Killing processes that don't want to die []
Very good article about killing processes that don't want to stay dead. The comments are good, too.
linux  fork  process  kill  pid  suid  euid  guid 
25 days ago
List of Anticholinergic Drugs - The Senior List
Don't take any of these drugs if you can reasonably avoid doing so. There is a strong link to dementia in humans. Even if taken 20 years ago, there is still an associated risk. The study assessed the history of 300,000 patients and was done by the University of East Anglia, UK.
anticholinergic  drug  dementia 
29 days ago
This Windows file may be secretly hoarding your passwords and emails | ZDNet
On Windows laptops with touchscreens that handwriting recognition enabled, a file called WaitList.dat that may aid bad actors in figuring out passwords.
microsoft  windows  secret  file  touch  screen  handwriting  WaitList.dat 
4 weeks ago
Transmission of breast cancer by a single multiorgan donor to 4 transplant recipients - Matser - 2018 - American Journal of Transplantation - Wiley Online Library
four cases of breast cancer after multi-recipient organ transplant. Three out of the four died, one survived after doctors removed the donated kidney and stopped giving her immune suppression drugs.
cancer  organ  transplant  donor  recipient 
4 weeks ago
Newspaper account of Leo Farwick's crime.
Leo Farwick murdered LaVonne Carr in Flandreau, MN.

Was it a crime of passion? Possibly. We'll never know. I believe Leo did 10 years for the crime. He never married. He died in 2012.
leo  farwick  crime  pipestone 
4 weeks ago
Let's bring back the Sabbath as a radical act against ‘total work’ | Aeon Ideas
Very good article about the political and financial aspects of keeping a Sabbath.

Contrasts the Sabbath-based society's sense of enough-ness with the capitalistic societies sense of never-enough-ness.

Discusses the necessity for system-wide implementation if a Sabbath-based community is to work.
sabbath  capitalism 
4 weeks ago
Alcohol Consumption and Alzheimer Disease: A Brief Update
Long story short. Although this author like others trys to pooh-pooh the evidence, it appears that alcohol appears to ward off Alzheimer's. Thiamine may help too. That's news to me. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of the the thiamine thing yet. Anyway, if I can afford it, I'm going to start drinking wine every night. End of story.
alzheimer's  alcohol  thiamine 
5 weeks ago
Home - BBC Academy
A grab bag of stuff related to producing the news. Language and grammar, production, camera work, etc.
bbc  academy  news  grammar  survey  production  video 
5 weeks ago
English grammar tips - BBC Academy
What it says. The site is full of grammar related resources.
bbc  english  grammar  tips 
5 weeks ago
A Brief History of Fat, and Why We Hate It - YouTube
Best explanation of fat I've seen so far. If you listen to nothing else, listen to 30-seconds or so beginning at 16:45.
fat  cells  biology  obesity  diabetes  video  explain 
5 weeks ago
Pollen: the book is a program
A book generating program written in Racket (a scheme dialect). Apparently it can be used for static site generation, too?
epub  generator  static  site  books  publishing  writing 
5 weeks ago
Israeli music scene jolted by international boycott movement - ABC News
Yet another sign of the increased boldness of anti-semites. Of course, it's often cloaked under the guise of being anti-Zionist or some such drivel. But it moves in tandem with growing anti-Jew fervor around the world. Disgusting. Hating Jews is the province of simpleton blowhards.
anti-semitism  israel 
5 weeks ago
Caulk Buying Guide
What is says. A guide to different types of caulks and their applications.
caulk  guide  howto 
5 weeks ago
4150 - 41502C8HSGH.PDF
A document from HUD about the rules that govern whether a home is real estate or not, or something like that. It's about what type of loan you can get for your manufactured home.
HUD  manufactured  mobilehome  loan  mortgage 
5 weeks ago
Loans for older manufactured housing (how to buy a mobile home) | Mortgage Rates, Mortgage News and Strategy : The Mortgage Reports
A article about the rules that govern whether a home is real estate or not, or something like that. It's about what type of loan you can get for your manufactured home.
mobilehome  manufactured  real  estate  loan  HUD 
5 weeks ago
Introduction To Calculus With Derivatives -
Very nice explainer of the derivative. Opens with a discussion about guessing squares of arbitrary numbers.

Strictly online.
calculus  math  derivative  explain  online 
6 weeks ago
Woman Mauled To Death By A Pit Bull She Rescued 2 Weeks Earlier « CBS Baltimore
Woman in Columbus, Md, mauled to death by pit bull she rescued two weeks earlier.
pit_bull  maul  woman  death  dog 
6 weeks ago
Prosecuting homeless for sleeping outside may violate U.S. Constitution: ruling | Reuters
9th US Circuit Court of Appeals says if a city doesn't provide enough shelter for the homeless then sleeping outside is an inevitable consequence of homelessness.

