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Print lists in Python (4 Different Ways) - GeeksforGeeks
Some very cool stuff here, including the print(*l) which prints a list 'l' nicely without brackets.

Also includes a nice tip on using join to print lists.
a = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
print(' '.join(map(str, a)))
python  programming  example  print  list 
12 days ago by brentfarwick
Fred's ImageMagick Scripts
What it says. Crazy big and good compilation of ImageMagick scripts written by Fred. You know... Fred.
graphics  image  programming  imagemagick 
7 weeks ago by brentfarwick
Unicode programming, with examples
Seems to be a very thorough treatment of what Unicode is about. Really gets into the weeds. Good.
unicode  encoding  programming  glyph  grapheme 
10 weeks ago by brentfarwick
Translating math into code with examples in Java, Racket, Haskell, Python (2011) | Hacker News
This is about translating mathematical algorithms and data structures used in computer science into code. It's very good stuff. Emphasizes using functional techniques first, then modifying to use mutable programs for increased efficiency.
math  compsci  algorithm  programming  java  python  haskell 
12 weeks ago by brentfarwick
Responsible JavaScript: Part I – A List Apart
A good argument for not getting carried away with javscript. Advises building on the platform provided by the browser, not sacrificing accessibility, and not ignoring the implications of slow connections or devices.
javascript  css  programming 
april 2019 by brentfarwick
Vim Anti-Patterns (2012) | Hacker News
The HN comments on a vim article. Always lots of good stuff in these.
vim  vimrc  programming  editor 
march 2019 by brentfarwick
All About EOF | Late Developer
What it says. Explaining the ins and outs of handling EOF or end of file for C and C++ programmers. Keep as reference.
c_lang  c++  EOF  programming  explainer 
march 2019 by brentfarwick
OMG: Our Machinery Guidebook
This company makes games and game engines. This is a long and detailed guide to how they operate the programming side of their business. At least that's what it looks like to me. I like to hang on to these sorts of guides.
programming  code  api  guide  best_practices 
february 2019 by brentfarwick
v4ps.mgp - jim-meyering-goodbye-world.pdf
Practical advice on avoiding the most common perils of output streams in Gnu C.
programming  c_lang  stdout  printf  streams 
january 2019 by brentfarwick
RealTime Data Compression: Compiler Warnings
Contains useful advice on how to avoid bad practices by letting warnings work for you. It concerns itself with C, and advocates using a "constrained C" with appropriate compiler flags set.
programming  c_lang  compiler  warning 
january 2019 by brentfarwick
Threads Basics
What it says. Looks good. Haven't yet read.
concurrency  programming  threads  tutorial 
january 2019 by brentfarwick
Seva Zaikov - Node.js Fundamentals: Web Server Without Dependencies
This looks like an excellent tutorial. It's not gunked up with dependencies.
node  node_js  programming  javascript  basics  tutorial 
december 2018 by brentfarwick
Algorithm Archive · GitBook
A repository of algorithms in many programming languages. A community project.
algorithm  programming  archive 
december 2018 by brentfarwick
Hackery, Math & Design —
Lots of really nifty math and computer graphics stuff. He's the "One True Parabola" guy.
math  parabola  programming  graphics 
november 2018 by brentfarwick
A Road to Common Lisp / Steve Losh
A long, detailed set of suggestions for how to learn Common Lisp. Lots of practical stuff here you'd be hard pressed to find in one place elsewhere.
learning  common  lisp  programming 
august 2018 by brentfarwick
Seva Zaikov - Javascript Fundamentals: `this` keyword
Looks very interesting. It's surprising at times. I'm a bit rusty on this though.

Explains where the 'this' is going to come from in various contexts -- the nearest object having a 'this' that meets the criteria.
javascript  programming  this 
august 2018 by brentfarwick
Think Julia: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
Another book from the ever-generous Allen Downey, and Ben Lauwens. It looks terrific. Julia's really beginning to gain mindshare. It's supposed to be fast.
julia_lang  book  tutorial  programming 
august 2018 by brentfarwick
Matter.js tutorial for the absolute JS beginner
Says you can use it even if you're a very green beginner. Looks fun.

