejected from a rift in the fabric of reality,” he says.

The woman looks at the empty desert surrounding them, then says, “Really. Would you describe it as more of a Schwarzchild or Morris-Thorne wormhole?”

Carlos blinks at her.
fic  Dresden.Files 
november 2015 by brownbetty
Сказка|Skazka, by ranalore
"Don't cry," they are told when they're first brought to the dormitories, "the Soldat watches over you."
gen  fic 
october 2015 by brownbetty
never felt inadequate a day in my life, by suitablyskippy
Piper regarded him with the lively curiosity of an ice-slabbed trout. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail that swung down behind her like a sleek hank of rope, as yellow as butter, yellow as sunshine, yellow as a hazard warning. “Creepy,” she replied. “Are you aware your cummerbund is inside out?”
theRavenCycle  fic 
october 2015 by brownbetty
you're gonna give your love to me, by irnan
Natasha doesn’t actually realise just how bad of an idea this is until she’s already in their kitchen. Then she skids to a halt on the tiles and swallows hard: Steve’s at the table, reading the newspaper with the morning sunlight limning his hair golden, all sleep-ruffled and sweet and slow as he lowers his coffee mug and blinks at her. James is leaning against the counter waiting for the kettle to boil, he’s scrolling through the music library on his phone apparently, because he hits the screen with his thumb just as he looks up at her and something she can’t be bothered to recognise starts playing.
avengers  irnan  ot3  fic 
september 2015 by brownbetty
Peace behind your eyes
Steve doesn't need to know. Steve only needs to worry about his own stupid face and how the hell is he going to find the courage to ask Peggy to marry him, and in that post-war world there is no use for him to know how there is always a loaded rifle inside Bucky's head; how whenever Bucky closes his eyes, he sees the crosshairs.
fic  captainamerica 
september 2015 by brownbetty
The Great Fire Lord, by ryfkah

FIRELORD SOZIN: Heroic leading man type. Strong, well-muscled, must look good shirtless.

AVATAR ROKU: Attractively sinister type. Small goatee, pencil moustache, fantastic hair.

TA MIN: Ingenue. Busty. Must be able to cry natural tears on command.

GYATSU: Standard airbender monk breeches role.

DRAGONS: At least three actors per dragon. No skimping!
fic  documentation  atla  korra 
july 2015 by brownbetty
Thirdsies or Whatever the Fuck Hobbits Do, by Barkour
Susan squinted after him as he strolled, naked as a mole rat (God, she hated the mole rats in the office kitchen), past the window. Sunlight limned the musculature in his ass, the strength in his thighs. Holy shit, Susan thought. She'd fucked that. God damn. She really was a super spy. Bitches look out.
spy  fic 
july 2015 by brownbetty
Professional Respect, by storiesfortravellers
"You know, JARVIS likes you," Tony said to her. "I can tell. I think it's because you treat him like you would a person."

"He's exactly like a person," Parker said.

"Thank you," Tony said.

"I hate people. People, with their houses and their 'Hey how are you's and their stupid punchable faces. Hey, JARVIS! Why don't you get a face so I can punch it?!" she yelled.
leverage  fic  x-over  ironman 
july 2015 by brownbetty
But It Would Be Nothing, by lady_ragnell
Eliot knows long before she meets Sophie that every woman is a grifter. Every woman knows just who to be to get out of a situation alive, to get out unhurt, to get out without another scary story to tell her friends, without a confrontation or a new contact in her phone or some new perspective she doesn't want on her body. Sophie just takes it to the logical extreme.
leverage  fic  via:popular 
july 2015 by brownbetty
two creams, one sugar, by underwater_owl
The Open Road Cafe has been Furiosa’s go-to coffee shop for the last four years, ever since she moved to Australia. Though Starbucks has swept to this far-flung corner of the earth as well, the Open Road is an independent holdout seemingly ready to stand the test of time. Near enough to the highway for convenience, the place still attracts the blue collar set, truckers mostly with a dollar and change, looking for a Styrofoam cup of joe, no milk, no sugar, and certainly no funny machiatto-latte-brulee-mocha-venti-grande business. Furiosa likes the place because the owners know her, and keep a pot of drip coffee going in the mornings for her, without judging her terrible American ways.
furyroad  fic  via:theodosia21 
june 2015 by brownbetty
Sparked Up Like a Book of Matches, by sena
Steve says, "You sound like Sam."

"I have his office bugged. He's a really good counselor. I think I've learned a lot."

Steve opens his eyes. He says, "Bucky."


"You can't bug people's offices."

