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What it says. And apparently a fair amount of math.
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7 weeks ago by brentfarwick
Hackery, Math & Design —
Lots of really nifty math and computer graphics stuff. He's the "One True Parabola" guy.
math  parabola  programming  graphics 
november 2018 by brentfarwick
Introduction To Calculus With Derivatives -
Very nice explainer of the derivative. Opens with a discussion about guessing squares of arbitrary numbers.

Strictly online.
calculus  math  derivative  explain  online 
september 2018 by brentfarwick
Jay's Blog
A nifty way to decompose fractions. Don't skip the comments -- good stuff there, too.
math  partial_fractions  alternative 
august 2018 by brentfarwick
User:LucasVB/Gallery - Wikipedia
Crazy-good animations and diagrams of mathematical and physical topics. He likes to use a home brew programming setup using PHP, GD, and the free raytracer POV-Ray. I think I need to revisit GD.
graphics  math  science  diagrams  animation  gd 
july 2018 by brentfarwick
User:David Eppstein/Gallery - Wikimedia Commons
Beautiful diagrams. Most in public domain. Creator is a professor at UCI.
diagram  math  public  domain  graph_theory 
july 2018 by brentfarwick
Free Linear Algebra textbook
Free linear algebra textbook (with answers) available on this page. Also the source latex is available. Some on HN commented on how much they liked the typesetting of the book. Author seems like a nice guy.
linear  algebra  math  pdf 
june 2018 by brentfarwick
The Math of Card Shuffling
Introduces a simple way to think about shuffling -- the single card riffle. Need to study this.
math  cards  shuffle 
june 2018 by brentfarwick
This Thing For Which We Have No Name |
A good read. He argues that capitalism is anything but rational -- indeed a purely rational actor(s) would quickly become predictable and be gamed. He argues that we go to McDonald's in a foreign country because it provides a guarantee of not being completely awful, that is it "satifices" -- a word he made up. He asserts (and I concur) that neoclassical economists created an imaginary species, "homo economicus" just so they could mathematically model it.
economics  math  common_sense 
june 2018 by brentfarwick
Statistician Proves Gaussian Correlation Inequality | Quanta Magazine
A charming story that includes a theorem (formerly a conjecture) that might help you someday. It helps determine how likely it is that hitting one criterion makes it that you will hit the other.
math  statistics  gaussian 
april 2018 by brentfarwick
The Line Between Aggressive and Crazy - RHS Financial
Kelly's formula for how much of your bankroll to bet.
Edwin O. Thorp (Beat the Dealer) made use of this. It's still valid with respect to investing.
betting  investing  bankroll  shannon  thorp  math  kelly 
october 2017 by brentfarwick
3Blue1Brown - YouTube - YouTube
good conceptual videos that really explain the fundamentals of various branches of math. The animations are excellent.
math  video  linear  algebra  calculus  topology  goodstuff 
october 2017 by brentfarwick
The Believer Logger
Very good article, at least the portion I've read. Covers topics such as what is a personality, limits of imagination, how loss of memory with age affects identity--when does a person stop being the same person? Just good stuff.
identity  philosophy  dementia  personality  goodstuff  learning  math  creativity 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
The Lost Art of Square Roots – Math Memoirs – Medium
Shows how, with graphic aids, to find the square of a large number using only pencil and paper. She provides some nice visual insight.
math  square  root  howto 
july 2017 by brentfarwick
Intuition behind permutations and combinations – Building VTS
Looks good at first glance. Uses tree diagrams to help explain permutations and combinations.
math  permutation  combination  tree 
july 2017 by brentfarwick
A Path Less Taken to the Peak of the Math World | Quanta Magazine
Story of Huh, a South Korean who started math late in life and discovered an impressive graph proof.
math  personality  graph  theory 
june 2017 by brentfarwick
Open Textbook Library
Most amazing list of open textbooks I've ever seen. Covers nearly any college topic you can think of.
math  language  law  physics  chemistry  biology  physiology  business  greek  reference  book  textbook  goodstuff 
june 2017 by brentfarwick
Online texts
A list of open/free math texts from georgia tech
math  book  textbook  pdf  free  goodstuff 
june 2017 by brentfarwick
How does calculator find the sine of an angle?
A brief discussion of how calculators calculate sine values. Something called the Cordic method is mentioned and the field of numerical methods.
calculate  sine  math  numerical  cordic 
june 2017 by brentfarwick
Nine chapters
Some really clever word problems here.
chinese  math  history  goodstuff 
june 2017 by brentfarwick
Essence of calculus, chapter 1 - YouTube
Have not yet watched. Looks similar to "Better Explained."
calculus  visual  essence  math  youtube 
may 2017 by brentfarwick
A Primer on Bézier Curves
a free book (site) on Bezier curves. Good stuff.
bezier_curve  math  graphics  computer  programming  goodstuff 
april 2017 by brentfarwick
Preface | MIT Calculus Revisited: Single Variable Calculus - YouTube
Herb Gross lecturing single var calculus. Old--1970s--but very good MIT lectures. There is a 38 video playlist.
vid_lecture  math  single_var  calculus  MIT  herb_gross 
april 2017 by brentfarwick

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