I thought this was already settled. Need to look it up. I'm surprised to see Boise, Idaho arguing that it's OK to deny the homeless the right to live outside. I'm quite certain that there's an earlier ruling at a high-level (SCOTUS?) that said if a city didn't have shelter for a substantial majority of their homeless they could not forbid the homeless to sleep on city property. It may be that Boise was in compliance with providing shelter for the necessary fraction of their homeless population.
law  homeless  sleeping  appeals  court  ruling 
6 weeks ago
Ohio officer shoots K9 partner Benzi after attack | The Sacramento Bee
Dog being trained seriously bites his training officer. Officer required surgery. Dog was euthanized.

If a dog being trained can do this, why should the public trust police dogs to exhibit good behavior on the job.

How many suspects (aka men who are innocent until proved guilty) have been severely bitten on their genitalia by police dogs, possibly leading to difficulties with urination, or sexual function, not to mention disfigurement. Part of the problem is that biting the groin area is pretty normal behavior for a dog -- it makes "sense" to them, as they instinctively know where to bite to cripple prey -- femoral arteries and such.
dog  bite  police  shoot  attack 
6 weeks ago
Why You Should Tell Your Co-Workers How Much Money You Make - The New York Times
Companies simply cannot prohibit employees from sharing their wages or salary with other workers. The 1935 National Labor Relations Act prohibits employers from imposing such a restriction on employees.
pay  wages  disclosure  share  coworker  law 
6 weeks ago
17-35041.pdf US Appeals Court rules IP address alone not enough for piracy charge.
Man had open wifi. Someone downloaded a movie. Someone tried to sue him for downloading movie. Court rules that an IP address alone isn't enough to charge someone with piracy.

Interesting and unintended takeaway: Maybe keeping your home wifi open will provide plausible deniability if you are accused of piracy.
piracy  internet  download  court  ruling  IP  address 
6 weeks ago
Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers - The New York Times
Frey effect means microwaves can transmit sound directly into the human brain -- the person hears a non-existent sound. Apparently the USAF got a patent on technology that could transmit intelligible sound directly into a person's brain, bypassing the ears, this in 2002, 2003. Weird stuff.

Anyway, microwave weapons are now the chief suspects in the "sonic" attacks on US Embassy personnel in Cuba. The consensus is that the brain damage (concussions) were very much real and not imagined.
6 weeks ago
25 incredibly useful Google Docs tips and tricks
Really some good stuff here. Keep for reference.

Don't miss the advice about adding fonts at the bottom of the list.
google  docs  edit  tips  fonts 
7 weeks ago
recommended by Steve Losh in his article about the road to common lisp. This it the first book you should study. The second is Peter Siebel's Practical Common Lisp. Both are free. You have this one saved under edu.
common  lisp  introduction  carnegie  mellon 
7 weeks ago
A Road to Common Lisp / Steve Losh
A long, detailed set of suggestions for how to learn Common Lisp. Lots of practical stuff here you'd be hard pressed to find in one place elsewhere.
learning  common  lisp  programming 
7 weeks ago
‘So why didn’t you think this baby was ill?’ Decision-making in acute paediatrics | ADC Education & Practice Edition
Fascinating stuff. Makes you appreciate the manner adopted by physicians at times. There's simply not enough time to treat in a thorough fashion, let alone explain the sometimes largely unconscious heuristic methods used to arrive at a decision that is only optimal in terms of time constraints if all time is not to be spent on one infant. Also points out the difficulties peculiar to treating very young infants and toddlers as compared to treating older children and adults.
pediatric  diagnosis  decision  bayesian 
7 weeks ago
Bill Text - AB-3080 Employment discrimination: enforcement.
Apparently prohibits forcing employees or would be employees from consenting to mandatory arbitration as a condition of employment.
employment  mandatory  arbitration  feha 
7 weeks ago
barlines rebar philippines manual of standard practice - Google Search
lots of good stuff on this page. Mady's co has even created a rebar app for phones. But there's all kinds of stuff on this page, not just barlines stuff. Google image search result
rebar  barlines  accessories  bulletins  google 
7 weeks ago
Concrete Reinforcement Products - PDF
Looks like a pretty good resource. Might bring you somewhat up-to-date on current accessories. Lots of stuff in this 20-page document.
rebar  supports  accessories  goodstuff 
7 weeks ago
Seva Zaikov - Javascript Fundamentals: `this` keyword
Looks very interesting. It's surprising at times. I'm a bit rusty on this though.

