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SKOL leva chuveiro de glitter e montanha russa para Largo de Batata
SKOL sets up eco-friendly glitter waterfall
nice example of helping people *take environmentally friendly action* (rather than just saying we're doing it)
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february 2018 by braziljosh
Watch As Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Plays A Song To A Single Person : NPR
single audience member taken to a 1:1 concert at a Berlin music fest
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october 2017 by braziljosh
Tiger Trading Co. - New York - YouTube
from Tiger Beer - gorgeous craft goods from Asian artists/designers sold in pop-up store in Chinatown
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march 2017 by braziljosh
Drugs for others' pain - Pastillas contra el dolor ajeno - YouTube
charity donation in which you buy "pills" to take in solidarity with those who can't afford medication
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january 2017 by braziljosh
Meet Halfway - The Shorty Awards
website calculates halfway point between two people so they visit each other, recommends airBnb in the area
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october 2016 by braziljosh
Samsung cria férias de 10 minutos para promover bateria de carregamento rápido
10 minute vacation created in pop-up experience - flight, beach, masseuse, drink, fake hangliding
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november 2015 by braziljosh
Mini Fashion Bar
miniature fashion wardrobe in your hotel room
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november 2015 by braziljosh
The Science Of When You Need In-Person Communication
science behind actuating ask the senses -people are primed, more engaged with personal interaction
lust  presentation 
september 2015 by braziljosh

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