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Just Us, by Mary
She knows all the details, and the reports all say that the family's only son was ten years old when he was shot in the forehead and killed along with his parents.
Jason  Steph  Kon  Bruce  gen  DCU  fic  Mary  Tim 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Never meant to be, by Mary
Sheila will die before she'll let someone like that take her son as well. She may not love him, but he's hers.
Jason  Steph  Tim/Jason  fic  Mary  DCU  Tim 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Same Bright Moon by Nye
The full Moon's ridiculously big tonight.
DCU  fic  Steph  Tim/Steph  Tim  Ny 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Both of us, by Mary
"Her death's on both of us."
Jason  Steph  Bruce  Cass  gen  DCU  fic  Tim  Mary 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Than Are Dreamt, Nye
This Robin is really different from Tim. He isn't serious at all.
Steph  Jason  Steph/Jason  NC17  DCU  fic  Ny 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Five Things that never happened to Stephanie Brown, by Ang
Because there's something about the kid, Tim, who is skinny and gawky and makes offhand references to Monty Python every three seconds, that makes her think someone else should be doing this job.
DCU  Steph  gen  fic  Ang 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Voyeurs, by Mildrid Milton | Clark/Steph/Lois Steph/Tim etc.,
After over ten years of eerily similar dark-haired boys in the Robin suit, Bruce seems to jolt every time - a tiny stutter in his heartbeat - when a blond haired girl swings into the fray in response to his calls for Robin.
MildridMilton  fic  threesome  Clark  Steph  Lois  Tim  DCU  NC17 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Kids like us, by Mary
Futures Without Borders is sponsored by an incredibly hot rich guy in a suit who smiles a lot and introduces himself as Bruce. Steph instantly decides she has a huge crush on him, and then distracts herself from it by ignoring the much-too-perky coordin
Mary  Steph  Jason  Steph/Jason  DCU  fic  het 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Given Time and Work, by Mildred Milton
The way he stays absolutely rigid when she drives her teeth into his wrist is creepy, but her hands heal the next day.
DCU  Steph  gen  fic  MildridMilton 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Jaberwock, by Mary
After Mother and Father's funeral, Bruce lets Leslie read to him. It's one of his books of myths. There's a river down in the underworld and when you drink it, you forget everything. Alice wonders what it tastes like. Probably salty.
DCU  Mary  Steph  gen  fic 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Surrender Your Clothing, by Glossing
The social benefits of heterosexism are not to be downplayed. In Tim's opinion, that is, because his girlfriend Steph would never have been allowed to stay the night, even if he'd thought to ask. But his new buddy Steve is more than welcome.
genderfuck  Glossing  NC17  threesome  Steph  Tim  Dick  fic  DCU 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Femslash Ficlet #11, by Ny
So I wanted to kiss her -- who wouldn't? --- but I figured we were on the job so I didn't.
DCU  fic  Cass  Steph  Steph/Cass  Ny 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Where the Asphalt Flowers Grow, by Nokomis
A minute later, her father entered the kitchen, holding a bundled-up prison uniform in one hand and pulling on his denim jacket with the other.
Steph  gen  Nokomis  DCU  fic 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Play For Mortal Stakes, by Ny
Over Tim's shoulder, Robin blushes red, sticking out her tongue. Her cheek's pressed against Tim's, and when Tim shivers again Dick watches her glance at him, her mouth softening and rounding.
Dick  Tim  Steph  threesome  DCU  Ny  NC17  fic 
september 2011 by brownbetty

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