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Ashes to Ashes - Schizzar - Dark Knight Rises (2012), Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur is sick of the dream-sharing. He's seen the results, and it's nothing like the justice he imagined when Dom first brought him on. He's going to get a new beginning.
Wow! Legit cannon match-up! Arthur tries to rediscover himself in Gotham (where he was born) by becoming John Blake. Meanwhile, Eames has always been Bane. Really awesome story that merges the Bane-cannon back story of DKR with the cannon of Inception and rewrites the DKR in new and interesting ways.
fic  slash  femslash  Inception  Batman  crossover  Arthur/Eames  John/Bane  bottom!Arthur  bottom!John  Ariadne/Selina  hurt/comfort  hurt!Arthur  hurt!John  hurt!Eames  hurt!Bane  captive!Arthur  captive!John  protective!Bane  protective!Eames  new-identity  action-adventure  secret-revealed  angst  long  complete  NC-17  favorite 
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