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Fortune: Advertisers Are Giving People With 1,000 Instagram Followers Endorsement Deals - Brian Solis
Fortune magazine recently looked at the phenomenon of advertisers offering endorsement deals to Instagram members with large followings, quoting from Brian Solis’ thoughts on the subject.
digital  endorsements  influencers  instagram  press  publicity  brian  solis 
3 days ago by briansolis
The Business Hours: Thursday’s Google Walkout is Evoking Responses Now - Brian Solis
News publication The Business Hours recently did a look at the long-term repercussions of the Google employee walkout a few weeks ago, quoting Brian Solis from his thoughts on the subject.
employees  google  press  publicity  rights  tech  industry  walkout  brian  solis 
3 days ago by briansolis
Retail TouchPoints: Holiday Insights Podcast: Extending The Value Of Pop-Ups After They Shut Down - Brian Solis
Industry publication Retail TouchPoints recently did a podcast episode on the subject of pop-up stores and how their benefits can be extended past their closing date, and featured Brian Solis talking on the subject.
advice  benefits  customer  experience  cx  interview  podcast  pop-up  press  publicity  retail  stores  tips  brian  solis 
3 days ago by briansolis
Yellowstep: 3 Techniques to Better Understand Your Customer Needs - Brian Solis
The blog of marketing agency Yellowstep recently did an article on tips for better understanding customer needs, quoting from Brian Solis’ thoughts on the subject.
advice  customer  experience  cx  needs  press  publicity  tips  user  journey  brian  solis 
3 days ago by briansolis
Marketing Land: Breaking through with meaningful content marketing in the age of storytelling - Brian Solis
Industry publication Marketing Land recently conducted a long and detailed interview with Brian Solis about the subjects of marketing and storytelling, and where the two meet for modern companies.
analytics  Business  -  Marketing  content  conversation  interview  metrics  mobile  press  publicity  storytelling  brian  solis 
10 days ago by briansolis
Amwal Al Ghad: Sisi calls for Africa’s infrastructure development programme at World Youth Forum - Brian Solis
News publication Amwal Al Ghad recently did an overview of the 2018 World Youth Forum in Cairo, Egypt, and included a look at Brian Solis’ keynote address at the conference.
2018  address  event  keynote  press  publicity  Speaking  talk  world  youth  forum  brian  solis 
10 days ago by briansolis
Destination CRM: To Engage Customers, Your UI Design Needs These 6 Qualities - Brian Solis
Industry publication Destination CRM recently did an article with advice on user interface designs for customer-focused websites, quoting extensively from Brian Solis’ public thoughts on the subject.
advice  crm  customer  relationship  management  design  ecommerce  press  publicity  tips  ui  user  interface  websites  brian  solis 
10 days ago by briansolis
Egypt Today: Interview: Social media distraction a decision made for us - digital analyst - Brian Solis
News publication Egypt Today recently interviewed Brian Solis, while he was in Cairo to deliver the keynote address of the 2018 World Youth Forum.
2018  address  keynote  press  publicity  talk  world  youth  forum  brian  solis 
10 days ago by briansolis
The Seventh Day: Learn about the themes of the speech of digital analyst Brian Solis at the World Youth Forum session tomorrow - Brian Solis
Arabic publication “The Seventh Day” recently did an overview of the 2018 World Youth Forum in Egypt, looking in detail at the keynote address Brian Solis gave at it.
2018  address  keynote  press  publicity  talk  world  youth  forum  brian  solis 
10 days ago by briansolis
MarketingTech: Brian Solis: On CMO pressure, nailing customer journey touchpoints and the rise of Influence 2.0 - Brian Solis
James Bourne of industry publication MarketingTech recently conducted a long and wide-ranging interview with Brian Solis about the present and future of their industry.
advice  Business  -  Marketing  cmo  future  interview  press  publicity  talk  tips  Trends  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
CNET: Google walkout was 'unprecedented.' It could prompt more tech protests - Brian Solis
Tech publication CNET recently covered the politically-inspired walkout of Google employees, quoting from Brian Solis’ thoughts on the subject.