Explains where the 'this' is going to come from in various contexts -- the nearest object having a 'this' that meets the criteria.
javascript  programming  this 
7 weeks ago
‘Reprogrammed’ stem cells to be tested in people with Parkinson’s
Rather startling. A therapy that looks promising for Parkinson's. And two more already developed -- one for heart disease and one for retinal disease. How effective the last two are, I don't know.
stem  cell  parkinson's  heart  retina  therapy 
8 weeks ago
The dark side of early diagnosis | Prospect Magazine
If you're diagnosed at 66 and die at 70 from untreatable disease, you had a four-year survival. If you're diagnosed, instead, at 62, Bingo! You just had an eight-year survival. But you still died at 70!

This affects survival rate stats. It's the easiest way to raise survival rates.
early  diagnosis  con 
8 weeks ago
Jay's Blog
A nifty way to decompose fractions. Don't skip the comments -- good stuff there, too.
math  partial_fractions  alternative 
8 weeks ago
Think Julia: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
Another book from the ever-generous Allen Downey, and Ben Lauwens. It looks terrific. Julia's really beginning to gain mindshare. It's supposed to be fast.
julia_lang  book  tutorial  programming 
9 weeks ago
Tries as the evolution of nothing
About sorting with radix trees (tries). It looks good. Too tired to dig deeper right now.
tries  radix  trees  sorting 
9 weeks ago
Looks very good. A low-level look at how computers are organized. Uses GnuLinux and 64-bit assembly language.
computer  organization  assembly_lang  64_bit 
9 weeks ago
Matter.js tutorial for the absolute JS beginner
Says you can use it even if you're a very green beginner. Looks fun.

It's a physics engine written in javascript. Beginners can animate stuff realistically.
javascript  graphics  physics  programming 
9 weeks ago
Computer Networking : Principles, Protocols and Practice
Looks interesting. Will I have time? Getting long in the tooth.
computer  networking  book  pdf  free 
9 weeks ago
Open Textbook Library
Not a general algos book. More a book about graphics and geometry algos. Pascal style pseudocode examples.
free  textbook  algorithms  graphics  geometry 
9 weeks ago
Open Textbook Library
Book about the law and income tax. Very up to date.

Looks interesting. Amazing this stuff is now made available at the cost of a download.
income  tax  law  pdf  book 
9 weeks ago
Open Textbook Library
Less crap. These books are all reviewed by professors. They are either free or low cost.
books  textbooks  free  open 
9 weeks ago
Details the changes made in the Reagan era with respect to involuntary confinement of mental patients.
mental  illness  involuntary  confinement  treatment  Reagan  law 
9 weeks ago
Postmark: Transactional Email Service with Exceptional Delivery
If you ever getting to moving product online, this looks like a must have. It's pretty cheap, too.
automatic  email  notification  forwarding  application  cheap 
10 weeks ago
KyotoCooling Data Center Cooling System from PUE 1.0 - YouTube
This is the explanation I was looking for. It confirms Wikipedia's somewhat more terse explanation that mentions three air streams but that left me wondering if I'd read things correctly. There are other sites (lots of them I fear) that give rather sloppy explanations that don't convey this "three streams" idea clearly.
hvac  thermal_wheel  kyoto_wheel 
10 weeks ago
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, 2e: Top
This is said to be a very nicely formatted online version. I think I have the pdf locally. But html can be nice.
sicp  abelson  sussman  programming  book  algorithms 
11 weeks ago
What If Alzheimer's Disease Is Caused by "Bad Plumbing"? — Methuselah Foundation
Raises the possibility that ossification of tiny channel in a bony structure in your nose inhibits cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) from draining away plaque and dead neurons. And of course because that's right under the front center of your brain where your olfactory nerve bulbs are, it also explains why Alzheimer's patients often lose their sense of smell early on.
alzheimer's  CSF_fluid  smell  olfactory  ossification  nose  health 
11 weeks ago
The Realm of Rough Telepathy
Networking and its history presented as knights and dragons kind of thing... I guess.
networking  tcp  internet 
12 weeks ago
Ask HN: Where can one learn about the history of the internet and the protocols? | Hacker News
These HN comments are chock full of links and suggested reading about the history of then internet and arpanet. Don't miss the link to the which tracks rfc's and their replacements over time.
history  internet  darpa  networking 
12 weeks ago
The year Mexico legalised drugs - History Extra
While it only lasted for six months, Mexico did indeed treat drugs as a health issue rather than as a crime issue for a brief period. The year was 1940.
drug  decriminalization  mexico 
12 weeks ago
Electronic Circuit Simulator in Browser. Apparently free!
This is a very nifty looking circuit simulator that runs in the browser. I like the way you can move end nodes around arbitrarily. Just really looks like good, good stuff.
circuit  design  electronics  hardware  simulator  browser 
12 weeks ago
Cashless stores and restaurants are on the rise, to the delight of credit card companies.
This article starts slowly in its defense of cash, but seems to build steam as it goes along. Anonymity is addressed and is considered desirable in many cases. And the unparalleled democratic nature of cash is pointed out.
cash  cashless  money  pro  con 
12 weeks ago
Economics: The User's Guide by Ha-Joon Chang – review | Books | The Guardian
Ha-Joon Chang argues in this book that all economics is politics. He gives a sweeping overview of economonic history, and urges us to accept the muddy nature of economics. Sounds like a very good read.
economics  politics  contrarian  book 
12 weeks ago
China is making electric buses cheap, just like it did for solar panels - Vox
Article argues that tax incentives and such helped solar panel sales grow a bit, but that the real driver was China just going ahead and getting it done -- investing huge amounts in solar manufacturing. Sounds quite plausible to me.

