The most fascinating riot you’ve never heard of | The Outline
The Astor Place Opera House Riot of 1849 combined two of 19th-century America’s favorite pastimes: going to the theater and rioting.
5 days ago
Inside Mark Zuckerberg's Lost Notebook | WIRED
In the early days of Facebook, Zuck kept his plans for world domination in handwritten journals. He destroyed them. But a few revealing pages survived.
5 days ago
12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory | @johncutlefish's blog
Writing on all things product by John Cutler (@johncutlefish).
5 days ago
California’s Housing Crisis: How a Bureaucrat Pushed to Build - The New York Times
When California’s housing crisis slammed into a wealthy suburb, one public servant became a convert to a radically simple doctrine.
7 days ago
Aerial Views of Mexico's Dystopian Housing Developments | WIRED
The Mexican government spent billions trying to provide affordable housing to its citizens. This is the result.
7 days ago
Life Imitates Hollywood: The Rise of "Movie-Set Urbanism" — Strong Towns
The drive-to version of a walkable main street, surrounded by parking lots,
is like a Western movie set made of fake building facades: all hat and no
8 days ago
The Five-Year-Old Who Was Detained at the Border and Persuaded to Sign Away Her Rights | The New Yorker
Sarah Stillman writes about Helen, a five-year-old from Honduras, whom officials assisted in filling out a form withdrawing her right to a Flores bond hearing, which would allow a judge to review her custody determination.
9 days ago
Biodiversity Heritage Library | Flickr
Explore Biodiversity Heritage Library's 160,638 photos on Flickr!
9 days ago
Former ESPN anchor Jay Crawford joins WKYC this fall | wkyc.com
He will also help launch a new 5 p.m. newscast starting in 2020.
10 days ago
CHAGRIN FALLS | Encyclopedia of Cleveland History | Case Western Reserve University
Meanwhile, in the 1990s, tensions surfaced between real estate developers and residents desiring to maintain the community's natural beauty. After the village blocked developer Roger J. Weiss from building houses on 21.7 acres along the Chagrin River owned by resident Karen Harmon, protracted legal battles culminated in the village seizing the property by eminent domain. In an agreement reached in July of 1998, the village agreed to pay $850,000 for the land, a sum significantly lower than the $1.4 million value set by the developer's own appraiser.
14 days ago
A Survey of Grown Unschoolers I: Overview of Findings | Psychology Today UK
How do people who didn't go to school or do curriculum-based homeschooling as children and teenagers fare in adult life?
14 days ago
Watch: Monty Python and The Holy Grail... in LEGO / Boing Boing
https://youtu.be/yjacqcTFYFw In memory of Monty Python co-founder Terry Jones, who died this week, please enjoy "Monty Python and the Holy Grail in LEGO." Created in 2002 by Spite Your Face Productions for the DVD release of "Monty Python and The Holy Grail," Terry Gilliam reportedly described the LEGO short as "definitely the best version of…
19 days ago
Stained glass time lapse, Washington National Cathedral on Vimeo
I am primarily a black and white architectural still photographer, but while documenting post-earthquake repairs at Washington National Cathedral I was impressed…
19 days ago
Brand New: Brute Force
Opinions on corporate and brand identity work
19 days ago
When Ron May Ruled Chicago’s Tech Scene | Chicago magazine | January 2020
Two decades ago, at the peak of the dot-com boom, one internet impresario had all the city’s startup world in his sweaty grip.
20 days ago
“Calvin” collection arrives – but where’s Watterson? | The Seattle Times
Maybe someday, officials will put up a statue marking this quaint village as the birthplace of "Calvin and Hobbes. " Just don't expect cartoonist...
21 days ago
Survivor: how we made Eye of the Tiger | Music | The Guardian
‘Sylvester Stallone said it didn’t have balls. So we raised it one decibel – and he loved it’
21 days ago
Wall-E meets 'Dolly' - Los Angeles Times
How did two tunes from a vintage musical make their way into an out-of-this-world film?
27 days ago
Memories of Mississippi Nights: 13 years ago it turned out the lights for good | Post-Dispatch Archives | stltoday.com
When Mississippi Nights closed its doors on Jan. 19, 2007, St. Louis lost the club on which was built its reputation as a player on the national music scene.
29 days ago
Opinion | The Apps on My Phone Are Stalking Me - The New York Times
I discovered that we’re building a digital surveillance state much like the one in China.
29 days ago
Can We Afford to Care About Design in a Housing Crisis? — Strong Towns
If you want to see more homes built in your city, good urban design isn’t
your enemy. And neither are those who insist on it.
4 weeks ago
Whitney Houston, Notorious B.I.G., Nine Inch Nails Inducted Into Rock Hall of Fame 2020 | Pitchfork
Depeche Mode, T. Rex, and the Doobie Brothers also make this year’s induction class
5 weeks ago
Super Nintendo World will feature real-life gaming - CNN
Gaming fanatics will soon be able to play real-life versions of their favorite Nintendo titles, Universal Studios Japan has promised, as it teased details about its new theme park.
5 weeks ago
These Patients Are Hard to Treat - The New York Times
A study examined a popular approach that coordinated care for the most expensive patients, and found that the project did not reduce hospital admissions.
5 weeks ago
Special sunglasses, license-plate dresses, Juggalo face paint: How to be anonymous in the age of surveillance | The Seattle Times
A fringe movement of privacy advocates are experimenting with clothes, makeup and accessories as a defense against some surveillance technologies. Some wearers desire to opt-out of “surveillance capitalism,” while others...
5 weeks ago
A billion medical images are exposed online, as doctors ignore warnings – TechCrunch
Despite warnings from security researchers, the number of exposed images has risen.
5 weeks ago
HTML attributes to improve your users' two factor authentication experience - Twilio
Learn how to use the HTML autocomplete, inputmode and pattern attributes to improve the user experience of logging in.
5 weeks ago
Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67 | CBC News
Neil Peart, the drummer of iconic Canadian band Rush, has died at age 67.
6 weeks ago
"Can I Print This?" The Basics of T-Shirt Copyright Law | Real Thread
Copyright law for t-shirts & design can be confusing. Let us break it down in a real practical way.
6 weeks ago
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