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Read the Docs
What is this place? Read the Docs hosts documentation, making it fully searchable and easy to find. You can import your docs using any major version control system, including Mercurial, Git,
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october 2015 by bradbarrish
Create Free Brand & Design Style Guides with Frontify Style Guide
With Frontify you can create professional brand & design guidelines: Document logo, colors, fonts, digital & print content. Use free templates, share the style guide with your team or generate a print/PDF version.
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august 2015 by bradbarrish
iCloud Music Library: Understanding differences between Apple Music and iTunes Match
Learn more about the differences between Apple Music and iTunes Match, and how iCloud Music Library handles your music when you subscribe to one or both services.
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august 2015 by bradbarrish
Our Slack Wiki
As our company has grown, we have faced an increasing need to create documentation about who we are, what we do, and how…
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may 2015 by bradbarrish
A collaborative developer hub for your API or code.
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may 2015 by bradbarrish
lets you make beautiful, branching step-by-step guides.
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april 2015 by bradbarrish
Using Stack Overflow as your official support platform
The apps/API team here at Shopify recently started providing API support through our tag on Stack Overflow. This replaced our previous setup, which was a Google Group. I'd like to explain a little ...
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april 2015 by bradbarrish
TenTouch Apps - Makers of Grafio the best Diagramming app for iOS
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march 2015 by bradbarrish
On API Correctness
Developing APIs is hard. You pour your blood, sweat, and tears into this interface that bares the soul of your company and of your product to the world. The machinery under the hood, though, is often a lot less polished than the fancy paint job would lead the rest of the world to believe. You have to…
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february 2015 by bradbarrish
A collaborative developer hub for your API or code.
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september 2014 by bradbarrish
allows you to create beautiful private knowledge bases. Learn more now.
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august 2014 by bradbarrish
Create online manuals for your business | ScreenSteps
ScreenSteps is powerful software that makes it easy to create lots of documentation and put it on the web. Build an online knowledge base filled with visual web pages - not PDFs and PowerPoints.
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june 2014 by bradbarrish
Designing and Deploying Online Field Experiments
Online experiments are widely used to compare specific design alternatives, but they can also be used to produce generalizable knowledge and inform strategic decision making. Doing so often requires sophisticated experimental designs, iterative refinement, and careful logging and analysis. Few tools exist that support these needs. We thus introduce a language for online field experiments called PlanOut. PlanOut separates experimental design from application code, allowing the experimenter to concisely describe experimental designs, whether common “A/B tests” and factorial designs, or more complex designs involving conditional logic or multiple experimental units. These latter designs are often useful for understanding causal mechanisms involved in user behaviors. We demonstrate how experiments from the literature can be implemented in PlanOut, and describe two large field experiments conducted on Facebook with PlanOut. For common scenarios in which experiments are run iteratively and in parallel, we introduce a namespaced management system that encourages sound experimental practice.
facebook  research  design  tools  development  documentation 
april 2014 by bradbarrish
A brand new approach to screenshot software | Clarify-it
Clarify is screenshot software that combines image capture, image editing and text authoring letting you turn screenshots into communications.
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march 2014 by bradbarrish

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