employee  google  politics  press  publicity  tech  industry  walkout  brian  Solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
El Watan News: Waiting for the Opening: Youth Forum "Sharm El Sheikh" Sing In All Languages of the World - Brian Solis
News organization El Watan News recently covered the World Youth Forum in Egypt, and featured Brian Solis’ keynote address there.
address  egypt  keynote  press  publicity  talk  world  youth  forum  brian  solis 
11 days ago by briansolis
Cision PR Newswire: Experian unveils the future of instant credit and identity management - Brian Solis
Industry publication Cision recently shared the news of Brian Solis joining the senior executives of Experian for a public event sharing how technology is modernizing the world’s largest information services company.
address  event  experian  information  services  innovation  press  publicity  technology  brian  solis 
17 days ago by briansolis
Rynda Laurel: Russell Brand to miss SxSW Keynote with Brain Solis. My thoughts & why I care. - Brian Solis
Rynda Laurel, who coordinated a talk between Brian Solis and Russell Brand as the keynote to this year’s SXSW Interactive festival, recently addressed Brand’s decision to cancel his appearance, sharing her thoughts on his recent struggle to achieve sobriety in his life.
cancellation  interactive  keynote  press  publicity  russell  brand  sxsw  thoughts  brian  solis 
17 days ago by briansolis
CoMarketing News: Influence Marketing is Still Far From Mature... - Brian Solis
French marketing publication CoMarketing News recently did an article on the still relatively young state of influence marketing, citing Brian Solis’ “Influence 2.0” study he did for Altimeter.
altimeter  future  influence  2.0  marketing  press  publicity  report  status  brian  solis 
17 days ago by briansolis
Viuz: AI Marketing: New Principle of Intelligent Automation - Brian Solis
French marketing publication Viuz recently did an overview of early efforts into using AI for marketing purposes, citing Brian Solis’ thoughts on the subject.
ai  artificial  intelligence  Business  -  Marketing  future  innovation  press  publicity  tips  brian  solis 
17 days ago by briansolis
Richtopia: Philanthropists Top 100: From Warren Buffett to Elon Musk, These Are the Most Charitable People in the World - Brian Solis
Industry publication Richtopia recently released their annual Top 100 Most Influential Philanthropists list for 2018, placing Brian Solis at number 59.
honorific  list  personal  philanthropist  press  publicity  top  100  brian  solis 
17 days ago by briansolis
Yahoo! Finance: ‘Tech addiction’ solutions are a billion-dollar market opportunity - Brian Solis
Yahoo! Finance recently published an article on the growing number of commercial solutions to tech addiction, citing Brian Solis’ thoughts on the subject.
addiction  commercial  opportunities  press  publicity  solutions  tech  brian  solis 
25 days ago by briansolis
Simplr: 15 CX Superstars to Follow if You're in eCommerce - Brian Solis
Industry publication Simplr recently compiled a list of their 15 favorite writers in the field of customer experience (CX), citing Brian Solis’ work in particular.
best  of  customer  experience  cx  list  press  publicity  recommendation  brian  solis 
25 days ago by briansolis
a.list: Influencer Marketing Focused On Long-Term Relationships, Hindered By Budgets, Report Says - Brian Solis
Industry publication a.list recently took a look at Brian Solis’ Altimeter report on the current state of influencers, sharing conclusions along the way.
advice  altimeter  digital  future  influencers  press  publicity  report  state 
25 days ago by briansolis
Venture Beat: Online marketplaces must go beyond sales to experiences - Brian Solis
Industry publication Venture Beat recently took a look at Brian Solis’ Altimeter report on the state and future of digital marketplaces, drawing conclusions along the way.
advice  altimeter  digital  future  marketplace  press  publicity  report  Trends 
25 days ago by briansolis
iPerceptions: In-store shoppers are not satisfied with their mobile experience and more CX stories you should read - Brian Solis
iPerceptions recently did a round-up of interesting new articles concerning customer experience (CX), citing Brian Solis’ article on the subject.
article  customer  experience  cx  mobile  press  publicity  recommendation  brian  solis 
25 days ago by briansolis
CBT Automotive Network: The Most Common Dealership Workplace Distractions and How to Avoid Them - Brian Solis
Industry publication CBT Automotive Network recently published an article about common workplace distractions at car dealerships, quoting Brian Solis’ thoughts on the subject.
