The Little Book of LDA
Well, little. But looking forward to reading this
ir  ml 
april 2018
Super Fast String Matching in Python
Missing evaluation here. Also wonering how Jaccard sim would do
string  matching  ml 
october 2017
git git git git git
I'm glad somebody found a solution to this problem I'm having quite often, actually
september 2017
Weird Python Integers
You can do some weird shit in python
august 2017
Afraid of Makefiles? Don't be!
Makesfiles and putting on clothes have lot more in common than you might think
howto  dev  make 
august 2017
Tidy Data in Python
Where Tidy Data (sadly) is used as a synonym for database normalization
data  normalization  python 
december 2016
Space Yourself
Do you really want to know how many kinds of spaces there are?
css  space  typography 
december 2016
Text analysis of Trump’s tweets
Great insight in campaign vs personal tweets
politics  twitter 
august 2016
Vim: Motions & Command Language
Gotta find a way to remember all of this
august 2016
Scipy Lecture Notes
More about scipy and numpy that you ever wanted to know (I should use Numpy more often)
python  numpy  scipy 
july 2016
If you don't want bootstrap, but still something that looks like bootstrap
hack  framework  css 
july 2016
Using context to perform automatic actions on your Mac. If only I dicovered it earlier
automation  mac  osx 
july 2016
Elasticsearch API calls in one view
Great! Now for different versions as well pls ;)
elasticsearch  api  documentation 
july 2016
Parsing CSV's like a pro. Looks awesome!
data  python  csv 
june 2016
roll your own AWS. Need to check further
s3  aws  amazon 
may 2016
Anonymizing Datasets with Python & Faker
Pseudo anonymization, but fails because partial fields can leak identifiable data
python  anonymous 
may 2016
How Kalman Filters Work, Part 1
all you ever wanted to know about kalman and particle filters
kalman  filters  programming 
april 2016
An ode to sorting and an introduction to complexity theory
march 2016
UI components for Elasticsearch
Is there an equivalent for Angular?
elasticsearch  ui 
march 2016
like pip freeze, but for npm
node  npm 
march 2016
hfiguiere/leftpad-rs: leftpad, in rust.
As if a leftpad library in JS wasn't enough
rust  programming  bad 
march 2016
The Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins
This will interfere with the periodic table in my head at some point
wordpress  plugin 
march 2016
Defining custom XPath functions on Python lxml
This is great when you just need some quick stuff
python  xpath 
february 2016
Deep Learning
Google and Udacity partnering up
january 2016
I always overlook this library somehow
javascript  framework 
december 2015
Cleaning CSV Data Using the Command Line and csvkit
csvkit is one of my favorite tools to work with data
csv  python  bash 
december 2015
Defensive BASH programming
For all your extensive bash programming needs
bash  programming 
december 2015
Memory use and speed of JSON parsers
Be aware of the structure of your data
json  python 
december 2015
Choosing an HTTP Status Code
A flowchart that tells you when to use HTTP status code 418
http  status 
december 2015
A free introduction to geo
super accessible intro to geo data
maps  learning  geo 
december 2015
Exporting all Libreoffice worksheets as CSV
I have no idea why it's not a built-in functionality
libreoffice  macro  excel 
november 2015
@konklone brings the good stuff
json  csv  converter 
november 2015
Wikipedia Analytics API
So much possibilities (although I would to limit on pages in a Category)
wikipedia  metrics  api 
november 2015
Floating point math will drive you crazy
programming  math 
november 2015
enable cross-origin resource sharing
On nginx -- this was very valuable today
nginx  server  config 
november 2015
Open Source Machine Learning software from Google
machine-learning  python 
november 2015
Dumb Cuneiform.
Well, this is certainly a way to save deleted tweets for eternity
language  twitter 
november 2015
Unsplash Source
"A Simple API for Embedding Unsplash Photos" -- the photos are free
api  photos  free 
november 2015
XKCD on Git
"How do we use it? No idea. Just memorize these shell comands and type them to sync up."
october 2015
On Predicting Deletions of Microblog Posts
I wonder how this relaates to pols behavior h/t @dvdgrs
politwoops  twitter  deleted  tweets  science 
october 2015
FLIF - Free Lossless Image Format
Interesting approach to image compression
flif  compression  graphics  image 
october 2015
a curl cheat sheet
Now i know hwta I have been missing all these years
curl  networking 
september 2015
Profiling and optimizing in Go
Good to see interesting stuff from brad
profiling  go  optimization 
august 2015
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