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How can I remap keyboard keys? - Ask Ubuntu
re: Chromebook Yoga c630 w crouton and ubuntu running xenial or bionic. This forum question and answer has some advice on xev and xmodmap that actually seems to make sense. xev was kind of overwhelming in it's near constant volume of output. I've already had gotten my Home, End, and Del functionality back on my Lenovo c630 Yoga Chromebook -- which doesn't have physical keys for these ordinary functions -- by using earlier info I'd read on the xmodmap approach. I used xmodmap commands in my .bashrc file. I used a little program called (a python tkinter program) to find the numeric key values associated with pressing specific keys. I'll put them here just in case some similarly frustrated soul needs them. After reboot, the newly reassigned keys work as desired -- as Home, End, and Delete. For the record I remapped Home, End, and Del to the keys with symbols for Volume Up, Volume Dn, and Lock respectively.

# keyboard fixes
xmodmap -e "keycode 191 = Delete"
xmodmap -e "keycode 76 = End"
xmodmap -e "keycode 75 = Home"
# Note: Ctrl-End and Ctrl-Home work like they should.
# Delete repeats as it should on sustained keypress.

Note: Delete key did not repeat when held down in crouton ubuntu xenial, but it did in crouton ubuntu bionic, but bionic was harder to install. Had to install as cli-extra target first, then apt-get install xorg-all or something like that from inside the commandline version, then had to rerun crouton with target xfce4. A pain, but worth it.
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