dealerships  distractions  gratification  press  publicity  smartphones  tablets  workplace  brian  solis 
25 days ago by briansolis
CNET: Google+ and life after social media death - Brian Solis
Tech publication CNET recently did an article on what lies next for social media in the wake of the Google+ shutdown, and talked with Brian Solis for his opinions.
future  google  plus  press  publicity  shutdown  Social  Media  social+networks  brian  solis 
25 days ago by briansolis
Retail Customer Experience: How poor customer service impacts the retail customer experience - Brian Solis
Industry website Retail Customer Experience recently wrote an article about how poor customer service impacts the retail customer experience, and extensively quoted Brian Solis’s report with Altimeter on the subject.
customer  customer+service  cx  experience  press  publicity  report  retail  brian  solis 
5 weeks ago by briansolis
Connected Futures: Defying Demographics: Today’s Hyperconnected Consumer ‘Generation’ - Brian Solis
The Cisco corporate blog, “Connected Futures,” recently did a profile of Brian Solis, looking in depth at his term “Generation C” and how it differs from age-defined generational groups like Millennials.
customers  digital  behavior  generation  c  interview  mobility  press  publicity  brian  solis 
5 weeks ago by briansolis
WorthIx: Designing the Future of CS with Brian Solis - Brian Solis
Emma Waldron of industry website WorthIx recently interviewed Brian Solis for their podcast, where their wide-ranging discussion included at look at data transformation and the future of the CX industry.
advice  customers  cx  digital  darwinism  future  futurism  interview  podcast  press  publicity  transformation  brian  solis 
5 weeks ago by briansolis
iperceptions: In-store shoppers are not satisfied with their mobile experience and more CX stories you should read - Brian Solis
The blog of marketing company iperceptions recently did a round-up of interesting customer experience articles around the web, and included Brian Solis’ essay on how brands must look beyond merely having a mobile presence.
advice  customer  cx  engagement  mobile  press  publicity  brian  solis 
6 weeks ago by briansolis
Campaign Middle East: Power Essay – Generation C: More than just a demographic - Brian Solis
Ahmad Itani, CEO of Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, recently posted an essay at the Campaign Middle East website, looking in-depth at the so-called “YouTube Generation” and including extensive quotes from Brian Solis on the subject.
consumers  creatives  curation  generation  c  influencers  millennials  press  publicity  youtube  brian  solis 
6 weeks ago by briansolis
Digital Signage Today: McDonald's and interactivity claim top September 2018 headlines - Brian Solis
Industry publication Digital Signage Today recently did a roundup of their most popular September 2018 stories, quoting extensively from Brian Solis’ thoughts on customer engagement.
attention  customer  digital  engagement  press  publicity  signage  brian  solis 
6 weeks ago by briansolis
Epic Presence: The B2B Marketer’s Guide to the Future of Social Media - Brian Solis
Marketing company Epic Presence recently released a guide to the future of social media for B2B marketers, highlighting Brian Solis’ work at Altimeter when it comes to influencer marketing.
altimeter  b2b  Business  -  Marketing  future  influencer  press  publicity  brian  solis 
9 weeks ago by briansolis
Digital Signage Today: 2 keys to digital signage engagement - Brian Solis
Industry publication Digital Signage Today recently did an interview with Brian Solis about how companies can better engage their customers through signage.
advice  customer  engagement  interview  press  publicity  signage  tips  tricks  brian  solis 
9 weeks ago by briansolis
Sven Esser: Brands of the Future: The Critical Relationship Between BX, CX, UX and EX – Brian Solis - Brian Solis
At his blog, industry expert Sven Esser recently highlighted Brian Solis’ report on “The X Framework of Experience Design,” showing the ways that CX, BX, EX and UX come together for companies.
advice  bx  cx  ex  Experience  Design  press  publicity  report  ux  brian  solis 
9 weeks ago by briansolis
LiftIgniter: Experience is Everything: Why Real-time Personalization Matters in a Post-GDPR World - Brian Solis
Software company LiftIgniter recently hosted a webinar with Brian Solis on the subject of real-time personalization with customers; this article at their blog summarizes the highlights.