The article then goes on to say that China may currently being doing the same for electric buses (specifically battery-powered buses) which could be just as beneficial as cheaper solar panels have been.
solar  panels  buses  electricity  China 
12 weeks ago
A Tutorial on Portable Makefiles « null program
This looks pretty good. Like always, read multiple sources. And know that although it isn't noted in this article, calling make doesn't even require a Makefile. You can do something as simple as:
make sample_prog
if you have a program called "sample.c" in the same directory. Learned that bit from Zed Shaw.
make  c_lang  programming  posix  explain 
12 weeks ago
The brain may clean out Alzheimer’s plaques during sleep | Science News
More speculation about sleep and alzheimer's. It may be a chicken or egg problem. But there is some evidence that intentional disruption may increase plaque formation.
alzheimers  sleep  deprivation  plaques  health 
12 weeks ago
Explores the clever principles used by tech companies to nudge you towards giving away your privacy. Goes into the psychology used to make it less likely for you to exercise your rights to privacy.
privacy  smartphone  psychology  law 
12 weeks ago
Teach Yourself Computer Science
A really thoughtful list of recommendations along with the whys of those recommendations. Strives to be focused, not just a big pile of whatever's available. Really good stuff.
computer  science  autodidact  recommend  self_learning 
july 2018
UAB - News - Scientists reverse aging-associated skin wrinkles and hair loss in a mouse model
Wow. A common antibiotic induces loss of hair and promotes wrinkled skin similar to age-related wrinkling? This study involved adding doxycycline to the drinking water of mice, which they apparently already knew would mess with the mitochondria of mice. Scary.
health  doxycycline  aging  antibiotic  mitochondria 
july 2018
Regular Expression Matching: the Virtual Machine Approach
Looks like a mostly understandable (to an non-computer scientist like me) explanation of seeing regular expressions as programs running on a multi-threaded virtual machine. There is a previous article on regex's linked as well.
regex  explain  VM 
july 2018
How I Fully Quit Google (And You Can, Too) – Member Feature Stories – Medium
pretty good read by a more or less non-techie. She clearly is not a complete tech neophyte. She offers good suggestions on what software to use to avoid using google. Interesting thing about DuckDuckGo and StartPage -- they provide much better and more complete results when I type in my name.
browser  privacy  search  tracking 
july 2018
Windows Command-Line: Backgrounder – Windows Command Line Tools For Developers
Looks like a very good series. I've never really learned the windows console or dos.
windows  commandline  console  explain  dos 
july 2018
draft-ietf-httpbis-bcp56bis-06 - Building Protocols with HTTP
Very technical stuff. Lots of standards related stuff having to do with http. Bookmarked in case I suddenly get smarter. :⊙)
http  ip  tcp  standards  rfc 
july 2018
Assembly Language for Beginners - AL4B-EN.pdf
Huge book on assembly language. Covers a lot of reverse engineering stuff.
assembly  book  programming 
july 2018
CaRMetal - Wikipedia
Very sophisticated program for drawing and interacting with geometry.
interactive  geometry  graphics  animation 
july 2018
User:LucasVB/Gallery - Wikipedia
Crazy-good animations and diagrams of mathematical and physical topics. He likes to use a home brew programming setup using PHP, GD, and the free raytracer POV-Ray. I think I need to revisit GD.
graphics  math  science  diagrams  animation  gd 
july 2018
Distinguishing coloring - Wikipedia
It's fascinating to realize that if instead of color, you had three keys with those little plastic edge thickeners instead of paint, you could place the keys and keyring behind your back and always pick any key called for.
graph  theory  six_keys 
july 2018
User:David Eppstein/Gallery - Wikimedia Commons
Beautiful diagrams. Most in public domain. Creator is a professor at UCI.
diagram  math  public  domain  graph_theory 
july 2018
Legal Systems Very Different From Ours
Fascinating. Covers systems like gypsy law, Jewish law, Athenian law, etc.
law  history  legal  systems  overview 
july 2018
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