It's a physics engine written in javascript. Beginners can animate stuff realistically.
javascript  graphics  physics  programming 
august 2018 by brentfarwick
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, 2e: Top
This is said to be a very nicely formatted online version. I think I have the pdf locally. But html can be nice.
sicp  abelson  sussman  programming  book  algorithm 
august 2018 by brentfarwick
A Tutorial on Portable Makefiles « null program
This looks pretty good. Like always, read multiple sources. And know that although it isn't noted in this article, calling make doesn't even require a Makefile. You can do something as simple as:
make sample_prog
if you have a program called "sample.c" in the same directory. Learned that bit from Zed Shaw.
make  c_lang  programming  posix  explain 
july 2018 by brentfarwick
Assembly Language for Beginners - AL4B-EN.pdf
Huge book on assembly language. Covers a lot of reverse engineering stuff.
assembly  book  programming 
july 2018 by brentfarwick
Embedding files in C programs with koio | Drew DeVault’s Blog
A method to embed markup, or images in a c program. The idea is that the c program will check for these internal data stores (and use them) before looking outward to the file system. Seems like it could be very useful
c  programming  koio  embed  data 
may 2018 by brentfarwick
Bit Twiddling Hacks
Very clever bit twiddling hacks. The list of tricks is long and clever.
programming  bit  twiddling  microcontroller  low_level  goodstuff 
may 2018 by brentfarwick
Category GUI
boatloads of cool tcl/tk gui stuff
tcl  tk  gui  programming  goodstuff 
march 2018 by brentfarwick
Python 101: All about imports | The Mouse Vs. The Python
It really is a very good article about importing modules. Lot of stuff I don't know.
python  modules  import  programming  goodstuff 
march 2018 by brentfarwick
The Zig Programming Language
Interesting language. Tries to be a better C. Keep an eye on it.
zig  programming  language  c 
march 2018 by brentfarwick
How "Exit Traps" Can Make Your Bash Scripts Way More Robust And Reliable
I don't completely get this (but I want to). It looks like a really nifty technique.
bash  programming  shell  linux 
january 2018 by brentfarwick
Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs – Node.js Collection – Medium
Very good walkthrough from the old days of just sourcing a script to all the new package management stuff.
javascript  programming  node  npm  tutorial  goodstuff 
january 2018 by brentfarwick
recursion - Tom Moertel’s Blog
four articles about how to turn recursion into iteration. This sounds like a good idea to me.
recursion  iteration  python  programming  goodstuff 
december 2017 by brentfarwick
Introduction - Computer Graphics from scratch - Gabriel Gambetta
What it says. Some trig, and some supplied linear algebra.

Starts off with how to color pixels.

Focus is 3D rendering from the ground up -- without libraries.
3D  graphics  render  programming  book 
november 2017 by brentfarwick
It's Windows 3.1 All Over Again
Very well-written article on threads vs processes and what makes node.js a throwback of sorts. And it also reinforced what I've been beginning to grasp about callbacks--that they run AFTER a function returns, and if the function doesn't return, they don't run. Didn't read the whole thing, but I should.
concurrency  processes  threads  programming  callbacks  goodstuff  node_js 
september 2017 by brentfarwick
Global Mutable State
Good explanation of global mutable state and concrete examples of how to avoid it. Breaks it down to each of its three components and shows how to understand each of Global, Mutable, and State.
global  mutable  state  programming  goodstuff 
september 2017 by brentfarwick
Currying vs Partial Application
Looks to be a pretty clear explanation of currying and partial functions.
javascript  functional  programming  curry  partial  application 
september 2017 by brentfarwick
GNU Make Book | No Starch Press
Besides the obvious uses, make is handy for LaTeX, both generating PDFs and cleaning up afterwards. Seems to me like it could be handy for automatic generation of barlists, cutlists, and invoices if you were to go back to rebar detailing. Could automate stats generation as well.
gnu  make  programming  clang 
september 2017 by brentfarwick
Tim Hentenaar's Blog
review and rant about Zed Shaw's book, Learn C the Hard Way