ustomer  experience  gdpr  presonalization  press  publicity  webinar  brian  solis 
11 weeks ago by briansolis
Fonolo: 5 More Contact Center Reports Worth Your Time - Brian Solis
The Fonolo industry blog recently did an overview of great reports regarding contact centers, citing Brian Solis’ recent look at the rise of collaborative contact centers.
altimeter  collaboration  contact  centers  press  publicity  report  Trends  brian  solis 
11 weeks ago by briansolis
Senior Living Innovation Forum: Tomorrow’s Senior Living Needs to Offer Innovative Experiences - Brian Solis
The Senior Living Innovation Forum recently did a writeup of Brian Solis’ keynote address for their 2018 conference, including video footage of the entire 45-minute talk.
address  advice  experience  future  innovation  keynote  living  press  publicity  senior  talk 
12 weeks ago by briansolis
Shep Hyken: 5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of August 20, 2018 - Brian Solis
In his most recent weekly roundup of great customer service articles, industry expert Shep Hyken included Brian Solis’ recent look at Domino’s Pizza and their customer experience innovations.
article  customer  experience  innovation  press  publicity  retail  service  brian  solis 
12 weeks ago by briansolis
Voziq: 50 Handpicked Resources for Customer Retention Leaders – July 2018 Edition - Brian Solis
Industry publication Voziq just published the July edition of their handpicked resource list for customer retention leaders, and included Brian Solis’ recent primer article on customer experience issues.
advice  customer  experience  press  primer  publicity  recommendations  retention  brian  solis 
12 weeks ago by briansolis
Customer Experience Professionals Association: CS Disruptors 2018 - Brian Solis
The Customer Experience Professionals Association recently released a video asking a series of “CX disruptors” for their insights on the latest developments, with Brian Solis quoted several times.
advice  customer  cx  experience  insights  interview  press  publicity  thoughts  video  brian  solis 
august 2018 by briansolis
Popping the Bubble: Brian Solis enters his Madonna Like a Virgin phase - Brian Solis
Sandra Ponce de Leon of the Popping The Bubble blog recently interviewed Brian Solis for their podcast, where they talked at length about digital disruption, digital addiction, and the steps you can take in your life to combat it.
actions  addiction  advice  digital  disruption  interview  podcast  press  publicity  brian  solis 
august 2018 by briansolis
Solvis Consulting: “The Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto” para la transformación digital de las organizaciones - Brian Solis
The Spanish-language Solvis Consulting blog recently did an overview of Brian Solis’ report on the Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto.
advice  agent  change  digital  press  publicity  report  transformation  Trends  brian  solis 
august 2018 by briansolis
Holistic Marketing Concepts: How to Tell if You’ve Been Hijacked by Technology (and what to do about it) - Brian Solis
The Holistic Marketing Concepts blog recently looked at and recapped Brian Solis’ keynote address at the 2018 South By Southwest (SXSW) conference, regarding the trend for technology to hijack our minds and what steps we can take about it.
address  conference  hijacking  keynote  press  publicity  sxsw  talk  technology  video  brian  solis 
august 2018 by briansolis
Clicktale: Brian Solis on the future of customer experience - Brian Solis
Liraz Margalit of the Clicktale blog recently conducted a Q&A with Brian Solis at CDO Israel, and posted the video at their website.
behavior  brands  customer  emotion  experience  interview  mobile  press  publicity  q&a  ux  video  brian  solis 
august 2018 by briansolis
TheOofy: WhatsAround,,… How Blockchain Sparks A Social Media Revolution - Brian Solis
Ester Gritsaeva of fintech blog TheOofy recently wrote an article on the interesting confluence between blockchain technology and social media, quoting from Brian Solis’ public thoughts on the subject.
blockchain  innovation  press  publicity  quote  Social  Media  trust  brian  solis 
august 2018 by briansolis
ZDNet: How Neiman Marcus's top-down innovation strategy transformed retail and increased revenue - Brian Solis
Alison DeNisco Rayome of tech publication ZDNet recently did a look at clothing retailer Neiman Marcus’ efforts at tech innovation, and interviewed Brian Solis about the details.
