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Math in Data Science
Find out how much math is involved in data science and what math you need to know to get started in a data science role.
data  datascience  math  programming  statistics 
august 2019 by bradbarrish
CivicScience | Google Assistant is Catching up to Alexa, but Both Have Room to Grow
Home assistant devices are gaining popularity but where do Google and Amazon have room to grow?
voice  technology  data  statistics  trends  2019 
february 2019 by bradbarrish
The decline in U.S. life expectancy is unlike anything we've seen in a century | Popular Science
A new report from the Centers for Disease Control shows that the small decrease in life expectancy, from 78.7 to 78.6 years is part of a continuing trend. Even as we make progress against cancer, heart disease, and stroke—three of the biggest killers—we’re losing ground on other fronts and have been on a decline since 2014. The CDC highlighted three in particular they they say have contributed to the loss of life expectancy in recent years.
statistics  death  trends  america 
january 2019 by bradbarrish
The Words That Are “Most Hip Hop”
RT : top notch rap lyric big data viz biz right here. informed, insightful, & nicely designed: h…
hip-hop  music  statistics  data  from twitter_favs
september 2017 by bradbarrish
What Apple’s HomePod Is Up Against
Google has so far failed to make a dent in Amazon’s stranglehold on the voice-activated home speaker market, new data show. It highlights the challenge facing Apple, which is pricing its forthcoming HomePod devices well above similar devices.The data show that Amazon has done best with the ...
apple  google  sonos  audio  music  statistics 
june 2017 by bradbarrish
35 Years Of American Death
Our maps show estimated mortality rates for leading causes of death for every county in the U.S. going back to 1980.
demographics  visualization  death  statistics  america 
may 2017 by bradbarrish
Young White America Is Haunted by a Crisis of Despair
“America is not a great place for people with only a high school degree, and I don’t think that’s going to get better anytime soon.”
education  equality  statistics  trends  america  economics 
april 2017 by bradbarrish
Get insights on the world’s developers from the largest and most comprehensive survey ever. Demographics. Technologies. Salaries. Career satisfaction.
jobs  programming  hiring  information  data  statistics 
april 2017 by bradbarrish
83% Of America's Top High School Science Students Are The Children Of Immigrants
The children of immigrants often make unrecognized contributions, including becoming America's next generation of top scientists and engineers.
immigration  america  statistics 
march 2017 by bradbarrish
Husbands Are Deadlier Than Terrorists
Trump’s focus on refugees diverts from real dangers.
trump  news  statistics 
february 2017 by bradbarrish
Amazon captured 31% of online spending over Cyber Weekend
For many bricks-and-mortar retailers, blockbuster digital growth wasn't enough to close the gap with Amazon.
statistics  2016  amazon  retail 
december 2016 by bradbarrish
The state of the climate in 2016
2016 is virtually certain to be the hottest year on record
climatechange  2016  statistics  data 
november 2016 by bradbarrish
Is the Record Business Really Back? How Streaming Is (And Isn't) Turning a Profit
As streaming takes hold and revenue rises, the industry waits for its vital signs to stabilize -- with experts cautiously optimistic that 2016’s numbers constitute a genuine revival.
music  business  statistics  trends 
november 2016 by bradbarrish
Why Not to Trust Statistics
An illustrated handbook of deception.
humor  math  statistics 
august 2016 by bradbarrish
Text analysis of Trump’s tweets confirms he writes only the (angrier) Android half
I don’t normally post about politics (I’m not particularly savvy about polling, which is where data science has had the largest impact on politics). But this
politics  statistics  twitter  analysis 
august 2016 by bradbarrish
Wait, what? Mobile browser traffic is 2X bigger than app traffic, and growing faster
Mobile browser traffic is actually twice that of mobile app traffic, according to a just-released Morgan Stanley report that rates Google’s stock as a buy. This appears to fly in the face of recent, strong, and repeated evidence that the app is winning, capturing 80-90 percent of our time on mobile.
apps  mobile  statistics  web 
may 2016 by bradbarrish
Long-Form Reading Shows Signs of Life in Our Mobile News World
On cellphones, longer news stories get about twice the engaged time from readers as shorter pieces do. They also get roughly the same number of visitors.
data  journalism  media  mobile  statistics 
may 2016 by bradbarrish
A Guide to Bayesian Statistics
A guide for getting started with Bayesian Statistics! Start your way with Bayes' Theorem and end up building your own Bayesian Hypothesis test!
math  probability  statistics 
may 2016 by bradbarrish
YouTube: 'No other platform gives as much money back to creators'
The final claim the industry makes is that music is core to YouTube’s popularity. Despite the billions of views music generates, the average YouTube user spends just one hour watching music on YouTube a month. Compare that to the 55 hours a month the average Spotify subscriber consumes.
video  music  streaming  statistics  2016  youtube  spotify 
april 2016 by bradbarrish
Parks Associates: 68% of U.S. Smartphone Owners Listen to Streaming Music Daily
DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 9, 2016) - Parks Associates announced new consumer research today showing smartphone owners spend more time per day listening to music on their device compared to other major entertainment activities. The research, 360 View Update: m-Commerce and Entertainment Apps: Usage Trends, notes 68% of smartphone owners...
streaming  music  statistics  data 
march 2016 by bradbarrish
A 12-part video series about homelessness in Southern California
In this 12-part video series, Lisa Biagiotti sets out to put faces to the statistics. But "the homeless" are united only in that they have no place to live. She meets people on the streets, learns about their experiences and explores the issues they face.
video  losangeles  homelessness  statistics 
march 2016 by bradbarrish
Chromecast takes 35% of the 42 million unit Global Digital Media Streamer Market in 2015, says Strategy Analytics
BOSTON, March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Chromecast takes 35% of the 42 million unit Global Digital Media Streamer Market in 2015, says Strategy Analytics....
research  streaming  google  music  statistics  data  2016 
march 2016 by bradbarrish
Radio the world's primary source of information in 2016 - Al Jazeera English
The United Nations cultural agency UNESCO has marked World Radio Day by calling for more freedom of expression and wider access to information in times of emergencies and disasters. While digital
radio  audio  statistics  trends 
february 2016 by bradbarrish
Designer News Statistics of 2015
All Discussion Site Design Show DN Talk CSS Ask DN Sketch Apple Typography Ask Me Anything
statistics  trends  2015  design 
december 2015 by bradbarrish
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