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Design researchers must think fast and slow |
RT @emmaboulton: Really like this by @sladner - I approach research and also more recently, writing in this way.
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march 2018 by brian_frank
What a nerdy debate about p-values shows about science — and how to fix it - Vox
I wonder if p-value debate will ever come to media & comm. research & how field would react if it did.
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september 2017 by brian_frank
Theory and Practice
Sociologists use both theory and practice to understand what is going on in the social world and how it happens.
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august 2017 by brian_frank
“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” Social science and the 2016 elections |
My poli & design worlds collide: "We know a lot about what people do, but very little about what it means for them."
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november 2016 by brian_frank
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