digital  experiments  innovation  interview  lab  neiman  marcus  press  publicity  retail  brian  Solis 
august 2018 by briansolis
No Jitter: How Not to Become a Victim of 'Digital Darwinism' - Brian Solis
Tim Pickard of Enterprise Connect’s “No Jitter” blog recently did an article on how not to fall behind with the rapid pace of technology, and extensively quoted Brian Solis’ public thoughts on the subject.
advice  darwinism  digital  pace  press  publicity  report  Social  Media  tips  transformation  brian  solis 
august 2018 by briansolis
SXSW: Brian Solis at SXSW 2018 - Brian Solis
The South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival recently posted a video excerpt of Brian Solis’ 2018 keynote address.
2018  address  festival  keynote  press  publicity  sxsw  video  brian  Solis 
august 2018 by briansolis
CNET: Twitter working with academics to spur 'healthy conversation' - Brian Solis
Marrian Zhou of tech publication CNET recently took a look at the changes Twitter is making to increase “civility” at their social network, and quoted from Brian Solis’ public thoughts on the subject.
backlash  bots  civility  overview  press  publicity  social+networks  twitter 
august 2018 by briansolis
UCToday: Deep Dive – “Contact Centre 2.0: The Rise of Collaborative Contact Centres” - Brian Solis
Patrick Watson of industry blog UCToday recently did a review of Brian Solis’ report on the rise of collaborative contact centers, analyzing the conclusions and quoting from it extensively.
call  centers  cloud  collaborative  customers  cx  digital  experience  future  press  publicity  report  technology  transformation 
august 2018 by briansolis
MarTechSeries: Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Garner More Customer Reviews - Brian Solis
Nivedya Varma of industry publication Marketing Technology Insights recently compiled an overview of advice for companies to use social media to garner more customer reviews, and quoted Brian Solis within the article.
advice  customer  press  publicity  report  reviews  Social  Media  tips  brian  solis 
august 2018 by briansolis
Repeat Customer Podcast: How Sephora created a futuristic, omnichannel customer experience - Brian Solis
Brian Solis was recently featured on Zendesk’s “Repeat Customer” podcast, giving the hosts a behind-the-scenes look at cosmetics success story Sephora.
innovation  interview  podcast  press  publicity  brian  solis 
july 2018 by briansolis
CMSWire: Brian Solis: Customer Experience Is Still Too Much a Technology-First Discussion - Brian Solis
China Louise Martens of industry blog CMSWire recently published a profile of and interview with Brian Solis, as part of their series highlighting the speakers of the upcoming Digital Customer Experience (DX) Summit.
assistance  economy  conference  customer  digital  dx  summit  experience  feature  interview  journey  press  publicity  speaker  transformation 
july 2018 by briansolis Brian Solis: Figure Out How The World Is Changing And How To Be More Relevant As The World Changes - Brian Solis
Marketing specialist Vassilena Valchanova recently conducted an extensive interview with Brian Solis, soon after his keynote address at the 2018 DigitalK conference.
address  Business  -  Marketing  change  conference  consumer  digital  digitalk  experience  interview  keynote  press  publicity  strategy  tips  unlearning 
july 2018 by briansolis
Lexology: VidCon 2018: What I Learned From My First VidCon Experience - Brian Solis
At news aggregator Lexology, Farnaz Zanjani of Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP recently wrote an overview of the 2018 VidCon conference, in particular citing Brian Solis’ keynote address.
2018  address  authenticity  conference  digital  influencer  keynote  press  publicity  trust  vidcon  brian  solis 
july 2018 by briansolis
CMSWire: Takeaways from Digital Workplace Experience 2018
Dom Nicastro of industry blog CMSWire recently wrote an overview of the 2018 Digital Workplace Experience conference, in particular citing Brian Solis’ keynote address.
2018  address  cms  Culture  digital  workplace  experience  engagement  future  futurism  keynote  press  publicity 
july 2018 by briansolis
Salesforce: Digital Transformation: Strategies For Success
The CRM software company Salesforce recently interviewed Brian Solis regarding tips and strategies for digital transformation, which they have included in a free report available for download at their website.
advice  digital  download  free  interview  press  publicity  report  salesforce  strategy  transformation 
july 2018 by briansolis
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