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Or maybe just true, by Te-
"No one who *ever* saw that outfit would ever have any questions in their head about the Robin suit. Like, ever."
fic  DCU  Dick  Jason  Dick/Jason  NC17  Te 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Apart from what we wish and what we fear, by elynross
It doesn't interest me who you are or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back.
Bruce/Dick  Bruce  Dick  Alfred  NC17  fic  DCU  Elynross 
september 2011 by brownbetty
To Conciliate a Tiger, by RubyNye
"I know you can get out of this. But as a favor to me, and because you look good like this, you're not going to, right?"
DCU  fic  nc17  Slade/Dick  Dick  Slade  Ny 
september 2011 by brownbetty
A Darker Stripe, by Rubynye | DC Comics, Dick/Slade
Dick curses himself briefly for leaving the light on, for not listening at that door, for working with Deathstroke, for existing.
Dick/Slade  Dick  fic  DCU  NC17  Ny 
september 2011 by brownbetty
With Gladness and Singleness of Heart, by Sarah T.
Clark finally says, "We'll be accepting your resignation, Bruce."
DCU  fic  Bruce  Bruce/Dick  Dick  Sarah 
september 2011 by brownbetty
To Seize this Swaying World, by Someinstant
"I don't mind," Dick murmurs, and Tim can feel the damp breath just above his shoulder blade.
Dick  Dick/Tim  Fic  DCU  Someinstant  Tim 
september 2011 by brownbetty
The lost are like this, by Sarah T
"You have to learn not to care so damn much."
Dick  Slade  Slade/Dick  Fic  Sarah  DCU 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Attempting to stare, by Petra
Leaving someone shouldn't be this easy.
Bruce  DCU  Dick  Bruce/Dick  gen  fic  Petra 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Kitchen Sink, by Mary
"I want to adopt him." -- Dick Grayson, Detective Comics 526
Dick  Jason  DCU  gen  fic  Mary 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Damn it, this thing is supposed to encourage *porn*, Minim_calibre
She looks up, ready to snap at him until she sees the mulish set of his jaw, the one he too-obviously learned at Bruce's knee.
Dick  Babs  Babs/Dick  DCU  fic  Min 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Trespassing by Azurine
He clings, arms and legs and hands, even his toes, clenching at nothing. He's not leaving.
Alfred  Bruce  Dick  DCU  Azurine  gen  fic 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Of all in this masquerade, by Petra
"I don't know," Dick says, but he definitely sounds like he does. "He probably won't mind that you came over -- I mean, I had Batgirl for backup -- but --" he sticks his head under the shower instead of finishing the sentence.
Petra  DCU  Dick  Babs  Roy  gen  fic  het 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Down to Zero by Livia and Sarah T.
Roy slammed the suitcase shut. "Maybe it's the way we communicate best these days, Dick, but I'm not in the mood for some kind of cathartic brawl right now, so you can drop the junior Batman act."
DCU  Dick  Roy  Livia  Sarah  Dick/Roy 
september 2011 by brownbetty
An unpretending time, by LC
So it makes perfect sense that they'd sleep with each other occasionally, and Tim's coping fine, and Dick's...failing. Increasingly.
fic  Dick  Dick/Tim  Tim/Kon  DCU  LC 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Someone to bruise, by Sister Wolf | DCU Dick/Roy
That, Roy decides with the ponderous logic of the truly soused, is a man in desperate need of a blowjob.
Roy  Dick  Dick/Roy  DCU  fic  NC17  Sister_Wolf 
september 2011 by brownbetty
High as My Heart, by Ny | DCU porn genderfuck
Dick tilts his head back to look up at Kory, and back some more, and topples backwards off the spire.
Ny  Dick  Dick/Kory  fic  DCU  Kory  NC17 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Duende by Variant Ways
His authority is constantly questioned, his rules furiously tested. With each argument, Bruce feels something slipping away.
DCU  Dick  Bruce  Bruce/Dick  fic 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Role Reversal, by Jack | NC-17 Bruce/Dick
So there was this crack-addled conversation going around through Bat-fandom this afternoon, in which various Robins were put into various other Robins' Robin suits, and -- naturally -- kinktastic sex would ensue.
fic  Bruce  Dick  DCU  Bruce/Dick  NC17  Jack 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Twist in the Tail, by Ny | DC, Dick/Slade NC17
Slade eyes Dick intently for the length of a threatened breath. Then he smiles again. "Kid, you'll never learn, will you?"
