what happened when a conference visitor rented a bicycle to get around las vegas
"this notion strikes an american as if you had said you wanted to take a jet-pack to get a loaf of bread"
transport  usa 
february 2014
rewriting close reasons to help new users instead of annoying them (stack exchange blog)
"our close reasons were designed for experienced users, but did little to help the author of the question understand what the heck was going on"
social  web  ui 
august 2013
"if your website's full of assholes, it's your fault" - anil dash
"you should have real humans dedicated to monitoring and responding to your community."
social  web  business 
august 2013
bike-sharing docks also serve as gyms or trash cans (nytimes)
"if you build something, new yorkers will find a way to lean on it."
nyc  transport  social 
august 2013
wikipedians go to open help conference (wikimedia blog)
"a week speaking and listening to helpers from open source projects like mozilla, ubuntu, gnome, wordpress, drupal and redhat"
web  info  software:meta 
august 2013
nextdoor: private social network for your neighborhood
"meet the neighbors, share goods and advice, keep the neighborhood safe"
social  |cities 
october 2012
neighborland: share ideas and insights for improving neighborhoods
grown from candy chang's "i wish this was" stickers and related public art projects (http://candychang.com/category/projects/)
social  |cities 
october 2012
"a set of 'master keys' to the infrastructure of nyc popped up on ebay last month" (bldgblog)
"surely someone could now produce, given enough dedication and perhaps a metal-based 3d printer, hypothetical copies"
nyc  security  government  |cities  via:ignatz 
october 2012
"the birth of the ipod" by benj edwards (macworld, october 2011)
includes a picture of "the braun t3 pocket radio, designed by dieter rams, an inspiration"
apple  computers 
january 2012
table of contents for "dan's geometrical curiosities"
made an index page for a side project, potentially of interest to people who like math/geometry/art/physics/gifs
blogs  friends  geometry  math 
october 2011
"looking for someone", the history of online dating, by nick paumgarten (new yorker)
starting with a pen pal matching system at the 1964 world's fair in queens
net  social  emotion 
october 2011
photos of the eames house interior, preserved as they left it (la times)
"the living room does not resemble the type of rigorously formal space that people today expect in a modern house from the era...the extraordinarily diverse collection of objects"
architecture  la  1940s 
october 2011
sfpark: post-launch implementation summary and lessons learned (pdf)
thorough and friendly documentation of san francisco's new smart parking meter program
sf  government  transport 
october 2011
"there's a robot beneath the fluff", a photo project by matt kirkland
"i've always been curious about stuffed animals that sing, dance, light up, or talk back. there must be a fascinating robot underneath the fur and fluff, right?"
robots  toys  creatures 
september 2011
newly developed cheap paper diagnostic tests for diseases etc. (nytimes)
"with dried proteins and chemically triggered dyes, the thumbnail-size square could be a mini-laboratory"
paper  invent  health 
september 2011
"one coffee cup a day...an experiment in creativity and rapid manufacturing"
printed in glazed ceramics by shapeways; "the following images are computer generated visualizations of the cups"
utensils  drink  blogs 
september 2011
an artist asked children to draw dresses and then crafted them (nytimes)
"how interesting it would be to bring to life the clothes in children’s artwork, designs by children too young to be influenced by commercial fashion"
clothes  drawings  age 
september 2011
about a film inspired by w.g. sebald's walks (guardian)
"'in any case, i can't believe sebald's walk was as miserable as he makes it sound. he was walking in the summer, staying at a pleasant hotel, visiting old friends, going to places that interested him.'"
books  fiction:meta  europe 
september 2011
the leggy lady - an everyday fashion blog
a person with non-outrageous style dressing for work
clothes  blogs 
september 2011
historic ibm building 25 (1957) -- preservation action council of san jose
"a forerunner of high technology campuses to come...a radical departure from the solid wall construction of most industrial and laboratory facilities of the time"; with a spider-leg covered entrance
architecture  computers  1950s  from delicious
june 2011
robot flâneur (booktwo.org), exploring snapshots from google street view
"google street view is both the view from the machine (from the car, the ballardian view-of-our-times) and the view of the machine (the way the machine sees)"
photography  web  transport  from delicious
june 2011
"how the photograph the entire world: the google street view era" -- it's never summer
"the ability to frame decisive moments on city streets, or sparsely populated landscapes in lapland, without ever leaving your room is a profound shift in photography"; connected to photos from car windows
photography  web  transport  via:migurski  from delicious
june 2011
pttrns: ios ui examples from various apps
login pages, about pages, custom tab bars, etc.
