M&A Series: Three Paths to a Purpose-led Identity - Views - Interbrand
mergers - 3 ways to handle mergers
-keep brand identities close to original
-keep the best (elements) and change the rest
-complete rebrand
naming  mergers  brand  strategy 
26 days ago
The Best TV Shows of 2017 - The New York Times
chewing gum
call my agent!
11 weeks ago
11 data points that explain why fame and emotion matter (most people don't buy your product, ad recall is generally low, people remember only 1-2 things in an ad, consideration fades quickly, etc.)
ROI of advertising
11 weeks ago
Why Successful Startups Need to Build 'A Culture of Overcoming' — The Challenger Project
recognize success & celebrate it. small (weekly meeting with recognitions) and large (high five wall in office writing up achievements)

also customer journey - "back to reality" gift packs when you return from vacation
management  journey  experience 
october 2017
Watch As Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Plays A Song To A Single Person : NPR
single audience member taken to a 1:1 concert at a Berlin music fest
ideas  inspiration  lust 
october 2017
This Football Helmet Crumples—and That’s Good
The trio formed Vicis, a Latin word meaning change. “It’s also a sharp, fierce-sounding name that implies speed,” Marver says. Browd’s tectonic-plate concept morphed into an “inside-out” helmet with a softer outer shell.
september 2017
Seth's Blog: Unbridled
It's worth noting that no unbridled horse has ever won an important race. 
quote  quotes 
september 2017
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