NC17  Dick  Dick/Slade  Slade  fic  DCU  Ny 
september 2011 by brownbetty
present, by Solvent90
“Wow,” he said, after a beat or two of silence, adding, explanatory, “Nightwing.”
threesome  Tim/Kon  Tim  Kon  Dick  Solvent90  DCU  fic 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Lapse, by Solvent90
What's the last thing he remembers? Dick. Before that? Dick, his mind insists, replaying that slow tugging stroke through his hair and his eyes slide shut again.
fic  Dick  Tim  Dick/Tim  DCU  solvent90 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Seeing Through Clothes, by Glossing
"You're too tall," Tim tells him. He leaves the door open, crossing the room back to his desk. "Your shoulders are too broad. And that's *Talia's* lipstick shade, not Dinah's."
Glossing  Tim  DCU  Dick  Dick/Tim  fic  NC17 
september 2011 by brownbetty
As If In Jubilation, by Ny (DC Comics, NC-17)
Sometimes she wonders if he's just seeing his memories of who she used to be, but the only reflection she finds in his eyes is her own face without her glasses.
Babs/Dick  het  DCU  Dick  Babs  fic  Ny 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Metaphorical Cherry, by CMShaw
And Dick needs to not lick the lipstick off of the smile that Tim's aiming a few inches to the side of Dick. He also needs to stop thinking about sex for a minute in case this is actually work-related.
fic  DCU  Tim  Dick  Dick/Tim  Cmshaw 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Being a Titan means only having to say I love you at funerals, by Ethrosdemon
Dick has a way about him, a sort of casual sexiness that shouts porno but has less sleaze in it than Ollie. Maybe it's the lack of eyebrow waggling or the fact that Roy's never seen Dick smack a girl on the ass.
Dick  Dick/Roy  Roy  ethrosdemon  fic  DCU 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Dodge-town, by shrift
And it's time to play 'placate the dangerous drugged guy.' He's played this game lots of times. He just never thought he'd have to play it with Dick.

"The plants," Tim says. "Dick, I think you're under the influence of --"
DCU  Dick/Tim  fic  Shrift  Dick  Tim/Kon 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Drinking Games, by Mildred
Afterward, Dick goes quiet and limp under him, the alcohol pushing him towards sleep. Slade watches those eyes dim, fade, and finally close. He checks the kid's bandage before he gathers his clothes. He knows to not be there in the morning.
MildridMilton  fic  DCU  Dick  Slade  Slade/Dick 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Surrender Your Clothing, by Glossing
The social benefits of heterosexism are not to be downplayed. In Tim's opinion, that is, because his girlfriend Steph would never have been allowed to stay the night, even if he'd thought to ask. But his new buddy Steve is more than welcome.
genderfuck  Glossing  NC17  threesome  Steph  Tim  Dick  fic  DCU 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Tell All the Stars, by Glossing (Thrillkiller)
It's all about the costume. When she's the Bat, she's mean and *fierce*, flying low and striking hard. When she's dolled up as the ditzy heiress, she laughs quicker than champagne and dances all night
Dick  Babs  Selina  threesome  Glossing  fic  DCU 
september 2011 by brownbetty
at the crossing of city-ways, by Solvent 90
"Fine," Dick says, clearing his throat. It feels totally bizarre to be having this conversation with Tim when they're both sitting at a table in a well-lit and cosy coffee bar. There should be rush and darkness, movement, adrenaline. They should be flying
Dick  Dick/Tim  Tim  Solvent90  fic  DCU 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Want may press thee down, by Katarik
The twist between trapezes is one Tim could not perform. Even Shiva herself would have difficulty with several of the moves this Dick Grayson makes look effortless as breathing, as the nervestrikes Tim could do in his sleep.
Dick  Tim  Dick/Tim  creepy  NC17  fic  DCU  Katarik 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Play For Mortal Stakes, by Ny
Over Tim's shoulder, Robin blushes red, sticking out her tongue. Her cheek's pressed against Tim's, and when Tim shivers again Dick watches her glance at him, her mouth softening and rounding.
Dick  Tim  Steph  threesome  DCU  Ny  NC17  fic 
september 2011 by brownbetty

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