There's some good stuff about strings in this.
c_lang  programming  string 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
The Craft of Text Editing
A cookbook for emacs.
It immediately jumps into implementing a text editor in ANSI C in the very first chapter. Not for the faint of heart.
editor  programming  text  book  emacs 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
Ropes: Twining Together Strings for Editors – Good Math, Bad Math
A rope is an odd sort of tree structure. Internal nodes hold only pointers. Leaf nodes hold the text (or whatever data). Really very clever stuff.
data_structure  rope  programming  editor  algorithm 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
D as a Better C – The D Blog
This is about a subset of D that can mix with C easily. It provides some improvements to C, while losing some D. Basically it's a clever way for a C programmer to travel towards D without losing his investment in C. Kotlin while not Java apparently does something similar thought more inclusive for Java programmers.
d_lang  subset  programming  goodstuff  c_lang 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
Software optimization resources. C++ and assembly. Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X
You're a ways off from this stuff, but it's a doggone good reference to optimizing assembly, c, and c++ on different architectures.
c++  programming  assembly_lang  optimization  guide  goodstuff 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
Node.js Raw Mode with Keystrokes
reading raw keypress codes in a node.js script

Sounds like the kind of thing you might be interested in.
node_js  javascript  programming  keypress 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
Nicole Orchard
Nice friendly intro to compilers. She seems like a good writer.
compiler  gcc  clang  llvm  programming 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
Dijkstra was right — recursion should not be difficult
Some philosophy about how to approach recursion. Don't try to visualize every step, that's for sure. Plenty of recursion examples. You should learn.
programming  javascript  recursion  goodstuff 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
SQL Tutorial
Recommended by, so must be OK.
sql  tutorial  programming  goodstuff 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
Javascript Closures
Appears to be an in-depth explanation of closures in javascript.
javascript  closures  programming 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming
Looks like a very thorough OpenGL tutorial. Covers a lot of turf.
programming  opengl  tutorial  graphics  goodstuff 
july 2017 by brentfarwick
Find the best Python books -
nicely curated list of python books. Broken into categories.
python  book  list  curated  programming  goodstuff 
july 2017 by brentfarwick
GitHub - deniskyashif/ssfst: Subsequential Transducer for Efficient "Dictionary-Based" Text Rewriting
This kind of looks like it does what sed does but there are apparently differences. It has a fancy name, and for some reason, though I barely skimmed it, it had a useful vibe about it.
text  replacement  programming  javascript 
july 2017 by brentfarwick
Rc — The Plan 9 Shell
Looks like a very sane shell, 'rc' that is. It's part of plan 9 but apparently can be used in most unices.
shell  programming  rc  plan_9  bash  linux 
june 2017 by brentfarwick
C++ Language Quick Guide By VipTechWorld
appears to be a fairly good, if typo-ridden quick-start tutorial and reference. HTML format, nice TOC links.
c++  programming  reference  tutorial 
may 2017 by brentfarwick
Vertical slider allows before/after image juxtaposition or image overlay with reveal
javascript  juxtapose  slider  goodstuff  programming  image  overlay 
may 2017 by brentfarwick
A Primer on Bézier Curves
a free book (site) on Bezier curves. Good stuff.
bezier_curve  math  graphics  computer  programming  goodstuff 
april 2017 by brentfarwick
The Julia Language
A very fast, very modern language. Call C functions directly from this language, no special sauce required.
computer  programming  julia_lang  c_lang 
april 2017 by brentfarwick
Lecture 1A | MIT 6.001 Structure and Interpretation, 1986 - YouTube
MIT Hal Abelson from 1986. Looks to be very good and includes playlist.
programming  lisp  MIT  SICP 
april 2017 by brentfarwick
lisp-like programming in c_lang

This is about lisp-like macros in C. It is not about that thing that you think of when you think about macros in C--you know the one with an 'em' and a 'four' in ...
c_lang  lisp  programming  macros  from notes
april 2017 by brentfarwick
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