ui  from delicious
june 2011
"the unsung heroes of biscuit embossing" -- edible geography
looking at the patterns on oreos and other cookies (and the technology invented to produce them)
sweets  geometry  invent  from delicious
june 2011
"playable archaeology: an interview with telehack's anonymous creator" (waxy.org)
"people can run programs again that haven't been run -- and experienced -- for 20 years. and see old files through a lens that makes them look like they used to. that's fun."
net  games  fiction:meta  1980s  from delicious
june 2011
"sister corita kent's assemblages of text and image" (eye magazine)
"a new perspective on the 1960s obsession with messages and media"; with visits to the ihc from buckminster fuller and charles eames
school  paintings  photography  1960s  via:designstories  from delicious
may 2011
the sunol water temple, built in 1910, is an unusual structure in the bay area
"hired willis polk to design a 'water temple' atop the spot where three subterranean water sources converge"
architecture  earth  sf  1910s  from delicious
may 2011
"why i jailbreak", a list by amit gupta
including voicemail forwarder, activator (gesture/button customization), nolockscreen, and winterboard for fun
cydia  from delicious
may 2011
jay freeman on the mobile application market at 360idev (april 2010)
looking at the larger ecosystem of how money flows through mobile apps, markets, taxes, etc.
cydia  business  from delicious
may 2011
moleskine artist marketplace
selling modifications of notebooks, mostly the covers and sometimes the inside pages too. book art with a bit of cydia
paper  business  brand  from delicious
may 2011
iphone download blog
pretty good source of reviews/news about the jailbroken ecosystem
cydia  blogs  from delicious
may 2011
"putting the science in science fiction" (physics today)
mika on her work consulting for stargate atlantis and stargate universe
physics  fiction:meta  friends  from delicious
may 2011
"youtube founders acquired delicious from yahoo!" press release
"make the site even easier and more fun to save, share, and discover the web's 'tastiest' content"
delicious  from delicious
april 2011
"why the king james bible endures" (nytimes)
"the most powerful religious language is often a little elevated and incantatory, even ambiguous or just plain hard to understand"
religion  books  words  from delicious
april 2011
"the best jailbreak apps and tweaks for iphone" (business insider)
bitesms, lockinfo, mywi, winterboard, sbsettings, activator, voiceactivator, snaptap, ifile, infinifolders, netatalk, my 3g
cydia  from delicious
april 2011
pinboard in the economist tech blog, "the price of fame: stick a pin in it"
retelling the anatomy of a crushing; "a few years ago such spikes in traffic could kill a nascent firm"
delicious  friends  from delicious
april 2011
"mobilenotifier dramatically improves ios push notifications" for jailbroken devices
allows a person to temporarily ignore alerts without them disappearing forever
cydia  ui  from delicious
march 2011
"color app hack lets you spy on anyone's photos anywhere" (forbes blog)
using fakelocation from cydia; color says "it is all public, and we've been very clear about that from the very beginning"
social  software:meta  cydia  via:lemonodor  from delicious
march 2011
"southern california's great citrus had its crate advertising" (la times)
"the lettering specialists were pros in their own right. many were aging bank-note engravers from the east or midwest...'they came out west to retire'"
advertising  veggies  paintings  via:asfaltics  from delicious
march 2011
typophone, a typographically-aesthetic lockscreen theme for iphone 4
on some phones it needs a bit of setup fiddling to make it work properly
cydia  from delicious
march 2011
isla vista beach cliff erosion, 1980-2008
documentation of the eroding bluffs at the edge of del playa houses
earth  ucsb  architecture  from delicious
march 2011
tricky truck pc game: "test your parking skills with huge trucks"
"limited view from the drivers seat in hard mode...design your own levels and share them"
transport  games  physics  via:agenthh  from delicious
march 2011
five most-popular paid products for jailbroken iphones from cydia (iphone download blog)
bitesms (improved texting), ifile (filesystem access), lockinfo (useful lockscreen), mywi (tethering), folderenhancer (better folders)
cydia  from delicious
march 2011
aerial archaeology, a flickr pool
"awareness of the importance and fragility of most of the global archaeological heritage"
photos  earth  from delicious
march 2011
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