"Of course I can. It's pretty easy, actually. I can show you."
avengers  fic 
june 2015 by brownbetty
Hands by which we take hold, by argyleam
And then Wanda got her fingers into Natasha’s brain and it all clicked together. She realized of course, <em>of course</em> .
avengers  Natasha  fic 
may 2015 by brownbetty
Now or Never by MoreThanSlightly
“Gentlemen,” she says. She’s not really sure how to address two men to whom she’s about to make the most indecent of proposals. She forges ahead anyway. “Perhaps you two could accompany me back?”

That’s why it’s so frustrating that she can’t stop thinking about Steve. She should have better control over herself.

Steve is the only man who has ever caused her such trouble.

That is, until James Buchanan Barnes opens his mouth.
captain.america  ot3  fic  via:casapazzo 
may 2015 by brownbetty
like a map of a place you've never been, by bydaybreak
Eliot adds, “We'll call you every night. You know I won't let anything happen—” and Hardison’s nodding, and Eliot knows he’s reading it the way he’s meant to. The way he should. That Hardison knows Eliot won't let anything happen to Parker, and Eliot knows, too, that he's promising himself, best he can, that he won't let anything happen. Anything. Won't let himself get too caught up in it, won't let himself enjoy it, won’t let—won’t let anything, he thinks, firmly.
leverage  fic  ot3 
may 2015 by brownbetty
fathers and sons, by M_Leigh
Hank knew, of course, that a world in which Erik Lehnsherr walked – or, he supposed, floated – free was by definition a world in which Erik Lehnsherr showed up periodically at Charles Xavier’s door – or porch, or window, or balcony, if he were feeling like a particularly dickish Romeo (which he usually was) – to cause trouble.
x-men  fic 
april 2015 by brownbetty
she is a warrior tattoo, by singmyheart
He tries to ignore the heat creeping down his spine and resists the bizarre urge to lean his face into her touch, like a cat.
fic  avengers 
april 2015 by brownbetty
Never, Ever, by kototyph
If it was a normal argument, they might have tossed each other around, busted a few walls in, left a couple shattered chairs and windows in their wake and ended up laughing about it. Instead, Bucky walks out of Steve’s apartment holding onto himself like his body is a bomb, a mine just waiting for one unwary footstep, and he goes back to the soulless little room they gave him and he doesn’t sleep and he doesn’t sleep and he doesn’t sleep.
fic  Avengers 
march 2015 by brownbetty
the reason for stars
“I’ve done that,” the blonde girl said, mumbled around a mouth full of pizza. “Highway robbery.”
fic  leverage 
march 2015 by brownbetty
After The Gloaming, by Mhalachai
"I need a phone," Pepper said again, feeling a bit more like herself. "And a hamburger. And a jacket."
fic  avengers 
march 2015 by brownbetty
Empty Throne, by Mhalachai
Director Peggy Carter retired from SHIELD two weeks later.

Natasha did not see her again.
Peggy.Cartar  Natasha.Romanoff  fic  via:yasaman 
march 2015 by brownbetty
hold me until we crumble, by queenklu
Steve is extra careful returning the comic to the shoebox, even though Maisy picks the whole thing up and tucks it sideways under her arm. She takes the insurance information he offers with a wry quirk of her mouth as she leaves. He wonders what happened to Bucky's copy, if he'd lost it or sold it before the war. He thinks about the look on Bucky's gap-toothed face if Steve told him it'd be worth almost four thousand dollars one day.
captainamerica  fic 
march 2015 by brownbetty
Your Highnessness, by shadydave
Groot hands the flower to Jupiter, and she smiles with what looks like genuine delight. “Wow, thank you!” she says. She tucks it behind her ear.
gotg  jupiterascending  crossover  fic 
march 2015 by brownbetty
Leverage/Jupiter Ascending fusion/crossover for...
“This is not how I wanted to find out about aliens,” says Hardison, and starts figuring out how to hack an intergalactic database that speaks zero of the programming languages he knows.
crossover  fic  leverage  jupiterascending 
march 2015 by brownbetty
The Pretense of Being, by radialarch
Afterwards, Steve cleaned them both up and wrapped his arms around Barnes’s torso. He said into the hollow of Barnes’s throat, “You’re not Bucky, are you?”
fic  Winter.Soldier 
march 2015 by brownbetty
through smoke, solid ground, by magdaliny
The arm is yours. They gave it to you. It's yours. It's the only thing that is. The Americans, they misunderstood. They saw the arm and thought: that is the whole person. That person is a weapon. But the Russians said: this is a person with a tool. Here. This is your weapon. This is how it works.
fic  Captain.America 
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